and i can already see the ship war coming

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I'm new here, sorry to bother, but why won't answer any paperfresh questions?

Warning: Long post so yeah… hence why the read more o-o

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Things I love about Clone Wars

Ahsoka being an arrogant little shit

Anakin getting annoyed with Ahsoka for being an arrogant little shit

Anakin looking over at Obi-Wan and VISIBLY dropping it bc he knows he was 100x worse

the droids’ squeaky little “roger-roger”

the droids being REALLY FUCKING FUNNY like I cannot believe how entertaining they are

seriously though Ahsoka being such a good contrast to Anakin and his growing affection for her and how her very personality forces him to face his own flaws through her

Anakin being likeable while still having it make sense he went to the dark side; he’s brave and wild, reckless, brutal and scared.

the clones all having the same voice actor, they must have worked that man to death

the clones all having the same face, armor, and voice actor, and still being endearing, heroic, and individual




Anakin getting to be all Vader-y while the Imperial March plays I LOVE THE FOREGONE CONCLUSION EVEN WHILE IT BREAKS MY HEART

yoda not being as fucking freaky-looking as he was in the movies

yoda being genuinely inspirational

PADME MY LOVE she’s a magical charm person who can smile at someone and get them to adore her it’s beautiful and you can really see where Luke’s compassion and charisma came from

Padme and Anakin having ACTUAL CHEMISTRY by the GRACE OF GOD

ohhhh my god Barriss and Ahsoka are so gay for each other I love it and I’ll ship it forever

Things I Don’t Love About Clone Wars

im getting a little tired of yelling “HE’S EVIL WOULD YOU JUST KILL HIM ALREADY” every time Palpatine comes onscreen

The KakaSaku age difference argument is so dumb, honestly. Especially in today’s society where people can marry whoever they please.

 “HUR DUR, he was 14 when she was just born! That’s so gross!”

 Well damn, by that logic, my boyfriend was already coloring inside the lines and reciting his ABC’s when I was still shitting myself. I mean, if we’re gonna look at it that way, he had already graduated high school and gone to war while I was still contemplating when I’d ever get my first period. 

 You can’t look at a ship, see the age difference, and look at it ass backwards. If you do that, every relationship with an age difference will look slightly wrong. 

You can only look towards the future when it comes to ships, age notwithstanding, and develop it plausibly.

And as far as I see, KakaSaku shippers do just that.

so, with that being said, 

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I had a need to write a rant about the ship I REALLY don’t like (Guzma and Lusamine) because I’m really grossed out by it but I don’t want to post any negativity either so I decided to put it under the cut so you can read it if you’re interested. If you’re not, just ignore this post (it’s not that long anyway). Also there are gonna be spoilers of course.

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