and i call him he doesn't answer


You take it all away.

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I feel like people treat Dan differently than Phil, sure, he knows we love him but we call him trash and he may see it as a joke, but I bet when he reads it he might feel the slightest bit sad. I would, having tons of fans and they all call you trash kinda just puts me in a bad mood thinking of. Why cant we call him adorable trash or something nicer? He is adorable have you seen him in sweaters

i dont really know how to respond to this… hm..

when i say dan is trash (not a lot rly, but i have done), it’s more like ‘this guy is so silly and stuff but that’s what makes him loveable and #relatable bc we r all trash at times tbh’.

i’m 90% sure he sees it as a joke/endearment. Dan’s 24 years old - he’s even grown up with the internet and i would say he can tell the difference between honest yet uncalled for hate, and then jokes between him and his viewers. He’s also dealt with MUCH worse in the earlier days of his youtube channel, like homophobic slurs. 

Overall, he understands his audience and their sense of humour (it’s v similar to his), he jokingly calls himself trash a lot of the time too.

I would say it’s a word that has changed meaning on the internet tbh. It’s v jokey and endearing nowadays.

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"I look at you and the name Atlas comes to mind. How fares your shoulders?"

  ❛ never heard of him; guessing he has shoulder
     problems. sounds like he needs a doctor. 

                   she isn’t sure why the strange woman asks her about it. certainly they stiffen on occasion, but considering how much she uses her arms, it’s to be expected. perhaps she’s some of kind advertising masseur, but even then, her random curiosity brings suspicion. she doesn’t plan to accept if she’s selling anything.