and i can't not laugh when i watch it again

There’s this mormon movie called The Testament that depicts the events before and when Christ appears in the Book of Mormon. It’s a pretty good movie and if you’ve been a member for a while you’ve probably seen it.

However, it is infamous for it’s romantic-subplot, something that is 100% made-up for the movie. Even small children reacts at this.

Now, if you will, imagine the whitest, most heterosexual, forced, woman-with-less-than-one-dimension-to-her, horrifically bad romance that only America could have the stupidity to do. 

The creators of this movie looked at the events in the book, oppression of a people, a son who is dangerously close to going the wrong path, natural disasters that’s been prophesied for hundreds of years, the literal coming of Christ who heals people from their afflictions, and decided that the movie wasn’t interesting enough.

Now in MTC, missionary training center, they have ¨movie nights¨ on Sundays. One can either watch talks from apostles and such or a LDS film. A missionary told me yesterday that when they were showing The Testament, the leaders had to legit go up to the microphone and say ¨there is romance in this movie that has nothing to do with the Book of Mormon and should not be given a second thought. If you laugh, you will be escorted out.¨  If you laugh, you will be escorted out.

So the scene where the subplot begins comes around and everyone is dead quiet. Imagine seeing a room full of men in suits and women in formal wear staring emotionless at a screen. The man finds this woman by the river, filling up a jar, and strikes a conversation worthy of youtube cringe compilations. You hear someone snort and the leader shoots a glare at the person.

Then it’s time for the man to leave and the woman says ¨you didn’t even ask for my name.¨ The man replies ¨i already know your name¨.

It explodes. A lecture hall full of God’s servants loses it over this romance that even conservative Utah Mormons realizes is bad. The leader has to run up to the mic and order everyone to be quiet, a poor exasperated person who’s been forced to watch this gag-worthy subplot time and time again, to hear the symphony of people laughing at it’s stupidity countless times.

The saving grace of this movie is that the scene when Christ appears is so heart-warming, you feel yourself getting cleansed from that horrifying heterosexuality.

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Watching Mark's Raspy Hill again and I can't help but notice that when he say's "I don't quite feel like myself" and there's the video glitch between 'Dark' staring into the camera and him laughing, he has some pretty sharp looking canines... (just thought you'd like to know since you like vampire stuff) :)


Thank you for reminding me…Might make vampire gifs of that later ;)

also like, can i just say, matt is adorably funny when he’s being overprotective. like in episode 8 after foggy and karen tell him what went down outside of elena’s, he literally won’t even let foggy go outside. like calm down mom, jesus.

  • me: i don't like them are you crazy
  • me: i mean they're kinda cute
  • me: and they make me laugh a lot
  • me: and their smile is so damn adorable
  • me: and they smell so good
  • me: i'd cuddle them so hard
  • me: maybe kiss them a lot
  • me: and we could go on really cute dates and do cheesy things
  • me: like go on night walks and cuddle and watch movies
  • me: and when i can't sleep they could call me and talk to me until i fall asleep
  • me: and sing to me when i'm sad
  • me: and make me feel alive again
  • me: but i don't like them no
  • me: i don't want to
  • me: because i know they don't feel the same way
  • me: not about me
  • me: it's never me
watching the umbrella scene for the 1239858th time...
  • me: *pauses when Adrien laughs* "PURE!" *tiny sob*
  • me: *pauses again when Marinette laughs too* "Oh HELL. I can't take this! How many times do I need to watch this before you two kiss? JUST TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO!
  • me: *realizes this show is on hiatus for an indeterminable amount of time*
  • me: *clutches chest* When will I be free?
  • Thomas Astruc, wherever he is: ;)
  • Astruc I want at least FOURTEEN more moments like this in season two. AT LEAST. If you don't give me more of this I will actually die and you will go to JAIL for MURDER. Do you hear me?!
1D Preferences #703: Tennis...
  • Louis: "You hit like a girl!" he calls out, smacking the ball with his racket. "I am a girl!" you laugh, swinging your racket just in time. "I'm awful at trash-talking," he shouts back with a grin, just missing the ball. "And apparently you're also awful at tennis!" you exclaim, jumping up. "'Cause I win!"
  • Harry: "I can't believe you're wearing a headband," you giggle, watching his curls bounce as he hits the ball with his racket. "Have to keep these out of my face," he grabs a handful of his curly hair and smirks. "I'll beat you anyway, Curly," you tease, tugging your hair into a ponytail. "Bring it on!"
  • Niall: "Shit!" he exclaims, missing yet another ball. "Five to nothing!" you call out, serving the ball. "When did you get so good at tennis?" he laughs, weakly hitting the ball. "When did you get so bad?" you tease, smacking the ball back and laughing when he misses again.
  • Liam: "You look good in your tennis uniform!" he calls out, serving the ball. "Thank you, so do you," you reply with a grin, lazily hitting the ball. "And you look all hot and sweaty." He laughs and hits the ball back, running his fingers through his hair. "Do you want to end the game and something?" he offers, raising a brow. "I was just thinking the same thing," you laugh, catching the ball and tossing it in your gym bag.
  • Zayn: "We suck," he laughs, missing another swing. "We're too pretty to be athletes," you joke, tugging at your ponytail. "I feel out of place," he laughs, motioning towards his tennis shoes and white shorts. "That's not your style at all, and this isn't your sport," you admit, kissing his cheek. "Or mine." He loops his arm through yours and sets the racket down. "Let's get out of here."
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another preview of my next fic (Oliver/Felicity; G)

