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Hey, can you tell us more about McLennon's trip to Paris for Paul's birthday?

For John’s birthday, not Paul’s.

John got £100 for his birthday, which was A LOT for that time, and he decided to spend all the money with Paul in Paris. They cancelled their concerts and started their trip on September 30, 1961.

Stuart was mad, he believed they had left the group, he said:

“Last night I heard that John and Paul have gone to Paris to play together – in other words, the band has broken up! It sounds mad to me, I don’t believe it…”
—Stuart Sutcliffe, 1961.

They wanted to hichhick from England to Spain and go through Paris, but ended up staying in Paris. They stayed in a cheap hotel, sleeping in one bed. There are some photos about tha trip, some of them appear on the screens during Paul’s concerts, before the gig starts, when the stage is still dark and there are the big screens on with the Beatles photos floating around.

These are the photos:

This photo of John sleeping was taken by Paul. It hangs framed on the wall in his house:

This is a letter including a photo of John from that trip, the handwriting seems John’s to me:

These are some quotes about that trip:

“We got fed up. We did have bookings, but we just broke them and went off.”
John Lennon about getting a trip with Paul to Paris (Hunter Davies, The Beatles, 1968

“Paul bought me a hamburger to celebrate.
I wasn’t too keen on reaching twenty-one. I remember one relative saying to me, ‘From now on, it’s all downhill,’ and I really got a shock. She told me how my skin would be getting older and that kind of jazz.”

—John Lennon about the trip to Paris with Paul for his 21st birthday (Anthology)

“We would walk miles from our hotel; you do in Paris. We’d go to a place near the Avenue des Anglais and we’d sit in the bars, looking good. I still have some classic photos from there. Linda loves one where I am sitting in a gendarme’s mac as a cape and John has got his glasses on askew and his trousers down revealing a bit of Y-front. The photographs are so beautiful, we’re really hamming it up. We’re looking at the camera like, ‘Hey, we are artsy guys, in a café: this is us in Paris,’ and we felt like that.”
—Paul McCartney - Anthology.

John and I went to Paris on birthday money he received from a relative. He must have been fond of me to spend that money. He let me have all the banana milkshakes I wanted.” - Pau McCartney

In this interview John talks about Paris

In this interview Paul talks about the fact that he used to sleep with John in just one bed a lot.


“Hello there. My name is Peter Capaldi, and I am the new Doctor.”

“Being asked to play ‘The Doctor’ is an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can’t wait to get started.“

“I don’t remember 'Doctor Who’ not being part of my life, and it became a part of growing up, along with The Beatles, National Health spectacles, and fog. And it runs deep. It’s in my DNA.“

“I didn’t want to be Doctor Who in a ‘Doctor Who’ that I didn’t like.”

“When I was a kid, I wrote to the BBC, and the producers sent me a huge package through the post with 'Doctor Who’ scripts. I’d never even seen a script and couldn’t believe that they actually wrote this stuff down. It sort of opened a door.”

“Even though I am a lifelong 'Doctor Who’ fan, I’ve not played him since I was nine. I downloaded old scripts and practiced those in front of the mirror.“

“Every viewer who ever turned on 'Doctor Who’ has taken him into his heart. He belongs to all of us.“

“I think the nice thing about 'Doctor Who’ is whether people like it or don’t like it, somewhere, someone loves you and will always love you - and the more everyone hates you, the more they’ll love you.“

“I wake up in the morning, and I go, 'I’m Doctor Who! I’m playing Doctor Who. I’m Doctor Who.'“

“'Doctor Who’ has a certain amount of showbiz attached to it.”

“Even if I hadn’t been cast as Doctor Who, my acting would probably have been influenced by William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and all of the other guys. Because those were the actors that I really watched every moment of, as opposed to Laurence Olivier.”

“I know what 'Doctor Who’ fans are like because I am a 'Doctor Who’ fan myself. They’re good people.”

George Harrison and Ringo Starr, 1990. Photo: Getty Images.

“At a private reception Saturday at artist Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery in Echo Park, Starr was perusing the lyrics to one of the previously unpublished songs included in the new volume, one that name-checked him, ‘Hey Ringo.’After smiling at a rhyme about ‘my guitar sounds so bare/when your drums aren’t there,’ the 75-year-old drummer became choked with emotion by the next line: ‘Hey Ringo, there’s one thing that I’ve not said/I’ll play guitar with you till I drop dead.’‘I’m sorry,’ he said, his eyes misting and turning back toward his wife, actress Barbara Bach.” - Los Angeles Times, 24 February 2017

“The book includes a handful of lyrics never recorded, including something from the early Seventies called ‘Hey Ringo,’ which includes the line: ‘Hey Ringo, there’s one thing that I’ve not said/I’ll play my guitar with you till I drop dead.’ 'I was really moved because I’d never seen it,’ Ringo Starr told Rolling Stone, minutes after seeing the song for the first time during a weekend VIP celebration of the book at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. 'He was my best friend. I had two other great friends, and three brothers. We were pals.’” - Rolling Stone, 2 March 2017

“'There was a folder in George’s piano bench and inside I found a typed lyric for Hey, Ringo. It think it dates from around 1970,’ Olivia Harrison said. She also said she believed he had recorded music for the track on a home cassette.
She added that the piano bench was 'the stool Billy Preston (Beatles organist) used to leap about on when he played with George.’
Olivia Harrison gave a copy of the lyrics to Starr at a party in Los Angeles commemorating her husband’s 74th birthday in February. She said: 'He’d never seen this song before. He said "What is this?” He was so surprised.’“ - NME, 17 June 2017

Martin: How did the idea for “Two Of Us” come to you? Did you first of all have an idea to write a film about an aspect of the Beatles - and then arrive at this particular story? Did you start out by wanting to write about the dynamic of John and Paul - and then arrive at this place? Or was this specific story your very first thought?

