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What was midoriya' reaction to there first kiss

I guess it depens, on who kissed the other first…

But you can definitely expect Izuku to blush like no tomorrow. Damn, his face is gonna rival Todoroki’s left hair color, that’s for sure. But he’ll be very happy and relieved, I guess. Like, suddenly everything is sparkeling, and no, Aoyama isn’t the cause.


His heart was beating faster and ohmygod, Todoroki just kissed him. With wide eyes, he finally looked into the other’s mismatched eyes. They were so pretty, just like the owner of those orbs. And not only were his eyes pretty, his lips were warm and so-


He quickly snapped out of his thoughts, and he was sure his cheeks were as red as a tomato. Holy shit, Shouto kissed him, and this was just so unbelievable.

… Y-Yes?

Shouto was looking to the side, avoiding his eyes.

“I… Are you… fine?… I mean, the kiss wasn’t bad… right?”

Oh god, they were in relationship for awhile now, and they still behaved like that.

“N-no! Of course not!”

It was anything, but bad. In fact, Izuku wouldn’t mind it, if Shouto kissed him again.


Something like that? At least in my opinion, but yeah.

Rek: “…So when I woke up, I was totally naked ‘cept for a pair of panties stretched over my lekku, my left kidney was missing, and the Nightsister was never heard from again!”

Hes: “Duuude, that’s crazy! I can top it, though—so one time I met this Harch arms dealer on Garel, and man was she handsy. I mean, she had me totally off the ground at one point, with one arm waaay up in my…”

Tales of (mis)adventure and sexploits aside, here’s the final product of a collab I did with the wonderful @rekkingcrew! He sketched these two out, and he was kind enough to let me do the lines and colors! Not only did it all end up looking great, but it was super fun to bring Rek and Hes’ unique brand of competitive vulgarity to life—thanks so much for doing this with me! :D


Russ does not approve.

Comic Pages Commission

Hey! So this is something I’ve kicked around doing for a little while so I’m gonna post it here to see if it generates any interest.

I would like some non-snakeladders sequentials for my portfolio. I’ve been poking around at sample scripts online but I haven’t found any that really stand out to me.

So I thought maybe I’d find a writer and we can help each other out. Here’s the bottom line:

I will take ONE slot for a 3-page or 4-page comic script. The price will be $250USD for 3 pages and $350 for 4.

The final product will be one page in pencils, one page in inks, one page in b/w (if 4 pages are purchased) and one page in full-color (though I will finish all pages to “inks” stage for the commissioner)

I’m looking for:

- Science fiction or science fantasy
- Something that will showcase at least one environment, vehicles, and multiple characters
- Something that will be visually interesting and dynamic
- Self-contained – it can be part of a larger work or universe, but should be understood by the reader without supplementary material
- Original – no fan characters or existing properties
- Work-safe – should be self-explanatory. No edgy gore, no dingalings.

The nitty-gritty:

- I am not trying to do a lot of visual development for you at this price so the more reference you have for me the better!
- I’m looking for a SCRIPT, with actual panel breakdowns, etc. You don’t have to make shot or layout choices for me but if you give me some direction I’m gonna be more into it. 
- I want to get this done fairly quickly. I would prefer that you have a script already completed, but if I decide to go with your concept I’d like the script by the next day if possible.
- This is NOT first-come first-serve – depending on how much interest there is, I’m gonna go with the script that I think would be strongest in my portfolio. Don’t be afraid to inquire, though!
- If you would like authorship credit, it will be given under your preferred name or a pen name if you like, rather than a tumblr url or whatever. I will link back to your tumblr or personal website of your choice!

To get in touch:

 - Reblog this message with your concept OR
- Send me a submission with your script or concept (not an IM I never look at the damn things) OR
- hit up my commission email (commission.breezy(at)gmail) with your script or concept

I will contact you and let you know my final decision whether your script is accepted or not.

Thanks guys!

I can’t believe Pierre has no canon eye color or hair color….andrei has no canon eye color.
Dolokhov has….this:
“A not very tall man with clear blue eyes and a sober expression.” Curly haired, clean shaven. “The lines of his mouth were remarkably finally curved. In the middle upper lip came down on the lower lip in a sharp wedge am at the corner something like two smiles were constantly formed, one on each side.” “Firm, insolent, intelligent gaze.” “Trim” body. Fair haired.

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Hey palm tree What color should I paint my finger nails and what color should I paint my toe nails the options are A sparkly red Black Or a cream type color (Fingers and toes can be different color)

*Corey Cott voice* Cream rISES

Cream. final answer. <3

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okay just fuckin imagine blue and henry dyeing their hair and henrys hair takes the bleaching dye so well but blues is just a fuckin disaster it takes like 5 times just to get the right shade of "bleached" so she can color her hair blue (HA name puns) and by the time they finally get the right color she's so annoyed and just wants to rip all her hair out and "gansey honestly this wasn't even worth it im so pissed" and "cheng i swear to god you better stop laughing or i won't kiss you for a week"

BLUE WITH BLUE HAIR… as someone with blue hair i can personally attest to the Struggle… you bleach it so much and then you have cool blue hair for like 2 weeks until the dye washes out into this Accident Green… she would hate the maintenance… solution: blue has cool blue hair for 15 minutes and then gets a rly cool buzzcut thank u!!!


Zodiac Signs

You asked, i did.
I wanted something god-like and modern(ish) at the same time so here we go.
You can find more information about each character below. Hope you like it.
feel so embarassed everytime i do smth like that help

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Results of last night’s stream, and one of several title pages for the DOFP PDF! These will include text later!

I dunno if I will post all of the finished textless pages here or not, but at least wanted to give an idea of how they’ll look!


I could hear
all those things
you ran from
with every song
you released
living your dream

you didn’t need
to play your
albums in
reverse to hear
the taunting
of your demons

I grew up
I cradled your
songs close to
my chest
I knew I wasn’t
the only one

that felt numb
that watched the sun set
that wanted something
rather than nothing
to matter

I wish we could’ve found
a new palette of colors
that just weren’t a collection
of shit grey so maybe the world
wouldn’t need rose colored glasses
just so it can make another rotation
just so the fingers of the sun
could tighten it’s grip out of love
rather than anger

I hope you slipped calmly
beneath the waves when
you decided to let go
of the edge you so
desperately clung

I’m sorry that your armor broke
I’m sorry that you were the only
one who could repair it
I’m sorry that your symphony
played it’s final notes in
the middle of battle

you may have already felt
like a ghost in your final
hours but we never lost
sight of the spirit you let
spill from your eyes with
your honest lyrics
your highest notes

you felt the weight of
a thousand worlds for
so long that anyone
could understand
why you would
it to insanity

you don’t need to apologize
I understand that these plans
we make can be written in blood
washed away with the mud
of uncut clouds
leaving us with more questions
of subjects we thought to be
experts on

I hope you didn’t scream at yourself
I hope you finally felt like you won
I hope you can walk to what you
always wanted when you wake up
on whatever road you travel next

I fucking care that your flickering
light went out amongst a sea
of dimmer specks,
even though
you might feel you didn’t shine
as brightly as you did
so many
used you to guide us
shining brighter
than Polaris did in
a world without the pollution
of smog traced neons

I’m sorry that you lost books
of stories when you lost track
of your scars
those consequential sharp
edges are wounds some of us
share as we trudge
this unmapped path

so we all continue forward
under this blanket of scars
we still listen to your words
hydrohelioizing your perfect

polarisized star