and i asked them what was wrong or told them that they didn't do anything

On my schedule today was a  pancake tortoise that was coming in because it wasn’t eating. I got all of my examination equipment ready and went into the exam room to get started. A young man was sitting in a chair with a shoebox on his lap. We chatted for a bit and then I started asking him questions about his tortoise.

I found out he had purchased the tortoise from a reptile show 8 years ago and that it lived in a ten gallon aquarium with gravel for substrate. It’s diet consisted of lettuce and carrots. Only. The only water provided was from a spray bottle that was used to mist the cage every other day. There was no heat, UV light, cage decor, hide, nothing. I wrote everything down and asked him for the box.

I opened the box and looked inside and nearly lost my composure. Inside was a stunted, gnarled creature about 4 inches long with a grossly abnormal shell. I took him out and put him on the table and pulled himself across the table bits and pieces of his carapace fell off. I don’t mean the scutes, I mean the actual pieces of bone that make up the shell. You could see his organs through gaps in his ribs.

“I will be right back” I said and grabbed the tortoise and went into the treatment room. I was so angry that my hands were shaking. Calculating some dosages I handed them to my tech and asked her to draw up pain medication and a sedative. “Did he approve this?” she asked.

“No. I don’t care. Please draw it up and give this IM.”

Slowly I walked back into the room. I asked the owner how long the tortoise had been like that. He wasn’t sure. He had just stopped eating a day ago. Up until then it was perfectly healthy.

“Your tortoise has been very poorly taken care of. If he were a dog this would be considered animal abuse. Because he is a reptile I am not very likely to get far with the authorities so I’m gonna make you a deal. You sign him over to me and pay for the examination and you can go.”

He thought about it and told me no, it was his tortoise. I asked why he didn’t take care of it. “I thought I was” was his response.

“Why doesn’t he have any source of heat?”

“I didn’t know they needed it.”

“Why didn’t you give him UV light?”

“I didn’t know they needed it.”

“You are telling me that you never opened a book, magazine, internet care sheet, nothing to find out how to care for a tortoise?”

“Yeah. I just thought I knew.”

We talked some more and I finally convinced him to sign the tortoise over. I went back to check on him and he looked even worse. More of his shell had fallen off. I could see his lungs now. I decided it would be for the best to humanely euthanize him so he wouldn’t suffer anymore.

In this day and age “I didn’t know” is not a valid excuse. You can look up anything on your phone from who invented pizza to where the closest movie theater is. There are literally hundreds of books, websites, and internet forums all about reptile care. You can call any veterinarian before purchasing an animal and ask them about their care and I promise you they will talk to you.

I am no longer going to gently nudge people in the right direction husbandry wise. I will no longer tell them “well, lots of people make that mistake, it’s ok”. I am going to call it like it is and if an animal is suffering they will know it is abuse. There is zero excuse for this.

It is sad that reptiles and other exotics don’t have the “cute” factor other animals do. No one would allow an owner to get away with feeding their dog nothing but potato peelings  because they just “didn’t know” and yet it is perfectly fine to own a reptile and watch it slowly starve to death because someone “didn’t know” it needed to eat insects.

Iguanas that live in cages so small they can’t turn around. Tortoises kept without the proper heat gradient. Monitor lizards over fed until they are morbidly obese and can’t even walk. This is all abuse and it is wrong. Unfortunately reptiles are survivors and they can be dying for YEARS before anything is noticed. Owners confuse being alive with being healthy far too often.

I simply cannot stand by and watch this happen anymore. I allowed myself to be drawn into the “well, exotics are different, people just don’t know” mind set and did lots of hand holding while owners declined or refused my recommendations. From now on I promise I will flat out tell people it is animal cruelty and will have to make a phone call if things don’t change. It will not make me a popular vet nor a rich one but at least I will be able to sleep at night.