Mark: I wanted to do something creative with all this ‘useless knowledge’ that I had accumulated over the years, as a sort of purging and also as a kind of tribute, a way of saying thanks. Initially, I thought about writing a biography, but there have been so many. I think it was the conceit that I had some kind of unique insight into the dynamic between John and Paul that really got me started. And I would see these interviews with Paul where, whenever they asked him about John, everything would shift – his face, his tone of voice. I would watch him and think, “My God, he really loved John, and he hasn’t gotten over losing him. 


Martin: Do you think it is possible that John and Paul ever spent some real time together (just the two of them) between 1971 and 1980 other than those two occasions?

Mark: As far as I know, John and Paul were never actually alone together after the breakup of the Beatles. Paul, of course, often talks about how grateful he is that the two of them re-established some kind of friendship in the months before John died, but that was over the phone. So, unless Paul is keeping a secret, it appears the last time they saw one another was when in 1976 (probably around the time Wings played New York) when John told him to stop coming around without calling first.

Martin: What did you do before writing the story? Did you spend a lot of time doing research? If so what books and sources? What TV shows or videos?

Mark: The most valuable books were “Revolution in the Head” by Ian MacDonald; “25 Years in the Life” by Mark Lewisohn; and “Lennon” by Ray Coleman. I read quite a few others, as well as several old newspaper and magazine articles from the time, but those were really the most helpful. As far as videos, a lot of them I had to obtain on the black market, things like "Let It Be”; the McCartney interview with Charlie Rose from 1991; the Lennon interview with Tom Snyder from 1975; “Wings Over the World”. And then there was the music, which provided the biggest revelations.

Martin: Did you have an idea of what ground you wanted to cover? i.e. what factual topics you wanted each person to cover? And what emotional terrain you would want each of them to cover?

Mark: I knew that John’s painful childhood would play an enormous role in the way I portrayed him, that he would be seen as never having completely come to terms with being unwanted. And I knew that I wanted to get across how much Paul really loved and understood John, which, I believe, is what frightened John.


Martin: The original script ended with “Here Today” (Paul McCartney’s 1982 tribute song to John) being played - though you were subsequently unable to obtain permission for its use. If there had been total access from the Beatles for their recordings and their publishers for their music - would you have wanted to feature other music by them - and by John and Paul individually? If so - what specifically would you have wanted to use? And to underscore which points in the film?

Mark: It would have been nice to have “Silly Love Songs” in there, since that kind of summed up where Paul was at back then. The song that I kept coming back to, though, as I was writing, was “Jealous Guy”. I’m practically convinced that John actually wrote that song for Paul. Whether he knew it or not.


Martin: You show some of the cruel aspects of John (e.g. John’s reaction to Paul wanting to play a song he’d written for his young daughter Stella). Were you worried that there would be a desire to sugarcoat these? After all snapping at an unwanted fan is one thing. Being snippy about a pal’s daughter might be regarded as ugly behavior. Were you determined to show the mercurial nature of his moods?

Mark: Yes, Even down to looking up astrological profiles which indicated that mercurial nature of his. Above all, though, I saw John’s cruelty as a defense mechanism, a way of subverting his anger and fear, and of keeping people at a distance so they wouldn’t be able to inflict pain.

Martin: You present a sense that Paul intuitively understood or had come to understand some of the roots of John’s personal pain. Do you think that might have partly been a desire by you to articulate your OWN beliefs about John (with the benefits of many years of research and perspective) - or do you think that Paul could genuinely have reached that specific insight at that point in time?

Mark: However breezy Paul might appear to be at times, I think he has demonstrated in his best songs (“Blackbird”, “Hey Jude”, and several others) a certain sensitivity which might have enabled him, probably on an intuitive level as you say, not only to understand John but to maneuver him past all his defenses toward some kind of real communication. Having said that, yes, you’re right, I did want to get across my own thesis about John.


Martin: Of all the Beatles books and the books on Lennon and McCartney - which do you think have done the best joy in portraying John and Paul’s personalities and the psychological dynamics of their relationship?

Mark: Without a doubt, “Revolution in the Head” by Ian MacDonald. Ostensibly, it’s an analysis of their music and its impact on the sixties, but I’ve never read anything that conveyed the complicated friendship and rivalry that existed between these two men as well as this book. It encouraged me to listen even more closely to their music, as that’s where the real insights into their characters are found.


Martin: Paul is going to read this next bit! What would you like to say to him about the film and how you hope he’ll view it.

