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I wish you weren't friends with the Eruris, they've made your opinions kinda biased...

How so?

Are you suspecting me of being under the influence of the Erurinati and that my blog is a secret message spelling “ERURI IS CANON”? Is that what you’re implying?

EDIT: nevermind I think I’ve found the source

This calms me down so much

Stay safe everyone!

Edit: People are sending me messages about only caring about Dan and Phil. Really guys? Of course I care about all the other people in London at the moment! I just wanted to be sure that they were alright because they are the only people I ‘know’ that live in London. Do you really want to blame me for that? They mean a lot to me and the fact that I wanted to make sure that people I care about are safe is something I should be ashamed for is absurd. 

I am really sorry for everyone who lives in London. What happened was terrible and I hope that everyone will be alright. I understand that some of you are shocked and maybe some of your loved ones were there. These are difficult things and I totally understand that. I care about every single person who lives on this planet and I don’t want to be harassed about “Only caring for my faves” because that is not true.

For the last time, I am really sorry if this made some of you angry or sad. I didn’t mean it and I want to apologize.

“You create your own demons” - Tony Stark and the Villains of the MCU. The Blame Game Part 2

There have been many posts about IM3, and its numerous faults. I won’t go into every single one - it’d take longer than a Tumblr post should be. Instead, I’ll focus on something that was hinted from the very beginning of the movie, and that is present all throughout the MCU.

“A famous man said you create your own demons”. A sentence said in Tony’s thoughtful, regretful baritone while the suits blow up poetically. A sentence that sets us up for a clear conclusion. That yet again - it’s all Tony’s fault.

This is not a new thing. Most of the villains Tony went up had some sort of personal vendetta against him. In a way, that’s not necessarily surprising. There’s only so much depth the villain of a Marvel movie can have and vengeance or power hunger is usually the go-to reason. The same reasons often motivate the villains in other stand-alone Marvel movies. The difference is that the heroes in other movies are rarely, if ever blamed for it.

So, to start us with, a run-through Tony Stark’s villains.

Obadiah Stane - the back-stabbing, double-crossing father figure. Stane, the guy who arranged Tony’s ordeal in Afghanistan, who sold Tony’s weapons behind his back, who tore his arc reactor out of his chest. The same guy who barely warrants a footnote apparently, even if he’s the true Merchant of Death. Even the Ten Rings terrorists decide to take him captive instead of killing him because he’s more valuable alive than dead - although arguably, they are Tony’s exception, in the sense that it wasn’t personal on their part. They just wanted the weapons.

Justin Hammer - the business rival. In a way, Hammer is a parody of Tony. Sometimes, it seems his sole purpose is to point out how much better Tony is at everything. But that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous. Stupid people with wealth and influence are often the most dangerous. Just look at Donald Trump. (And yes, I know Justin isn’t an idiot. He’s just ridiculous. But I’m making a point here).

Ivan Vanko - the old wounds nemesis. I never did understand if Howard did in fact rip off Anton Vanko’s designs, or if Anton was guilty of Howard accused him of. Either way, this is a classic case of the “sins of the father”.

Aldritch Killian - the guy Tony… dissed at a party one time?

And yet, from the very beginning, the movie tells us that it’s ALL TONY’S FAULT. And this is in fact an opinion I’ve seen in the fandom. If Tony hadn’t been a jerk to the young Killian at the party, he would have never become the Mandarin.

No. Just no.

Tony does not carry the weight of the decisions of every single wackjob in the world. Was he an asshole? Sure. But the natural response to having your work rejected is not to turn yourself into a scientific experiment and start blowing people up. 

That’s like… going around gunning people down in clubs because you realized the girl you met last night gave you a fake phone number.

At the end of the day, all Tony really did was provide feedback for Maya Hansen. He helped a fellow intellectual peer. He actually assisted in stabilizing Extremis and making it better. I know it’s incredibly tempting to call it irresponsible, but the work was primarily Maya and Killian. Tony had very little to do with it.

And yet… “We create our own demons”.