My challenge to everyone is that if they notice an animal being abused politely but firmly call the owner out. There is no need to internet shame, threaten violence or bully someone. Simply tell them what they are doing is wrong, their animal is suffering and they need to fix it. There are numerous reliable resources to find the proper information. If they won’t fix it the proper authorities need to be contacted.

deathless ♚ sentence meme
  • You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast.
  • You are going to break your promise. I understand.
  • You’re lonely too.
  • It will stop your breath, how cruel I can be.
  • I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable.
  • I am your servant.
  • I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased.
  • For you alone I will be weak.
  • I belong here, and you will not deny me.
  • I say these things, and the world listens.
  • I do not tolerate a world emptied of you. I have tried.
  • In the dark, I have pored over the loss of you like pale gold.
  • I will not let her speak because I love her, and when you love someone, you do not make them tell war stories.
  • I moved the earth and the water for you.
  • You will always run away with her.
  • You will always lose her.
  • You will always be a fool.
  • You will always be dead, in a city of ice, snow falling into your ear.
  • You have already done all of this and will do it again.
  • No one should be judged for loving more than they ought, only for loving not enough.
  • We look terrible to you, and severe, and you see our blood flying.
  • What we carry between us is hard-won, and we made it just as we wished it to be, just the color, just the shape.
  • There need never be any rules between us.
  • Let us be greedy together; let us hoard.
  • Do not leave me, swear that you will never leave me.
  • I am selfish. I am cruel. My mate cannot be less than I.
  • Sleep with fists closed and shoot straight.
  • I can’t abide a poor liar.
  • You look like a winter’s night. I could sleep inside the cold of you.
  • Oh, quit that. Blushing is for virgins and Christians.
  • Scold me; deny me. Tell me you want what you want and damn me forever. But don’t leave me.
  • Bad luck relies on absolutely perfect timing.
  • In his own country, Death can be kind.
  • What is the world but a boxing ring where fools and devils put up their fists?
  • Men die. It’s practically what they’re for.
  • I am no one; I am nothing.
  • Nothing in me was not made by you.
  • A revelation is always the end of something. It might even be cause for grief.
  • Just tell yourself a story that’ll satisfy you and pretend he told it.
  • Forever isn’t bright; it isn’t like that. Forever is cold and hard and final.
  • I savor bitterness - it is born of experience. It is the privilege of one who has truly lived.
  • If you want to kill yourself, do not use us as your knife.
  • What did I do wrong? Was I boring? Did I ignore you?
  • Don’t you dare speak to me like that.
  • I have worn nothing but blood and death for years.
  • I have fought all your battles for you, just as you asked me.
  • I have learned not to cry when I strangle a man.
  • I have learned to watch everything die.
  • I am not a little girl anymore, dazzled by your magic. It is my magic, now, too.
  • Are we not devils?
  • No one is now what they were before the war.
  • I have not seen you without your skin on.
  • Close up your head; your brain is getting loose.
  • We obsess. It’s in our nature.
  • I’ve a devil of a habit for being right.
  • In war you must always choose sides.
  • If you try to be a bridge laid down between them, they will tear you in half.
  • We are all dead. All equal. Broken and aimless and believing we are alive.
  • My old bones will follow yours soon enough.
  • It is better to be strong and cruel than to be fair.
  • I will see him with his skin off before I agree to fall in love.
  • After love, no one is what they were before.
  • I have survived, but I have not been spared.
  • In the space of one heartbeat to another I loved you and I was lost to you.
  • Frighten me, make me cry, only come back.
  • It’s not so bad, my darling. Being dead. It’s like being alive, only colder.
  • You’ll think it’s love, while he dines on your heart.
  • You will be so beautiful when you are old.
  • I cannot keep you and I cannot let you go.
  • You will live as you live in any world…with difficulty, and grief.
  • I look at you and it is like my throat being cut.
  • She said you’d come and I swore to eat your heart.
  • I still want to kiss you.
  • My heart is being cut in two. I cannot bear it.
  • What happens to anything beautiful?
  • I have to know, I have to or else you will just rule me until the end of everything because you know and I do not.

ishipallthings  asked:

stevetony - "I didn't know how I felt until...", with a happy ending if you have the time for it *hugs*

I always have time for you, darling <3 I’m doing AA verse here because it suited it better, okay?

“He’s not coming”

Steve knew those three words, he could hear them crystal clear especially in the dead silence it followed, but he couldn’t understand them.

“He’s back though,” he said, staring at Sam and brows crinkling in a frown, “Strange confirmed that he got him out. What - what’s the problem? Is something wrong?”

Strange had forbidden them from going to the Kamar Taj and they had camped out in the Tower till they got a signal from him - a plan nobody on the team had liked. Thor had gone into a furious rant about teammates and them having every right to be there before Natasha had taken him outside. Clint had gone quiet, adjusting his bow with a clenched jaw while Scott leaned against him firmly, shoulder to shoulder.

