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I brought you some angst to help get better! I have a Headcannon that Prince always rushes to anxiety to help him w/ attacks because Anxiety always finds a way to contact him, but Prince got a little exasperated once, cause, y'know, he is a person, so one time he just doesn't contact him, and Prince finds him hiding in some closet, and gets his feelings hurt when Anxiety pushes him away, and there's all this misunderstanding and aaaahhh!! 💚 get beTTER SOON L💜VE!!!!!!


all of this!

The reminder for Prince that he can only do so much to help

Anxiety thinking Prince can’t stand him anymore

Anxiety unable to let Prince help because he doesn’t want to be a bother

Prince trying to help, but Anxiety refusing to be a burden anymore

Prince thinking Anxiety doesn’t want him anymore


but what if instead of Dipper telling Ford about the Bipper incident, Ford ends up hearing about it from Bill himself

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Would love to see your take from Voyager when Claire goes off to visit Faith's grave but adding Jamie finding her there.

Jamie hesitated at the entrance to the graveyard. He twirled the stem of the flower between his fingers, watching his wife for a long moment. She was on the cold ground before the grave, skirts spread out all around her. Surely she must be cold, but- no, of course she wouldn’t care. She was speaking with her daughter. He should go, perhaps. Turn around and leave her alone with Faith, but this would be the only chance he’d get to visit his daughter himself. Who knew if, or when, they’d ever be back?

He wished Claire had told him she was coming. Perhaps they might have come together. Ah, but no, she hadn’t said anything for the same reason he hadn’t. Jamie took a deep breath, gathering his courage, and strode forward at last, moving quietly over the frost-covered ground, though it crunched softly beneath his boots, warning Claire of his arrival. Silently, he bent to lay the violets he held down over the grave, only to give pause at the sight of a pink tulip. He smiled a little, and glanced back at Claire, who watched him with watery eyes. Jamie nodded and set the flowers down, then took a step back to sink to the ground next to his wife.

She reached out for him immediately and he took her gloved hand between both of his own, rubbing it lightly as his eyes trailed over the scrawled engraving of their child’s name in the stone. They sat together in silence for a time, then Claire scooted closer to lean against him, her skin cold against his warmth. How long had she been there? Jamie wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight against him.

“Ye told her about her sister, then?” he asked softly. “She’d be glad to ken she’s a sister.”

“I told her,” Claire whispered, breath puffing out in front of her as she spoke. “I told her everything.”

“Oh, aye. Weel. I guess there’s no’ much else, but-” Jamie sighed and reached out to lay his hand upon the cold stone, closing his eyes for a moment. He was silent for a while, then he began to tremble with the effort of holding back the emotion that welled up within him. Claire must have noticed this, for she hugged him tightly and pressed her face into his neck. And it was a comfort, truly, it was. But it didn’t take away the guilt that he would live with forever. “I’m sorry, lass. I’m so sorry I f-failed to protect ye,” he cried softly.

“Oh, Jamie-”

He shook his head as his wife tried to comfort him. His hand fell away from the stone and she grasped it hard. Jamie turned his face into her hair as he cried softly, mourning the loss of one daughter and mourning the fact that he would never meet the other. Claire held tightly to him as he cried. When he’d finally fallen still and his breathing had evened out once more, they rose as one, said their silent goodbyes to Faith, and turned to leave the graveyard. 

After all, she wasn’t there, anyway. It was in their hearts she lived now, and they would take her with them wherever they went.