and i can't believe this is my life right now


Guys I am low key (high key) freaking out!!! George Salazar himself liked MY artwork. THE GEORGE SALAZAR.


I’m so happy I could cry.

Holy crap this is….wow I’m so ecstatic right now I’m shaking like a chihuahua on acid.


My life changed over thanksgiving weekend, and I am talking to you right now from my terrace where I am watching our new puppy. (x)

This (Lin’s last) sad sad conversation was filmed the week Tobillo decided to adopt Lin and Vanessa! This is absolutely adorable, I love seeing Lin with Tobi and talking about Vanessa *heart eyes*. (I know I’m trash. Shh!!!)

Bonus: My favorite comment for this vid!

Switched at Birth Finale

Bay and Emmett not being endgame though 

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 I’ve spent five years of my life on this ship 

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How could they NOT be endgame

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They are perfect.

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They are love. 

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They are life. 

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They are OTP. 

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They should have been endgame. 

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No offense but I’m losing my mind at the fact that Sarah and Amy are going to a con together like…….

We’re actually gonna get new pics of them together and them talking about Root and Shaw and I just….. the heavens have opened up for me right now.

This is the best day of my life.

Dear uri leader Kim Jong Hyun, don’t be sad. You’re the greatest leader I’ve ever known.

I know you won’t read this, but I’ll write it anyway because I need to transform this sadness and disappointment into something else and hope that someday you will read this and know how much you mean for a lot of people.

I first knew you from Produce 101 as a part of trainees who have already debuted. I didn’t even know that a group name NU’EST exists (so I will thank Mnet for this, and just this). At first, I didn’t really notice you until you told the story about being NU’EST leader during Sorry Sorry period, and how you feel that the group’s failure is your fault (just to be clear, it’s not!). Since then my eyes are drawn to your hardworking and sincere image – and when you made a miracle by believing in Hyunbin until the end, transforming him into reliable member of the team, that’s when I knew that you’re an amazing human being and leader – not many people will go to such length to make sure other people be better at what they do, sacrificing their own practise time to teach the lacking one(s), and from that day, my fixed pick is you.

Seeing your legendary stage with Justice League team made me feel so proud and happy as your fan, and I became more curious about you. I tried to look for more of your footage but you’re hardly there haha I was so frustrated as you didn’t show up that much in the whole episode. But then Mnet released the individual cam, and I came to learn that you’re actually an amazing dancer. Maybe not as reknown as Taehyun, Samuel, Daniel or Ong, but you have that power that draw me into your stage performance. It’s like you became different person on stage and that really fascinated me. I also really love your signature ‘ha ha’ laugh, it’s super adorable >.<

Since then, I started rooting sincerely for you. I saw the ‘leader’ sticker has been pasted again on your shirt during the Position evaluation mission (Fear), and can’t help to wonder about the process as it wasn’t aired by Mnet. Again, you helped the inexperienced member to become better in rapping. The output? Look at Guanlin! I believe you have a role in his rap development during Produce 101. After that, I finally got to watch your performance and I was really touched by your rap lyrics in ‘Fear’. It must be hard to bear that huge responsibility since you’re young, right?  It must be suffocating to hold it by yourself, right? My heart aches by just imagining myself in your position, from your trainee period until 5 years as NU’EST leader and going through ups and downs during those hard time. That’s why I sincerely wish you all the happiness in the world – you have no idea how happy I am when you finally reached number 1 position in the 2nd elimination. I brag about it all day to my friends, even the one that don’t know anything about Kpop haha.

Then come the concept evaluation stage with Never (my favorite!), and you instantly picked as a leader again without me knowing the process as Mnet just edited it all out. I wanted you to become greedier and get more part as I really wanted to see you shine more (because you’re the coolest when you’re on stage), but what I got is 4 seconds footage of you instead. No worries, because that 4 seconds were the killing part for me. You’re such a great performer! Eventhough the team didn’t win, you managed to score 1st spot in various music chart so I was (and still am) extremely proud and happy for you! I understand that the filming process and practising the song must be exhausting for all of you, so I wanted to cheer you more. Your hardworking, selfless and genuine self is an inspiration for me to be a better individual. Everytime I’m having a hard time, I always remember that you must’ve experienced it way harder than I do, but you strive towards it anyway.

Last Friday, that ‘leader’ position was automatically yours again in Super Hot team (4 times leader in a row!). This week, watching the last song evaluation when all of the trainees danced for center position, I was thrilled because finally I was able to witness you as center position! Never have I imagined in my life that this day would come, even if it’s just for the 40 seconds test video (because I know eventually you will give up that position to someone else). Your video was my favorite by the way in terms of dancing. I was so worried when I saw your birthday prank, it must be very overwhelming for you to be pointed out in front of the ‘juniors’ for the mistake that didn’t even exist.  

