and i can't even explain how proud

three little lines

just a three little lines hold so much
an entire group
a community
a world
a clique
three little lines have never been so powerful
no other lines could make me feel more
these lines make me proud
they make me strong
like i am part of something greater than myself
the symbol represents peace
and perseverance
it inspires me to keep going
an entire band can be contained
in three little lines
head up
breathe in
all together now

  • me: people are entitled to their opinions and we can't judge them or tell them they are wrong, unless, of course, their opinion are a threat to other people's life
  • person: I don't like Tolkien
  • me: you are so stupidly wrong I can't even begin to explain how- you know what I won't even bother you are too wrong for words also I hate you get out of my face
  • *The first time they reunite*
  • Aelin: *Sobs* Aedion, I miss you so much. I can't explain how I feel right now but I always thought of you. Ever battle I fought, you were there by my side. Please don't leave me.
  • Aedion: *Smile* It's been so long since I seen my Queen. I will fight and protect you from our enemies. Even though the years have gone by quick, I'm proud of you. I will never lose you again.
  • *After a while*
  • Aedion: MAKE ME

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You all better stop with the headcannons bc my heart can't take it. 💙😭

Okay, but i don’t know how to explain this. THEY’RE NOT HEADCANONS ANYMORE. 

Troye calls Connor’s house home, they share beanies, sweaters, coats, Connor postpones plane tickets until the last minute to be with Troye as long as possible, they literally cannot stop expressing how proud they are of each other, they go to music festivals for days together to hear their shared favorite songs, they watch documentaries and eat takeaway as an ideal date, Connor’s so close to Troye’s parents, Troye wrote a fucking love song that was so personal it wasn’t even meant for the album. 

These are things that actually happened. Read them over again and realize that I didn’t sugarcoat or exaggerate anything. They’re not just headcanons anymore. 

Also I was really pleased seeing Oikawa’s dark side this much and how fast he goes back and forth between his intense/carefree personalities. They put a lot of emphasis on Oikawa’s value as a player and it just makes me really proud.

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I've recently learned what dreamcatchers mean to my nation and I'm angrier and more upset about their appropriation. I feel like I can't be proud of it or even really talk about it because they seem to be a truly lost symbol and it makes me actually want to scream. My mom got one for me a long time ago (sold by people in our nation even) but never explained the significance to me and now that I've been told, I want to cry because I feel like I'll never be able to explain how important it is.

We urge against translation of Indigenous concepts or traditions, much less their explanations to white folks.

okay so compared to a year ago louis has been so happy lately and he’s been enjoying life and partying and interacting with all of the band jokingly and lilo is more alive than i am and the fanbase has been more supportive than ever to louis and his voice and he looks so healthy and he put on an extra few needed pounds i am so proud of him and i just can’t explain how important this is to me