and i bought the other boys too

doesn’t will’s ghostbuster outfit seem more self-made than the other boys’? the other ones have like a ghostbuster emblem or something on the arm and will’s doesn’t and also the colors of the outfits are different, which makes me think that mike, lucas, and dustin’s are bought from a store and joyce maybe sewed will’s because they couldn’t afford buying one for will? which… i don’t know. it makes me feel so much love for joyce, that she would want will to be able to be a ghostbuster too but couldn’t afford to buy the outfit for him so she made one for him. or maybe will did it himself, but i’d like to think it was joyce (if it is another outfit, i could be wrong) maybe someone already talked about this but i haven’t seen anyone mention it, it was just something i observed?

a few things I’ve heard over the years

A few of these stories were told directly to me. Many of them are the type of stories which have circulated in certain circles over time. I’m deliberately keeping a lot of it vague in order to protect those who heard/saw it in the first place.

- Property: yes, they have several homes. At least two in London. At least two in LA. At least one in Cheshire. Several others which have been bought and sold over the years.

- Remember when the boys were in Melbourne this February and Harry was randomly seen in Torquay taking photos with a baby? Louis was there too. They got surfing lessons and were said to be very cute together.

- A story from someone who worked at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne who saw them ‘hooking up’ in a hallway.

- This was shared at the time but I think been forgotten, and it’s another Melbourne one so worth mentioning: when they were here back in March of 2012, they were seen several times eating together at the restaurants and cafes at their hotel. One person saw them when they were with Lux and Tom, and said they were really sweet with her and with each other, sharing food, playing with Lux, looking like a couple with their own kid.

- They regularly get the honeymoon suite in hotels and order a lot of extravagant room service.

- Several instances of people referring to Louis as Harry’s ‘boyfriend’ or ‘significant other.’

- Instances of HARRY referring to ‘my boyfriend’, Louis calling Harry ‘my boy.’

- Many instances of people talking about how taken Harry is.

- Louis was described was a ‘confident gay man.’

- They go on LOTS of date nights.

- Lots of instances of Louis being in LA when he was supposedly in London, or secretly being places with Harry when Harry was papped alone (out with Jeff, out at clubs etc).

- People meeting them and not noting anything specific but coming away with a definite impression that they are a couple.

- Many, many instances of people seeing them out at house parties, clubs, restaurants, cafes etc and commenting on them being ‘all over each other’, ‘really into each other’, ‘wouldn’t let go of each other’, etc. Many mention Louis playing with Harry’s hair. Many mention that they are very cute and funny together. Most mention that they are always attached at the hip. Some mentioned them sharing small kisses in front of others and ‘making no effort to hide.’

BTS Reactions

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*I’m not adding a member into the mix cuz I feel like naturally, the boys would respect each other and not date their members’ sister. Especially if she’s underage hahaha.

J Hope:

“Yah! Where are you!” Hoseok calls out to his sister.

He had to struggle with the keys while balancing out the weight of the takeout food and the paper bag full of signed BTS albums. His parents had gone out to run errands and had insisted he paid a visit to his sister, worried that she might be alone for too long. Being the concerned brother that he was, he bought takeout and brought the stack of albums that he’s been meaning to present to her. The sound of booming music brought him to her door.

He swings the door open as he complains, “Why is your music so loud?! I c-”

Right before his eyes, he sees his innocent little sister with her legs swung over a boy’s lap. His eyes catch their interlocked lips and all he could do was scream in horror. “What the fuck!”

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I’ll Be Good

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Characters: Finn Balor x OFC

Content Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Daddy Kink, Light Spanking.

Summary: OFC posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a cute swimsuit. Jealous Daddy!Finn comes back to teach her a lesson.

This was supposed to be a short one based off a reader prompt but I got a bit carried away! If you want to throw an idea towards me then feel free to ASK and I’ll see if it interests me. 

Tags: @actualamyautopsy  @oraclegazes @livingthestrongstyle  @phenominalstyles @devittslegos

If you want to be added to the tags let me know!

”I’ve thought of ya all day, little one,“ Finn mumbled into her ear, kissing her fingers. “You got me so hard thinking about you waiting here for me.” Hands running down her waist pulling her in closely for a sweet kiss. “Daddy’s missed you.”