There is a parallel here we can make with other Marvel villains. First we have the Captain America villains - the Red Skull and Alexander Pierce, Hydra - in both cases, “nothing personal” - just Cap standing up against evil. I suppose technically, the Red Skull hated Cap for winning the lottery when it comes to the serum, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s more chance than anything else. It could have easily been some other guy who was in that position. Zola goes into a similar category. The only one who falls into the personal nemesis category would perhaps be Crossbones, who blames Cap for his disfigurement. The Winter Soldier doesn’t really count - there’s a very real personal element there, but he’s never truly Cap’s enemy, I don’t think. You need to have agency to be somebody’s nemesis, and the WS is mostly just Pierce’s weapon. 

Then we have the Thor villains. Loki.

Loki is also a sore point for me in the MCU. Loki endured Asgard’s abuse for 1000 years, and finally snapped when he learned the truth about his parentage. 

At the end of Thor 1, Loki lets go of the spear and essentially commits suicide. And yet, at no point does Odin take responsibility for anything that happened to his son. HIS SON. Not a random stranger he met at a part. His adopted son, whom he deliberately lied to, whom he raised to hate his own people, who lived for 1000 years in a culture that disdained his natural inclinations. 

I always did wonder just how much Odin knew of what happened to Loki in the void. Thor tells the Avengers the name of the species Loki planned on bringing along. This could be just script oversight, a plot hole. so to speak - there’s a lot of that going around in the MCU - but it does not speak well of Odin. And I will go to my grave saying that Loki was coerced into his actions from Avengers 1.

Then there is the dark elf Malekith. Presumably, Odin’s father Bor wiped out all of Malekith’s people. Malekith is entitled to some revenge. But at no time does Odin acknowledge Asgard’s responsibility in the situation with Malekith - Bor’s, if not his own. 

Arguably, Loki is about as personal as you can get when it comes to villains. Malekith’s beef is with Asgard as a whole, not with Thor. And even there, his primary motivation is acquiring the Aether. Revenge is secondary (as evidenced by the fact that after getting the stone, he left Thor and Loki to the minions).

Next, we have the Guardians with their Ronan. I’m not 100% clear on what Ronan was trying to accomplish beyond “Kree justice on Xandar” and the apparent destruction of the planet, but it was unrelated to Quill and the crew. Similarly, in Ant Man, Darren Cross’s vendetta and main goal was related to Hank Pym, not Scott Lang.

For Bruce Banner, we have Thaddeus Ross. There’s definitely a personal element there. He hates Bruce largely because of Betty. He’s obsessed with the Hulk - although it’s worth noting that it stems from his work with the super-soldier serum. The Abomination acts as a secondary, forgettable villain - possibly resentful that the Hulk beat him, possibly craving power. Ross’s obsession carries over to Civil War, independent of the Hulk once Bruce is out of the picture. 

Finally, we have the collective “Avengers” villains (other than Loki). 

The Maximoffs - whose parents were killed by a SI missile. We don’t actually know who sold the missile, but what we do know is that the reason of the revolt in Sokovia was Hydra. Chances are Hydra’s purchase of the Stark missile was entirely legitimate, through SHIELD. Doesn’t that put things into perspective?  Again - it’s a Tony thing.

Ultron. I’m still on the fence on just how much of Ultron is Tony’s responsibility. One day I’ll start a debate about it. But let’s say, for the sake of keeping the post of a reasonable length, the murder-bot Tony is widely blamed for.

Zemo - Like Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, a Sokovian who lost his family due to the Avengers. It’s personal for him too - just not solely focused on Tony.

So, to wrap things up, other than the Iron Man villains, the only villain who truly gets personal is Loki and perhaps Ross and Crossbones. The collective villains all include Tony, or even focus on him - as is the case of the Maximoff or Ultron (”he hates you the most”). 

It is important to note that even in cases such as Ross’s, the grudge match against other heroes is always viewed as unjustified. ALWAYS. It’s always the other guy’s who is in the wrong. That’s just the way it works. There were scenes in Thor that depicted Loki in a more complex light, but those scenes were specifically deleted to make Thor the good guy and Loki the villainous jealous younger sibling. Not so in Tony Stark’s case. In Tony’s case, he’s the one to blame for everything since the Original Sin.

There is an underlying message here - a message that has been perceived and internalized. That Tony Stark is hated - so it’s okay to blame him for everything else too. It’s the same pattern of blame that is everywhere in the MCU.

This is why during AoU, everyone is in such a rush to blame Tony for it. Steve Rogers, a man who has known Tony for years, bends his ear to the words of a Hydra agent and believes her over his teammate. Thor chokes Tony. Bruce skirts responsibility. Wanda gets away with it (we’ve been over that already).