Mark: Hi, Paul. I hope you recognize these two guys. And I hope it makes you smile.

Martin: And Yoko is going to read this next bit! What would you like to say to her about the film and how you hope she’ll view it?

Mark: Yoko, hi. This was a true labor of love. Maybe you won’t want to watch it. I don’t know. But it’s a good movie, really, and if you do see it, I hope you find it worthy.


Martin: If you had to choose one Beatle (or solo Beatle) song - (other than “Here Today”) which summarizes the film and the feelings and insight that you want people to take away from the film as a lasting memory - what would that be.

Mark: “Jealous Guy”.

-Interview with Mark Stanfield, writer of the film “Two of Us”

The Paris trip of 1961.

The story goes that John had been planing a long holiday with Paul for some time (according to some early notes of the new Beatle bio “in tune”) and when he received a ratter large amount of money from some rich relatives (£100, which at the time was a ratter large amount). With this money they decided to cancel their gigs from the 30th of September till October 15th (which the others did not enjoy much, being that they needed the money.)

“Last night I heard that John and Paul have gone to Paris to play together - in other words, the band has broken up! It sounds mad to me, I don’t believe it…” - Stuart 1961

On September 30th they set of, hitch-hiking from England, originally planning on going all the way to Spain, but eventually upon stopping in Paris and being hit by a sudden laziness, due to the fact that they had been hitch-hiking for days, the pair decided to stop in Paris.

“We’d never been there before. We were a bit tired so we checked into a little hotel for the night, intending to go off hitchhiking the next morning. Of course, it was too nice a bed after having hitched so we said, ‘We’ll stay a little longer,’ then we thought, 'God, Spain is a long way, and we’d have to work to get down there.’ We ended up staying the week in Paris - John was funding it all with his hundred quid.” - Paul on the anthology.

They booked a very cheat hotel, that from the pictures we had seen only had one single bed. During the trip they walked around all of Paris, checking out the artistic scene in Montmartre and even getting themselves a pair of what we today call a “bell bottoms"  (eventually taking them in themselves) and the new beatle cut.

They hitch-hiked back to liverpool and arrived back at around the 15th. 

To this day all the pictures we have are theses:

Also two cute facts are that:

1- According to this post, "That last picture is one Paul took of John sleeping in Paris. From what I remember of a performance he did of ‘Here Today’, and earlier comments, this picture hangs framed on a wall in Paul’s house.

2- Also the lads not only came back to Paris later on in their life, but in interviews they were many times caught says that they missed Paris. 

Rubber Soul Mates

1.  Hide Your Head in the Sand

Sherlock didn’t believe in soul mates. The notion that there was someone out there who would magically complete him was, frankly, ludicrous. Only a half-wit would need to find his other half. So when, at the age of seven, Sherlock ran into a boy at the British Museum who claimed to ‘recognise’ Sherlock as his soul mate, Sherlock, of course, called him an idiot.

The boy — John, he’d said his name was — snapped back, “Oh yeah? Well, I’m rubber, you’re glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.”

Though John was a couple of years older than Sherlock himself, Sherlock thought this comeback was terribly childish. Not willing to waste any more time on the boy, he whirled around and hurried away.

Somewhere in the background, The Beatles were singing “Run for Your Life.”

2.  Why Did You Not Treat Me Right?

John had always believed in soul mates. For as long as he could remember, he’d been waiting to meet his own. So when, at the age of nine, he’d finally met a boy at the British Museum and felt that electric tingle that everyone was always talking about, he’d been elated.

But the boy — Sherlock, he’d said his name was — laughed in John’s face when he’d explained that they were soul mates. Then he called John an idiot.

John had snapped back angrily, but inside he was heartbroken. How could Sherlock not see that they were meant for each other?

Somewhere in the background, The Beatles were singing “I’m Looking Through You.”

3.  After All This Time I Don’t Know Why

For the next twenty years, John did his best to convince himself that Sherlock wasn’t really his soul mate. Or, if he was, maybe he wasn’t John’s only soul mate. Maybe John, being bisexual, had two soul mates, one male and one female.

But no matter how many women John dated, he never again felt that telltale electric tingle he’d experienced when he’d met Sherlock. One night and three continents later, he finally gave up. Maybe he’d never understand why Sherlock hadn’t felt it too, but John was done trying to find it with someone else.

Somewhere in the background, The Beatles were singing “Girl.”

4.  I Don’t Have Much to Say

After being invalided home from Afghanistan, John found himself back in London, at loose ends. A chance encounter with an old friend brought him to Bart’s, where he was introduced to a most peculiar man. John felt an immediate electric tingle.  

The man seemed to know a great deal about John, which he rattled off in an impressive but also somewhat alarming manner.  Then he said, “I play the violin when I’m thinking. I don’t believe in soul mates. Sometimes I don’t talk for days on end. Would that bother you? Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other.”

“Potential flatmates?” John echoed.

“I’ve got my eye on a nice little place in central London. Together we could afford it. We’ll meet there tomorrow evening — seven o’clock.”

“I don’t know your name; I don’t even know where we’re meeting.”

“The name’s Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street,” the man said, and with a wink he was gone.

