and i can't write as per

it’s easy to be negative about bipolar disorder. cause it sucks and goes on forever

but there are days when things are good
not too good, just good enough

and there’s sock-dancing in the kitchen, or tea-full snuggling on the couch, or reveling in the sun outside

just, remember that things are good sometimes, okay?

Quiet Moon Part Three

WC: 6.4K 

A/N: I haven’t edited this and to be honest the last two thousand words just happened less than twenty minutes ago. There isn’t any smut but I hope you all enjoy this :) I think there will be one more part after this :) 

3 Months later

You’d taken to sleeping with a pillow wedged between your knees and in your arms. It basically took Calum’s place and he absolutely hated the damn thing. He would sometimes pry it away from you in the middle of the night and slide himself in its place. A smile would pull at the corners of his lips as you mumbled into his chest, clinging to him with the curve of your stomach pressed into his. He would find himself slipping his palm under your sleep shirt while you slept, caressing your skin that had started to stretch out with each week your little baby grew. It was starting to be visible, your bump pushing out against your tighter shirts, and it made Calum so happy that he could be close with you. He  felt like talking to the baby, spending some time with his little one, was the most important part of pregnancy for him. 

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i found my life in your hands

chapter 1:

“3216, call came in for a MVAP1 in the 3500 block.”

Cas turned on the sirens and started driving as fast as possible from Mount Sinai’s Emergency Center. Red, white, and blue lights danced across his face, bouncing off the reflections of the slow moving cars around him.

“So, witness said they saw a car going 70 miles per hour and hit the victim. Victim is in his 30’s, appears to be unresponsive, bleeding controlled.” Nick read the note from the computer, before jotting them down on the record. Cas looked over,

“Do we have a Code 4?” Nick radioed the dispatch before confirming it. He took a deep sigh, tapping the pen on his leg,

“Dude we just started the night and we’ve got an accident as our first call.” Cas hummed in response, turning sharply to the right, nearing the scene of the accident. Police and fire sirens flashing, creating a mass of blinding lights. They shrug on their reflective vests before Nick goes to the truck to retrieve the stretcher.

Cas spots the group huddled around the victim, who seems to be talking and moving slightly now. He runs over and confirms contact with dispatch,

“Dispatch, patient contact.”

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Here’s The Deal

I can not catch up on drafts. It’s just not happening. 

So I’m slowing the queue down to one per day until my drafts are empty. 

I am STILL accepting memes however, because they’re almost always short and easy. I always post these immediately once they’re finished. However. Either I will write in the tags if I don’t want you to continue it in a thread, or you can come to me and explain why it would make a good thread. 

Also side note(cause folks still do this): If you reblog an ask to continue it, I’m not answering. I will ignore it. It’s in the rules. 

When things are back to normal and I’m not so overwhelmed, I will let you know. 

{Also. If a thread truly interests me, I might reply to it several times in a row, if that bothers you, I’m not really sorry.}

fun new game for writers!!! new twists on old tropes

  • don’t have a dark lord or villain. 
  • don’t have a hero either 
  • create morally and psychologically complex characters instead!!! fun right???
  • and give them plausible, real-life motivations wow fun
  • and don’t rely on hackneyed tropes and archetypes great more fun
  • write beautiful, pithy phrases spoken by a character describing something unrelated to the plot per se but one that just captures the essence of a particular feeling or theme or situation w o w fun
  • turn…that unreal escapist fantasy world of yours…into…something that’s based…more…in reality!!!!1!1 
  • instead of coming up with random situations and characters, base the entire structure of your work on an idea or theme you wish to explore, like ‘‘the psychological/sociological portraiture of eros/intellectualism/machismo/guilt’’ whoa too much fun there 
  • prose can be dull and inadequate sometimes, so liven things up by writing some of your characters’ dialogue in iambic pentameter!
  • contemporary english can be dull and repetitive as well. switch to early modern english instead! 
  • description can be time-consuming and superfluous. replace it with stage directions, much more economical!!!
  • congrats you’re shakespeare and you’ve just written a great play wasn’t that fun did you have fun i had fun