and i can't concentrate today

Send help

You know the “Humans are Space Orcs” post? Well, I followed a link off of one of the reblogs.

Never. Follow. The links.

It took me the the Jenkinverse. The first story annoyed me a little (I have… issues with Nihilism and “the default of humanity is suck” mindset that the main character displays) but then I started reading “Humans Do Not Make Good Pets.”

It’s been nearly eight hours. 

I’m nowhere near done. 

I’m supposed to be studying.


@emhalhp it was incredibly stressful until i found the scanner’s official Twitter page and it said it was a malfunction - it just got really annoying after that lol. but i plugged in headphones and blasted the asmr video i watch when my insomnia is acting up so!!! i actually fell asleep around 1 even though the sirens kept going for another hour after that

Happy Birthday Tyleen!

Tyleen, I don’t even know where to begin… I’ll try to keep this short because I suck really badly at words, especially today it would seem and tbh even if I tried I don’t think I can actually put into words how much you mean to me, you were actually one of my very first friends from here and I am so so thankful for your friendship, you are such a beautiful person both inside and out and you have one of the kindest most genuine hearts and I wish I could put into words just how amazing you are. 

I hope your birthday is filled with nothing but happiness,joy and heaps of cake because you deserve nothing less 

I love you best friendling <333

(everyone go wish @teeejboo a happy birthday okkkkkk?)

Imagine Carlos teaching Cecil how to cook, slowly and gently. Cecil, living alone and being generally quite busy, would be so embarrassed at his mediocre skills, but Carlos would set him easy tasks like cutting vegetables and stirring sauces so he isn’t too overwhelmed at first. And, after a few weeks, Carlos comes home to Cecil managing to make a simple meal all by himself and smiles, surprising the apron- clad broadcaster with a kiss as he’s busy stirring in concentration.

Why 90s Kids Can't Concentrate
  • Me: "I need to really get some work done today."
  • My brain: "I'm going to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song this morning."
  • Me: "No, I REALLY need to get some work done."
  • My brain: "I'm too tired for whatever you're saying. I. pulled. Uptothehouse about 7 or 8..."
  • Me: "So, I guess I'm missing my deadline?"
  • My brain: "Yo, homes, smell ya later."