Steve had agreed. He had hated it but he had agreed. There was a voice in his head that suggested that he would have agreed to anything at that point if it meant bringing Tony back to this dimension and home.

They had searched for him, tried to go through every way possible to solve the problem of bringing Tony back from his isolation over the past nine months but nothing had worked till Tony himself had found a way.

Strange had been their main point in this operation and he had cut off all technology and communication from Tony to focus his magic. Steve still heard and remembered the last words he had heard from Tony three days ago.

I’m never leaving home again, okay? Not going out anywhere for at least a week. A week isn’t never, I know Clint, shut up. But I just - I’m staying, alright Cap? Just home.

Steve had recorded it in his mind. Every syllable, every pause and hitch. He could hear it now, running on a loop in his mind. Tony was coming home. He was staying.

And now Sam said that he wasn’t.

“Did the plan not work?” he asked, knowing that they could figure it out. It didn’t matter, plans failed, people made mistakes and he was going to cry at night when nobody saw but it was okay; they would find a better way.

Sam’s eyes shifted, flicking to a blank-faced Natasha and back to Steve, a nervous tell that he hadn’t outgrown even though he wasn’t 17 anymore.

“The plan worked,” he said, taking a breath, “but Tony - he’s not coming.”

“What -”

“He chose not to come,” Sam blurted, too loud and too heavy before he swallowed a word, some word, “He said he won’t come back, Cap.”

Steve had once drowned, felt water choke the air out of his lungs and sound out of his ears. He had once let water freeze into ice and ice freeze over his time. It had been gradual, slow and torturous, painful in every inch but Steve had done that. He had once died. It had been slow.

He wondered if this was a quicker version of that.

“What does that mean?” he heard Clint ask, anger and confusion bleeding into the archer’s voice, “What the hell does that even mean?”

“Strange did what he was supposed to do,” Sam explained, shoulders drooping in exhaustion, “Tony was supposed to skip through three dimensions before he could get here and Strange helped him do that. But something happened, something happened in the third dimension and Strange cannot bring him here. Because Tony terminated the link from his end.”

“He needs us then,” Thor spoke up, eyes determined even as his fists were clenched, “He must be in trouble.”

“That’s the thing,” Sam looked like he wanted to look anywhere other than at Steve, “Tony told Strange he won’t come back before he terminated the link. It’s not - I heard the recording, Cap. He knew what he was saying. He knew what he was doing.”

“He still in trouble,” Hulk said, a scowl on his face, “He never asks for help.”

“Guys - he,” Sam sagged and took a shaky breath.

“He said he doesn’t want to come back,” he said quietly, “And he meant it.”

Steve knew that he should say something, ask something, do something. The team had begun shouting, arguments and anger pouring out to hide fear and despair. He knew that he should stop them.

He simply stood up and walked out, something freezing within him with every step.


It took three weeks before Steve broke.

He had come back from the gym and entered his room when he sensed the presence of someone. His fists clenched and he was ready when he heard it.

“Not switching on the lights yet?”

Steve had never told anyone but there had been something worse than freezing under ice. Something worse than feeling cold creep up into your body. It had been the feeling of the ice breaking. The mild stirrings of awakening that came with a rush of awareness that he was trapped, he was in a mass of ice, he was alive and trapped again.

He felt the ice of three weeks crack at the voice that haunted his mind and Steve felt his knees buckle.

Tony,” he whispered, hating this, hating the hallucinations that had begun, the reminders of nothing and everything.

“Hey, Cap,” the voice said again and Steve didn’t fall, didn’t break but he slid down to the floor, his shoulder leaning against the nearest wall till his ass hit the ground. His knee connected with the dresser near by and a sharp noise echoed in the room but Steve didn’t care. He couldn’t care about anything more.

He was losing his mind and the ice was breaking inch by inch, making him feel something he had refused to feel for nine months and three weeks.

Alive. It was the most painful thing to happen to him.

“Cap?” the voice, Tony’s voice asked, concern seeping into it, “What was that - JARVIS? Lights to full!”

Lights bathed into the room and Steve buried his head in his hands, shutting his eyes, keeping them closed against this hallucination that was determined to make him face a reality he didn’t want. A reality where what he wanted wasn’t there and he would have to accept that. Understand that.

“Cap?” the voice came closer, footsteps against the carpet, “Oh shit, Steve? Steve, it’s okay. Breathe. It’s okay, you’re okay. Come on, sweetheart, breathe -”

Steve couldn’t hold back the choked noise at the endearment because now he knew it was a hallucination, a cruel taunt to a broken dream.

