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♥ Final Fantasy XV Appreciation Week 2 ♥

Day 7: FFXV Staff Appreciation Day or Free Choice

English voice cast for Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

kissthethunder  asked:

Just read the new chapter of skeleton squatters and I'm internally screaming! It's so good to see Edge stepping up to bat and I'm squirming in glee to see the bfs ass handed to him!!! Omg I love this fic!

AHHH, I’m so glad you liked it!  <333  Yes, yes!  I told ya that Edge definitely was going to be the one to confront the boyfriend, and I went through a few different scenarios before I decided, ehhh he’ll just do it at her house.  xD  It’s going to be so fun to write out, though.

It’s IRBB day here on this blog tomorrow! I am so stoked to show you guys this fic and the art by my lovely partner. This has been a labour of love and much procrastination but we are nearing the finish line (hah) and I can’t wait for y’all to read this. 

Right now, I’m passing the first part of it through some final edits, and then I can settle in and do some more edits on all the rest of the bits. I’ll aim to have the chapters I have written up in fairly quick succession, pending my and my beta’s schedules for edits and whatever. 

I have a solid six, maybe seven, chapters written and the bare bones of the rest of the fic hammered out. I really, really, really hope you guys will love this like I love it. 

To help ramp up some of the excitement, and because I’m an impatient sod, have a bit of a taste: 

The next shift is smooth as butter and Ichigo grins. The night slides by him in a rush of lit up glass.

His nearest opponent is hard on his tail as they hit the first turn, and Ichigo takes it recklessly fast. Adrenaline zings through his veins as the car fights him through the corner, tires slipping on damp asphalt. His grip on the steering wheel goes white-knuckled. Braking now will throw him into a tailspin, so he puts his foot into the turn, cranking the wheel and letting the centrifugal force of the car pull them around the turn.

He hits the straight doing somewhere north of a hundred miles an hour, and the city is a blur outside the tinted windows of the car. There is nothing else in this moment - there is only the car, there is only the race, there is only the beat of his heart and the rush of his blood.

Ichigo sends the car into a drift around the next corner, tires squealing and the smell of hot brakes tickling the back of his nose.

I finally got to meet Laura Marano, and I’m still in complete shock!! She is hands down the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met and is so sincere and amazing with every single fan. 

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I was surprised that they cast me, to be honest.

Colin O’Donoghue for TV Line


No one’s eyebrows are as on fleek as yours are…

No one smiles like they are so intensely happy as you do…

No one can truly captures Hook’s heartbreaking moments like you exceed at…

No one has your handsome face…

No one can makes us laugh nearly as much as you do…

No one can replicate your chemistry with Emma(JMo)…

And NO ONE else can deliver the Hook one-liners like you!