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a/n: I love this concept so much and write about it so much <3 (read the bottom note for a super fun thing)

You groaned as you felt Shawn get out of the bed, and press a kiss to your forehead. “Text me when you get up, babe. I’ll be in the studio.” He whispered, leaving you alone in the apartment.

It was another two hours before you rolled out of bed, and glanced at the time, but something caught your eye. You peeled the pastel pink Post-It from your alarm clock, reading the note. The way you always sleep in until 10, even on weekdays.

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YoosungXMCXSeven Headcanon: Living together

(I’m back with part two!!~ If you haven’t read part one, you can read how they all ended up together here!)

-After about a week you all knew you couldn’t live without your two other halves
-Saeyoung had never looked happier then when he had his arms around his two favourite people
-”Now show your loyalty and praise your god with a kiss on either cheek!”
-”We love you god Seven~”
-The house was always filled with tapping of keyboards
-Yoosung playing games when he had time in between work
-and Saeyoung fooling around or hacking for giggles
-Sometimes the two would go up against each other on LOLOL
-Often times Saeyoung won and was met with a grumpy Yoosung who always made a fuss and accused Saeyoung of cheating
-Of course he denied it but he often short you a glance that said, no I definitely did to mess with him
-Saeyoung always smothers Yoosung in kisses afterwords which only makes him blush and bat playfully at Saeyoung to stop
-When you come home from being out!
-Saeyoung will roll his computer chair over to the door to greet you
-”All aboard!” 
-He pulls you into his lap and gives you a huge smooch with your arms around his neck
-He then rolls his chair over to Yoosung’s desk for you to give him a kiss as well
-Of course he can never just be that nice
-He’ll start rolling his chair away before you both are done kissing, laughing loudly and exclaiming
-”The Princess is mine!”
-Yoosung will pout before racing after him in his own chair
-Of course you and Saeyoung are laughing wildly the entire time
-Totally ends with the chairs being pulled over and all three of you on the ground laughing
-Saeyoung nuzzling Yoosung and saying
-”I may have the princess, but I also have the perfect prince!”
-Boy does he know how to make Yoosung go red
-You quickly reply with “Then does that make you king?”
-Of course it goes right to Saeyoung’s head
-Yoosung rolling his eyes before leaning over Saeyoung to finish his hello kiss to you
-Of course you both take turns kissing your “king~” after that
-If anyone is ever sad there is an instant cuddle session
-All of you will share ice cream from the same pot and feed whoever is upset
-Lots of talking, but often the conversation is derailed to some nonsense
-It usually makes everyone forget what the sadness was to begin with 
-You all just get so caught up in how much you love each other
-Saeyoung and you helping Yoosung study!!!
-Late nights snuggled up on the couch surrounded in text books, papers and notes
-Yoosung starts acing all his exams and always gets spoiled when he does good
-Gets to be in the middle of all cuddle sessions and is praised greatly for working so hard
-No effort goes unnoticed in this relationship!!! everyone is 100% supportive!!!
-You and Yoosung often wear Saeyoung’s clothes
-It drives Saeyoung crazy in a good way, he loves it! It makes him so happy!!
-One time Saeyoung found Yoosung’s barrette and wore them in his hair for three days straight
-You all go out for meals together, but you all like having romantic nights in
-You and Saeyoung went out to get groceries once
-And came back to a candle lit dinner all cooked and prepared by Yoosung
-After you all squished into the bath together
-Saeyoung in the back-then Yoosung- then you all leaning against one another
-Saeyoung reached forward to play with your hair as he nuzzles into Yoosung’s hair
-Yoosung’s hands coming up to go through Saeyoung’s hair
-It was so peaceful 
-Too bad Saeyoung and you both schemed and had water guns to ambush Yoosung
-You felt bad after soaking him and you both ravished him in kisses, washed his hair and gave him extra attention after 
-Of course you both told him how amazing the dinner was
-Yoosung gets pulled into the bedroom to be thanked extra
-This boy is so happy he has both of you, even if you both keep teaming up on him
-At least you team up on loving him too!!!!
-Wow it’s been half a year since Saeyoung has been with you guys? What does he do to surprise you?
-He bought all three of you stars
-He wanted to make sure whenever you were apart you could look up and see each other 
-Oh no he started crying whilst explaining the reasoning
-He’s pulled into both your arms and immediately met with “I love you”’s and being told how grateful you are for him
-More tears
-He loves you so much 
-You and Yoosung decide to get all three of you matching rings
-They all say “I love you” in one of each of your hand writings
-Saeyoung is so stunned, he’s never taking it off, it’s instantly the most important thing he owns
-He stares and smiles at the engraved words, brushing a finger over it
-”You both know this is what Shrek engraved on Fiona’s ring, right?”
-You bust out laughing, of course you knew
-The look on Yoosung’s face is proof he had no idea
-”I’m dating meme’s”
-You and Saeyoung dab