Sherlock. John should have known. Then again, Sherlock himself, who’d somehow deduced everything else about John’s life, had failed to realise they’d already met.

Somewhere in the background, The Beatles were singing “You Won’t See Me.”

5.  When I Awoke I was Alone

It wasn’t long before John had moved into Baker Street, lost his psychosomatic limp, and shot a serial killer. Giddy with the success of the case, and pleasantly full of Chinese food, he joyfully tumbled into bed with Sherlock.

Sex with his soul mate was everything he had dreamed it would be, but maybe John should have kept that revelation to himself. In the morning, Sherlock was gone.

Somewhere in the background, The Beatles were singing “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).”

+1.  There is No One Compares with You

On his sixty-fourth birthday, John awoke alone.

He’d barely opened his eyes, though, before Sherlock appeared, carrying a tray laden with a full English breakfast and a vase of wildflowers. Sitting up in bed, John allowed Sherlock to arrange the tray across his lap. Then he plucked up the handmade card he found propped against the vase and read the brief message:

I’m so glad I was wrong about soul mates.

Somewhere in the background, The Beatles were singing “In My Life.”

In perfect harmony, John and Sherlock began to sing along.

Written for the @hiatustory November prompt: Soul Mates.

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‘‘You have to believe in yourself. You can’t just accept what other people say all the time, otherwise you’ll become them, and not yourself.


When I hear The Kick Inside now, I still wish I’d written those songs. I don’t belive in God, but if I did, her music would be my bible. She should be more treasured than the Beatles. That she isn’t is probably down to her own personality, because she can walk away from everything. And I respect her for that. Just to live your life, and not play the game - to me, that’s success.—  Tricky

Carry That Weight

The hardest part, she soon realized, was finding the moment to say it. It’s wasn’t like she and Midoriya were close or anything, though they weren’t strangers like they had been before. But he had his friends, and she had hers, and even in the occasional moments they’d had together alone, it’s not like she could outright say, “Hey, can I talk to you about my gender problems?”

Jirou’s brain has been abuzz constantly since that day. Sure, she had heard of being transgender before, but it always seemed so distant from her own reality. And yes, she had always hated her chest a bit more than what seemed to be normal, but she always brushed it aside, chalking it up to jealousy over other girls for her small chest. It also explained why she stared at the girls in her middle school too much. It was just jealousy, right?

Looking back, she felt so stupid at how long it took her to realize she was gay. She wore her lesbian identity with pride now, especially with the purple pervert out of the way. She had everything she’d wanted in middle school. Accepting friends, a massive crush on a certain class rep that may or may not be requited, and a place where, if that crush ever went anywhere, she wouldn’t have to live in fear. She thought she’d be happy.

But there was a tiny itch in the back of her brain, one that latched on and refused to let go. Some days, it was barely there, and she thought she was finally past the confusion that had set in, but other days, every “she” and “girls” and brush of her uniform against her knees left her screaming in her head, and she was almost certain she was developing insomnia with the way she put off going back to the girls’ dorm some nights.

It was one of those nights tonight. She had resigned herself to another day of coffee-powered torture, and plugged herself into her phone, hoping some music would calm her nerves enough to let her zone out. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it), she wasn’t alone that sleepless night.

Midoriya was sitting inches from the TV, notebook in hand, furiously writing notes on a hero who had made their debut that day. Their power was something having to do with sand. Turning into it? Controlling it? She hadn’t been paying attention, but she heard Midoriya’s pencil furiously scratching down notes, determined to put all his thoughts on the paper. She realized he had been sitting there for several minutes, unmoving except for his hand and the occasional glance at the screen. It was a bit unnerving, honestly.

“Might want to get back a bit. Sitting too close can hurt your eyes, you know,” She called out.

Midoriya shouted, leaping back from his spot at the TV. “AH! Oh, uh, hey, Jirou. Sorry, kinda forgot there was someone else here.”

“It got you away from the TV, at least.” She absentmindedly patted the couch next to her. “Want a seat? It’s probably more comfortable than the floor.”

“Oh, yeah, thanks.” Midoriya sat next to her, and she could feel his anxiety shooting through the air.

“Dude, you don’t have to be so nervous. It’s just a couch, it’s not gonna bite you.”

“Ha ha, yeah,” he laughed halfheartedly, but she could tell there was something else he wanted to say. “Say, Jirou, could I ask you something?”

She panicked, a little bit. She hoped he hadn’t caught her discomfort (dysphoria? She wasn’t sure if she could call it that). If it had really been that obvious, she’d flip, but since he was trans, he may have been more in tune with the signs. She prayed it was that latter, and braced herself for his question.

“Could you give me some music recommendations?”

“Huh?” She was not expecting that.

“I mean, it’s no surprise you the most musically inclined in the class, and you listen to music on your phone a lot, so I thought you’d be able to help.”

“Yeah, sure,” She replied. “So, what kind of music do you listen to?”

“Uhhh… none?”

Jirou’s jaw dropped. “Wait. You’re telling me you’ve gone all sixteen years of your life without ever hearing a single song?”

