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pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

  • Mitsuhide: Okay, wait, I have an idea.
  • Mitsuhide: You gotta call out 'babe' and see who looks up.
  • Mitsuhide: I'll go first.
  • Mitsuhide: BABE!
  • Obi: Lmao, nobody even flinched.
  • Mitsuhide: You try then.
  • Obi: I will.
  • Obi: BABE!
  • Kiki: What?
  • Shirayuki: Yeah?
  • Zen: You called?
  • Mitsuhide: What the fu-

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Viria! I loved viewing your nsfw blog, it was amazing and your asexuality post was so helpful. I can't find it anymore, did you delete it? if so, WHYYYYYYY?

aaahh, its a pleasure reading it! I didn’t delete the blog, I deleted the link from my page because people twitter very inappropriate things with my blog to other people…The link is in the end of my faq;) 

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Hey neni, I remembered you made a picture guide to the different planes in Persona (like the Dark Hour and TV world and Velvet Room etc). I can't seem to find the post tho. ;w; Could you link me to it? (and btw where would you put the Palace and Mementos on said plane?) THan you!

While I still have that graphic, I don’t entirely agree with how I drew it back then anymore, and feel a new version is in order! Here I go:

For everyone who doesn’t understand what this is, this is an updated version of the diagram I posted back in THIS POST. (Link)

It’s supposed to be a rough approximation of how the unconscious world in the Persona Series are structured, and how “deep in” all the sections we’ve seen of it so far I believe to be, based on educated guesses. 

A reminder; The P3 Club Book, which contains some information from the series bible, states that all deities are actually archetypes born from collective human thought and emotion as a means to keep the Collective Unconscious stable (tho they often lose that balance as of late), while Shadows are born of individual, personal emotions. This is why I have the entities closer to the surface mainly labeled as Shadows and the entities closer to the center mainly labeled as deities. 

However, considering that the Persona Universe is based on Jungian ideas and Jung proposed that the complexes of the human soul usually “channel” archetypes, connecting to them, it makes perfect sense that the Shadows in P5 look and act like demons and deities; the distortion of the Palaces and Mementos puts them under the influence of their archetype, and they thus act it out 100%, being avatars of the deities they are “assigned” to.

Anyway, as you can see, I peg Mementos as fairly extensive, spanning multiple layers of the unconscious realms, but not going quite to the core. The reason I think this is spoilery, so follow me under the cut

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“Who was it, Yuri?” Minami asks. “I didn’t see you leave with anyone last night.” He quirks his eyebrows as if he knows something he’s not saying, and Yuri tenses.

“None of your business,” Yuri says, attempting to roll onto the pillow but Minami snatches it out from under his head.

Yuri groans and pulls the blankets over his face. “I said fuck off ,” he repeats.

“Whatever. Not my business. I heard you,” Minami smirks. His hair is not yet spiked, and it lies against his head, giving his skull a strangely flat appearance, but in the name of good sportsmanship Yuri kindly chooses not to comment on it.

Thankfully, Minami leaves him the fuck alone after that until Yuri has to pack for the plane. He says nothing more than “You missed a spot” when Yuri wraps his leopard-print scarf around his neck. Minami gestures to a spot near his own Adam’s apple, and Yuri adjusts his scarf without even a word of thanks for the reminder.

Blue And Green Should Never Be Seen by tvfeels (8.1k)

‘What’, Harry thinks. Louis was going to ask him to prom? As dates or friends? Because if it’s as dates Harry is totally cool with it and he needs to get Louis speaking again because he’s just about ready to accept and confess his feelings right here and now. “Um, Louis? Are you asking me to prom?”

Louis coughs, and there is a little awkward laugh coming through the phone. “Well yeah. As friends of course, strictly as friends. I mean, it’s a little over week away and we both don’t have dates so we can just go as bros or lads, or whatever. Two bros, having a lad night at a stupid lame dance.” He laughs again, maybe even more awkward than last time.

or the one where Harry and Louis go to prom as friends but not really because they’re idiots in love.

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Yoi fandom, I need your help! There's this amazing fic based on a tumblr post AND I FORGOT TO SAVE IT! I can't find it anymore T^T It's about Yuuri living in Detroit with Viktor and Yuri, having retired from skating and going to University and at some point after fangirls ask him for a picture when he's out with his friends they are like "What was that about?" and he tells them and then they ask about Viktor and, again, he tells them, and they're like "You're married??" - I hope someone can help

Omg I haven’t read any fic like that, anybody know which fic it is?


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I want to thank you for staying mostly drama free. It's really hard to find decent blogs to follow and I can't even go in the su tag anymore so thanks for posting the nice and fun content that I really enjoy from the fandom without all the messy discourse.

Hey thanks that makes me really glad to hear!! I do my best to keep this blog a positive space. :-) i used to get really involved with that kind of stuff but it’s just draining and makes everyone unhappy, honestly!! And the fandom makes so much neat stuff, so it’s important to highlight that side of things, I think. I love you!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey scribs!!! I'm on mobile rn so i can't see the faq??? So sorry if you've already answered this, but I can't find any of your animatics on your new youtube channel, did you remove them? Or are you not gonna post anymore? NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHINg, I just really love your work and was curious

im still gonna post stuff on yt but for now they’re just gonna stay unlisted for personal reasons(yeah sounds fucking stupid ik)
i have an animatic which im planning on finishing within this week but if tht doesn’t work out then prolly next week :0

my dash is dead as hell and i don’t have anything related to the bandom that i can reblog anymore so i’m gonna do this:

like this post if you post mainly these things on your blog and i’ll check you out (following from my main: @vinylnerd)

- fall out boy (actively, even though they aren’t doing anything now) and their side projects
- my chemical romance
- a day to remember
- the maine
- panic! at the disco
- waterparks
- paramore
- literally just post bands and i’m gonna give it a shot

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Amber help! I asked Alice a Tomlinshaw rec for a beginner but 1 i can't find the post anymore nor remember the title 2 i need more optionssss! Please help me, rec me some Tomlinshaw please and thank you


Start with Promise Not To Stop When I Say When. It’s a stylinshaw, but it introduced me to the Nick/Louis dynamic and got me hooked, so if you haven’t yet, please read that first.

Now, on to Tomlinshaw for beginners.

I recommend everything K has written, but start with lost my senses, I’m defenceless - it’s my favourite. Then read her other works. She writes Tomlinshaw perfectly without too much angst, it’s exactly what you need.

Then, Wild Is A Fire. Super hot, super well written. 

Another good one is footie!Louis and Nick, love and kickin’ (it’s a series, read all of it). 

I can’t forget the GBBO AU: Butter With You

Then, when you’re ready for the real complexity and glory that can be Tomlinshaw… Have the fic THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. Read I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow. And then the sequel: Than A Man Swear He Loves Me 

(and then read everything sunsetmog ever wrote afterwards. You won’t regret it. Though I have to warn you for Not Your Fault But Mine, please read the tags and be aware that it hurts.)

When you’re done with these, I have more, but these are a first time must-read <3

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I missed Chris's speech and I am dYING Please gimme the link i can't find it

I can’t find the link to the post anymore but basically Chris best man speech at the wedding was 101 sex jokes and telling the world all the creative places Viktor and Yuuri had banged as Yuuri quietly slid under the table and tried to die of embarrassment in peace