From the day you were born, Regulus, I knew I’d be there for you. Even if you didn’t.
I was allowed to hold you when you were two days old. I didn’t notice how closely they were watching me; I wasn’t even two, after all, and you were so small.
With my sticky toddler fingers, I held your tiny pink hands for hours and days, and when they grabbed mine, my face brightened up, and so did yours.
When you first tried to crawl, I got down on my knees and taught you how to do it right. It took you a while to catch on, but when you did, you started chasing me. You always wanted to be with me, and I was always there.
When you were one year old, little Reggie, you learnt how to walk. I led you out of your nursery, walking backwards in front of you, holding your fat little forearms, and you followed me and beamed at me. Mother got upset with me, and you cried. I wasn’t mad at her for telling me off, I was mad because she had made you sad. But she picked you up and cradled you in her arms until you smiled.
I got a toy Quaffle for my fourth birthday from Uncle Alphard. I taught you how to hold and throw it. I didn’t know a lot about Quidditch back then, but I explained everything I knew to you. You were a patient listener. You’d always listen to me, understand me, and you followed me everywhere I went. You were like my little sidekick, Reg, and whenever I wanted to build a pillow fort, I’d tell you what to do and you’d help me do it. You’d bring me stuffed animals to cuddle and books to read to you. I couldn’t actually read yet, but I’d just make something up and you’d listen to me.
I learnt how to read when I was six. I wasn’t very good at it and I didn’t like the books mother gave me. I still tried to teach you how to do it, because you asked me how. You were a fast learner, Regulus. We ended up learning together, and I liked it better in the end. I’d still read stories to you. Babbitty Rabbitty was your favourite.
You were six, my little Reggie, when I had the glorious idea of making the walls in my room more optically appealing. I asked you to help me paint over the boring old silk wallpaper, and you helped. I thought it ended up being really beautiful, but Mother didn’t think so. She yelled at us and slapped our hands, mine a bit harder because I was older. We both cried.
But Reggie, can you remember the times we went to see Uncle Alphard? Mother didn’t like him because he’d have different women over almost every time we went to see him and didn’t marry, but he had a large garden and let us play Quidditch. You were a faster flier, and I was a better chaser. And one time, when you were seven, Narcissa and Andromeda showed you how to make daisy chains. You got impatient quickly, but you made one for me to put into my long hair like Cissy. That was the only time you made a daisy chain in your life.
I got a chess set for my ninth birthday, and I taught you how to play. I had played with Uncle Alphard very often, and I thought I’d be better than you. It didn’t take you long to outsmart me. I guess you’ve always been more of a strategist than me. Still, I loved playing with you.
When you were eight, you accidentally knocked over a vase with the new broomstick you’d gotten for Christmas. Mother snapped and yelled at you, dug her claws into your lean little shoulders and shook you until you were weeping. When I tried to tell her to stop, she pushed me against the wall. My back hurt for weeks, but I just had to protect you. As always.
When I was ten and you were nine, we made up a story about two little boys who had no parents, just each other, and they found a golden treasure in the Jungle. The animals took them to an old fortress, and they ended up living there happily ever after. We built our fortress out of paper boxes, and Mother told us we were too old for these ridiculous little plays. Toujours Pur, we learned, meant Always Boring.
Mother stiffly hugged me when I got my Hogwarts letter and faked a smile, but she took me to Diagon Alley and bought all my stuff for me. I was the Heir. Regulus, I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you trailing behind us like a stray cat.
The morning I left, Father wasn’t home. When I didn’t hurry up, Mother screamed at me and kicked me down the stairs. I was almost used to these incidents. You didn’t try to help me, you never did. You just stood there, your face white, your lip trembling, and when she was gone you hugged me tightly around the waist and asked if I was alright. That was your way of helping me. As always.
I’m sorry, little Reggie, for making you cry by leaving, but I had to. I wouldn’t have made it out alive.
I’m sorry for finding more brothers in Hogwarts.
I’m sorry for not being a Slytherin. I’m sorry for telling you. I’m so sorry for what they did to you when you were the one to tell them. You shouldn’t have.
I’m sorry I didn’t come home for Christmas that year. That was selfish, but I didn’t realise until later.
Oh, Regulus, I missed your letters.
You wrote to me almost every day in the beginning, telling me new things, sending me the books you were reading.
I watched all the pieces of you that Mother ripped out of you fade into nothingness as your letters arrived less frequently and became dull and empty. It wasn’t you any more who had written them, not truly, just a shell. I’m sorry I thrived while you suffered.
You were pale and thin when I came back home. Kreacher had been your only friend, and you flinched when I tried to hug you, as though you were always prepared for someone hurting you. Mother had carved Toujours Pur into your flesh with a knife. Seeing the white scar on your lower back was the worst thing Mother had ever done to me, because I should have come home for Christmas.
You weren’t smiling any more. But I took you to the lake and taught you how to swim. I loved you with every cell of my heart and brain, my baby brother. I’d let you sleep in my bedroom every night because it made your nightmares go away, even though I had nightmares, too. Mother wasn’t making us feel at home. I was glad you’d gotten your letter, too. I wanted Hogwarts to become our home, and when you didn’t become a Gryffindor like me, James helped me smuggle you into our dorm.
I didn’t return home for Christmas. But this time, you were there with me, and you smiled even when Mother didn’t send us any presents. Because we had each other. Remember? Do you remember how we were always safe when we had each other?
Oh, little brother, I love you so much. I wish it had always stayed that way. Please, please come back.
Sirius x


