and i blame every single one of you

i have bruises on my knees from falling every single time no one was there to catch me, when my sadness to took over my mind and my body. i had no one. i have scars on my hands for every single time you’d cut me with the same excuses of why you can’t be there for me right when i need you the most. i have little bruises showing up on my right side, from beating myself up, for blaming myself, for taking everything out on myself. when we died, i’d make other boys my bandages, to stop my body from bleeding out because you were what was keeping me under control, but you were gone. oh they never meant anything, they were nothing, i don’t even remember the sound of their voice. but holy fuck i hear yours everywhere i go, i see parts of your face in strangers, i can feel you in old songs we used to listen to, i remember your voice when you would sing them to me, to make me laugh. the other boys were just trying to put back my pieces but i knew you were the only one who truly could put me back together, i was cutting my fingers trying to put myself back together, i was too broken, they were too sharp and i needed you and only you. i can’t tell if this is beautiful or if it just utterly petrifies me. i need you more than the vodka i used to poor into my mouth to enter my body and take over my brain by midnight and i need you more than those cigarettes i had to get me through the next class, i need you more than you will ever know.
—  j
if i were dating you

if i were dating you, we’d be be best friends. i’d walk into your apartment at 8:27 in the morning and start making coffee before you woke up.

if i were dating you, we’d get into so much trouble together. silly pranks, late nights, security guards chasing us from abandoned parking garages.

if i were dating you, we’d split our time between a couch, a tent, and city streets. exploring till the wee hours, fires on beaches, and pizza deliveries at midnight would be our life.

if i were dating you, i’d play with your hair until you fell asleep.
i’d turn on your favourite tv show and have pizza waiting when you came back from a frustrating day at work.
i’d leave you notes, and attack you with marshmallow guns at every opportunity.
i’d find out the little things that annoy the hell out of you, so i never do them, except for when i do.
i’d rub your shoulders and kiss your neck.

that’s what i’d do if i were dating you.

I think the real reason why Native suffering and oppression doesn’t get discussed is because it would require a lot of people in this country to really do some serious critical analysis of what this country and government has done and is still doing and that the thought is too heavy and unfathomable for them to even process it. So instead they make excuses, they make justifications, they blow off any and all talk about it, and they put the blame and contempt on us instead of our oppressors, because the reality of it all would just be too much for them to possibly comprehend.

And pardon me if I can’t sympathize with you for choosing to tune out something that is a reality for us every single day. You’re not listening, you don’t want to listen, and because of that people are still suffering and dying. I can’t be understanding and sympathetic towards you. Not when Indigenous women still go missing and murdered in Canada by the hundreds. Not when one in three of those women will be sexually assaulted at least once in their lifetime. Not when Native children are being kidnapped by the government and taken away from their families. Not when Hollywood still continues to churn out harmful stories and messages that degrade us further. Not when people on the reservations are killing themselves. 

Hate is not the opposite of love. Indifference is. And people have been VERY indifferent towards Indigenous people for a long time.


So Mercs/Blackwatch AU, where Locus has an embarrassing crush on Commander Reyes.

I blame each and every single one of you for this.

 requested: More baby Damian??? He’s adorable!!!!

-Damian has a lifelong ban from the zoo for stealing not just one penguin, but a whole flock of them, a lynx and several birds

-Damian steals Dick’s cereal and blames it on Tim because “do you think I would befoul my body with that sugar loaded garbage?” He has yet to be discovered (or so he thinks)

-Damian was once subjected to a “family bonding night” in which Dick had them all watch every. single. Disney movie. Damian wouldn’t admit it but his favorite was Lion King

-Sometimes if Jason annoys Damian, Damian will take Jason’s helmet and draw on the back. It’s usually silly faces, things like “kick me” or occasionally “shoot me”

-Damian is a super heavy sleeper and has the tendency to gather all of the sheets around him like a little egg roll and will sleep through all of his alarms (all six of them) until he is awoken by Alfred or Dick. He can be awake pretty fast though.

-After Dick came back from Spyral Damian would insist that Dick took him to the arcade and for ice cream afterwards for “repentance” but Dick wasn’t fooled (not that he minded) 

-Damian will mock Bruce from behind when he gives him lectures after patrol

-If Damian ever goes to the Watchtower he lurks in the control room and will watch the earth spin and the stars. Sometimes he’ll sketch, but he never lets anyone see it.

