and i can only imagine

Since joker uses lipstick, I can only imagine the problems that arise with wearing lipstick, and BRIGHT RED at that.

-All cups/cans of soda are easily identifiable.
- white shirts have red smears inside the collar
- eating without ruining your glam mouth
-“that’s not the right red…”
- it gets on your teeth
- IF YOU MAKE OUT WITH SOMEONE, EVERYONE WILL KNOW ABOUT IT, just by looking at the mess you made in the face of your beloved.

If there more I wouldn’t know cause I don’t wear makeup, but yea….

I bet joker has these issues just like us all.

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oh my lord, i despaired over the credit card thing…also, debit cards are not credit cards hahahahhahahah *dead voice*

I can only imagine. What makes me insane is that there’s never a printable web form and usually no way to email the scanned forms – HOTELS STILL USE FAXES. I am literally the only person on the floor who uses the fax machine, because hotels are so stuck in the mid-1980s. And usually they have the wrong fax number on the form, which is GREAT when you are sending someone your CREDIT CARD info….

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Question: Stephen Strange, out of work Food Magician - ever going to swing by? Just because I’d see a lovely parallel between Tony being frustrated at Magic and Molecular Gastronomy Tony being annoyed at dumb food tricks (whatever those may be)…

Oh man, no, Strange is a hippie herb merchant! We mentioned him in a fic that isn’t archived yet, YouFood Roulette

I think I laughed the hardest I laughed in ALL OF 2016 when Sci wrote this bit:

“But he’s got quality spices and a bitchin’ van,” Tony said.  He glanced at Steve.  “Ever notice that it’s got a different picture painted on it every time he comes around?”

“Yes, I notice.  I notice that-” Steve rubbed a hand over his face.  “I asked him who did his work and he told me neither I nor my truck were ready for the mystic secrets of his paint job.”

“Last week, it had two panthers fighting,” Tony said gleefully.  “With battle axes.”

I wept with laughter over the battle axes. 

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I'm a trans boy that's been questioning for about 6 months (I'm 13). I came out to my mom but she just said it's a phase and that I'm a girl and that my friends are making me feel this way. Sometimes I start to believe her. I can't wear clothes that show my boobs and curves without crying and I can only imagine a future as a guy. Thinking about what I look like, talk like, my name, etc. makes me feel really terrible. I'd give anything to cut my hair. What do you think? Sorry...

I’m so sorry your mom reacted in such an invalidating way. You deserve to get far better support than that.

I think that you know your own gender far better than your mom does. If you think you are a trans boy, then I’d say that is probably what you are. Even in this message, where you say you doubt yourself, you start it off with confidently saying “I’m a trans boy”. So I believe you when you tell me that.

But I will also say that it doesn’t really matter if it’s a phase or not. Your gender right now, the fact that you are a boy, is valid even if you end up feeling differently in the future. Your gender doesn’t have to be permanent to be real.

do you ever see a post and just go “holy cissexism batman!” bc I do and I can only imagine that trans and nonbinary ppl feel like 1000x more disgusted than I possibly can be

scorpios libras leos and virgos are the most dramatic signs from their elements i can only imagine them all together as a friend group and how horrible that would be

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UT US UF Skelebros headcanons for an S/O who wants to take them skydiving?

Sorry for the short answers, but I can only imagine a small number reactions for all of them. I’ll add in Swapfell too because of the shortness.

NO! UF!Sans - That’s not happening ever in any universe with this guy.

Nah. US!Papyrus - Sounds like too much work. No joke, that is why he wouldn’t do it.

Why? UT!Sans, SF!Papyrus - Doesn’t understand why you would want to do that. Please explain, because it’s baffling why you would want to jump out of an aircraft.

Maybe. UF!Papyrus, UT!Papyrus - Sounds dangerous? And yet kind of fun? They’re not quite sure why but they sort of want to. Still, it’ll take some convincing to get them to do it.

Heck yes! US!Sans, SF!Sans - It sounds so freaking exciting. They want to book the next ticket or whatever to be able to do this with you. Seriously. Now that you’ve informed them that that’s a thing, there will be no backing out.

Double lives

Does anyone here feel like they are living double lives? I really pride myself on my cookie cutter Martha Stewart image, which isn’t all just an act. I really do love my job because i get to be around the elderly & care for them. I love to cook, organize, decorate my home, & I could spend all day reading a good book. My other half is more like a porn star, & that’s actually very close to the truth since I also run a porn blog on here with my husband where I post our own stuff. I love sex… dirty, kinky, wild sex… I love to show my husband off, very much enjoy having threesomes or messing around with other couples, especially all while spun out of my mind. Even though I am an adult, there is still much I hide from my family and friends. I can only imagine what they would think if they knew I consider myself bi-sexual? This may be why I tend to overshare with my few friends that are aware of my extracurriculars. I bottle so much of myself away, I get excited when I can let stuff out.