REQUEST by KNOWDAGIRLM: Uhmm if yhuu don’t mind writing a Roman smut where thick reader is upset because her bf broke up with her and the women pick on her about her weight Roman finds her crying and he makes her feel better if it’s not too much😘

Warning: Smut, language, slight harassment
Disclaimer: I gotta practice fam, don’t judge. Feedback is more than welcome. Enjoy!
(A/N) I’m sorry guys, this is poorly written. I promise the next one will be better. Also, whoever is reading this, you’re beautiful from the inside and outside, don’t change for anyone♥️


‘’So that’s it?’’ I asked frustrated. ‘’You just wanna end everything we have and pretend like nothing happened between us?’’

‘’Listen y/n, I can’t help the fact that I’m no longer in love with you anymore,’’ my apparently now ex-boyfriend Will, nonchalantly huffed. ‘’I don’t want to sound harsh, but I need something new, diversity.’’

‘’What the hell,’’ I laughed from disbelieve, ‘’you want ‘diversity’? I’m not diverse enough for you?’’

‘’Not for me, maybe for someone else.’’ He grabbed his bags and walked towards the door. ‘’I doubt that.’’ Will mumbled under his breath. I wanted to kick his ass for what he said at the end, but decided to just let it pass because it won’t get me anywhere.

‘’Just take your ass out of here and don’t come back.’’ I sighed and fell back on the couch as Will left. Tears started to fall down my face, feeling both sadness and relieve for some reason. Me and Will have been dating for two years and we never really had problems, until a few months ago. He started to complain about the way I did things, my eating pattern, and many other things. I still loved him despite the way he acted towards me and he told me he loved me as well. I wiped my tears away and stood up, walking to my room. My mood went from 100 to 0 real quick and honestly, I didn’t want to do anything, but promised myself to go to the gym. I never really liked my body the way it was, that’s why I began to work out. Being surrounded by girls who didn’t have to worry about their body and weight, didn’t really help my confidence in any way. Looking in the mirror, I did my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my bag.