You always work the hardest among the trainees (do you know how I can’t focus during seonho & daehwi self cam because I was busy looking at you keep practicing your dancing and look so tired?!) that I know and I want you to receive as much love as you give to other people, not only in Produce 101 but also NU’EST fans before. I want you to re-debut through Produce 101 and walk the flower path from now on. But as international fans, all I can do is just hoping and praying that Korean public realize your potential as much as I do and vote for you to become the top 11.  However, apparently God has other plan for you. I honestly wanted to jumped out to my laptop screen and give you the biggest, warmest hug when they announced your rank. I can’t bear to see your disappointed face again leader nim, and witnessing you holding your emotion is heartbreaking to me.

I just want to say, you’ve worked very hard and I want you to know, that no matter what happens, I’ll will always support you and other NU’EST members. You’re the greatest leader for NU’EST and the one leader that Wanna-One team will regret to never have. I long for the day when I can see you again on stage, singing and dancing, showing off your skill to lots of people and do the things that you love the most. Please don’t worry dear leader nim, this is not the end. This is the beginning of new chapter in your life. Like your lyrics, even though it’s a one way path, I’ll walk the opposite way with you. 힘내세요, 김종현! 사랑해요!

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Oh my God! I am SO ridiculously happy that I found your blog at long last! *bows down on her knees and raises hands to the sky* Thank you, internet gods! I've been seeing your work all over the place, but I could never figure out just who the heck this fantastic artist was, but now I have and you have a guaranteed follower for life. Please keep making the beautiful art that you do! I just adore your work. I can't even believe that I'm writing you a message! I'm fangirling so bad right now! ajkjd



Wow like Words really can’t express my emotions right now like Ichiya here sacrificing himself????saving Erzas man????? He’s fully aware that Jellal is a very important person in her life and he has gone through enough in his own life so seeing ichiya do this made me tear up a little, ichiya you good man I really have no words for this moment, this just proved how real he is, he’ll be missed truly. I don’t know if he’ll come back…most likely he will? Who knows? That’s all up to Mashima. If anything, if he does then that’d be great fr but honestly seeing him go like that, it would be better if it stayed that way. Another thing, what he said to Jellal, I found it so meaningful. He knows damn well what was best for him. And jellal realizing what he has done for him noticing it was ichiya doing the talking like when Jellal was saying his name as he was on his way falling into the water, drained without any energy in him, he must’ve felt so grateful for everything he’s done, obviously a bit heartbroken but he definitely appreciates his help and what he did for him. Plus while ichiya was doing the talking and Jellal catching a glimpse of erza he must’ve felt so good to see her there in the ocean knowing she was safe. Even when he was mentioning the whole “You have an obligation to make people happy!” And “You must have someone you need to protect with your life!” his beloved woman waiting right there running towards him to catch him in her arms ah that hit me seriously it’s pretty sad it got tears forming in my eyes. Both happy and sad tears. (Mostly happy ofc) This will now lead my babies to their happy ending they extremely deserve in the future I swear its gonna make me the happiest, im gonna be an emotional wreck. So now that this mess is over this can now mean jerza will have the best passionate kiss happen I really believe it could happen they deserve that touching scene. I Hope It Does. After dealing with Jellal sacrificing himself before, pushing acno and giving it his all leaving Erza worried sick seeing that in front of her thinking she was gonna lose him…. I can just imagine her emotions were everywhere it’s the craziest thing. Super nerve wrecking. I can picture the most romantic kiss between those two I really do, that kiss will be saving lives. Oh man the thought of it makes my heart warm and flutter so hard I really hope it gets to happen I wish them the best, I’m so hyped. Once again I’m really glad ichiya was the one to save him I’m proud of ichiya for being a strong warrior and doing it for the team. What a man indeed.