“No, not like that! Of course I’ve heard music! I just mean, I’ve never really gone out of my way to listen to any. I’ve just heard whatever others have been playing. So, I guess I just wanna find music I actually want to listen to. I just have no idea where to start.”

Jirou’s heart stopped hammering against her chest. She understood people led different lives, but life without music? She couldn’t imagine. “Okay. Do you have any idea of what kind of music you might like? Genre, instrument, hell, even language. Just give me a jumping off point.”

Midoriya thought for a long moment. “I guess… I like guitar, electric especially. And I think there’s a band who I’ve heard a few songs from and enjoyed. They were British, and listening to English music is fun, especially when it helps you learn the language. They had something to do with bugs…”

“The Beatles?”

“Yeah, those guys! Could you show me their music?”

“Which kind? Their early, cheesy love songs? Their mellow ballads? Their psychedelic sitar stuff?”

Midoriya shrugged. “I don’t know. All of it? There can’t be that much, they weren’t together for very long.”

Jirou stared, then smiled a devious grin. “Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.”


“What the fuck was that?!?”

“I know, right? You think you’re prepared, but nothing can prepare you for Revolution 9.”

“God, I’m going to hear that chanting in my nightmares for weeks.” Midoriya shuddered. Suddenly, something fell over on a table behind them, and he turned around. “Hello?”

A quiet voice whispered in his ear. “Number nine, number ni-“

“Ahhhh!!! Jirou!” He pushed her away, and she fell over laughing. “God, I can’t believe that scared me. I’ve fought villains, for God’s sake!”

“Even veterans like me get the chills, my student. Now, kneel.” Midoriya stared at her with a confused look. “I said, kneel!”

“Fine, fine,” he gave her a questioning grin before relenting, getting off the couch and kneeling before her, his head bowed. She grabbed her phone and began to play Hey Jude, then held it out like a sword. “By the powers vested in me by our lords and saviors Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Star, May they rest in peace, I now dubbed thee a true Beatles fan.” She tapped his shoulders and head with her phone before they both fell over, trying to muffle their laughs from their sleeping classmates, who must have been curse their 2 AM rampage.

Midoriya wipes tears from his eyes, catching his breath as he climbed back on the couch. “God, Jirou, I wish we’d hung out before this. I never knew you had such a great sense of humor!”

“I reserve it for friends. Everyone else gets my leftover dredges of sarcasm.”

“Wow, I used to be so afraid to talk to girls like you. Did you know I was proud of myself for just mumbling to Uraraka on the day of the entrance exams?”

“Ha ha, wow…” She tried to feign laughter, but being called “girl” again just sucked all the energy out of her. It wasn’t even his fault, and still she just felt empty. What was wrong with her head?

“Is something wrong, Jirou?” Shit. He’s picked up on it.

“Ah, it’s nothing,” she tried to steer the focus away from her discomfort. “I’ve just been thinking about stuff.”

“Wait. Is it because I said girl?” Why did he have to be so damn perceptive? “Oh my god, Jirou, are you trans?” Now what was she gonna say? “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, so you have another name, well I call you your last name, but still should I-“

“Stop!” Her world was spinning, and she couldn’t control her voice. Everything was out of her control. She felt herself falling, falling. She had to grab something. “No, I’m not a boy.” She dangled from a small ledge by one hand.  “But I don’t know if I’m a girl either.” Two hands up. “I don’t want to bother you, I don’t want you to feel like you’re the class’s “trans messiah”, here to teach us all of the complexities of gender or anything.” Shit. Her sarcasm made her fingers slip, she was about to plummet into oblivion.

Suddenly, a hand caught her, just as she was about to fall. She looked into a pair of green eyes. “I’m here if you want to talk, Jirou. I don’t mind.”

“Okay…” Jirou was hesitant. She wasn’t used to sharing things so openly. She was barely at this point with Yaoyorozu, her best friend, yet Midoriya gave off this vibe that just made her feel safe. He really was meant to be a hero. “I’m not really sure what it is. I’ve never really liked my chest, but I always just assumed it was because I was jealous of all the other girls in my school having bigger ones than me. I always stared at them too long, but I brushed it off as jealousy, you know? Turns I was just very, very gay, and there were a lot of really pretty girls at my school.” Midoriya laughed, and Jirou felt a bit more tension lift from her shoulders. She smiled. “But after what happened with… him, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Some days it’s barely there, and other days being called a girl makes me want to tear my hair out and scream.” She suddenly became quiet. “That’s why I’m out here tonight. I couldn’t bear to go back to the “girls” dorm, when it felt so wrong. I just don’t know what I am anymore.”

They sat in silence, Midoriya processing everything she had said. Jirou was about to make a break for it, resigning herself to a night of discomfort, when Midoriya asked, “Jirou, have you ever heard of being ‘nonbinary’?”

“No, should I have?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. Being nonbinary means you aren’t a boy or a girl. Or, at least fully.”

Jirou stared in disbelief. “Wait a second. I don’t have to pick one?”

“Of course not, no more than I have to be the gender I was assigned. Here, this is a good starting point.” He hands her his phone, open to a webpage titled “Beyond the Binary”. He watched her scroll through the page in awe. After a few minutes, she handed it back to him.

“Holy shit,” she said. “I think I’m nonbinary.”