“I did it,” he said, and suddenly, his voice was hollow. “I killed Ra’s.”

“Good,” she said firmly, and Oliver raised his eyebrows in surprise. “I’m serious. You did what you had to, Oliver, for the good of the city.”

She watched as he seemed to digest this in silence. After a moment, and grunting with effort, Oliver managed to sit up, and he leaned on her shoulder for support. He was heavy enough as it was and even more so in his League of Assassins gear, but Felicity didn’t care, bearing his weight and hugging his arm fiercely in return. He appeared comforted by her touch, because at last, he spoke again.

“What about the bioweapon?”

“All taken care of, thanks to John. And Laurel.” Felicity coughed and stiffened. “And, obviously, your new wife.”


“It’s okay,” she lied, even though it was anything but.

“No, it’s not,” he said firmly, and – still breathing heavily – he moved away from her, managing to sit unsupported now, before placing his hand on her arm. “And I’m sorry.”

“It’s not like you cheated or anything. Although it depends on if you thought we were together for it to count as cheating, and technically we were never properly together – at least, most people wouldn’t see one night of sex as equalling a proper relationship, so even if you had, you know, done stuff with her – although it would be a bit weird because you’ve both been with the same woman and everything –”

“Felicity,” Oliver said again, and his eyes had closed midway through her babbling but they opened again now, meeting hers, “it did matter. I never – me marrying Nyssa was never part of the plan. I thought it would take me months to infiltrate the League, and even then, I didn’t think I would have to marry Ra’s’ daughter to convince him of my loyalty.”

“You had to go along with it for your plan’s sake,” she said, pulling her hand away from his. “I get it.”

“I’m sorry,” he repeated, and after a moment, he extended his hand towards hers again and she could feel his fingers flutter against her wrist. “I’m so, so, sorry. Especially because after… that happened in Nanda Parbat…” He paused, watching as she laughed at his choice of words, before continuing, “In my head, we were always together. Even… especially when we were apart.”

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Jonghyun imitating his mom nagging him ft. Key laughing is one of my favorite things  (❁´◡`❁)

