and i can't wait for the finale omg

VLD Fandom after Season 3 Trailer Dropped
  • Lotor fans: HOT AF
  • Keith fans: not a single word from the new black paladin smh
  • Shiro fans: WHERE IS MY SON
  • Klance fans: Lance is in the red lion now this obviously means klance will be canon
  • Sheith fans: *dies in a corner*
  • Hunk lovers: my sunshine boy had some screentime yaya
  • Kallura fans: I got nothing but might as well make some headcanons
  • MEET *laughter*
  • Pidge fans: Can't wait to see my sassy small child kick ass again >:D
  • Theorists: *cracks knuckles*
  • Fans who are on the verge of a mental breakdown from this fandom: Oh boy...
  • this is a joke don't hurt me antis


漣 ジュン ☆ 巴 日和

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omg Jakei..Cross from Metadora Project is so hot 🔥 Can we see him full sized( meh,sorry for my bad english)? I can't wait to draw him!

Thank you! 
I had so many plans for Cross long time ago, but finally I think I got it and I’m really happy to bring cross in my original content.
I made this GIF showing Cross in full size, so you can see a little of his final design for Metadora.

I hope to make his own Character sheet soon to show his details in HD ^^u


Here’s the thing about this love story that’s so amazing. Despite all its twists and turns, it has endured for almost twenty years. You guys have been best friends your whole lives. You fell in love with her when you were in kindergarten and have never stopped loving her. Not even for a day. You told me you always knew that someday you’d be together. I think that someday is now. The only question is: what the hell are you waiting for?



Seasons (Interpreted by a High School Band Kid)
  • *Summer*
  • Me: *Drools over Drum Corps* WHEN DOES BAND START? WOOO BAND CAMP
  • *Fall*
  • Everyone else: Omg. Hoodie weather, cuddle weather, football season c:
  • Me: MARCHING SEASON IS GONNA KICK BRASS. Finally get to wear my band hoodie! Frick yeah. Long bus rides and pep band! Let's eat all the marching tacos and cup of noodles at competitions
  • *Winter*
  • Everyone else: Why tf is it so cold? Guess we'll watch a basketball game or two. I hate the snow.
  • Me: INDOOR SEASON. WGI HERE I COME. *cries bc of all the beautiful shows*
  • *Spring*
  • Everyone else: Well, it's one season closer to summer again.
  • Me: Let's goooooo pre-season! I can't wait to find out what the show theme is! Ahhhh leadership auditions *cries* BAND CAMP CAN'T COME SOONER.
Things that I’m looking forward to from Wanna One

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So this all started from a conversation between my friend and I, who had been following Produce 101 season 2 since the beginning because of Nu’est (but ended up adopting at least 30 sons lol)  and with the final line up of Wanna One, there has been news that they might be hosting a V Live episode next week and that they will be having their own variety show starting in August and hence, knowing how close these boys actually are, I just wanted to share with you guys some of the moments that I’m looking forward to! :)

1. Ongsung Ongsung (I mean, no one really beats them when it comes to their level of variety and extra-ness) 

2. LOTS of Bromance (and perhaps some unexpected ships??? Like I never knew how Jinyoung and Minhyun became so close, apart from the fact that they were in the same team?) 

3. Jisung’s ahjumma moments (I swear, he will be the one responsible for all the nagging and noise in the dormitory) 

4. Minhyun’s mum-like nagging, cleaning and perhaps teaching the other boys Nu’est songs and dances??? (He was the mum of Nu’est, simply because he looks after them, cleans well and always nags them to either clean up after themselves or wake up early) 

5. Jaehwan’s psychotic laugh (Curious? Check it out here!)

6. Woojin reacting to all his pre-debut pictures (trust me, just google them) 

7. Minhyun becoming Jihoon’s fashion icon (because he adores Minhyun’s visuals and just admires him from afar in general) 

8. Jaehwan and Sungwoon high note battles? 

9. Secret cameras (yes please

10. Daehwi being Jisung’s and Minhyun’s favourite because this boy apparently cooks well. 

11. Maknae line moments (there is gonna be so much of it, I can feel it) 

12. Sungwoo’s savage comments + noisiness 

13. Daniel, Minhyun and Woojin conversing in Busan Satoori (omg this is going to be my favourite if it ever happens. Who knows? Minhyun might just get his accent back) 

14. Guanlin, Daehwi and Daniel (Harry Pote?) teaching the rest English (and perhaps Minhyun can do the Japanese part) 

15. SO MUCH EXTRA-NESS (and family moments of course because the Nu’est members tend to adopt a lot of kids) 

Last and not least… 

Anybody curious who became Daniel’s roommate?? Because I sure am. 

If anything, I can just be very honest that the nightmare room would most likely contain Daniel (sleep talks), Minhyun (talks a lot before he sleeps), Jisung (for being Jisung) and Jaehwan/ Ong. 

Nevertheless, I cannot wait for more news from the Wanna One boys and let us support them till then as they prepare for their debut stage, finale concert and the many CFs they have in store for us! All the best boys and may you continue walking the path of flowers! (same goes for Samuel, Yuehua boys, HF Music Company boys, RBW boys, JBJ etc.) ^^



 You’re all invited to my funeral! My baby is back!!! 