“Wait, can I be nonbinary and a lesbian? I’m still female-aligned, I think, so am I misusing it? Or does it not count cause I’m not really a girl? Do I have to find a new name for that, too?” Jirou had found so much comfort in her lesbian identity. She wasn’t sure she could give that up. Luckily, it didn’t seem she had to.

“No, you can be nonbinary and a lesbian, if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. Do you want me to keep using she pronouns? Or something else?”

Jirou thought for a moment. “I don’t mind she and her, I don’t think, but… could you try they/them as well?”

“Sure! Here, I’ll try them out. This is my friend Jirou, they’re in my class at school and they made me listen to some really fucked up music tonight.”

“Shut up!” They shoved him off the couch, laughing until their bellies ached, and they realized, for the first time in a long time, they were content with who they were. Who they are. They were nonbinary, they were gay, they were a hero in training, and they were laughing their head off with a new-found friend at 2 AM. Everything finally felt right.


The Beatles at a press conference held between shows at Maple Leaf Gardens, and George Harrison and Ringo Starr onstage at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada, 17 August 1965

Photos: John Rowlands

“Between shows at the Gardens, I sat backstage with George Harrison and talked about how he almost emigrated to Canada prior to the Beatles, because his sister lived in Toronto for a while…. We also chit-chatted about cameras. Later, at the press conference, I didn’t like the photo formation, so I asked George if he minded asking John Lennon to stand up with him. I told him that I’d get a better grouping of faces that way…. He said ‘no problem.’ Years later, when I was on the road with George and Ravi Shankar in 1974, he asked me if I could bring a stack of 8x10s from the Maple Leaf Gardens shows, because it was all a blur to him. I brought them to him, and he thanked me and said he would look at them at his leisure. He just wanted to catch up on what had went on in Toronto.
“You really couldn’t believe the Beatles were here, in your town.There was a five-act startup to the show, and the Beatles themselves only played for 35 or 40 minutes. The expectation was longer-lasting than the actual show. As for the sound… you couldn’t really make out the lyrics. the way to hear the song was to go into a hallway or a dressing room, where you had three or four cinder blocks filtering out all the screams. That’s how you could best hear the Beatles – leave the room. For the fans in the seat… you were left more with a visual impact. it was all about seeing the Beatles in the same cavern you were in. When you left the Gardens, you couldn’t take a step without crunching on all these flash bulbs and cubes, from the fans who had taken snap shots.
“They had fun at the press conferences. They kind of tongue-and-cheeked them. Also they would tap the tape-recorder microphones with their fingers, making it impossible for the journalists to transcribe the tapes. I had words with all of them, sitting in the suite at the King Edward Hotel. Killing time before heading to the concert, John would say, ‘You know, I’d rather go bowling than wait around.’ He was very dry, with stone-cold humour. Quite the sarcastic guy. George was very open and very friendly. McCartney was the teddy bear. He was the quiet one at the time. And Ringo Starr was just looking to jump in on any conversation where he could contribute something, because not a lot of people talked to him.” - John Rowlands, The Globe and Mail, 7 February 2014


Chibi Maruko-chan 019

Well, that was embarrassing – I accidentally uploaded the raw file without subtitles at first. It’s all fixed now, but good thing I decided to actually check before heading off to bed. That would’ve been a heck of a lot messages to read telling me I’m a dope.

Mother’s Day

Good to see the nice side of Maruko’s mother after two episodes where she acts like a jerk, right?

The Drifters - The show Maruko’s watching when she’s trying to tamp down her excitement over Mother’s Day is Hachijidayo, Zeninshugou (It’s 8 o’ Clock, Everyone Gather ‘Round!) It was an enormously popular variety program helmed by The Drifters, a rock n’ roll group/comedy troupe. They even opened for the Beatles, believe it or not! Watch their extremely short set below…

Boo Takagi - Boo Takagi was a member of The Drifters and as such he’d obviously be on the television show Maruko was watching. As for what the heck he’s doing and why it’s funny, well, I guess you’d probably have to see the actual skit the cartoon is referencing. (Even then, Japanese stand-up comedy is kind of obtuse, at least to me.) Anyways, apparently he’s quite the accomplished ukelele player these days and he plays weekly at a Hawaiian themed restaurant he owns in Tokyo.

penny lane

request: hey babe, requests are open and I need to ask, can you write a Paulo Dybala imagine that you beg him to adopt a puppy and he refuses but then he changes his mind and decide to get one and surprise you? Thank you so much

a/n: this one is short but hopefully it’s cute!! i wasn’t planning on posting this today but i finished it, so enjoy :-)

Pleeeease?” She whines, shoving her phone in Paulo’s face. “Just look at her! We need her, Paulo. We need her.”

“Babe, stop,” he sighs. “We don’t need a puppy.”

“Yes we do!”


She huffs and crosses her arms over her chest. Earlier today, she came across a photo of a puppy up for adoption at the local animal shelter. She immediately fell in love with the sweet face of the 3-month-old Labrador – seriously, who could say no to those soft brown eyes and that happy wagging tail? She decided to try to convince Paulo to adopt her, but so far, her plan isn’t working.