Once in the gym, I wore my shoes as some other girls made their way inside the dressing room. Both of them were skinny and looked amazing. As I checked my phone, I heard them whisper. About what, I was not sure, but by the way they looked at me, I just knew it was about me. I bit my tongue to keep myself from bursting out in tears, but I wasn’t going to do that in front of them. Letting out a small sigh, I walked out of the dressing room, into the gym. It was pretty serene; not many people came to the gym on a Saturday evening. All of my friends went out or did other stuff I wasn’t really interested in. Personally, I’m quite coy and I try to keep myself on the background as much as possible. Talking about staying on background, I walked to the other side of the gym, starting with squats. Half way my exercise, the two girls settled a couple meters away from me.

‘’I bought this new dress to wear this weekend,’’ the brunette bragged, ‘’I bet she wouldn’t fit it.’’ She quietly chuckled, signing to me.

‘’I agree, it’s too tight for her. I bet you’ll get all the boys, especially that hot guy over there.’’ The blonde pointed towards the dumbbells. I slightly turned away to see who they were talking about. The handsome, dark haired, muscled man was standing over there, trying to decide what he was going to do. ‘’I heard his name is Roman or something, why don’t you go and talk to him, before she does. Not that she makes any chance.’’

‘’You think he’d find her pretty? Girl, please.’’ The brunette huffed and smirked at me as she walked towards him. I couldn’t take all the pressure anymore so I walked out of the gym and sat on the stairs. Tears started to fall down my face, feeling terrible. After what must’ve been five minutes of crying my eyes out while my head in my hands, I heard the door open. I wasn’t going to look up. It was probably one of the girls who weren’t done insulting me.

‘’Are you okay?’’ I heard a male voice asking me. Confused, I looked up. To my surprise, Roman was sitting next to me. The two of  us talked before and we could luckily get along. I always liked him but since I was still in a relationship, I couldn’t do anything. Plus, how could he like girl like me?

‘’Not really no,’’ I chuckled, quickly wiping my tears away, ‘’things are working against me today and I just feel like shit.’’

‘’What happened?’’ He asked concerned.

‘’Well,’’ I sat up and took a deep breath, ‘’my boyfriend broke up with me, saying I’m not diverse enough for him and those girls over there are making shit ass comments about me and my body. I’m not trying to act pathetic or something, it’s just that it’s getting too much for me to handle.’’

‘’Babygirl, look at me,’’ Roman intertwined his fingers with his, forcing me to look at him, ‘’You’re beautiful okay? If other people don’t see that, that’s their problem. You’re you and that’s what counts. I’ve always admired you as a person, y/n. Not to mention the way you look, your body, damn girl.’’ He said, shaking his head. I laughed and looked at our hands. ‘’Your personality is more diverse than anyone I know.’’ He brushed a piece of hair behind my ear. ‘’Can I show you how beautiful you are to me?’’ Roman whispered. Not knowing what to say or expect, I nodded slowly. He stood up, our fingers still locked, guiding me up too. We walked into the storage room, which was pretty big.  

‘’What are we doing here?’’ I laughed as he closed the door behind us and turning on the lights which were dimed. ‘’How are you going to…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he crushed his soft lips against mine. I kissed him back with a level of need which I didn’t know existed. He smiled against me as he pushed me against the wall, his huge frame pressing against me. My hands grabbed his arms as his left hand grabbed my ass, lifting me up easily. As my legs were wrapped around his waist and my back leaning against the cold concrete wall, I suddenly felt my whole body react to his touch. His hand against my stomach, sliding inside of my panties. Two of his fingers slowly pushed inside of me, making my mouth pop open. ‘’Oh fuck..’’ I moaned.

‘’Feels good baby?’’ His hoarse voice questioned me as he kept going. I nodded as my head fell back, giving him full access to my bare neck and he took full advantage of that. Kissing, sucking and licking on the spot right underneath my ear, I felt his fingers picking up the pace. ‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ He murmured against my skin, ‘’are you close?’’ he asked. It was like my body became numb of the pleasure since I wasn’t capable of answering. As I felt myself reaching my peak, he pulled his fingers out and sucked off my juices. He hummed and smirked as he kissed me again. I took off my sweatpants and tossed them somewhere behind him, doing the same with my top, leaving me fully naked against him. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to his ankles, stepping out of them. Doing all of his while still holding me with one arm This man is truly impressive. I moaned in his mouth as I felt the head of his dick against my pussy. ‘’I’m gonna make you feel so good y/n,’’ He bites back a moan as he slid his shaft inside of me. I immediately felt fuller as he filled me amazingly.

