and i can't contain them

I understand that Emmerdale want to give Danny another chance to cry because he does it so well but have they seen his smile? Aaron smiling and literally lighting up a room, his happiness all-encompassing and he can’t do anything but grin? I feel like Emmerdale haven’t seen that because if they had, and they saw how good he is at looking happy to the point where it is painful to look at, they would let Aaron smile more :)

Cheeper talk

I have 2 baby cheepers currently. The cheeper I usually use for my asks, is Chariot. Her feathers lay down nice and she likes to rest her head on my fingers and sleep. Charion is her sister. Her feathers stick out more and she’s the wild one. I can’t keep her still, and she likes to fly.

I hope you enjoyed my cheepers posts

So today I went to my friendly pornographic fan comic book store and not only did I manage to clear out the hannigram section, but also got my hands on an adam/lucas book as well.

I have never, ever ever been this pumped about a shopping haul.

(btw if any of you are interested in getting your hands on some comics, just message me! I’m happy to help a fan out.)


she’s our leader: antonio&lauren

you’re cool too! i’ve seen you in action. you? you’re just as good.

My favorite aqua force bois! :>

I can’t wait for all the G Stride AqF cards to come out~ I’m going to make Jaime’s deck and give it Jaime sleeves with a Jaime deck box and it will be beautiful

Translation (done by my awesome sis!):

Jaime: Let’s cardfight amigo!

Leon: Wait!


So tumblr totally showed me my own post for their new ‘search’ feature. I really dislike this change a lot, btw.