-Damian will take anyone’s clothes to “borrow” and they will only be seen a year or two later. Even if it’s Cass or Steph’s, he’ll take it. Bruce has lost many a comfortable sweater to Damian.

-Dick got Damian into the habit of settling minor disputes with rock paper scissors, leading to many ‘battles’ over the last of Alfred’s fresh baked cookies, the controller for the tv, first rights to the best bathroom in the house.

-If Damian is feeling particularly nice, he’ll write little notes and stick them in spots people will find them. Like on the chandelier and the roof. They usually read something like “You don’t entirely suck” or “You’re tolerable, even if you are weak”. That’s how they know Damian cares.

I hope that was good enough for you! Please keep sending in requests!!!

This Daddy 5sos thing made me think about this:

Imagine Calum’s son (let’s name him Rob from Robert) being a really good football player,like his dad,so he’s one of the most popular kids in his school.He’s hot,flirtasious,fun and popular so every girl likes him and he likes girls a lot.On the other hand imagine Ashton’s daughter (let’s call her Chelsea) she’s into music,she’s smart and she’s somewhere inbetween being popular and being invisable.Rob and Chelsea have known each other since birth and as along she could remember she had a crush on him,but she never said a word because she was sure he didn’t like her like that,she knew he was a player and she didn’t want her heart broken.Little did she know that Rob was crazy in love with her but he was afraid that he wasn’t good enough for her.He knew they can’t be just friends,he knew because friends don’t look each like that but still he wasn’t sure.All this flirt,all this game with girls was an idiotic way to ake her jealous.So one day Rob went to Calum and said “Dad,I need an advice” “About what?” he said lazily “A girl” Rob answered shyly “I thought you didn’t need any help with that” Calum laughed “She’s special,she’s smart,she has a wonderful laugh that is actually like a melody,she’s loves music,she makes me smile even when she does nothing,she’s there for me,she makes me want to protect her even we both know she can make it on her own and I think I may love her” “Write her a love song,since she loves music” “But I’ve never written anything and we both know that I’m not a great musician!!!” Rob said despertaly “Hey!Calm down,mate I’ll help you out.”

This is long!!!I didn’t mean to be that long!!!Idk how to end it !!Fuck !Should I write a part two?

Dear me:

Why you sell yourself so short? You’re worth so much and yet you think you are not even worth a penny. You’re a wonderful person who has made mistakes, a lot of them, but you know they were mistakes and you’re doing your best to fix them and learn from them, you have lost friendship in the process but don’t blame yourself, it happens, some people are meant to be in your life for a while, some are meant to be the long ride but you have to learn from every single one of them. 

You’re strong, even when you don’t believe you are strong, you are. And you’re a good person, you truly are and you need to start seeing it yourself, you need to start seeing it how wonderful you are and how lucky people are to have you, not how lucky you’re to have them.

And you’re care, you care a lot and sometimes you hurt because of it, but it’s ok, it’s part of who you are and you have to embrace it. You are a good friend and you are loyal and people are lucky to have you as your friend. If they don’t think like that it’s their loss, not your. And you love, you love with all your heart, you have never experience romantic love, but you love your friends and you love, and that’s beautiful. But there is one thing you don’t love and that’s the thing you have to love the most.

Learn to love yourself, you’re beautiful and passionate and you have a huge heart, people are going to come and go in your life; some will stay, some will not, but the only constant in your life is you, so love yourself, appreciate yourslef, look into the mirror and see how amazing you are, how beautiful you are. Look at your scars, the ones in your heart, they make you beautiful, they make you who you are, they make you strong.

So don’t give up because you’re good, you’re kind and you’re going to be ok. 

Blaming refugees or Muslims for last nights events DOES NOT make you clever, it makes you an asshole. 

Laughing about the fact that France, as one of the strictest countries when it comes to law on arms, couldn’t prevent such acts from happening DOES NOT make you funny, it makes you an asshole. 