‘’Oh my god…’’ I moaned as he started thrusting slowly, ‘’Roman..’’

‘’Shit y/n, you’re gorgeous, you feel so good wrapped around my dick.’’ He groaned, fingers digging deeper in my thighs. My grip on his shoulders tightens as he started to fuck me harder.

‘’Fuckk! Roman please,’’ I pleaded, making him smile against my neck, ‘’make me cum.’’

‘’Oh I’m going to babygirl, don’t you worry about that.’’ He slid out of me and put me down, turning me around so my back faced his chest. His hands spread my ass as he slid his dick back inside of me in no time, both of us moaning loudly at the pleasure. ‘’Jesus you’re beautiful.’’

‘’Please Roman,’’ I cried out in pleasure. His hand traveled down my body, circling my clit slowly.

‘’Cum for me baby,’’ His deep voice whispered in my ear, sending me over the edge. My walls clenched around his dick, making Roman groan loudly. ‘’Oh fuck baby.’’ He said before I felt his dick twitch inside of me. Once we both gained our breaths, he turned me around and smiled. ‘’You feel better, beautiful?’’

‘’Much, much better,’’ I honestly answered smiling, pulling him in for a kiss.

anonymous asked:

regarding your last rebloged post (“…Levi’s not a very expressive person…”): you noticed how the only time period levi didn't wear a cravat was before he met erwin and after erwin died..? hooo boy

Hey Anon, you’re not the only to notice that Levi only appears to wear his cravat when he’s with Erwin, I’ve heard others speculating about this too. He doesn’t wear one in ACWNR before he and Erwin meet, and he isn’t wearing one in chapter 90 after Erwin’s death and their return from Shiganshina.  

I had all kinds of headcanons as to why this might be.  Perhaps the cravat was a gift from Erwin?  He bought him a white suit ffs so everything’s possible. Perhaps when Erwin died Levi took it off and used it to carefully wipe the blood from his face? Perhaps he then folded it carefully and placed it in Erwin’s breast pocket, over his heart, before kissing him once and drawing the cloak over face?  Perhaps that’s why Levi no longer wears his cravat? 

Then I went to double check the manga and realised I’d forgotten about chapter 89.

Well damn. 

It’s true that Levi doesn’t wear his cravat in chapter 90 when he and Hanji meet with Roy and Peaure and he doesn’t wear it during the ceremony with Historia, however he does wear it when they ride out on their expedition to the ocean. 

 So yeah….there go my headcanons :}

title: i wanna wake up to you
pairing: bokuaka
rating: g
summary: bokuto and akaashi and the moments where they make a home in each other.

for bokuaka day, something light and fluffy for my fave volleyowls~ >ao3<

“Ah, it’s already this late,” Akaashi says, glancing out the dark window. He puts his pencil down, blinking across the table at Koutarou. “I should be getting home.”

Koutarou fumbles for his phone. “Uh, I think the last trains just left though…”

Akaashi frowns. “Oh.”

“You can just stay over! My parents won’t mind!” Koutarou fiddles with his little owl-shaped stress ball as Akaashi considers. It’s not the first time Akaashi stayed over, but Koutarou can’t help feeling nervous every time. He likes being able to spend more time with his friend, and he knows Akaashi feels the same, but there’s still a part of Koutarou that shakes and quivers in the pauses that make up Akaashi’s calm nature.

“Let me just let my parents know.”

“Okay! I’ll go get the futon set up!”

Koutarou bounds out of his room down to the hall closet. There’s an excited smile pulling at his lips and something swelling in his chest. They can watch some anime, or maybe more volleyball footage, or maybe play a game! Though they do have school tomorrow, so maybe Akaashi will try to make them go to sleep early. But that’s okay, because Koutarou knows that Akaashi likes talking to him, too.