“Shit, shit, sorry,” the voice cursed and became softer, closer, “I’m sorry, Steve, it’s okay, alright? I’m not going to do anything, okay? I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving here. I’m just going to sit here and breathe with you, okay? Just sitting here. I’m staying.”

Something snapped in Steve when he heard those words, the words Tony had said before he had lost everything. His eyes flew open, wild and furious but he stilled when they met the sight before him.

Tony crouched in front of him, sitting on his haunches, eyes concerned and dark circles under them. His hair was unkempt and he wore a ratty old t-shirt that had a small tear on the sleeve. His goatee was shabby and face tired.

But Steve had eyes only for Tony’s eyes. The eyes that were staring at him, brown and concerned and Tony.

“Who are you?” he asked, trying to swallow his panic as his mind raced through possibilities, “Who are you?!”

Tony’s face fell but then his eyes turned thoughtful and a realization dawned on his face, horrifying and crippling in its wake.

“Steve. it’s me,” Tony spoke, his voice shaking but insistent, “It’s me, me. I’m Tony, I’m not - I’m not a - JARVIS, scan me, now!”

“Scan confirmed,” JARVIS spoke up, “Identification: Anthony Stark.”

“Which universe?” Tony asked with his eyes fixed on Steve’s.

“Origin: Earth 12041,” JARVIS declared, “Born on May 29, 1981 in Manhattan. Parents: Howard Stark and Maria Stark (nee) Carbonell. Current designation: CEO of Stark Industries and Iron Man, Co-Captain of Avengers.”

“Other identifications”

“Main indicator and identification: Arc reactor model 2kve43. Eye scan confirmed. Other marks of identification detected: Scar from surgery of 2008, birthmark -”

“Stop,” Steve commanded, taking a shuddering breath before he repeated softer, “Stop.”

Tony stayed silent and Steve tried to get his breathing under control.

“How?” he asked when finally he was sure that he could speak without crumbling.

“Strange,” Tony shrugged, looking a little sheepish as he crossed his legs and settled down better, “I could open the link from there, with the Strange of that dimension and he contacted our Strange, It was all very Strange but - yeah.”

That dimension?”

Tony’s face tightened and he sighed as he nodded.

“Yeah, Earth - 616,” he said, eyes dropping to his hands that lay linked over his knees, “It was - different.”

“You liked it better there,” Steve spoke up before he could rein in the words, bitter and angry and hurt.

Tony laughed, a broken sound that made Steve’s gut churn.

“I hated it there,” he said, looking up with a wry smile, “It was the worst kind of world I could imagine.”


“They,” Tony took a deep breath and shook his head, “they were one hell of a messed up group there. Everybody. All they did anymore was fight each other. Kill each other.”

“Kill?” Steve frowned and Tony let out a bitter laugh, something he never did when he was here.

“Oh yeah, you killed me,” he said casually before pausing, “Almost twice, actually.”

Steve felt his head spin and heart plummet. Something must have shown on his face because Tony winced and shook his head.

“No, just - it wasn’t you really,” he blew out a breath and shuffled till he could sit beside Steve, back to the wall, “There was this cube, a Cosmic Cube. It - changed you. Changed the parts nobody should have changed. Your mind, your heart. You.”

“And I - this other me, Rogers? He killed you  -,” Steve let out a frustrated breath, “- Stark because of that?

Tony nodded slowly before launching into the tale. Steve stayed silent as he heard about a Civil War, two Civil Wars. Tony’s coma, an AI, Steve turned out to be Hydra, Steve destroying Tony’s AI, killing Natasha, trying to destroy Stark’s body.”

“And that’s where I entered,” Tony said, a stutter in his breath, “God, can I just say how much I hated him? I never thought I could hate anyone with your face, anyone who was you, but God, I hated him.”

“Why’d you stay?” Steve asked quietly, preserving the silence around them for a moment.

“Because,” Tony sighed and ran a hand over his face, “Because you needed me. He needed me.”

We needed you,” Steve shot back, low and bitter and hurt but quiet.

“You had me,” Tony said and Steve looked at him finally, watching him smile sadly back at him, “You always had me, Cap. For all the nine months I wasn’t here, you had me. I wasn’t here but you never really let me go. You always had me.”