Comparing one tragedy to another and trying to make one less tragic than the other DOES NOT make you a good person, it makes you an asshole. Every single act of violence and terrorism in EVERY country is something to be equally enraged and sad about!!!!!

You sound stupid when you blame your weight on your thyroid

Don’t believe me? Hi! I have hypothyroidism. It’s genetic, every single person in my family minus two have and take medication for it. One of the things that made me the most angry while researching the fat/anti-fat acceptance movement was their frequent use of hypothyroidism/other thyroid and metabolic disorders as an excuse for being fat. Due to my own hypothyroidism, I have obtained medical information from my own doctors that, quite frankly, makes that excuse look as shitty as it actually is, and I’ll explain a bit how the misinformation caused by these excuses can actually be quite dangerous. 

Firstly, according to the American Thyroid Association, only 10-15lbs can be attributed to a malfunctioning thyroid alone. Their website actually states only 5-10lbs, but I upped it due to the fact that I’ve heard from a few of my own doctors that severe cases can range around 15lbs. Mind you, this is WITHOUT treatment yet: once you receive proper medication, most symptoms related to the thyroid issue disappears, including weight gain.

The confusion behind this lies in how we consider “weight gain” as a symptom. Other symptoms of untreated hypothyroidism can encourage weight gain in some, for example the lack of energy and sleep issues. However, these are some of the symptoms that begin to really impact a person’s life - if you ever experienced prolonged sleep problems, depression, and fatigue consult your doctor immediately. Thyroid issues are easily detectable by a simple blood test. Treatment is a medication (in the U.S. I believe the common name is “synthroid”) that balances hormone levels and essentially takes over the job of the no longer working thyroid .

Secondly, this also means that again, all related symptoms once properly treated disappear. And we’ve also concluded that the debilitating symptoms besides weight gain (the list is lengthy, they range from thinning nails and hair to depression and if left untreated long enough, other serious mental disorders) would mean that someone with untreated hypothyroidism couldn’t stay that way for long, and most would have gone to a doctor at some point to seek treatment. Even if they didn’t, they would find themselves in the hospital, not as a functioning overweight person. Thyroid disorders are DEADLY if not treated, no one with hypothyroidism would be able to survive without treatment long-term and in addition, a regular doctor’s visit and blood test would easily find it. 

Lastly, anyone who is overweight with hypothyroidism is making their condition worse, period. Doctors encourage exercise and a balanced diet (usually avoiding empty carbs like white bread, as this gives us little energy and for someone with hypothyroidism can make them feel quite “groggy”) to combat depression and fatigue for those whose thyroids are declining. This is a way to prevent having to take medication in the first place, as exercise increases our resting metabolic rate and therefore combats hormone imbalances related to thyroid issues. Healthy diet and exercise are also recommended for those with hypothyroidism to prevent health conditions that can arise from hypothyroidism, such as heart conditions. Excess fat causes hormonal imbalances in the body, and contributes further to the hormonal imbalance of the thyroid. It is recommended for those who are genetically pre-dispositioned to hypothyroidism and are overweight to lose weight in order to reduce the chance of contracting hypothyroidism. It is also recommended for those who are overweight with hypothyroidism to lose weight, as excess fat can lessen the impact of thyroid medications.

And yet, despite these facts, the common idea people have is that hypothyroidism is a legitimate reason for someone to balloon to 200+ lbs. The problem is, this idea is not only misleading, but potentially dangerous. Most are not aware of other symptoms related to hypothyroidism, as they only regard the factor of weight gain. This means that many who might be experiencing the onset of hypothyroidism but have not gained weight, or perhaps even lost weight, might not understand the implications of these symptoms, and not consider a blood test. In fact, many who experience the onset of hypothyroidism are unaware that they have a physical issue as many of the symptoms are mental. Instead they might seek therapy for depression issues, not knowing that their problem is also hormonal. 

