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About the new route

Sorry if the whole look of this post is awkward, I’m on mobile and I still don’t know how to handle codes haha.

Okay so now that we all know that a V route is coming out (hopefully) (if it’s a joke I will scream bloody murder) there are a few (a lot) things I realized that will come with this new update.

Which is new content.

Like phonecalls, and not just from V (please let this happen cheritz, the man’s voice is prove that heaven exists) but from the rest of the RFA as well! I can pretty much picture Yoosung warning the player over and over about how suspicious V is, just like Zen did with Jumin, except Zen said dangerous.

We will also get new texts, again, from everyone in the RFA (and maybe also Unknown/Saeran? Who knows).

New pictures, from everyone. And that includes the one that will come in the Visual Novel, if there are in V’s route. It could be like Yoosung’s route, where there weren’t really a lot of VNs or it could be like Zen’s.

We will learn new things about the members of the RFA. Of course, everything will be centered around V since it’s his route, but just like in other routes we have gotten some information about the rest, we’ll get that in this route as well.


And well, the not so happy thing about the routes is that we will get bad endings.

anonymous asked:

how do you get over an ex when you have every reason to (he's with someone else) but can't seem to? he still wants to be friends but idk if I can handle that

bruhhhh i fuckin WISH i was able to give you advice on this because i know how hard that shit is but like honestly you just gotta give it time and eventually the feelings will pass or you’ll get used to his absence or the pain will dull. can’t really do anything except wait it out and unfortunately there’s not really much else to it.

and if you don’t think you can handle being friends, then don’t. you can still have feelings for him, but you gotta love yourself too. do what’s best for you in the long run - it might feel like your heart is pulling you in different directions but if there’s anything to learn from this, it’s that at the end of the day all you’ve got is yourself, so put yourself first.

you’ll be okay anon, eventually. i promise. hugs xx

What He Does When You're On Your Period ( Be My Princess Headcanon)
  • Willfred: Silent. He holds you, caressing your tummy while the cramps pass through. Pressing chaste kisses against your temple, while stroking your hair. Wordlessly comforting you. "Are you feeling better?"
  • Joshua: Reads. He researches everything he can about the most effective remedies for cramps and moodiness. And after several hours of neglect, he finally shows up in your room with a hot water bag. "The books say this will help."
  • Keith: Excercise. He pulls you out of your dusty room and drags you on a two mile jog. Then a quick game of basketball, then a round of badminton, and finally you end your day with a soccer match. You're so exhausted that you don't have enough energy to even think about your cramps. "Doesn't exercising help cramps?"
  • Edward: Romance. Sickness brings out the most romantic aspects in Edward's personality. He holds your hand, pressing smooth chocolates into your mouth. He braids your hair away from your face, swiping away any tears that may appear with his thumb. "Now, now, a beautiful fairy's tears are worth far more then even the most valuable jewels."
  • Roberto: Attentive. He's done everything he can to make you feel better. He drapes a blanket over you, and puts on your favorite movies. He buys your favorite flowers, and makes your favorite tea. He brings you all your favorite food, and buys you a comfy pair of pajamas. You have to rest a hand on his arm to finally get him to sit beside you. "Is there anything else I can do for you, my princess?"
  • Glenn: Hiding. He wants to comfort you, he really does. He just doesn't know how to handle the situation. He can't even say the word 'period' aloud without feeling oddly grossed out. At the end of the day the best he can do is leave a bouquet of sunflowers and a box of creamy chocolates at you door. A simple note attached. "I hope you feel better, my princess."
  • -SKY

I gave a talk about my research to my Discrete Math students yesterday, and one of them got really stoked on the form of odd perfect numbers and if that kid discovers the first odd perfect number then I will have justified my whole life, like the purpose for my existence was to grow up and stay alive and learn enough about number theory to tell that guy about it so he could change the world. That’s why teaching is amazing. That’s why I never want to do anything else for the rest of my life. Whenever someone tells me I made a difference, or just goes around doing rad stuff with math, I feel like the whole universe has improved so much and I helped do that and there’s just no better feeling than that.