It’s quite frankly an alarming pattern - and somehow it makes me wonder if they won’t manage to make Thanos Tony’s fault too. If not, they’ll probably set it on Loki.

This idea came from @imaginexmen


Hope you like it!


The drive up to Canada wasn’t too bad, it had been at least eight months since Logan and I became separated duo to an foreseen attack on the school. I briefly look to my little sweet girl, peacefully sleeping to the rhythm of the road.  The tree filled skyline started to disappear as I approached yet another lumber yard. I searched almost every single one in this enormous country. I drove up the muddy slope that could possibly be called a “drive way.” There was a man in a red flannel shirt, rich black hair that slightly stood up on end. My heart skipped as I saw my husband again. “I hope he didn’t think I was dead or something.” My mind flashes the thought as I park and get out of the car. Logan sensed something immediately. “Never could surprise the man.” I smile. I slam the door of the car and he instantly turns. Those ocean blue eyes in confusion, wonder, and excitement. He quickly ran to greet me. He breathed deeply, taking in my scent. His arms wrapped tighter around my waist as I grabbed his torso tighter in return. “I thought you-” I cut him off with a kiss that I wanted to give him for what felt like a life time. He stood there in a dream like state, his forehead up against mine, his eyes closed savoring the moment where his love came back from the dead to greet him once again. “How-” “I’ll tell you later, there will be enough time for sad news Logan. Besides, I have something to show you.” He was silent, but his face told me that he was beyond disoriented. I took his hand in mine and led him to the car, I softly opened the door to reveal our daughter, our little Ivory. His eyes didn’t leave her. His face scrunched up in confession. “You were pregnant?” He questioned, with his voice wavering slightly. “Yes,” I could read this man like an open book. He felt like he abandoned us, there was nothing he could do, he thought we were dead for heavens sake! “Logan it wasn’t your fault, we’er here now. We are a family now.” I put a hand on Logan’s broad shoulder. He hit the car frame in frustration. “I should’ve been there, I SHOULD’VE BEEN THERE!” He shouted. Tears started to well up, he felt unworthy. I gave him a moment. He recomposed himself. He turned to me and gently took my hand in his. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I wish I was there for you two.” I placed a hand on his cheek gently stroking it like he did my hand. “Logan, we’er here now.” I said softly. I meet his gaze, a small smile came to my face. “Do you want to meet her?” I ask. The same smile soon appears on his. “Yes, I would.”

since @vaultfox and I saw Star Wars Rogue One we can’t stop thinking about Space MacCready, especially imperial uniform Space MacCready. So. Here you go. I wish I could draw more but I’m so busy, but this fast sketch had to happen. Blame vaultfox she asked for it HRRRR.

Mac singlehandedly is responsible for every single smoke alarm that goes off on the deathstar :/ who hired him

The Robron Break-Ups : A Definitive Guide (Part One/So Many)


Do you ever start something you wish you hadn’t? Well, then you have something in common with both Katie Sugden and myself, because here, my friends, here is my magnum opus: the definitive guide to the dark times.

I, anguished, alone and with clearly no better way to spend my time, have gone back to the start of this mess of a fictional relationship we refer to as robron and counted every single break up, every single dismissal, every single time one of these boys were cruelly (or rightfully lbr) #denied by the other.


That’s right.

This is going to be the longest series of posts you’ve ever seen.

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 requested: More baby Damian??? He’s adorable!!!!

-Damian has a lifelong ban from the zoo for stealing not just one penguin, but a whole flock of them, a lynx and several birds

-Damian steals Dick’s cereal and blames it on Tim because “do you think I would befoul my body with that sugar loaded garbage?” He has yet to be discovered (or so he thinks)

-Damian was once subjected to a “family bonding night” in which Dick had them all watch every. single. Disney movie. Damian wouldn’t admit it but his favorite was Lion King

-Sometimes if Jason annoys Damian, Damian will take Jason’s helmet and draw on the back. It’s usually silly faces, things like “kick me” or occasionally “shoot me”

-Damian is a super heavy sleeper and has the tendency to gather all of the sheets around him like a little egg roll and will sleep through all of his alarms (all six of them) until he is awoken by Alfred or Dick. He can be awake pretty fast though.

