and i broke my own heart while making this

Things I liked about the Gilmore Girls Revival

Since I’ve been really salty, I thought I would list out what I did enjoy:

  • Emily Gilmore. Everything about Emily Gilmore. Her scenes broke my heart and made me laugh. Her development was perfect, and she had a wonderful ending with how she found herself. 
  • Michel. OMG. I absolutely loved Michel and his friendship with Lorelai. His “leaving” broke my heart because you knew he didn’t want to leave, but had to for his own and his family’s sake. He truly did want to help Lorelai and make the Dragonfly better, and I am glad he will be able to help with that now that they’re expanding. Also: I like that he called out Sookie, because it was so nice to see someone a) stick up for Lorelai, and b) call someone out on this shit.
  • Life and Death Brigade. While I am definitely not a Rogan shipper, seeing the LDB Brigade filled my heart with joy. They had some of my favorite moments in the latter half of the OS, and Finn was perfect, as always.
  • Luke. HOW PERFECT WAS LUKE? I absolutely adore how much he loves Rory and Lorelai. Watching him fall apart broke my heart, and I love love loved his speech to Lorelai before she proposes. 
  • The Wedding. While I think a few key people were missing, I did love how very “them” it was.
  • Richard. They did his death and how everyone dealt with his grief so beautifully. It was such a great sendoff to the character. Lorelai’s memory of him made me sob like a baby. 

1. I’ve yet to meet one- which means I always have an obligatory fuss about not being able to find vacation keychains with my name on it, but we all know that I secretly love being my own Beyonce.

2. I, like you (hopefully), Googled this one to make sure I had it right. I wish I emitted light when I get heated- I usually just spit fire.

3. A Canadian I met while traveling in India. We crossed the globe back and forth for four years, then he broke my heart. So it was for the best.

4. Something people don’t understand.

—  prompt project wk 3- strangers with the same name as you, incandescence, your first love, causality // submission #299