“You’re being so unreasonable.”

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Jeff Buckley talks with Paul and Linda McCartney after his show at Roseland Ballroom on June 2, 1995, in New York City. Photographs by Merri Cyr.

“She was gushing all over him, as was Paul. Now his career was really off and running.” Danny Fields

“Paul and Linda McCartney had come to see Jeff play that night and after the performance they came into the dressing room to meet him.  I remember Linda McCartney saying that she had known his father Tim and had taken some photos of him - they seemed to be honoring Jeff, coming to see him backstage.  When I look at that picture of Jeff I really get that he was trying to keep his cool, but his eyes are saying, “Can you believe it?!” He was very excited.” Merri Cyr

John Paul, interviewed by John Bonham’s brother: Mick Bonham.
From Mick Bonham’s book

Mick Bonham: Well John, tell me your version of how it all started.

John Paul : I rang Jimmy when I read he was going to form a new band, because I was doing sessions at the time, and I asked him if he needed a bass player. He told me he was going up to Birmingham to see a singer who knows a drummer and that we might have a band by the time he gets back.

When he got back he rang me to say that John was playing with Tim Rose, and at that time, I think, he was making either £100 a week; or was it £40? Anyway, could we top it? John didn’t really want to leave Rosy because he thought it was steady work so it took a lot of time and trouble to get him to leave.

The first time I ever met John was in a tiny basement room we had rented in Lyle Street. We just had loads of amps and speaker cabs there that had been begged, borrowed or stolen and it was literally, ‘This is Robert, this is John’
‘How do you do? What shall we do now?’
‘What do you know?’
I said I’d been playing sessions and knew nothing at all so Jimmy just said, “Well I don’t know, do you know any Yardbirds songs?” And we went with ‘Train Keep A Rollin’ in E, and he counted us in and there was like this instant explosion and an instant recognition that this would be a really good outfit to be with.

The first thing to strike me about Bonzo was his confidence, and you know he was a real cocky bugger in those days. Still, you have to be to play like that. I t was great, instant concentration. He wasn’t showing off, but was just aware of what he could do. He was just rock solid.
John was rock solid and because drummers and bass players have to work so closely together you soon get to recognise each other’s ability. You soon know if you’ve got a duffer onboard.

When you’re young and come up through the bands you know immediately, well he’s not up to much or my God, I can’t work with this bloke. With Bonzo and I, we just listened to each other rather than look at each other and we knew immediately because we were so solid. From the first count in we were absolutely together.

I must have still been doing some arrangements or had some other commitments left over because, after a short break at rehearsal at Jimmy’s house by the river in Pangbourne, I had to go back and finish off a PJ Proby record which I had already done the arrangements for. So to keep the coffers full (because no one was earning any money), I booked all of us onto the session. I told them, “You know Jimmy and I have this great new drummer you ought to have”, and I even got Percy in on tambourine just so he wouldn’t feel left out. So our first professional engagement was that PJ Proby record.

We knew straight away it was going to be good and we would become a great rhythm section. Plus John wasn’t influenced by other rock bands. Neither of us really listened to other rock bands. Maybe John did a bit with the Brum bands and he liked The Beatles, but he was more into soul music and loved songs. Funnily enough, I was at the hairdressers this morning when one of the old Delphonics songs came on the radio and I thought of him, as it was a song he used to like. Actually all the best drummers listen to the lyrics, believe it or not, and he always listened to the lyrics. Bonzo would play Beatles songs and many other songs and sing and play drums because all the phrasing has to do with the lyrics. If you ever need to know the words to a song ask the drummer. We also had a love for James Brown and soul music in general. I don’t really like rock drummers because they’re all a but ‘tippy tappy’ with nothing really ‘booty’ underneath and no real understanding of what James Brown called ‘The One’. Bonzo did.”

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Why does it bother you when people say Stu is the 5th Beatle

i’ve been sitting on this for a few hours (i apologize anon lmao) and im on mobile cause i cannot access my laptop today soz

it bothers me that people consider stuart to be “the fifth beatle” because he made the least contribution to the overall image, sound, etc. he was john’s art friend that bought a bass guitar with money from one of his paintings, and didn’t bother with lessons or anything to actually learn the instrument. i believe he was mostly there to be near john (as said because him and paul would quarrel over john’s attention).

he was with the band the shortest amount of time. the beatles can date back to 1957 all the way to 1970, and stuart was only active in the band from 1960-1962 (those arent exact, i dont wanna risk losing this if i look it up right now) but yes, he unfortunately died in 1962, but he was already in germany when he died, engaged to astrid, and i believe he would not have continued to play in the band if he had survived.

i think it’s a better choice to call brian or george martin “the fifth beatle” because they contributed the most to the group as a whole. brian was their manager from 1962 to 1967, and if he had never died, i believe he would have continued to be their manager until their separation in 1970 (that all depends on belief if he committed suicide or not). he cleaned them up with their suits and organized their record deal, something that not a lot of people can do. george martin was their producer from 1962 until their separation in 1970. even after that, he remastered songs in 2015 for streaming websites. he composed for orchestral bits in lots of songs, as well as played instruments himself. he was extremely crucial to their sound.

was stu a beatle? yes. should he be included in the beatles’ history? yes. does he deserve “the fifth beatle” title? i don’t think so. if anyone thinks otherwise and wants to have a discussion, feel free to drop in my ask!!!