-After Dick came back from Spyral Damian would insist that Dick took him to the arcade and for ice cream afterwards for “repentance” but Dick wasn’t fooled (not that he minded) 

-Damian will mock Bruce from behind when he gives him lectures after patrol

-If Damian ever goes to the Watchtower he lurks in the control room and will watch the earth spin and the stars. Sometimes he’ll sketch, but he never lets anyone see it.

-Damian will take anyone’s clothes to “borrow” and they will only be seen a year or two later. Even if it’s Cass or Steph’s, he’ll take it. Bruce has lost many a comfortable sweater to Damian.

-Dick got Damian into the habit of settling minor disputes with rock paper scissors, leading to many ‘battles’ over the last of Alfred’s fresh baked cookies, the controller for the tv, first rights to the best bathroom in the house.

-If Damian is feeling particularly nice, he’ll write little notes and stick them in spots people will find them. Like on the chandelier and the roof. They usually read something like “You don’t entirely suck” or “You’re tolerable, even if you are weak”. That’s how they know Damian cares.

I hope that was good enough for you! Please keep sending in requests!!!

ACOMAF Character MBTI Type headcanons:

obviously not every single one of the strengths and weaknesses apply to every character but mostly I think they’re pretty accurate. 

Feyre: ISTJ

Strengthsknowledgeable, strong-willed, responsible, dutiful, calm, direct, orderly, practical, honest. 

Weaknesses: stubborn, insensitive, judgmental, always by the book, blame themselves 

Rhys: ENFJ

Strengths: tolerant, reliable, charismatic, altruistic, natural leaders

Weaknesses: overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, indecisive, fluctuating self-esteem

Lucien: ENFP

Strengths:  curious, observant, energetic, enthusiastic, very friendly, good communicators, can relax

Weaknesses: impractical, bad at focusing, over-think things, easily stressed, highly emotional


Strengths:  bold, honest, perceptive, original, rational practical, good people skills, direct 

Weaknesses:  rule breakers, risk-takers, academically challenged, insensitive, impatient, miss the big picture 

Cassian: ESFJ

Strengths: looks for win/win situations, loyal, sensitive, warm, practical, can connect with people 

Weaknesses:  egotistical, inflexible, unwilling to improvise, very vulnerable to critisism, too selfless, very needy

Azriel: ISFJ

Strengths:  very supportive, enthusiastic, loyal, hardworking, patient, observant, reliable, practical  

Weaknesses: shy, overload themselves, take things too personally, hate change, altruistic, repress their emotions 

Amren: ISTP

Strengths:  optimistic, energetic, level-headed, creative, practical, relaxed, rational, mildly spontaneous

Weaknesses: stubborn, reserved, very private, easily bored, insensitive, risk-takers, hate commitment 

Nesta: INTJ

Strengths:  strategic, quick-thinkers, self-confident, decisive, hardworking, determined, open-minded, knowledgeable 

Weaknesses:  arrogant, judgmental, too analytic, hate structure, clueless in romance 

Elain: ESFP

Strengths: bold, original, observant, sense of beauty, practical, excellent people skills 

Weaknesses:  have difficulty focusing, very sensitive, poor planners, always seek excitement, academically challenged, loathe conflict

Strengths and weaknesses originally from this post 

Are y’all ready for this because I am SO salty, so here we go lmao.

When I watched this show, and Erin won the first few competitions, she had one or two cute things. But her quirky “Wow, I’m so fun and weird. Can you tell I’m so fun and weird? Because I am” died out real quick lmao. But you know, I don’t even blame her for this. She was a decent person on the show, a little annoying at times. Kinda reminds me of these girls at my liberal arts college I kinda get tired of seeing, but it’s fine. That’s her. Do you booboo.

My beef isn’t with her so much as the judges. Like jfc, hop off why don’t you? And every single time she was on the bottom, they kept her. Heidi, what happened to that spiel on season 14 about Edmond “I go up there and I say in fashion, one day you’re in and the next you’re out” right before fashion week? 




What kills me is that I think what tripped what tripped Laurence up was that they got on her hard about the shoulders and the black and she really took that to heart, changed it up, and they were like “No, bitch wtf is this?”

Every time Erin did something, it was “Brava, I love it. Ugh, I’m gonna fucking nut!” Like??? And when they didn’t, they couldn’t bear to part with her because they just loved her so much, even if she sent crap down the runway.