This that and everything else are the reasons why I can’t help but feel a bit sickened when I see the look of an overweight person after they’ve used thyroid issues as their excuse - and I mention to them that I have a thyroid issue too. It sickens me because they look offended, as if they feel like I have taken something from them by exposing the fact that thyroid disorders don’t make people destined to be obese. By the way, surprisingly a lot of the people who use this excuse if ever prodded a bit admit that they have not yet seen a doctor to verify their claim - self diagnosing is a no-no. That right there is not ok. People do actually have hypothyroidism, it does actually cause a lot of issues and can really impact someone’s life depending on its severity. To take an actual medical issue that most likely, you’re just using a common myth to validate that you’re not in control of your weight, is probably the best definition of “denial” I can find. And to act sadly to the reaction that your weight isn’t from a condition? Just think about that, in what situation would it be sane to be upset or offended that you DON’T have an uncontrollable issue? I would be thrilled if I walked into my doctors office next week and he/she told me I didn’t need my thyroid medications anymore (and that I could start growing my nails back, seriously wtf). 

So there you go, this is why you sound stupid - at least to those who know better - when you say your weight is from a thyroid issue. And if you want other people to know better too, feel free to reblog. And if this offends you, don’t blame me, I’m just here just spreadin’ some knowledge.


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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Lionel Messi with all of my heart. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m argentine. And anyone who knows me, knows that there’s nothing in this world that makes me feel more proud than him representing the colors of my country.

And now I’m heart broken. Third final in a row and we couldn’t make it. Anyone would think that Argentina is cursed, I do too. How the hell does this keeps happening to us? Why are we so unlucky? And the worst part is that our players put everything of themselves to win, in every single match. MY TEAM GAVE IT ALL, and I’m so proud they did.

But the worst part it’s not that, it’s those hell type penalties that we had to face, because that makes him blame himself one more time. But it’s okay, Leo, I’m not blaming you, I don’t mind you failed once, because when we needed you you NEVER failed us even if there was lots of people failing you. You always gave it all for our colors, for us. You think you owe us when in fact we owe you.

We owe you because you saved our asses in more than one ocassion. We owe you because if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have make it to the World Cup, which again thanks to you keeping a team together led us to a FINAL. A World Cup Final after 24 years! How’s that not big? How don’t we owe you for it? We owe you because you had the chance to choose Spain but YOU CHOSE US, US! Because after all Spain and Barcelona had given you, you felt like one of us, because your dream was to play for Argentina. How don’t we owe you for it? You gave us the chance of seeing the Best Football Player in History playing for OUR COUNTRY, defending our beloved Albiceleste jersey. That jersey that we bleed and sweat and defend to death because we breath for football. And we love our colors. We owe you everything.

And what brings me to tears is that you said you were done.

The first time I watched a football game, it was Argentina playing, and Lionel was on the pitch. I was excited, I haven’t even seen him playing until that one time. My first time watching the great Lionel Messi was him wearing the colors of my country. And I was drooling, I fell in love, how do you not fall in love? It’s like hypnotic, he touches the ball and everything becomes blurry but not him, not the ball, not the goal. And he continues and we, simple mortals, get to see magic. It’s unbelievable and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

After that I followed him, back to Barcelona, back to that legendary style of playing that led the club to be the first ones in getting a sextuple. A team that had players that made football great, a team that had him, a player that always made the difference. And it didn’t stop, I fell more and more in love with him and thanks to this amazing man today I’m proudly a Culé, and I’m happy to say that it’s because of him that I fell in love with the club that makes my heart beat faster.

But even though I love him when he’s wearing Blaugrana, my heart races everytime he wears Albiceleste, and I get this feelings that I can’t compare with nothing. And that joy doesn’t compares, nothing is greater than seeing him in celeste y blanco, because even after all the critiques, he always chose us. And sometimes I think we don’t deserve him, he’s too damn good for us. But then I realize that we do DESERVE HIM, the ones who doesn’t deserve him are the ones who doubt him, BUT NOT US! Not us that we support him and love him and believe in him and chant his name at the top of our lungs EVERY SINGLE TIME HE WEARS ALBICELESTE.

And that breaks me. I don’t want to say goodbye to you, I don’t want you to leave us. I don’t want you stop wearing our colors and getting on that pitch for us. 

I can’t… I can’t even imagine us without you.


Okay, so, seeing all this kind of breaks my heart since I love Troye Sivan ((I still do, he’s my bb)) and I also love their fandom, and I really know how fanatic they all are but the things they have said apart from the pictures I have put above are disrespectful, dumb and rude.
I had never even thought this would ever happen but I don’t think neither I nor you should be mad/or upset over this situation. Be the bigger person and try to let it go. You dedicated your time to vote for them and we ended up so close to winning, which is literally impressive.