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Put You In My Pocket And Save You For Later

Cisco Ramon met Mick Rory for the first time back when his type was exclusively ‘looks like they could beat the shit out of anyone who makes me feel bad” 

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aka the HeatVibe S1 rewrite monster that took over my brain

Cisco Ramon met Mick Rory for the first time back when his type was exclusively ‘looks like that could beat the shit out of anyone who makes me feel bad’. The unfortunate consequence of this was that frequently the current object of Cisco’s affections had to start with his immediate predecessor. Cisco’s at one of the neighborhood bars that tends towards a more – well, criminal – clientele, when he spots an ex by the jukebox and a guy built like a tank who looks like he could beat the crap out of anyone in the building propping the bar. The guy’s shirt buttons are almost entirely undone, revealing a set of abs to make Superman jealous, and the sleeves cling to some frankly marvelous biceps. He looks like he could probably throw Cisco over his shoulder and fight his way out of the bar without breaking a sweat, and the devil-may-care smirk on his face only adds to the dreadfully pretty picture.

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anonymous asked:

(1/2)i was just going thru yr klance tag & saw all of the irl klance ask???? and i just had to share one,, so my ex bf & i were like RIDICULOUSLY similar to keith/lance. i literally have a weird shitty kinda mullet bc im too lazy to cut it & he had floofy brown hair & spoke spanish. we always used to get into fist fights (not play fighting but also not abusive fighting??? like we just punched each other and wrestled and laughed it was great) and he always called me pretty boy it was gay

(2/2) one time he bought me a switch blade for my bday & for christmas i got him a nerf gun. he used to play w my hair a lot & put it in braids, the whole time saying it was ugly and i should cut it off. i used to tease him and threaten to punch him in the face whenever he was affectionate, but would also force him to cuddle with me while we watched anime. we ended up breaking up bc we just grew apart tbh but we’re still homies and some of these things are still the same even tho we arent daring

kfsdhfkdjfh omg this is so cute…………………………..

Until the Flowers Bloom Again- Part 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: You had waited so long for Yoongi to return from his world tour.

Genre: Angst

Prompt: “It’s not like I missed you or anything.” (request by @look-im-powerless)

Part 2

A/N: I had Spring Day on loop while I wrote this…

**”tsundere” = someone who acts cold but is actually soft af aka Min Yoongi

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Fan Letters (Optional Bias)

request:  Can i get a optional bias scenario wheres your a well know idol and he is just a normal person so he starts to get insecure bcs of all the fanboys so you have to reassure him. Lol sorry if its to detailed

genre: fluff

word count: 390

author’s note: i haven’t written anything for this blog in forever and i feel really bad :((( i’m going to try and start writing more, but school has me all types of fucked up ugh. and i wrote it in third person because i felt like it sounded better. anyways, i hope you all enjoy!

**also sorry if this is an inaccurate representation of a fan sign, because i’ve never attended one, and i usually don’t watch the videos from them, so yeah. if i get something wrong, don’t crucify me lol.

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Can you guys just imagine a moment where they both get flowers for each other, Marinette getting them for Adrien (obviously) but like as she gets them something big goes down and she has to transform and ends up taking the flowers with her.
But at the same time Chat also got a flower for ladybug.
Chat: Who are those for milady? Are they for me?
LB: For you? As if. They’re for a boy I like… they’re not too over the top are they? I think I bought too many..
Chat: No! They’re perfect! I’m sure he’ll love them!
LB: What about that flower you got there? Is it for anyone special?
Chat: Huh? Oh umm.. no, I just found it lying on the ground didn’t want to let it get stomped on (like his heart, lol)
Anyway they defeat the villain and in the process the flowers Marinette had got ruined, she gets upset but Adrien still has his flower. He realizes this opportunity where without the flowers things might not go well with the boy LB likes which could be good for him but bad for her. But while looking at her sad face he realizes he’d rather see her happy and offers her his flower.
Chat: Here milady, you can give him this one instead
LB: Huh? Oh my god Chat thank you so much! Ah I really owe you one.
Then you know Marinette would give the flower that Adrien technically gave her back to him. And I feel like Adrien would accept it but wouldn’t be able to put two and two together and instead would only get sad and reminded of LB, lol.