I need new fucking judges. NOW. lmfao


The Hamilton trash fandom is the best fandom on tumblr.

Now, hear me out on this. Fandoms like Superwholock and Marvel and such are huge, whereas we occupy just a little corner of this website. But the fans here are so much more welcoming and nice! 

I just redid my blog about two weeks ago, and I already have three people who message me almost daily, almost 40 followers (!!!!!) and a bunch of other people that I know who are just amazing and kind to me in general. It really means a lot when other blogs take the time to stalk your posts (@linmanuel-istheman-da), have conversation using Lin gifs (@always-blame-jefferson) or even just have a five minute conversation about the most random things (@reading-and-writing-geek-galore) Seriously! I feel so loved & appreciated on here, and its because of all of you. Every. Single. One.

So, I’d like to take the time (and this super long post jeez) to thank everyone on the Hamilton side of tumblr. Keep sending people positive messages, saying the sweetest stuff about other blogs, asking cute anon questions, and just BEING FREAKIN’ AMAZING

I love y’all!!!!

“I thought I was ace instead of my REAL identity, which makes it bad and no kids should learn about it!”

Yea ok can we stop acting like the process of self discovery is fucking evil for a second. I don’t think I know a single person who didn’t arrive at their current identity via other ones first.

I was fucking terrified of changing my identity from pan to bi at one point because I thought people would see me as transphobic. Is pansexuality evil? Hell the fuck no. I just wasn’t educated all the way yet and hadn’t fully understood myself.

“Teaching these kids about these identities gives them tools to internalize their homophobia”

Mkay so assuming every child is actually gay and you’re not barring queer children from accessing information about their identities, you’re blaming other queer identities rather than the actual root cause (heteronormativity,) because they’re an easier target.

Think one goddamn second about what you’re ACTUALLY saying to children. You’re discouraging the process of self discovery, barring information to any queer child who isn’t strictly gay, telling them that temporarily identifying as something is a terrible thing, and that if they do its the fault of the identity for even existing.

You’re telling them there are only two acceptable identities. How exactly is that progressive or in any way in the interest of children?

You honestly have played me more times than I could count. You strung me along and every time I think that I’m getting over you, you hop back in my life. It’s like you fucking know when I’m getting better and then you come back and tell me you still have feels and that you miss me and then two days after its back to you don’t care about me anymore and how I meant nothing to you and it’s a god damn wreck because no one knows why I kept going back to you and continue to believe you lie after lie and to be honest I don’t either. You would take me, love me, fix what you broke, and then fucking shatter it again and honestly I’m so God damn tired of crying because I don’t know what to do with you because you never seem to be consistent. You blame me for every single thing that goes wrong in your life and half the time I’m not even around to be a problem. No matter what I do its always my fault and I really hope you stay gone this time. It breaks my heart every single day to see you and know that I was nothing to you while you were everything to me. Our story has been nothing more than a god damn train wreck and I only have myself to blame because I should have learned the first time it happened but I didn’t and look where I am know.
Thank you. That you so God damn much for leaving me like this. Thank you for making me loose hope in love and humanity. Thank you for ripping apart my soul. Thank you so fucking much.
—  I don’t know what to do anymore
he’s here

also known as a V fic I’ve been thinking about for days that I need to clear out so I can focus properly on requests. someone please make the mint man happy. also contains those traces of you x literally the whole RFA

Five times you had lost him. Five times you have had him slip from the tip of your fingers into a place you could not follow. Granted the majority of those times were similar to one another, the ones that weren’t however, haunted you.

“Still no sign of him?”

“Not a single trace,” Zen sighed, his eyes staying glued to the screen of his phone as he once again asked Jumin if he had gotten any clues on the whereabouts of V. “That trustfund jerk is getting impatient every day that passes. Not that I could blame him…”

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I can’t stop thinking about Yoongi playing the piano in the back of Jin’s cover of I Love You and I really really need a “piano player Yoongi gets hired to help idol Jin compose songs for his next comeback because Jin wanted to try out a new style and Yoongi’s one of the best in the business” au.