DFB interview Marco Reus ( translated)
  • DFB : Mr. Reus,the national team is going to play in Dublin against Ireland. Does it ring a bell? 3 years ago you played a major role in the Aviva stadium...
  • MR : We achieved a big win, 6:0, I think. No,6:1.
  • DFB : Right. You scored twice.
  • MR : I remember the game wasn't that easy,like the result seems to show. At the beginning we had some problems, after we scored the 1:0 and 2:0 the game was better and even pretty good. As a team we were really good that day. Of course it was good for me as well that I scored twice. If I am right, this was my very first twin pack for the national team.
  • DFB : These 90 minutes against Dublin was so far your best game for the national team.Do you agree?
  • MR : No, I don't think so. It's to easy to measure a performance just by how many goals you scored. It was a nice national game, a very good one - but not my best.
  • DFB : The game also has been special because you experienced something which was very uncommon for you: the audience booed at you for 60 minutes.
  • MR : Right. Wrongly!
  • DFB : Because of a dive you apparently intended.
  • MR : Exactly! That was during a scene against John O'Shea,I anticipated and snatched the ball from him. I ran past him and he obviously held on to me. I was sure this had to be an obvious penalty. I was surprised when I suddenly got a yellow card.
  • DFB : You scored two minutes later. How good did that feel?
  • MR : It was definitely a good feeling but that's basically every goal.
  • DFB : You weren't extra motivated because of the boos?
  • MR : You don't really perceive it. In my case, I knew because of the penalty scene,that I was perfectly into the game. And I knew the next chance was about to come. Schmelle assisted the goal, he ran into the penalty area, the ball was coming to me and I finished it. This hadn't to do anything with the boos against me.
  • DFB : You say you barely perceive boos. So the atmosphere in the stadium isn't relevant for your game?
  • MR : Of course it is! The louder,the better. I like that a lot. The atmosphere in Dortmund is always fantastic. Even during away games, I like and appreciate a good atmosphere. Just like with BVB in Greece against Saloniki recently. It was a real hell hole there and it's a lot of fun to play in front of such a scenery.
  • DFB : Whereas you, as a "street kicker", aren't in the need of such a fancy scenery at all.
  • MR : Actually not,that's true. In the training sessions I have a lot of fun playing football too - and there are barely any visitors. But to be honest: The games in our Signal Iduna Park are something very special. In general:The fun for football doesn't sink with the amount of visitors.
  • DFB : When you win and shine in front of 80.000 people: for how long do you take this elation with you into your daily life?How much does the private Marco Reus live on the success of the footballer Marco Reus?
  • MR : It gives you satisfaction in your private life as well when you you successfully did your job. Basically that's not very different to other jobs as well. I can't free myself from it that I at least take a little part of what happened on the pitch,with home.
  • DFB : Does this also count reversed: How much does it bother you when you have lost a game? How long are you unbearable then?
  • MR : I hope not that long.(laughs) It's important to analyze those games to see what you did wrong. That's the only way how you can improve yourself. I am very precise and detailed in that sense. There are a lot of games and scenes I watch over again. That's why I mostly manage to set the focus back forward, I don't live in the past.
  • DFB : So the 1:5 in Munich doesn't bother you anymore?
  • MR : The entire Sunday wasn't such a good day,I have to admit that. Also did I have better nights than the night from Sunday to Monday. A defeat this high and in such a game - you can't just forget about it that easily.
  • DFB : Ignoring the last games, BVB excellently started into the new season. Your numbers aren't that bad either. Two goals and one assist in six games of the Bundesliga, on top of that four goals in the Europe league. Things are good for you...
  • MR : No!
  • DFB : No?
  • MR : No. It's good I could do all the preparations without any injuries. Until I broke my toe in the game against Hertha,I was ok with my performance. I was out for three weeks then, wasn't allowed to put weight on my foot and could only do some torso training. It needs some time to get back into your usual rhythm. And I am honest: the games I played afterwards, weren't at all how I expected them to be.
  • DFB : What's left to do for you to be back at 100%?
  • MR : It can happen fast. One goal to one perfect action and everything can instantly be back again. I personally know I am not yet where I want to be. But I also now this will change fast.
  • DFB : Where do you take this confidence from?
  • MR : I know how it works. Everything comes back through hard work and I am a worker.
  • DFB : You actually are a player who isn't prone to getting injured at all. It was different in the last season. Are you actually also focused on not getting injured again?
  • MR : No. That would mean I would always have this thought in my mind, for example during duels. That's not the case. I trust my body 100%, I never go on the pitch with doubts.
  • DFB : Your DFB team is going to meet one more time before last for the European qualifiers on Wednesday. How strong do you think the Irish are?
  • MR : The Irish are under a lot of pressure. They are third on the table. They have to win against us if they still want to have the chance to get qualified for the European Championship. That could be good for us because we get more room then. It's also possible the Irish orient themselves more defensively and stand deeper so we would have to find some ways to combine and to get to finish.