I am so sorry for that long story

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wincest + boys getting drunk and being all fluff and cute and telling each other stuff they probably wouldn't sober

This almost got an unexpected and angsty turn, but I think it ended well. Hope you like it! :) 

For Sammy’s 16 birthday, Dean bought him his first drink. He was mature enough and had seen too much evil already, so when he asked Dean if they could celebrate his birthday on a bar, Dean didn’t objected.  They were alone and Dean could only think of giving his baby brother a fun night where they could pretend they were normal and wouldn’t go monster hunting as soon as their dad get back in town.

It turned out that his sasquatch baby brother also could drink like a grown up man. After the first three shots of tequila, Dean lost count of how many came after. That was probably the most of Sam’s teeth that Dean had ever seen and he found himself smiling back to Sam just as big.

The end of the night found them walking through the streets leaning on each other for balance, almost falling more than a few times and laughing so loud Dean was sure they would wake the whole street and he couldn’t care less. Let them wake and see his beautiful baby brother happy and smiling.

When they got to the motel room, Sam asked if they could climb up to the roof and watch the stars, like they used to do when they were little. Dean smiled and nodded, not even thinking of the possibilities, because Sam was happy and he wanted to see a little more of that.

They helped each other climb, still too drunk to do anything properly. When they were both lying on the roof, Sam stretched his long limbs and watched the sky in silence. Dean only had eyes for his brother.

“It’s so beautiful, don’t you think, Dee?” Sam whispered, looking at the sky and then Dean.  

“Nah, not so much. You are beautiful.” Dean was definitely too drunk, but he also was too drunk to care. He smiled when he saw Sammy’s cheeks blush.

“You really think so?” Sam asked, blushing so adorably Dean had to keep himself from reaching out to touch him.

“Yes, especially when you’re smiling so wide and those cute dimples appear. Oh, there they are.” Sam smiled shyly. “No star is a match to that.”

Dean offered his arm for Sam to lay his head and Sam moved closer to him in a second. Dean used his free hand to play with Sam’s hair. They didn’t say anything for a few minutes.

“Do you think I’m more beautiful than the girls you bring home sometimes?” Sam asked and turned his face to look at Dean’s eyes. “I don’t like seeing you with them. Sometimes I want to be like them, so you can look at me the same way.” Sam was definitely too drunk to think about what he was saying, but Dean didn’t mind at all.

“When I’m with them, I always think about you, Sammy. Can’t never get you out of my mind.” That put a smile on Sam’s face and Dean saw it as a sign to keep talking. “I touch them and I kiss them, but I can’t wait to get home and give my little brother a goodnight kiss.”  

“Can you kiss me goodnight now, Dee?” Sam stared at Dean with pleading eyes. Dean’s stomach twirled and his head twisted. He had no idea what he was doing when he pressed his lips on the corner of Sam’s mouth, then kissed the tip of his nose and each of his eyes. It was like a religious ritual, and it sure felt like it in Dean’s heart.

“Goodnight, little brother.”

Desire Pt.4 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3

Word Count:1804

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

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February 20th, 2016

It was my birthday today, and I still hadn’t heard from Jimin or Caroline. I mean they had tried to contact me prior to today but it was to no avail. I sighed as I kicked the comforter from my body and sat up. My phone began going off, playing the Kim Possible ringtone, you know the kind.

I checked the caller id, it was my mom.

“Hello?” I said into the receiver.

“Happy birthday my sweet baby!” my mom said happily back to me.

“Thank you mom.” I said, mumbling the last part. I rubbed my eyes, and stood up, pacing around my room.

“Did I wake you?” my mom questioned sweetly,“Cause if you were asleep, I could call you back later? Your father and I just wanted to call you and-”

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“I feel like, both being Changelings, they could really understand eachother. I also feel there would be a lot of fluffy cuddles (because Astrid has so much fluff as a Changeling) and that Love Bug would be the one to initiate a lot of the ‘heated’ moments, for Astrid would be too shy. But I could also see Astrid showering Love Bug with little gifts: some hoof-made, some bought,  nice flowers from other lands, etc. I think they’d be super cute together. ^^ ” - @ask-astrid


Love Bug doesn’t like when a changeling feels the need to hide for anything other than feeding, so seeing a changeling disguised all the time to “fit in” would make her all protective n stuff