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I don't know why Michael Jackson fans keep complaining about how the media destroyed him and keep crying about haters. I've seen so much love for this guy that I'm actually sick of it. I still remember when he died and the world went crazy

Oh, I don’t know…maybe because


You’ve seen so much love for him? Good for you because he deserves all that love and so much more. But don’t mistake what you’ve seen for the media not ruining his fucking life or people talking shit about him.

You know what I’m sick of? 

Pedophile jokes (in every variation and constantly by people who never met or knew the man)

jokes about his own children

jokes about him wanting to be white

people attempting to undermine years of his hard work

people trying to downplay the man’s talent and impact on the world

and a host of other bullshit I’ve heard people spew from their mouths when it comes to MJ.

No other fanbase has to deal with the shit MJ fans have to deal with and I can promise you that

And maybe the world went crazy because MJ was bigger than life. Bigger than any president or world leader whose ever lived. Bigger than The Beatles and especially Elvis Presley.

I actually can’t believe someone would send me some mess like this. He was joked about and heckled so much, that the man couldn’t even take his kids to the park and show his face. He had to sit in a limo and watch his bodyguards play with his kids. He had to go to a Chuck E. Cheese’s (if I’m not mistaken) and give his children code names while wearing a disguise because he didn’t want people knowing he was there and going batshit crazy. He tried to have the “normal” experience at a bar and had to hear some belligerent asshole of a drunk call him a PEDOPHILE, EVEN though the man knew who he was and that he was there. He couldn’t watch TV like the rest of us because of fear that he would hear or see anything negative about him. He couldn’t go anywhere without people going batshit crazy and not letting him OR his children walk around in peace. He had trouble sleeping because on top of trying to stay creative he was still dealing with humiliation and ridicule from anyone who thought they could tear him down. He had to cover up his kids because he didn’t want the media flashing photos of them and speculating about shit they know nothing about. He built a place where kids and adults alike (but mostly kids) could escape their problems and have fun, only for that place to be taken away from him because of a bullshit police raid. He was accused TWICE of child molestation by people who’s children he cared deeply for. Then you know what happened? The media completely twisted the first case and the second subsequent trial so much that now we have feaux “experts” and comedians alike trying to claim he did something when they literally don’t know anything about the trial, or how there was no evidence found to suggest he did those things. The media destroyed MJ and continued to kick him while he was down so don’t come here trying to spout some ignorant shit like that.

Michael’s downfall was that he was too good, too trusting, too caring and WAY too nice for this sorry excuse for a planet. And people took his kindness and manipulated it to such an extent, that it tore the man down. He was torn down so much that the only thing that mattered to him in the end was his children. It was already hard enough he dealt with super-stardom at such a ripe age and had been dealing with media scrutiny since he was a teenager. Add to the mix the progression of his Vilitigo, the surgeries he’s had, the accusations and the aftermath of each and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. And he was so alone too. He always felt alone even as a little kid but that only worsened once people he thought were his friends left him to rot in his own loneliness and inner struggle. MJ had a party to celebrate his acquittal and virtually no one showed up. People care about the magic, the music and the mystery that is MIchael Jackson but hardly anyone gave a damn about the person he was. The real Michael Jackson, not the extraordinary prodigy of the 60s and 70s or universal super-star of the 80s and 90s. Michael was such an amazing person with such a rare and beautiful personality but people took advantage of that. The “high” that his ex-wife Lisa Marie spoke of was also true for anyone else he’s ever come across in his life. Being around him felt so high that people thought they could take control of his life. By the end of his life he had so many people taking advantage of him and telling him what to do with his life. And he was so broken and beaten down that he no longer cared. And you know what happened when these people were off their “MJ high?” (a.k.a MJ dropped them from his life or hadn’t spoken to him in years). They sued the shit out of him for shitty reasons (I’m looking at you Ola Ray) or did a complete 360 and talked shit about things they don’t fucking know about (I’m looking at you John Landis/Quincy Jones). OR worse yet, still managed to accuse him of child molestation (I’m looking at your pathetic ass Wade Robeson).

So for the sake of me trying to not make this reply any longer than it needs to be, how dare you say that you don’t know what fans are complaining about. We have every right to complain and you have every right to shut the hell up about shit you  obviously know nothing about.

Does anyone recall…

That one episode of spongebob where the Flying Dutchman is like “DAVY JONES’S LOCKER” and it like switches to the inside of a gym locker and Davy Jones is just standing there and they’re playing fucking Day Dream Believer?

Like, this exists right? I didn’t make it up??

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Some of the songs on the playlist include: - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen -"Amy" by Green Day -"Sarah Smiles" by P!ATD -"For the First Time" by The Script -"I'm A Believer" by The Monkees -"I Want To Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles -"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley(cause he's a meme boi) And other songs that are important to your relationship, i.e. first slow dance, song that played during first kiss, etc. ~💍

I love this sooooo much (also Sarah Smiles is a quality fucking song)