Getting through composing the songs is a difficult process and Yoongi wants to rip his hair out most of the time because he and Jin don’t see eye to eye on anything. The elder is really earnest and sincere though, and that’s something Yoongi can appreciate and as he spends more time in Jin’s company he becomes utterly fond of the elder’s childlike antics and personality in general (it’s really damn hard not to find the elder endearing even though Yoongi tries his best).

Yoongi knows he’s a lost cause the first time he hears Jin sing live. (He’ll always dismiss telling Hoseok that he felt like angels were descending from the heavens on the basis that it was drunk rambling)

 And just imagine Yoongi smiling so so so widely after the recording is done because literally Every Single Thing about Seokjin is gorgeous (except his jokes, but no one can be perfect)(then again, Seokjin comes pretty damn close in Yoongi’s opinion)

I blame this


So Mercs/Blackwatch AU, where Locus has an embarrassing crush on Commander Reyes.

I blame each and every single one of you for this.

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your fav crack sakura pairings? (recs welcome)

Well it depends on what you define as “crack”, which can be anything from “unlikely” to “impossible” to “absurd”.

Personally I think to be cracky there has to be something a bit weird about the pairing, even if it’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility.

Madara x Sakura is definitely my favourite crack, I think I’ve read it all, I’ve done a post of fic recs for them before and now I’m actually writing a piece for them, good gravy

Indra x Sakura - “You know, I like MadaSaku, but it’s just too likely.” Well my friend have I got the ship for you. Unfortunately I can’t think of any fics though, mostly like it in art.

Kimimaro x Sakura - blame @actuallydeglace for this one, Marrow is amazing

Akatsuki x Sakura fics where every single one of them is in love with her and it’s like an otome game, can’t think of any off the top of my head though

Zabuza x Sakura - only ever read one fic, Up in Flames, basically Team 7 is aged up for the Land of Waves mission and Sakura gets taken as hostage, sloooooow burn

I think that’s about it for crack, I have lots of ships for her that aren’t crack of course.

call me right now, and i’ll cave, i’ll answer you (part 1)

and blame it on the booze

(a college au friends with benefits that goes the way every single fuckin fwb story goes but this time it’s about Jack and Davey so) (tw: mentions of sex and alcohol)

He barely knew the guy. Jack Kelly. He knew that he was a junior, like Davey, and from New York, like Davey. He was fairly sure he liked The Kinks, because of the poster up on his wall, but then, he also knew he was bi, so he might have just liked looking at The Kinks.

Okay, so he also knew that he was partial to a post-sex cuddle, despite appearances. And that in the few minutes after he came he was a jelloid wreck incapable of any words over a murmur.

And that he was maybe an art major??? Maybe???

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anonymous asked:

okay so I HAVE A QUESTION. so i watched cacw and like, i'm not geekin right? vision is the one who shot rhodey out of the sky right? like yeah he was aimin at sam but sam DODGED (as one should when under enemy fire) and he hit rhodey instead (who was not anticipating friendly fire). so. can u tell me why. in EVERY SINGLE post cacw fic i've read. somehow. the blame for that. falls on sam? responsibility, i get but culpability? I FEEL LIKE I MUSTA WATCHED A DIFFERENT MOVIE THAN EVERYBODY ELSE.


There is literally no other option here because it is SO OBVIOUS that Vision is the one who shot Rhodey by accident. Tony and Vision even discuss it after!! I do know that a lot of fics (including my own) have included Sam’s guilt about Rhodey being hit instead of him, or watching someone he was at least teammates, if not friends, with fall from the sky again. So really the only thing I can think of is a Sam-pov fic might express this whole situation in that manner but NO??? NO. NO. no. No fucking way was Sam at fault one bit for what happened to Rhodey. 

He is going to carry guilt around with him, however. I was lucky enough to be at the Wizard World Philadelphia panel last year and Anthony was asked a question about if watching Rhodey fall would effect Sam at all and he confirmed that it did. But truly, really, who the heck is writing these fics and when can I wave my finger at them? The only person who would realistically feel like Sam is at fault is Sam himself. Tony doesn’t even blame Sam and well weknowwhathappenswhentonythinkssomeoneistoblameeveniftheywerenotatfault 

Anon, now I’m a salty pretzel but maaaannnn any blame being placed onto Sam by anyone besides himself is just dead wrong. To cheer my ass up I’m now gonna rewatch that hilarious panel and relive one of the best hours of my life. (Watch it here)