“Tony -”

“Rogers had nobody,” Tony laughed, sad and broken and regretful for a man who had killed his counterpart, “He had nobody and he didn’t even know it. He’d lost everything, destroyed everything with his own hands and he didn’t stop because he didn’t know to stop.”

“You hated him,” Steve reminded and Tony met his eyes head-on, intense and open, a heady mix of truth and something undefined.

“I did. I do. But he loved him,” he said, “Stark loved him. And I couldn’t - I couldn’t let his Rogers kills himself with this madness. I hated him but I knew, I knew that he was still somebody’s Steve. And ..”

“And?” Steve prompted, wondering about the bubble they were in, where something was solidifying even as things were fragile.

“And I knew that no Stark would want to be in a world without a Steve,” he said, too quiet, too raw, “I couldn’t let him wake up to the world like that. Not after having lived in such a world myself for nine months.”

“Tony?” Steve felt his eyes burn but Tony simply smiled, shuffling closer and placing a hand on Steve’s clenched one over the knee.

“I always wanted to come home, Cap,” he confessed, soothing even as Steve burnt, “This world, you are my home. I missed you. More than I could miss anything, anybody. And I thought that was because you’re my friend. Because that’s all it was.”

“But,” he leaned in and cupped Steve’s cheek slowly with a shaking hand, “I didn’t know what I felt till I saw what they had lost. I can’t - I couldn’t leave because I couldn’t let you break there. I couldn’t come back because I needed to bring him back. I needed to bring him back for myself. For Stark.”

“Why?” Steve whispered, leaning into Tony’s hand and trying to hold back his tears.

“Don’t you know by now?” Tony grinned, slow and painful and relieved. A ray of sunlight piercing through the cold. “Because Tony Stark is always in love with Steve Rogers, through every dimension and world. Because every Tony needs a Steve, a home to come back to. No matter how broken or different, every Tony needs his home. His Cap.”

Steve broke then and Tony caught him, he caught him like he always did, like every Tony of every universe did.

He caught him and reeled him in, to warmth, to himself.

He brought him back home.

The ice cracked and Steve found his breath again against Tony’s breath.

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 29


Technically, I might have cheated a bit.  Then again, we never clearly laid out any rules.  We never actually decided that each player had to wait until the next day to lay their trap, it was just sort of understood.  So if I made preparations the night before, I would say that it’s completely fair.  After all, how can you break a rule if none were ever written?

           When Baz gets up before me to use the shower, I hide my grin under my blankets.

           I dress as the water runs.  

           I take the planned precautions and double-check that I’ve remembered to wear my necklace.

           When the water shuts off, I take my position, sitting on my bed with my back against my pillow, waiting.  The picture of calm, even though I’m buzzing with anticipation.

           I count down in my head as I hear the curtain slide back.

           Three, two, one…



           “Problem, Baz?”

           “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?”

           “I should think it would be obvious.”


           I don’t move.  I stay exactly where I am and straighten out a crease in my shirt. Crowley, I’m starting to act like him.

           There’s a steady stream of cursing from the other side of the door.  Normal cursing, not magical cursing, though he sounds angry enough to curse me right off the school grounds.

           When he cracks the door open, he doesn’t lean around to look at me.  

           “Oh, come on,” I tell him, “get it over with.”

           He takes a step forward and emerges, wearing only a towel around his waist, half of his body hidden behind the door.  Part of my brain registers the fact that I’ve never seen him with this little clothing on, but I’m very much distracted by his hair.  It’s slicked back with shower water, a few strands hanging in front of his eyes, and it’s blond.  Yellow-blond.

           A smirk takes control of my face.  “Well, that clearly worked, then.”

           “Do you have any idea how bloody dead you are.”

           “Could you hurry up in there?  I’d like to use the bathroom.  Oh, and it’s your move.”

           He slams the door in my face and I bury my laughter in my pillow.

           He takes an exaggeratedly long time to get ready, probably to spite me, or maybe he’s busy trying to magic the bleach out of his hair.  Trixie told me it was extra-long lasting, but it is only Normal bleach with no magical properties.  Maybe I did charm it to be a bit stronger, but he could probably magic his hair back to normal if he tried long enough.  I just wait on my bed, studying my nails casually like I assume he does when he’s tormenting me.

           When Baz finally reappears in the doorway, he’s fully clothed and his hair is still blond, but it’s different now.  It’s dry, and instead of yellow his hair is a soft white. He hasn’t slicked it back like he usually does, just lets it fall around his face like snowflakes.