Autistic Kururu

So… I have high-functioning autism, and I REALLY think Kururu has some of these traits. He’s definitely on the spectrum somewhere… Here is the list, split up into categories. I left a Kururu eye spiral (@) next to the ones that I think Kururu has, and my own notes are in bold. Not all of them are canon, and some of them I can only really imagine even if he’s not seen acting that way. 

Social Skills

Very little or no eye contact. @ (Who knows?)

Resistance to being held or touched. @ 

Tends to get too close when speaking to someone (lack of personal space). (Sometimes, when he’s passionate about something,)

Responds to social interactions, but does not initiate them. @ 

Does not generally share observations or experiences with others. @ 

Difficulty understanding jokes, figures of speech or sarcasm.

Difficulty reading facial expressions and body language. 

Difficulty understanding the rules of conversation.  @ (Or he just doesn’t give a shit…LOL)

Difficulty understanding group interactions.@  (May be why he sits in the corner)

Aversion to answering questions about themselves. @

Gives spontaneous comments which seem to have no connection to the current conversation. @  (I like pickles!)

Makes honest, but inappropriate observations. @ 

Seems unable to understand another’s feelings. @ 

Prefers to be alone, aloof or overly-friendly. @ 

Difficulty maintaining friendships. @ 

Finds it easier to socialize with people that are older or younger, rather than peers of their own age. @  (Saburo, Fuyuki, Aki and Grandma)

Unaware of/disinterested in what is going on around them. @ 

Talks excessively about one or two topics (dinosaurs, movies, etc.). @  (Curry-chi!)

Overly trusting or unable to read the motives behind people's’ actions.

Minimal acknowledgement of others. @ 

Linguistic/Language Development

Abnormal use of pitch, intonation, rhythm or stress while speaking. @ 

Speech is abnormally loud or quiet. @ 

Difficulty whispering.

Repeats last words or phrases several times.  Makes verbal sounds while listening (echolalia). @ (Ku, ku, ku!) 

Often uses short, incomplete sentences. @ 

Pronouns are often inappropriately used. 

May have a very high vocabulary. @ 

Uses a person’s name excessively when speaking to them (“Mary, we are having lunch. Right, Mary?”).

Speech started very early and then stopped for a period of time.

Difficulty understanding directional terms (front, back, before, after).


Obsessions with objects, ideas or desires. @

Ritualistic or compulsive behavior patterns (sniffing, licking, watching objects fall, flapping arms, spinning, rocking, humming, tapping, sucking, rubbing clothes). @ (Tapping, humming…and I can imagine a few others too.) 

Fascination with rotation. @ (Sprials?) 

Play is often repetitive.

Many and varied collections. 

Unusual attachment to objects.

Quotes movies or video games.

Difficulty transferring skills from one area to another.

Perfectionism in certain areas. @ 

Frustration is expressed in unusual ways. @ 

Feels the need to fix or rearrange things. @ 

Transitioning from one activity to another is difficult. @  

Difficulty attending to some tasks. @ 

Gross motor skills are developmentally behind peers (riding a bike, skating, running). @ (Running…but maybe just because he’s lazy.) 

Fine motor skills are developmentally behind peers (handwriting, tying shoes, scissors).

Inability to perceive potentially dangerous situations. 

Extreme fear (phobia) for no apparent reason.

Verbal outbursts. @ 

Unexpected movements (running out into the street).

Difficulty sensing time (Knowing how long ten minutes is or three days or a week).

Difficulty waiting for their turn (such as in a line).

Causes injury to self (biting, banging head).

Emotions or Sensitivities

Sensitivity or lack of sensitivity to sounds, textures (touch), tastes, smells or light.

Difficulty with loud or sudden sounds.

Unusually high or low pain tolerance.

Intolerance to certain food textures, colors or the way they are presented on the plate (one food can’t touch another).

Inappropriate touching of self in public situations. @ (Nose picking!) 

Desires comfort items (blankets, teddy, rock, string).@ (Hand in front of mouth constantly?)

Laughs, cries or throws a tantrum for no apparent reason. @ 

Resists change in the environment (people, places, objects).

An emotional incident can determine the mood for the day – emotions can pass very suddenly or are drawn out for a long period of time.

