and i cackled all over again

allura: we need to stop zarkon from taking over the universe

zarkon: how about you go fuck yourself I didn’t ask for your opinion or impute so go do whatever the fuck you do somewhere the fuck else we didn’t go conquer all the planets for the fact we are galra or quintessence related we went because I wanted to conquer the fucking planets I’m the overlord btw a 22 year old guy who fucking likes planets if they are good so go fuck your self because I’m planning on conquering them again and guess what you can’t fucking stop me so you need to grow the fuck up this isn’t even inappropriate your just looking to start shit so move the fuck along you piece of fucking shit and guess what I carry a fucking bayard on me to guess you have a problem about that to so just go to your safe zone where you can play big and bad like you have any fucking clue how this world works and quit trying to tell someone how to live their life if you got a problem you can come find me my name is loveless bitch

BTS Reaction #58

BTS’ reaction when you (an idol) overhear him telling his other member about how much he likes you.


*tries to calm himself down* “It’s okay Jin, it’s all under control. You be lookin hella fine right now, I’m sure she’d want a piece of you” *checking himself out in the mirror*

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“You know, Yoongi, the other day I heard you and your members–”

“–yeah?? What did we say again??” *glares at you just WAITING for you to finish your sentence* *pretends that he has absolutely no idea what you’re saying*

“uM PRACTICING! Yeah you guys sounded really tired hAHAhahA”

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*looks up to see you nearby cackling*

“o-oH MY GOD SHE HEARD SHE HEARD! ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. HOLD ME GUYS” *falls off his chair and starts squirming around*

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*starts taking out all his frustration on tissue paper* 

“AHHH IT’S ALL OVER, WE HAVE NO FUTURE TOGETHER NOW, IT’S ALL OVER!!!!” *lifelessly walks away to go and confess to you*

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*immediately puts on his sunshades*

Taehyung: What’re you doing, Jimin?

Jimin: I’m sorry but Park Jimin no longer exists!11!!

Taehyung: So I can go ask her out then-


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*sees you in the distance* “oH MY GoD SHe sAW she HEARD” 

*starts squirming and hiding his face in his hands* “I wAS GONNA ASK HER OUT TONIGHT WHAT DO I DO NOW???”

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*bolts out as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog the second you walk into the same room* 

“WhY DOEs lifE HAve tO BE SO unFAIR??? IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN LIKE THAT” *collapses onto his knees in despair*

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If I wake up tomorrow and all of Louis's sisters & Lottie's bf have followed El, then I will just cackle at the hilarity of it all and bask in the knowledge that the larries will be supremely frustrated because yet again they thought it was almost over, but here Louis is, still a dad and still being friends with his ex and recently ended a relationship in an amicable manner!

At this point I wouldn’t even rule out seeing Eleanor and Louis at the same place sometime soon……




YOU GUYS GIVE ME LIFE -screeching-

Thank you all who came to the stream! ´w` <3 you all are babs <3 also, TimxJack is becoming my new obsession and i need a HOBBY -looks away from the pairing- -grump grump grump- 

Handsome Jack and Timothy Lawrence©Borderlands
-needs to go to bed because damn i gotta get up early-©me

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I don’t know what I did to @meangameofpolitical chess, but whatevs, I’m still gonna talk about this scene with her gifs. 

spectaclesinscript and I were just talking about this scene yesterday!
This girl got all gussied up, and looked so cute. She was really gonna try. A mere passing reference to Fitz, by Cyrus, on the phone and she’s all “how is he?”

Y'all have to remember they were in the shittiest place after the closet. And this is ONE episode after “you ruined me, I’m ruined/I’m ruined, too/I don’t care” . 

Again, the shittiest place!

And YET.

This girl cancels a date because Cyrus brought Fitz up for a hot minute. Listen, I cackled HEARTILY when Olivia opened the door to Jake, wearing her house clothes . #BaeOnTheBrain. Date canceled. Either that’s how potent Fitz is, or how whack Jake was/is. Both is good.

Anyway, booooooo bear tries some shitty ‘do over’ talk , and then had to instruct the girl to close her eyes when he tried to go in for the kiss. My dude, really? I bet she was  still thinking about Fitz after that car crash of a kiss. She just didn’t wanna hurt your feelings🏾.

"I love it when you..."

Come request , pls :)

Niall ; “….laugh like that.” You smirked , staring at him from across the room. Your joke wasn’t even funny, and you were only laughing at how adorable Niall was when he cackled like that. He looked up again and smiled , his cheeks turning a light pink before his eyes fell to the floor. Whenever you’d compliment him he’d always get a little shy , gaze meeting the floor as he got all humble. “And I love when you do that.” You smiled , cupping his face in your hands before rewarding him with a feathery kiss on his nose.

Louis ; “….use that tone with me.” He growled , his yelling turning into a sexy whisper. The two of you had been fighting all day over who knows what, but it was starting to turn him on. Nothing got him going more than your sassy attitude and a little eye rolling. Which is exactly what you met his little comment with, an eye roll. He strode over to you , hands slithering onto your hips before pulling you into him. Every part of you wanted to fight him off but you couldn’t , he could feel you about to melt beneath his touch. “It gets me all riled up , y'know.”

Harry ; “….wear your hair like that.” You gushed as Harry entered the room. His hair has gotten so long so quick , and you couldn’t help but enjoy his effortlessly sexy man buns. He knew you did too and he would take advantage of that whenever he was able to. His eyes fell on you from his spot in the living room before adjusting his bun , relishing in the compliment. You nibbled at your lip as he gave you that shit eating grin , sliding into the spot next to you on the sofa. “I love it when you stare at me like that.” He snickered , pulling you into his lap.

Liam ; “….cook for me.” He beamed , hands falling on your hips as his head rested atop of yours. Before placing a kiss to your neck , he couldn’t help but peak at the food sizzling in the pan in front of him. Being home , with you , made him appreciate even something as little as sitting down to a homemade meal. You couldn’t help but giggle at how silly he was being , but to him it wasn’t silly at all. He was genuinely overjoyed to finally have time to sit and eat with you , be spoiled by you. “Hopefully it doesn’t taste like shit.” You chuckled.

A/N : Harry’s man bun make me wet.. haven’t written in awhile sorry :( I’m snowed in so I’m up to write anything! Literally , anything ;)