           His skin is so pale that white-blond hair shouldn’t look good on him.

           But it does.

           It’s light and soft and it makes his heavy gray eyes look gentle, even though he’s currently using them to shoot daggers at me. It’s striking against the green of his uniform, and it’s like he’s turned from a vampire into a wood elf, tall and elegant and smooth.

           His hair looks so soft, freshly washed like this, that my hands actually twitch.  I want to take a lock and rub it between my fingertips.      

           Crowley, it looks good.

           There’s a lurch in my stomach, unfamiliar and cold, and I don’t know what it means.  Not that it matters, I’m definitely not thinking about my stomach right now.

           “I thought I told you to run,” Baz growls through his teeth, his cheeks pink.  Maybe from shower steam, maybe from embarrassment.  I wonder what my cheeks look like right now, with how I feel them heating up.

           “I’m not stupid, Baz,” I reply calmly, even though there’s a weird shiver working its way down my back.  “If I leave the room, you’ll just throw me down the stairs or something.  This is the safest place for me right now.”

           “Maybe I’ll throw you out the window and let the merwolves have you.”

           “Try opening the window, Baz, see how far you get.”

           “What did you do to it?”

           “Nothing serious, just a simple precaution, but you won’t be getting it open.”

           “What if I carried you out the door?”

           “You’d have to fight me to get me there, and I don’t think the Anathema would like that very much.”

           He seethes at me for another few seconds before storming out the door.  I can hear his angry steps all the way down the tower.

           I stay where I am for I don’t know how long. It’s like I can’t move, and my stomach is still feeling hollow.  Not in a hungry way, more like someone took one of my organs out and left a giant empty spot, and now the rest of my organs are frantically shifting around to try and fill the space.  I’m cold and hot at the same time.

           “Crowley,” I say aloud to the empty room.

           It looked good.


           Penny and I are out on the hill when she sees what I’ve done.

           “Mor-gana, Simon,” she breathes, her eyes wide.  “How are you even still alive?”

           I shake my head, watching Baz as he disappears into the castle.  His hair is even more ethereal in the light of day.  I can only imagine what he would look like if the sun were shining.  He’d have a fucking halo.

           “The better question is, why has he left it like that?” Penny muses, squinting at the doors even after Baz has passed through them.  “Couldn’t he magic it back to normal?”

           “Maybe the dye is too strong.”

           “How exactly did you pull this off, anyway?”

           “I poured hair bleach in his shampoo last night.”

           She shakes her head with a disbelieving laugh. “Crowley, Simon,” she says, “when is this game going to end?”

           I shrug.  I hadn’t thought about it.  “When there’s a winner?”

           “And how do you determine a winner?”

           “Maybe just until one of us concedes.”

           “I know you two,” she scoffs, “that’s not going to happen.”

           Something about her saying you two makes my heart beat a little louder in my ears for just a second.

           “So let me get this straight,” she continues. “First you changed his sugar into salt, so he turned your scones to rock.  Then came the necklace thing, and the glue on the doorknob.  I know he kept turning your music up yesterday, but there’s something missing in between.  Did you forfeit that day?”


           “What did you do?”

           The memory is sour and I grimace.  “I don’t want to talk about it?”

           “Why?  Did it not work?”      

           “I cursed him.”

           “So what?  He’s cursed you loads of times.”

           “I gave him nightmares.”

           Penny doesn’t answer for a second.  “You did what?”

           “They were only supposed to be minor ones, but something went wrong, they were never supposed to hurt him.”

           “How bad were they?”

           I want to scrub the memory from my eyelids. “I had to wake him up because he kept shouting.”

           “Simon, that’s… terrible, actually.”

           “I told you, they weren’t supposed to be scary.”

           “Still, you attacked the mind.  Worse, you attacked the subconscious.”  She looks at me like I’ve taken her food without asking. “Does he know it was you?”

           “I don’t think so.”

           “Is that why you didn’t get mad yesterday when he pranked you?”

           “Why would I get mad?” I shrug.  “I deserved it.”



           “I never thought I’d see the day that you felt bad for hurting Baz.”

           I shake my head.  “He might be a twat, but you didn’t hear him.  No one deserves whatever he was dreaming.”

           Penny watches me thoughtfully.  “Hmm,” she muses.