Becomes overwhelmed with too much verbal direction.

Tends to either tune out or break down when being reprimanded. @ 

Calmed by external stimulation – soothing sound, brushing, rotating object, constant pressure (hammock, rolled in a blanket).

May need to be left alone to release tension and frustration. @  


Walks on toes.

Unusual gait. @ 

Difficulty changing from one floor surface to another (carpet to wood, sidewalk to grass).

Odd or unnatural posture (rigid or floppy). @ (So floppy) 

Difficulty moving through a space (bumps into objects or people).@ 

Walks without swinging arms freely.

Incontinence of bowel and/or bladder.


Frequent gas (flatulence, burping) or throwing up.

Appearance of hearing problems, but hearing has been checked and is fine.

Seizure activity.

Allergies and food sensitivities.

Irregular sleep patterns.

Apparent lack of concern for personal hygiene (hair, teeth, body odours).

ok but on a serious note my thoughts go out to kimye and their family they seem to be doing better now but i think about north west who’s only 4 and their baby son and i can’t imagine having to process your father being hospitalized and your mother being robbed and nearly raped in such a short time span, being celebrity kids or not they’re still children and i can’t imagine them going through all that at once and i genuinely sincerely pray for them all

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hey! how's the kit purrson fic doing? i think it's called the start of something beautiful, right? are you still working on it or have you set it aside?

Oh wow thanks!  I’m thrilled to hear that you’re still interested in the story! I would absolutely love to finish it.

That said, one thing about me is that I have inattentive ADHD, depression, and anxiety, so my brain is an absolute grab bag of “no motivation”, “terror about doing things” and “inability to get all my Cans pointed in one direction”. On any given day, I literally don’t know what I’ll be able to do when I wake up. 

So given that readers are often frustrated with the output of writers who are fairly happy with their process and output, I can only imagine how much more frustrating I am to follow, since I’m forever putting out fragments, half-finishing works, and only completing things at all through high amounts of terror and a great deal spent on cafes and cake.

So I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific. In the future I very well may write more of Start of Something Beautiful, especially since it’s a companion story to Leave Your Lovers Like Campsites. But as to when or how, I really can’t say. /o\

Aye if I loved the last person with my all and did so much I can only imagine how much I’ll love the next person that’s for sure

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Don't be gone too long is such a magical video, everything about it is so beautiful and Ariana showing off her ballet skills, the twins slaying their dance moves, Chris Browns soulful vocals working so beautifully with Ariana's, the video actually telling a story, Ariana having her hair down. It was everything I needed plus more and I'm glad it has over 29 Million views for a song that was left behind so I can only imagine its success if they actually promoted it.

honestly it was iconic, everyone wants ariana to be a princess. She doesn’t even have to be, like, a sparkly pink princess, she can be the tourtured soul princess, or the warrior princess (kinda break free I guess).

Honestly best music video she has ever participated in and it’s not even her song tbh. I hope Beauty and the Beast turns out good too so that I can say she’s been a princess in 2 videos. She has her hair down for that too I’m so excited.


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE

Hillary and Beyoncé: or, Let's Talk About Ageism

I was trying to write an even longer post (which is going nowhere) about that thing going around where someone asks Hillary for her favorite track off Lemonade and she supposedly guessed “All Single Ladies.” Hahahaha, right? There’s Hillary knowing nothing about pop culture, she’s so sad.

But what if she really really liked Beyoncé? Or some other popular singer? What if she got into rap in the 90s, or even earlier, and still liked it and talked about it enthusiastically. Well, we saw what happened when she talked about her life long love of hot sauce and peppers. Hahahaha, right? Look at Hillary pandering to Black and/or young people, she’s so fake.

Or maybe the response would be: Hahahaha, right? She’s almost sixty-nine and she likes what? Isn’t it sad seeing a woman refusing to grow up? She’s trying to act like a teenager and that’s gross, because old.

Hillary is every woman of a certain age who comes here to tumblr wanting to talk about fandom only to be told that she’s not welcome because of her age. Nevermind all groundbreaking stuff she’s done, she’s old and it’s embarrassing. If she does talk about things younger people like, well, that’s embarrassing too, because she’s old. If she talks about stuff she did back in the day and the older, more obscure fandoms younger people aren’t into, well, who cares because that stuff’s–say it with me now–old.

Dealing with sexism is bad enough. Try adding ageism into the mix and you have what Hillary’s pushing through.

[also huge shoutouts to all of my mutuals, who have never made me feel weird about being a 53 year old fan, even when I act my age.