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Jensen Ackles | JIBCon 2017 [x]

Daryl & Jesus -> “You’ll like them one day, Dixon.”

It was Paul who gave Maggie the camera. Daryl’s still pissed at him because of that. So now she just won’t stop taking pictures of them. The camera was actually meant for taking pictures of Hershel Jr. Well, she does take pictures of him ever so often, but she seems to have more fun pissing Daryl off with taking pictures of him…and Paul, of course. He’d love to burn them all, but of course Paul won’t let him. He supposedly fell in love with them. They’re scattered everywhere in their trailer. To that, he also loves giving every single one a fitting caption. Daryl thought about sleeping outside for the rest of his life, so that he never has to look at any of those pictures again. There was only one problem: Being away from this asshole hurts a hell lot more than having to look at those pictures 24/7.


He might press her close now till the muscles knotted on his arms […] There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.”

younger characters deserve so much better than being crudely written by ADULT writers and being sexualized by ADULT fans.

the fact that most of the adults in the fandom support content that normalizes things that are harmful to minors is outrageous and disgusting, to say the least.

you’re all ADULTS. act like it.

being in the closet is one of the most exhausting experiences you can go through but being out is arguably just as bad sometimes . both are full of awkward conversations homophobic jabs and well-intentioned yet still obnoxious allyship from straight people and no matter what you do it’s exhausting


Once I was playing Caitlyn and my support (Karma) started saying: “Why you don’t poke? You’re so bad! I can’t stay in this lane with this ADC!” So she moved to mid lane and we lost the game. I hate when my supports do that instead of teaching me how to play better!

pokemon6928  asked:

*Tackle hugs you* Happy Birthday Jyushi!!!! I got you a present!! *Gives you a quality made baseball bat with the Matsuno Pine tree on it, as well as a baseball bat, a hat with the number 14 on it, and a yellow baseball glove* You wanna go play baseball with me?? :DDDD

And homerun yes!!