HE’S REALLY BACK. After 2 miserable years without him. 

I can finally see his precious face again!!! 

Those last 30 seconds had me like:

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FUCK!!!! HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE TILL NEXT WEEK?!?! I’m going to be waiting like;

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Congrats on reaching the 10k mark!! You really deserve all the happiness comimg your way sweetie! I absolutely ADORE your blog; be it from the constant AnY material to the constant updates on how the manga is doing! But my favorite part about your blog is how YOU make it so open and accepting. You dedicate time to answering asks and addressing issues and I just LOVE reading your answers bc they're so respectful & insightful! Thank u! Stay awesome and I hope this blog stays for a long time!

I really don’t know what to say anon. You’re far too kind and I’m incredibly moved that you took the time to message me something so sweet. Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t quite have the words to express my thankfulness to you and all of the people who have been so kind to me during my time in this fandom, but you get all my hugs. 

NCT gives me so much energy that I literally rearranged my entire room on my own after 9 hour shift like???? Thank you based taeyong for giving me strength to lift my bed and drag it to the other side of the room. Thank you based mark for giving me strength to push that ugly red cabinet out of my room. Thank you nct for making a song called 0 mile that gave me so much energy today. Thanks pals you’re the shit 👌

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Hi Yas. I absolutley enjoyed in Blimdspot season finale. But I was wondering how Jeller wedding looked like? Do you think that it was big ceremony with whole FBI there or small and private? And it would be absolutley perfect if their first dance is on song Night we met 😍 Omg I probably need theraphy haha. Can't wait for seasone 3. Btw love your theories and fanfics

A small wedding, just them and their family, Sarah, Sawyer, the team and Allie and the baby (Jane insisted) and yes, maybe somehow Rich is there.

Jane is in a very simple, yet absolutely stunning dress, and her hair, now just a little bit longer, is held up by a small, beautiful little pin that Jane and Kurt found in a street market when they visited her hometown in South Africa. Sarah does her make up and it takes forever because Sarah keeps on breaking down and sobbing.

Kurt knew how heart broken Jane was that Roman would not be there so they did things a little differently and they walk down the aisle together. They never did things the traditional way anyway.

Sawyer and the little toddler are the ring bearers, and Sawyer holds his little cousin’s hand as the toddler wobbles because she has only started walking a few weeks ago.

Rich officiates the wedding and Kurt can barely make it through his vows before they are both crying. And Sarah makes a joke that she’s ruining her make up, but she’s also sobbing just as bad.

And then the baby doesn’t understand why her daddy is crying and she pulls at his pants and looks up at him and babbles something like “no sad, dadda,” and the crying gets mixed with the laughter. And Kurt picks her up and they finish their vows with a babbling toddler in Kurt’s arms. She then reaches over and wipes Jane’s face and babbles some more. “no sad, Janie,” she says and at this point Allie thinks she should go and grab her.

And then they eat and drink and dance. Rich is inappropriate all the time. Patterson and Tasha have too much to drink. Sarah and Reade end up making up and then making out.

And then Jane and Kurt just spend the rest of the evening wrapped in each others’ arms, dancing the night away.

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So I finally watched Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (I know I know, I'm late to the party lol) aND NEWT IS ADORABLE OMG AND A FRIEND HAS THE SCREENPLAY AND I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!!!! But I was wondering what is your favorite thing about Newt and Fantastic Beast? :3

AHH! Where to begin!?!

From the quick wit ( “Are you a seeker? A seeker of the truth?” - “I’m more of a chaser really.”) to the amount compassion and humility there is just so much to love about Newt Scammander.

First off, I loved the movie. I got the same feeling watching it as when I went to see the new Star Wars movie. It just felt like it genuinely fit inside the universe and wasn’t just a bad rehash of what worked before. I loved all of the creatures and of course the fact the protagonist is a Hufflepuff!

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I guess what I like about Newt is how much I could relate to his character, or at least some things I aspire to have (like that quick wit ; ) )

Newt has that presence of being very down to earth and humble but also has an air of sadness. His heart has known deep sorrow and it shows. We didn’t even need Queenie to tells us. I’m going to use a quote from the 12th Doctor ‘cause it pretty much sums up what it feels like to know great sorrow and pain. 

“You hold [the pain] tight… till it burns your hand, and you say this: No one else will ever have to live like this! No one else will have to feel this pain! Not on my watch! ” - The Doctor (The Zygon Inversion)

You see this in how Newt cares for the creatures who are vastly misunderstood. In how he interacts with Credence and the sorrow with which he recounts the story of the child who perished because of the obscurus inside her. It is there in his views on how the Americans regard people without magic.

Newt Scammander is someone who is incredibly kind, incredibly intelligent, and incredibly loyal. That strikes a cord with me, and I liked having a protagonist that wasn’t the charismatic “hero” archetype we’ve all seen before. 

He is a soft-spoken, flawed and emotional character but kind and loyal, and everyone seems to always overlook people like that until they need them. It saddens me to see how many people didn’t like the movie or Newt’s character simply because he wasn’t the charismatic, outspoken go-getter you would see in a marvel movie or some other superhero or fantasy action movie.

So those are my thoughts…. probably a lot more than you were looking for…