           “Nothing, just… maybe you guys don’t hate each other as much as you think you do.”


           Baz’s hair is still white-blond later at night when we turn in.  I still have to consciously remind myself to stop staring at it.

           He hasn’t said anything to me since this morning, but I don’t think it’s because he’s mad.  More just the normal silence that exists between us when we’re not actively fighting or shouting abuse at each other.

           I wonder as he turns out the lights if his hair has always looked so soft, or if I’ve just noticed it now.  When he turns it black again, will I still have the urge to touch it?  Is it something I’ve always wanted to do but only just realized?

           A thought occurs to me as his breathing starts to deepen across the room.  “Hey, Baz.”

           “What, Snow?”

           “We match.”

           It’s ridiculous and not even close to true. My hair is the blonde of honey, while his is currently the blonde of fucking snow, but that makes it even more ironic and, naturally, even more funny to me.

           Baz doesn’t say anything, just sits up and punts one of his pillows at me, and I can’t hold in a giggle when it hits me.

Student Council Prez [13]

Episode 12 - Episode 13 - Episode 13.5 OR Episode 14
Words: 9.2k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

The second you walk through the door, Sungjae practically launches on top of you, never happier than to see your face. Your two siblings look cleaner than you’ve ever seen them, Sohyun’s hair tight in braids and Sungjae’s own hair swept to the side in the style of the 1940’s. Aunt Eunhye is happy to see you back too but doesn’t waste any time to scold your messy attire.

But as you look around the apartment, everything is well kept and spotless. Most importantly, your siblings have been well fed, are happy and completely safe.

For the next week, you find yourself with less responsibilities and hardships, despite your aunt nagging you to do more chores. Sometimes you even become shocked at how little you have to do or worry about; if your siblings ate or not, how much you had to spend on groceries and what you were going to make - the list was endless but at the same time all but disappeared. For once you were exactly what you should be: a teenager.

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your blog, so could I request headcanons for the RFA + Unknown + V & Vanderwood how they would react when mc comes out as asexual? (She first didn't want to tell bc she thought they would break up)If you're uncomfortable with it it's ok

Being asexual myself, this actually makes me very happy. Also, like to point out, the main thing about asexuals is that we don’t experience sexual attraction. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that an asexual has no desire for sex, and some people are completely down for it, but you really only hear about sex-repulsed asexuals. That’s not going to be the case for some of these.


  • He might be… a little disappointed, but respects her
  • If MC told him she did want to have sex, he would probably be happy to comply, but would be a little confused until MC explained, asexual doesn’t mean having no desire for sex
  • Yoosung’s biggest thing would controlling his own desires towards her and trying to make sure he doesn’t make her uncomfortable by pushing any of her limits


  • why would this matter when they’re only friends?! (I’m still bitter)
  • When MC comes out to her, Jaehee asks a ton of questions, researches it extensively to try to figure out being asexual means and what it means to MC
  • Jaehee is okay without sex, and as a result, she’s perfectly happy to just have a cuddle partner on the couch
  • Besides, kissing isn’t off limits, and being able to kiss MC nice


  • MC is the type of asexual that enjoys sex, but she just doesn’t experience sexual attraction
  • Even then, once Zen finds out, he respects her sexuality, and is probably a little more careful when it comes to sex
  • They’re still sexually active, but she sets the pace for them more than he does
  • Zen happily contains the Beast TM just to be with MC


  • Well… MC never really brought it up, and she seemed fine with sex, so he never even wondered about it
  • It wasn’t until some woman at a party struck up a conversation with MC (unbeknownst to them both that Jumin was within earshot)
  • The woman basically said that MC had married Jumin because was sexy and wealthy
  • MC, first of all, shut down the notion of the money, real quick, because she was used to it and could do so easily
  • Second of all, she stated plainly that she was asexual, and while she recognized that Jumin was indeed a very sexy man, she doesn’t experience sexual attraction, ergo, this woman has completely misread her
  • When they get home, Jumin asks about asexuality and makes sure he hasn’t made her uncomfortable or pressured her into anything
  • After assuring him that he didn’t, Jumin suggests that they retire for the evening and they cuddle


  • Saeyoung suspected by the way that she shied away from anything sexual, so when she came out he was a-okay with it
  • He even makes a list of a ton of asexual safe activities, including bowling, movie watching, and amusement parks
  • Besides, his religion pretty much states that people who don’t want sex are the holiest people
  • So Saeyoung practically worships MC, holding her and loving her, but never pushing her for anything she’s not comfortable with


