and i can't belieeeve


Amazing Smaylor prank trivia! (+ Return of The Bloody Kleenex Heart) (x)


A lot of times people make Sherlock’s hands soft and smooth, and John’s hands rough and calloused, but I mean with their respective line of work I feel like it’d be the other way around.

John’s got soft doctor’s hands. His current job isn’t anything that’s too hard on the skin (as far as I know, being a GP isn’t too hard on the hands). His doctor hands are soft for feeling lumps, bumps, and injuries.

Sherlock’s fingertips are a bit more calloused from all his playing the violin and plucking at the strings; from all the experimentation he does, from the times a scalpel slipped or a corrosive liquid spilled or he went to lift a tool that was sitting too close to the Bunsen burner and burned his fingers. His hands are calloused from all the lock-picking and breaking in, from when he needs to climb shit while on a case or dig through a few skips, from when he gets a little too enthusiastic and impulsive and grabs for things without thinking it through (remember how he just LICKED THAT EVIDENCE??? Jfc). Maybe that’s why he started wearing gloves, because he got burned or cut too many times, or told off by Lestrade (plus he can whip them off all dramatic-like).

Now I’m not saying super calloused like a carpenter or anything, but just that I feel like out of the two of them, with all the shit Sherlock gets into, he’d be the one with more callous and John would be the one with soft hands.

X - Men musical ( Interview )
  • MF: "Give me your metaaaal and you (James) be like "Mmmmm" (finger on his temple)"
  • JM: "Let me mess with your miiiind."
  • MF: "Get inside the brain of that maaaan.
  • JM: "Don't give away all the good stuff."
  • MF: Freeze him now, Chaaarles! Don't let him moooove"
  • JM: *laughs*
  • MF: "They're going to kill us aaaall. We can not trust them."
  • JM: "I can't belieeeve, we're having the same argument. We're only doing it differently because it's a sooooong. Do you think anyone will notice?"
  • MF: "Remember Cuuuuuba."
  • JM: "We'll always have Cubaaaaa."