and i bet he worked extremely hard on making it


2jae detected.

Well.. Youngjae, don’t be sad.. don’t cry. 

I feel you, you were waiting for a long time having duet on stage with JB. But what you did that day was make him happy, extremely happy, I bet. He’d be grateful for having you as his lil brother, buddy, and his everything.

GOT7 1st concert, FLY IN SEOUL is the 1st concert after all this time was perfectly shown. Although a lot of tears, but those are dominated by the tears of pride. We.. IGOT7 feel proud because of your hard work. You will be someone who is 100x stronger than ever. Believe in one thing .. the whole IGOT7 in the world would be willing to go hand in hand together with GOT7 forever. ❤ ❤