  • DFB : The German team still misses one point for the ticket to France. Do you doubt the world champion will get qualified for the European championship?
  • MR : Definitely not! Zero!
  • DFB : Have you always been sure of it? Or were there times you were worried? After the defeat against Poland and the remis against Ireland, Germany was fourth on the table.
  • MR : I never thought about this to be honest. I have always been aware of the quality our team has. That's why I knew we would eventually get some punctual problems in some games - especially after the World Cup. But I have also been sure our team is definitely going it through after a long qualification phase. We are too good for other thoughts.
  • A S H T O N: You and Ashton were friends long before he asked you out. You knew he was outgoing and funny and loud, so it was a surprise to you when your date came along and he could barely hold a conversation. When the night came to an end, you two were standing on your door step when you decided to ask him about his strange behavior. "I know you, Ash, you're not quiet like this. Is something wrong? Did I say something?" You ask him. He's quick to shake his head, offering you a reassuring smile before explaining. "I dunno, it's just-" He pauses to collect his thoughts, scuffing the toe of his shoe on the ground. "It was easy to just be friends with you and laugh and be dumb but now.. you know how I feel about you and it makes me feel… nervous, I guess. I'm sorry." You can't help but stare in bewilderment; you made him nervous? You thought it would be the other way around, everyone loved Ashton. You can't help but wrap your arms around the taller boy's shoulders before pulling away and giving his dimpled cheek a quick pinch. "Well stop being nervous, because I like you a whole bunch and I kinda wish you'd kiss me already." Ashton chuckles in surprise, "oh my god." before giving your lips a sweet peck and waving you goodnight.
  • C A L U M: You were in that stage of dating where you kissed at the end of dates, but not randomly when you felt like it or whenever Calum was admiring your lips when you spoke. So when Calum took you on a lunch picnic, you weren't sure what to expect. You two were laying side by side, watching the clouds make shapes in the sky when his head lolled to face yours. "Can I kiss you?" He asks, watching for your reaction. You turn to face him in surprise, noses barely brushing when you do. You can't help but smile when you see his own shy, toothy grin, and you quickly agree with a nod of your head. Calum tilts his chin to meet your lips in a short but sweet kiss. "Can I kiss you again?" He asks, feeling as if the breath had been knocked out of his chest. You can't help but giggle. "You don't have to ask me, Calum." You tell him. You watch as his cheeks redden. "oh." You laugh airily agin and take it into your own hands to kiss him again.
  • L U K E: Kissing Luke was great. Kissing Luke on his bed was even better. You couldn't help but imagine how great it would be to kiss him without the separating layer of clothing between you two, just to feel as close as possible. He had already taken your shirt off, his fingers already traveling down the length of your back to feel undiscovered skin. So, you were kind of confused when he pulled away from you when you tried to pull his own shirt over his head. "I'm sorry, is this too far?" You ask, backtracking your actions and already searching the floor for your own top. "No, no no," Luke grabs your wrists, pulling you back over to him. His cheeks are flaming red, and his fingers twist at the hem of his black shirt. "It's just- I'm a teenage guy, right? So I'm growing weirdly and I hate it and I look uneven and-" You interrupt his rambling with a gentle kiss to his lips. "Why would I judge you for something you can't control? Something natural?" You ask. His head drops, and you rake your fingers through his blonde locks soothingly. "It's fine if you don't want to, I understand. I get self conscious sometimes too." Luke traces up your arm before speaking. "I want to." He pulls his shirt over his head and you marvel at the smooth planes of his broad chest and the tiny swell of his tummy. "Everyone is a work of art. Their shapes and colors and flaws-" You pause to kiss a freckle on his neck. "Just make them unique. You, Luke Hemmings, are my favorite work of art."
  • M I C H A E L: You stared down at your boyfriend as his blanket slipped past his neck, revealing his freshly shaven jaw and smooth skin of his throat. You really craved kissing the place his head met his neck, a crook of his body you couldn't get enough of. But his attention was on the television in front of you both, and kissing him there would require bending your neck in an odd way so you made a mental note to save it for when you're both tucked into bed later that night. "You're so pretty," You decided on saying instead, brushing his hair off of his forehead and watching his blue/green eyes flick up to you. A pretty pink flushed his cheeks as he tugs the blanket back up to cover his face. "No 'm not," He protests. "Michael," You whine, taking the blanket from his hands. "Look at me. Please, baby?" He reluctantly rolls over, an embarrassed smile on his face. You trace his red lips with the tip of your finger, admiring the fullness of his lower lip. You then can't help but boop his little nose before leaning down and kissing his forehead. "I think you're adorable," You tell him with a content sigh. But you're quick to correct yourself when you see his pout. "But, in the most punk rock way ever."