BTS falling for your older sister Pt.2: They want you back~
  • Listened to sad music 24/7 again. I’m pretty sure most of you guys needed this for closure cuz I did😂😂
  • //////////////
  • Your sister said yes to him and has been dating him for awhile but he starts to remember when it was you and him, he realizes he misses you, he needs you back. He breaks up with your sister and tries to get you back. How would that go?~~~~~~~
  • Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • He goes to your house and knocks on your door. You open it to see a tired looking Jin it seemed as if he had ran to your house. When he looked at you, the guilt he felt when he left you came back a lot worse.
  • You: How’s it going Seokjin?
  • Jin: I miss you. Mm.. I’m sorry. I was an idiot and I shouldn’t have left you like that.
  • You: Right, and this is going to make me love you again?
  • Jin: No, Let me get you to fall in love with me again. I will try for as long as I have to, I really do need you back, I really was an idiot, all I can think about is you, Please.
  • You: Come in. You could use water and some rest.
  • Jin: Are you serious?
  • You: Yeah. Come in, Jin. I’ll trust you again, okay?
  • Jin: I won’t let you down.
  • Min Yoongi/Suga:
  • He walks to your house thinking about what he was going to say. Broken hearts are hard to fix and he knew that, he regretted doing that to you, when he broke up with you he felt it was wrong in his heart but he still did it because of what his head told him. Once he got there he stood there doing nothing until you had opened the door about to go somewhere.
  • You: Yoongi? What are you doing here?
  • Yoongi: -Can’t look at you- I..I’m sorry. Y/n I realized that I made a mistake and now I want you back.
  • You: I’m glad you’ve realized your mistake. -You grab his hand- I was going to go eat. Come with me.
  • Yoongi: You’re not going to get mad? Yell at me? Shouldn’t you be trying to make me feel bad?
  • You: I told you.. Even if I got the chance to hurt you the way you hurt me, I wouldn’t have the heart to take it and that’s the truth.
  • Yoongi: I’m so sorry.
  • You: You can apologize by paying for my food and going back to being my boyfriend.
  • Jung Hoseok/J-Hope:
  • Almost immediately after realizing his dumb mistake he runs to your house and once he gets there he frantically knocks on you door. When you open-
  • You: Hoseok?
  • Hobi: -Already tearing up- Can we please talk inside?
  • You: Um.. Alright. -You hesitantly let him in and you guys take a seat on the couch-
  • You: Why are you here Hoseok?
  • Hobi: I hate this. I hate being away from you. I miss it when you called me Baby or Hobi and dragged the “I”.
  • You: I don’t–
  • Hobi: When I spent time with your sister I realized she wasn’t for me. I thought about you every second I was with her. I kept thinking I shouldn’t have let you go..
  • You: I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I did wrong, Hoseok. What was it that made you leave in the first place?
  • Hobi: I was thinking on her looks alone and forgot there was a personality. I forgot about why I fell in love with you, I still love you and your beautiful soul.
  • Hobi: You’re drop dead gorgeous and I want to kick myself for leaving you. I want you to give me a second chance and let me be the man you deserve to have.
  • You: I’ll give you a chance, Hobi.. But with all you said I think I already just want to forgive you and kiss you.
  • Hobi: Really?
  • You: Yeah, on the cheek.
  • You: We'll build this relationship up again, Hobi. I definitely still have strong feelings towards you.
  • Hobi: I understand. - soft smile-
  • Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:
  • He would call you and set up a meet at your house because he wants to talk to you comfortably in private with your permission. He regretted breaking your heart like that. It hurt like hell to leave you; he can only imagine how it felt for you. He throught he loved your sister but he was blinded by her looks and now realizes he needs you back.
  • You: Why did you want to meet Namjoon?
  • Namjoon: I regret leaving you. I regret hurting you. I regret breaking the strong bond we had. I hate that I no longer have your trust but I want it back. Please let me earn it back. I miss you so much and I want you back in my life. I need you.
  • You: -Very shocked and touched by his words- Namjoon... I.. I can't believe you right now.
  • Namjoon: I'm extremely sorry. -He hesitantly holds your hand- Please just let me show you that I only love you.
  • You: Yes, yes. I sort of forgive you. I'll give you another chance. I missed you, Joonie.
  • Park Jimin/Jimin:
  • He would realize how much he actually loved you now that he let you go. Almost everything he saw and heard reminded him of you. You were taking over every thought he had and he now knows that you two were meant to be together. He just made the stupid mistake of breaking up with you over your sisters face.
  • Jimin: Thank you for meeting with me. I mean, considering what I did..
  • You: What do want Jimin?
  • Jimin: –He didn't expect you to sound so cold but at the same time he did. Now he just felt worse about leaving you– I still love you, I hate myself for leaving you. I feel horrid for leaving you.
  • You: Well no one told you to start dating my sister.
  • Jimin: I know that. –He glares at you for a few seconds but then his gaze softens– I'm trying to apologize. I want you back Y/n let be with you again.
  • You: It's not that simple Jimin, what you did was seriously shitty and you only know half of the pain I had to deal with for the past month.
  • Jimin: At least let me hang out with you, go on dates, talk, let me make you have faith in us again. Please.
  • You: I don't know Jimin..
  • Jimin: Then let me promise. Let me promise you that you won't regret this. If I break this promise I'll leave you alone, delete your number, and forget you. Deal?
  • You: I hate you for making this so complicated.. But deal, truth be told I still think about you a lot, and I still miss you.
  • Jimin: You won't regret this, I know you won't.
  • Kim Taehyung/ V:
  • Taehyung would clearly show disinterest in your sister after dating her for awhile. He just kept seeing you everywhere. Like, "Y/n would've liked it here." Or "I miss Y/n.. She would've enjoyed my story." He thought about it, then felt like a kicked puppy, he felt heartbroken that he left her and realizes just how bad his mistake is.
  • Tae: -He knocks on your door, he went there to fix things-
  • You: -You saw him but couldn't open the door- What is it Taehyung?
  • Tae: Please let me in, or let me talk to you face to face.
  • You: No. When I saw you through the peep hole I could barely hold back tears. Leave me alone.
  • Tae: No, Y/n please. I want to fix my mistakes, if you Cry I'll comfort you! Just please let me see you.
  • You: No.
  • Tae: Let me see you. I beg of you. I know you feel more broken than me at the moment but I AM broken. My heart hurts hearing you say no to me and be so cold. I miss you, I miss you and I really want to kiss you. I want to hold you in my arms and apologize for the wrong I did please.
  • You: -You slowly open the door- Taehyung..
  • Tae: -He helps you open it since you seemed to hesitating- Y/n.. I'm so sorry for making you feel this way. I'm sorry I was so dense..
  • Tae: -You seemed to be crying before he came and seeing your face like that was absolutely horrid. Being the cause of that felt worse- Look at you.
  • You: -Glare- You know what, I could always go back inside and ignore you.
  • Tae: No, No. -He hugs you and kisses the top of your head- I'm sorry.
  • You: I really missed you, Tae.
  • Tae: Me too.
  • Jeon Jungkook:
  • After leaving your sister because of the realization that he still loved you, he remembered how you guys left off. He remembered how you described the pain and said "I never really mattered right?" He never got to explain but really what could he say? Now how was he going to even manage to get you back.
  • He tried calling you but you refused to answer, refused to answer his texts, and refused to open the door. He tried everything to talk you but you just wouldn't budge. After trying for three days straight to get you to talk to him, he stood in front of your door.
  • JK: I'm trying to apologize Y/n. I'm seriously trying and I'm running out of things to say. Look, I know I broke your heart, I feel so much guilt for that. I miss you and I love you. Please open the door. I just want to see your face.
  • JK: I want to see your beautiful face that I kissed whenever you cried. I want to be that again, please give me the chance to love you like I used too. I still love you, I want you back.
  • JK: Remember when I caught you singing 'We Don't Talk Anymore'? You look so cute when you're shocked.
  • You: I do not.
  • JK: Y/n.. Let me in.
  • You: I want to trust you but it's hard. Why would you do that to me?
  • JK: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know it was a big mistake. Just let me regain that trust. I want to have you back in my life.
  • You: -You finally open the door- Alright. I'll give you another chance.
  • JK: I love you and I'm sorry.
  • You: I'll forgive you when I feel like I can trust you again.
  • JK: Hopefully we get there soon.
We met at the library (a Yousana HP AU)- Part 1

