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Wedding Vows

Sebastian Stan x reader

Imagine:  Sebastian and you get married and later, on the first night of your honeymoon, you two have sex.

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Genre: Romance

Rated: Mature

Warning: Smut

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were nervous as hell, as any bride would be. You were getting married to your best friend Sebastian Stan. You had been introduced by Anthony, one of his good friends and you two immediately hit it off. You can recall him getting a little flustered whenever you congratulated him on his roles in the Captain America movies and had shyly thanked you.  Now, about five years later, here you were. You were standing in front of a mirror as Jeremy Renner (he insisted on this) did your make up. He had told you ‘I am not letting you go down that isle without having a little professional help.’ You couldn’t disagree. Jeremy had always been a sweetheart to you and you couldn’t say no to him. He smiled at you through the mirror and complimented, kissing your head.

“You look absolutely gorgeous, honey.”

“Thank you Jeremy.”

He nodded and stepped out to go find his seat and your mother stepped in. She gasped when she looked at you and tears filled her eyes.

“Oh my baby’s all grown up!”

You hugged her and she cried silently.  She let you go and asked you.

“Are you ready?”

You nodded, smiling.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

She smiled and you took a deep breath, going over your vows in your head as the music started. You felt your skin start to crawl and you watched your best man and maid of honor, Chris and Scarlett, walk down the aisle to the altar. When it was your turn, your father hooked his arm around yours and you started walking. Sebastian was wide eyed and you smiled at his awestruck expression.  His blue eyes were wide, mouth slightly agape and your dad gave you away, patting both of your shoulders and went to his seat. Sebastian took your hands in his and couldn’t stop smiling.

“We are gathered here today…”

-Time skip-

You were at the party, you and Sebastian slow dancing and he whispered in your ear.

“You are so gorgeous, you know that?”

You blushed and replied.

“Blame Jeremy for that.”

He chuckled and spun you around, making both of you giggle and Chris yelled.

“Kiss her, you Romanian disaster!”

You laughed and kissed Sebastian, catching him off guard. His lips were soft against yours and you could hear a few catcalls, one or two from Chris and you snorted, laughing into Sebastian’s shoulder. He chuckled and held you close to him, singing the song softly in your ear.

-time skip ((again I know))-

You were leaning into Sebastian, holding his hand as the limo drove you to your honeymoon location. You had gotten off the jet earlier and had immediately gotten into the limo. The lights on the roof were creating a rainbow of colors over you two and Sebastian was kissing your neck softly. You were excited in both ways, feeling both the euphoria of being married and the sensations of his kisses on your sensitive spot giving you a feeling you never felt before (Lol that’s a lie). The limo stopped and Sebastian opened the door for you, giving you a smile and you stepped out, bunching up your dress. He shut the door, picking up the rest of your dress so it wouldn’t drag along the ground and the driver and his buddy took your stuff inside the beach house. When they left and you two got situated in, you felt hands rubbing your shoulders and lips kissing your neck. You sighed and leaned into Sebastian’s touch, blushing when you felt the dress start to unzip. You heard his jacket fall to the ground and his hands grabbed the sides of your dress, carefully sliding it down your body. You let your head fall back onto Sebastian’s shoulder and his lips started to kiss and suckle on the sensitive skin of your neck. His hands gently rubbed your sides and he turned you around. His lips started to worship yours, his tongue dipping out and gliding along your bottom lip and you gained access, his tongue slipping in. he pushed you into a nearby wall, lifting you up and your fingers made quick work of his buttons. When you got to the last three, Sebastian pulled you from the wall and started to navigate to the bedroom, kicking off his shoes on the way and he laid you down. He slipped off his tie and shirt, flinging them to the side and he dipped down to reclaim your lips. He unbuckled and unbuttoned his slacks, letting them slide down and he kicked those off, the clothing flying upwards. His hands trailed your sides, sliding behind your back to unhook your bra. Unhooking your strapless bra, he moved closer into you, pushing his erection into your wet womanhood and he sighed as you did. His lips disconnected from yours and kissed your neck, his fingers making work of your breasts. He gently fondled the mounds of flesh, tugging slightly on the perky nubs and you gasped, arching into his touch. Electricity and fire shot throughout your body, targeting your wet core and you whispered his name. Sebastian’s lips ghosted over your skin, his teeth nipping every so often and his right hand slid down your body and his fingers started to rub your clitoris in circles. You jolted at the feeling and he let his fingers slide up and down your entrance, teasing you while lubricating your juices with his fingers. He let two of his fingers slid in carefully and you felt your nose and cheeks get hot as you moaned a bit, your head falling back a bit and Sebastian kissed your jaw line. He thrust his fingers into you slowly, letting his fingers get wetter and he felt your walls, scissoring his fingers and he kissed your lips again, sliding his skilled tongue along your bottom lip. You gasped when his thumb brushed against your clit and he darted his tongue in, running it along your own. His tongue explored your mouth as it had before, rejuvenating the memory of your wet cavern and he moaned a bit, furrowing his brow. He pulled his fingers out, sliding them into your mouth. You tasted yourself and internally shrugged. He pulled his boxers down, sighing when his member sprung free and positioned himself at your entrance, looking at you through half lidded eyes. He leaned his head down into your shoulder and your wrapped your arms around his neck. When Sebastian thrust into you, you moaned and he grunted out his pleasure. You moaned when Sebastian thrust in and out of you at a medium pace, getting the feel of your walls clenched around his manhood and he held you in his arms, wrapping them around your body.


You moaned out. Sebastian answered by thrusting faster, the sound of skin slapping skin slightly sounding and your legs wrapped around his waist. It started heating up more as he pumped in and out of you harder and a bit faster, his grunts and your moans filling the room. Sebastian held onto you tighter as your legs tightened a bit, your orgasm slowly starting to build. You could feel it coming and you moaned louder. Sebastian huffed and panted, sweat starting to form a shiny sheen over his body as sweat did to yours. You body bounced as he thrust more roughly when you cried out, Sebastian moaning and your orgasm starting to creep up more, your walls starting to close in and he angled himself, hitting your G-spot and you started screaming out his name with each thrust into your G spot.


You screamed, dragging your nails down as his back. Leaving angry red lines as you felt your orgasm snap like a whip, your walls clamped down around his thrusting member. Sebastian moaned and kept pounding into you, nearing his own release and he held onto you even tighter.


He moaned your name, his thrusts becoming irregular and he came, pushing into you as hard as he could. He pumped a few more times before relaxing onto your body. Your pants and breaths slowly went back to normal as you held him, trailing your fingers up and down his back. He looked up at you, kissing you softly and he whispered.

“I love you so much…”

You smiled and kissed him again, saying.

“I love you so much too.”

“Thanks for marrying me.”

You giggled and answered.

“Thanks for asking me to.”

He laid his head down onto your breast and fell asleep slowly to the beat of your heart. You watched him and slowly fell asleep yourself, gently holding the man you hoped to spend the rest of your life with.