I’m so, so proud of every single one of you.

I’m not blaming the whole Troye fandom, y'all are cuties, but to the small group that has said shit: I just simply want to say that if we’d say that kind of stuff to Troye y'all would track down our houses and kill us. So put yourself in our situation before you insult our idols. I know that not all of you have done things like this, I know it’s just a certain group but it is still extremely offending y'know.

“Who even are they?”
“What have they done?”
“Self-promotion is weak.”
“They don’t even deserve it.”

1. The fact that you don’t know who they are should already explain that you don’t have the right to hate.

2. They put a smile on our faces. They care about us, our well-being and our opinion. They have saved lives, they have put friends together, they made us feel like a part of something, honestly, what didn’t they do is the actual question here. I literally cannot begin to explain how wonderful they are.

3. No, self-promotion isn’t weak. What the actual hell? There ain’t no section in the rules saying “you can’t promote yourself,” or anything els. They care about their nomination and that is perfectly normal, they have done nothing wrong?? Why aren’t you taking the prickly toy out of your ass, you freaking won even after saying heartbreaking stuff???

4. Don’t you dare to say that they don’t deserve it. I could give you a million reasons as to why they do, but honestly, you don’t deserve my time.

Moral of the story: guys, it’s impressive how far we have come and Both Superfruit and I are proud of you.

Sorry for ranting.

Sorry (live)
  • Sorry (live)
  • Justin Bieber

I’ll take every single piece of the blame
If you want me too
But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two
I’ll go I’ll go and then
You go you go out and spill the truth
Can we both say the words, say forget this?

Is it too late now to say sorry?
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

ACOMAF Character MBTI Type headcanons:

obviously not every single one of the strengths and weaknesses apply to every character but mostly I think they’re pretty accurate. 

Feyre: ISTJ

Strengthsknowledgeable, strong-willed, responsible, dutiful, calm, direct, orderly, practical, honest. 

Weaknesses: stubborn, insensitive, judgmental, always by the book, blame themselves 

Rhys: ENFJ

Strengths: tolerant, reliable, charismatic, altruistic, natural leaders

Weaknesses: overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, indecisive, fluctuating self-esteem

Lucien: ENFP

Strengths:  curious, observant, energetic, enthusiastic, very friendly, good communicators, can relax

Weaknesses: impractical, bad at focusing, over-think things, easily stressed, highly emotional


Strengths:  bold, honest, perceptive, original, rational practical, good people skills, direct 

Weaknesses:  rule breakers, risk-takers, academically challenged, insensitive, impatient, miss the big picture 

Cassian: ESFJ

Strengths: looks for win/win situations, loyal, sensitive, warm, practical, can connect with people 

Weaknesses:  egotistical, inflexible, unwilling to improvise, very vulnerable to critisism, too selfless, very needy

Azriel: ISFJ

Strengths:  very supportive, enthusiastic, loyal, hardworking, patient, observant, reliable, practical  

Weaknesses: shy, overload themselves, take things too personally, hate change, altruistic, repress their emotions 

Amren: ISTP

Strengths:  optimistic, energetic, level-headed, creative, practical, relaxed, rational, mildly spontaneous

Weaknesses: stubborn, reserved, very private, easily bored, insensitive, risk-takers, hate commitment 

Nesta: INTJ

Strengths:  strategic, quick-thinkers, self-confident, decisive, hardworking, determined, open-minded, knowledgeable 

Weaknesses:  arrogant, judgmental, too analytic, hate structure, clueless in romance 

Elain: ESFP

Strengths: bold, original, observant, sense of beauty, practical, excellent people skills 

Weaknesses:  have difficulty focusing, very sensitive, poor planners, always seek excitement, academically challenged, loathe conflict

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  • SJWS: Just because there are certain groups of Muslims are aligned with terrorists, that doesn't mean that we should ostracize or blame all Muslims for things the extremists and fundamentalists did. It's wrong to generalize people.
  • Alt Right: Just because there are are certain groups of white people/men/Christians who are bigoted and harmful, that doesn't mean we should blame very single one of them for the actions of a couple of individuals. It's wrong to generalize.
  • Me: Will you both please just shut the fuck already and fling yourselves into a deep, dark pit with sharp rocks at the bottom?! It'd be more constructive than whatever you all do.
Double Standards

Baekhyun: *is playful and cute with other people*

People: “Aww omg so cute! I ship them!”

