and i can only put 9 of them :c

anonymous asked:

Are you going to sell the bath bombs in your shop? I would totally buy one (and by one I mean more than one because I too have an addiction and Hannibal bath bombs sound fab)!

yeah i’m going to be putting them in my shop! i had to order my wine scented oil online because it’s such a specific scent so it might be a while before those particular ones are assembled

but yeah i’m going to offer them in packs of 3 for $9 and they’ll all be fandom themed (the hannibal pack will include “eat the rude”, “hannibal”, and “will graham”)

i already have some ideas for sherlock themed ones too C:<

but i can only make these on weekends since i have school so idk they’ll probably be in pretty limited quantities kdsjhfkj