Two Best Friends Radio - Slender: The Arrival

I tried to give it an old-timey feel, then as I kept drawing I guess I forgot about that a lot.

A rough rough storyboard I started back in April 2013, after watching the ep and just finishing up a storyboardin’ ‘workshop’. Picked it up again last week and here tis. 

The yells when Slender gets them made me laugh gleefully.

#19: You get him hooked on a TV show
  • Requested! Just a note-- these are TV shows that I know a lot about because I watch them a lot. The person who requested didn't give me any shows so I just used some that I like. I hope you like them too! x
  • Ashton: Beavis & Butt-head; "I heard this show was for people with weird senses of humor..." Ashton trailed off as you pushed the DVD tray in. "Well if you say that you don't like this show I will assume that your sense of humor is horrible," you said, walking back to the couch and cuddling into his embrace. Ashton chuckled and kissed the side of your head, pressing the play button. The dorky laughs of the two idiots in the show sounded and you smiled. Ashton smiled and shook his head, "Well if Beavis and Butt-head make you happy, I will give them a shot," he said. You smiled and pulled his mouth against yours to kiss him before turning your attention back to your favorite show. When the show was over, you turned to Ashton to see him smiling. "I want to binge watch all of these seasons. Can we do that? Please Y/N?" he begged, making you giggle. Of course you agreed, spending the rest of the day cuddled on the couch with Ashton as you watched the poorly animated adult cartoon.
  • Calum: Happy Days; You weren't surprised that Calum hadn't heard of your favorite television show when you had told him about it; you were sure it was only really popular in America. "It's a bit of an older show," you warned when Calum pressed the play button. "I'll give it a shot since you gave me a shot," he smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You giggled and cuddled into his side, resting your head on his shoulder as the show began. You hummed along to the catchy theme song when it came on and Calum smiled at you the whole time. While watching the show, you would glance up at Calum to see if he was enjoying it and it looked like he actually was. He would chuckle when a joke was made and only look away from the screen if he felt your eyes on him. "So what did you think?" you wondered, biting your lower lip in anticipation. "Well, I know I'll be watching Happy Days when I can't sleep on the bus now," Calum answered with a smile, pressing a kiss to your nose.
  • Luke: The Big Bang Theory; You weren't positive that Luke would like your favorite television show, but since he was willing to watch an episode you excitedly agreed. When the theme song was playing, you noticed Luke chuckling. "Do you like it?" you asked with a timid smile. "Of course I do. Thank you for watching this with me," he said, turning his attention back to the television when the show started again. During the show, jokes were made and Luke would laugh at each of them, making you giggle. This was your favorite television show, but it was more entertaining to watch your boyfriend's reactions to it. When the show was over Luke turned to you with a smile. "You're the Penny to my Leonard," he said, making you laugh out loud. "Oh please," you brushed off. "I'm serious! You're this gorgeous girl I met by coincidence and I'm this awkward guy that has no business being with you, but here we are," he said. You smiled at his words and pulled his lips to yours.
  • Michael: Full House; "I've heard so much about this show, but I haven't watched it," Michael stated, making himself comfortable on his bed as you pushed the DVD tray into the player. "Well you're in for a treat then," you smiled, cuddling into his side when the show began. After watching the first episode, Michael couldn't contain himself and begged you to watch more until you had reached the sixth season. In the episode you were watching, Jesse and Becky had their twins and the entire family was at Disneyland. "Those kids are so cute," Michael smiled as the twins came into view, walking around in their matching outfits. "They are," you agreed, resting your head on Michael's shoulder. "We should have twins. Let's have twins, Y/N," Michael stated. You turned to Michael and gave him a look that made him chuckle. "Only kidding, sweetheart," he smiled, pecking your lips and turning his attention back to the television.

this is your friendly reminder that louis tomlinson is somewhere out there maybe sleeping and being all soft or singing while walking around the room or being kissed or laughing and giggling or watching a movie or working or doing absolutely nothing and if you don’t think that’s wonderful then I don’t know what to tell you

♥ Nicole Beharie ♥

You know how you can tell someone is a great actor/actress? By paying attention to how you unconsciously react when they’re on your screen.

I find myself literally stop chewing potato chips and leaning in toward the TV when Nicole comes on my screen, because I don’t want to miss a single word she is saying. When it cuts to another person/scene I start chewing again and sits back. (laughing at myself)

I’ve noticed I do this a lot while watching her on Sleepy Hollow. (As well as all her other work…I’m a stan ;) )

She’s just…brilliant!