Because the canon is not satisfying right now, to say the least, here’s a little yousana fic to brighten your day. It’s my first fic ever so be gentle with me. If you see any typo or language mistake please let me know. Also, big thanks to @thickskinandelasticheart for the idea and the positive support <3. I personnaly headcanon Sana as a Ravenclaw with strong Slytherin traits and Yousef as Hufflepuff. Hope you like the first part! More to come


Yousef has been trying to concentrate to finally start learning for his NEWTS but it just seems like everyone in the Hufflepuf common room has decided to go against his wishes of quiet and calm. Everyone’s chatting and playing games and it’s driving him mad. Hufflepufs are suppose to be hard workers are they not ? If only it wasn’t raining so hard, he could go work outside.

He finally decides to go to the library after someone’s (probably a first year) paper plane lands on his notes for what seems like the 50th time. He gets up, grabs his books and papers and leaves.

While on his way to the library he relishes in the silence of the empty halls, wishing for  the library to not be crowded with loud people who can’t wait for the rain to stop so they can go outside. He really needs to get a good start working on his Newts and be efficient.

When he arrives at the library, he can’t seem to find a single table with less than 4 people or without piles of books on them (sometime he realizes there is actually someone behind the pile of books, most of the time a fifth or seven year). He sighs, ready to go and work in a corridor when he spots her. Seating alone at a table surrounded by her notes and looking so serious. Sana Bakkoush. A fifth year Ravenclaw.