Chanyeol: *is playful and cute with other people*

People: “Wtf why is he ignoring Baek? Such an asshole!”

This is the sad truth pointed out by a Baekhyun stan. Some people have such double standards when it comes to CB, it really irks me sometimes. What’s with those “Chanyeol, you better step your game up 👀” and “Chanyeol, Baekhyun will be snatched away soon. Stop filming!” comments? I know it’s meant as a joke most of the time but you always put it as if Baekhyun only interacts with other people because Chanyeol has fucked up, as if Chanyeol is the reason behind every single one of Baekhyun’s actions. In other words: You ALWAYS put the blame on Chanyeol and consequently make him look like the asshole in this ship. I remember clearly how it rained malicious comments for Chanyeol during this year’s SMTOWN concert and yes, maybe they had a fight back then and yes, maybe Chanyeol did ignore Baekhyun but how can you judge his actions without knowing what was going on? How are you so quick to assume that whatever happened was his fault to begin with? For reminders: We are only observers. We are outsiders. We cannot know everything what’s going on and we don’t have to because it’s none of our business. Consequently, you have no right to judge any of them so quickly and if you do, at least be fair and judge both! I love Baekhyun with all my heart and I am protective of him as well but there is an evident difference in how people evaluate his behaviour and how they evaluate Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol cannot be a bit friendly with anyone without getting judged while Baekhyun’s intearctions with other people are immediately seen as cute and regarded as a new reason to ship him with with the person he interacts with (which I find ridicilous as well for reasons I have mentioned in another post of mine but okay, everyone is free to do what they like). Personally, I think we should just let both of them breathe and stop creating unnecessary drama. BOTH of them can interact with anyone they want and don’t have to be glued to each other 24/7 to “prove” that they are close. Personally, I think they have already done enough to do that, it’s just that people immediately forget as soon as they don’t “get enough moments”. Anyway, please be fair to Chanyeol, who I believe is really sweet and kind and stop judging him for every single thing he does because he doesn’t deserve it and most of all, refrain from making him responsible for every one of Baekhyun’s actions. They are both young adults having fun meeting new people - what’s wrong with that? Let’s be happy that they make a lot of friends together! Thank you.

Captain America: Civil War

Yes, I saw it last night. It’s so good. And I went in with high expectations.

A lot of people were worried that the plot would be bloated and unevenly paced and there would be too many characters and it just wouldn’t achieve the elegance of TWS… and of course they were right. Like, come on, that’s a given. But it’s good, man. It has the emotional sincerity and commitment to character conflict and political consequences we loved from TWS.

Random thoughts under the cut:

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A Message From Teddy
  • A Message From Teddy
  • Kaitlin

“ There’s a message I need to get across… And there are some events I need to clear up. My death was no accident. It was planned in advance. You need this… to grow as an individual, Kanato, and I’m sorry.

We’ve been together for centuries. I’ve been by your side. I’ve witnessed your pain, and your tears. I saw the abuse, and I couldn’t do anything about it. But now that woman is gone, the source of your pain, and you still cry out for attention. You still blame others for your mistakes.

I think I’m holding you back from moving on. I had to do something about this. I’ve taken my own steps. You’ll appreciate it, in the long run…

I have- Witnessed you abusing your loved ones for too long now. You’ve been hurting them, verbally and physically. Along with me…

I have always been there for you, Kanato, and yet… Every single day I’ve had to bear those bone-crushing hugs. You even tore off my head.

We’re meant to be friends, Kanato, this is- This is not how you treat one another… And it’s time to fix that.

I have to say farewell. I won’t hold you back from your recovery any longer. And I hope you treasure our memories.

Goodbye, Kanato… ”

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Please forgive the horrible microphone quality. This was not scripted beforehand, I wrote out what I was saying for convenience’s sake. If you couldn’t understand what I said.