It seems he’s drawn to her ever since that day he first noticed her in the Great Hall. He remembers the loud noise her friend’s potion bottle made when she let it fall on the ground which made everyone in the room turn around to stare at her, leaving her frozen on the spot. Then a girl from her table started laughing and that’s when Sana stood up to stand next to her friend and cast the deadlier glare at the mocking girl. While levitating a glass of water next to her face. When the girl stopped laughing and turned back, Sana just sat down with her friend like nothing had happened. She smiled at her friend and her whole demeanor changed, he face softened, her dimples appeared and she just looked so so nice. Since that day, Yousef can’t help but notice her whenever he’s near her.

He decides to seat at her table, hoping she won’t mind but she seems so focused on her work that it doesn’t seem like she’ll even notice him.

Sana was indeed very focused on finishing her transfiguration essay. It’s a very important one and her teacher had told them that it was exactly the kind of question they could get for their exams. So Sana has to ace it. She hears someone moving a chair at her table and starting to sit down. She usually doesn’t mind sharing a table in the library but she swears that if it one of those people who only come into the library when the weather is bad because they’re « bored »,she’s going to riot.

She looks up and it’s a seventh year Hufflepuff who looks at her with a quizzing little smile as if to ask her authorization to sit at the table. His hair is falling on both sides of his face and she’s seen him a few times before (okay, quite a lot of times because they always seem to cross paths these days), laughing with his friends in the corridors. Her brother knows him as well and she’s pretty sure that his name is Yousef. Alright, she’s absolutely sure of that, she even knows his last name. But that’s only because there aren’t as many students in Hogwarts as most people imagine or seem to remember. Not because she looked through the prefect files. It’s really nice to see him there ,she thinks. All the irritation she once had is gone and as an answer to his silent question, she just smiles at him. He sits down, seeming relieved, and starts working in silence. They don’t talk, they just work next to each other. If someone at a table near them makes too much noise, they’ll look at each other as if to say « Are we the only one here actually trying to work ? ».

When dinner time arrives, they stand up at the same time, their eyes meeting across the table as they collect their books and notes. He smiles at her and she simply nods before they both go down their separate way to their common rooms.

okay but how will i ever watch anything again in my life after the life-changing experience that was watching chicago typewriter

Just my thoughts here after reading the two chaps...don't mind me

Man no matter what happens Please…. for the Love Of God Keep Jellal Safe At All Costs. I also hope Erza since she seems concerned when he told her “ill buy us some time” hopefully she tags along with him i don’t want them to be separated again I seriously don’t want anything to happen either way this is gonna hurt really fucking bad at this point we don’t need any of that heartbreaking angst. You can keep it. We just wanna see them together married and finally gain that happiness those two truly deserve because that’s all they need. I understand Jellal is doing his best and hardest to protect Erza and also helping them out since they are in trouble I appreciate it a lot but as soon as I read that I started to stress out…. my heart dropped like we got acno chasing their asses I wanna think positive and count on them but I have mixed emotions right now. Even all the things Erza has gone through, don’t make her suffer anymore, not even the Love Of Her Life.



The love of my life (Inspiration-kun) finally decided to come back so this happened. Kinda like an alternate version of this.

Edit: Why the fuck did i spell sasuke’s name wrong?! UGH

trash wolf: the show
  • lydia: *is traumatized*
  • stiles: shut up lydia, like I know you're traumatized but I just found a way to make this situation about me so I am going to
  • scott: I think everyone deserves a chance, you're being paranoid.
  • stiles: WOW, scott...I thought you were my friend. Guess Im going to be an asshole to you now.
  • isaac: *is an abuse victim tht suffers from ptsd*
  • stiles: lol remember that time your dad locked you in a freezer and now Im going to write a book of jokes about it and read it to you every single second of your life
  • boyd: *is a loner*
  • stiles: lmao why dont u have friends loser *talks shit about him to literally everyone he knows*
  • jackson: *is adopted*
  • stiles: I can't believe you don't know your real parents LMFAO
  • allison: *chooses family over scott*
  • stiles: wow, what a bitch. I am going to stop being nice to you now for making a rational decision. Bye.
  • kira: *is in shock over her mothers story*
  • stiles: get over it wtf its been like 3 mins
  • theo: *says hi to scott*
  • stiles: something isn't right with my old friend better suspect him so I am right later and scott is wrong so that the fandom can hate on scott!!!11
  • liam: *has been kidnapped and turned to a wolf against his will*
  • stiles: I can't believe you don't like me stranger I just literally met 5 seconds ago
So it’s 3:30 am here and I found a Meme Generator