  • All he asks is that MC only does what she is most comfortable with
  • So the moment she comes out to him, he asks what that means to her and what he can do to make her the most comfortable
  • After MC explains that she has no sexual attraction and is actually very repulsed and frightened at the prospect of sex, V respectfully agrees never to pursue sex with her
  • He makes sure that she’s okay with physical affection, just so long as it’s not sexual, and he even prefers if MC initiates the contact because V doesn’t want to mess things up or make her uncomfortable


  • Dude has some serious trauma regarding physical interactions with people, so MC’s physical distance isn’t something he immediately registers
  • As he warms up to her, they get more physical, starting with small gestures, like hand touches, brushing the hair out of the others face, etc.
  • The biggest gestures turning into hand holding, hugging, and eventually even kissing
  • When Saeran attempts to take things further, as he’s interested and he understands there’s meant to be a natural progression with these things, MC stops him and explains that she’s asexual and doesn’t like sex
  • Now, she also admits that she’s never tried it, and she’s curious if only to try and learn, but she’s kind of scared and would like to wait and slow down
  • While disappointed, Saeran backs off and waits
  • Considering the patience she’s had with him all this time, it’s the least he can do


  • I kind of head canon Vanderwood as asexual too
  • So when MC tells him that she’s asexual, he’s very chill about the whole thing
  • Just kind of shrugs and says, “Good. I am too.”
  • When they spend time together, it’s mostly just sitting on the couch watching TV, with his arm around her shoulders and her snuggled into his side

anonymous asked:

For all the S and M boys what if their s/o who used to be very bouncy and just did what ever they want suddenly stopped after they had punished them terribly. She didn't speak unless spoken to and didn't do anything without their permission. But after a while they realize how much they were very much in love with how bouncy she was, even if she did anger them a lot. Would they regret what they had done? Would they try to get her back to normal? Would they apologize?

That’s a creative one♡

Shu: Shu would probably regret what he did yes. People usually think that because of his attitude that he really wouldn’t like his S/O to be all happy and extroverted, but on the contrary. To me Shu acts like someone who suffers from depression. You know, no longer having joy in the things they do etc. So to have his s/o suddenly become quiet and more hesitant with their choices would cause him to be upset. For once he would actually get up and confront his s/o about. It might take some time but he will end up apologizing I believe. He misses his s/o bubbly personality and actually regrets hurting you.

Reiji: Reiji is a different story…It takes a lot to prove him wrong in his eyes. The fact that you’re finally doing as you’re told is quite satisfying. From time to time he might be a tiny bit remorseful because you somewhat resemble a maid now and not his s/o, but since Reiji can be so stubborn he would refuse to see himself in the wrong. But like Shu he will come to realize that he liked it better when he constantly had to ‘teach you a lesson,’ and put you in your place. So it’s sort of an in between with him, but yes I think he would regret it, but no you would not hear an apology.

Ayato: I don’t think he realized he hurt you until later on. He’s pretty oblivious to how others feel sometimes. Because of his egotistical nature he wouldn’t be wary of the insults he would utter needlessly to you. But I believe he would realize his wrong doing and try his best to make up for it by doing small things. He probably won’t apologize though, but he will, of course, try to be better.

Kanato: Not going to sugar coat it, he would definitely not feel sorry. You did something wrong and you deserved the Consequences that he bestowed upon you. Simple as that. The fact that you are acting like the doll you should have makes him happy.

Laito: He, at first, may find your submissive attitude pleasing, but he does miss those times you would struggle and yell at him. He loved it better when you were yourself not the robot type you are now. So yes he does regret it, and he will try everything to get you back to your jovial self. Even though it’s for selfish reasons he really does miss the old you.

Subaru: This male wouldn’t care too much at first. He hurts everything he touches, as he puts it, so that’s nothing new. But as time goes on he would began to regret it. Subaru would probably beat himself up for making such a mistake. You’re his lover and still messed up. So yes, he would try to fix it. No matter how long it takes.

Mukami Brothers

Ruki: Just like Reiji, Ruki wouldn’t be able to see his wrong doing. Since he was young he has been hurting others without sympathy so it was no surprise when he ignored your cries and please. Even when you started acted as you are now he felt no remorse. Ruki was actually happy that you finally learned your place. From time to time he might mention about how you changed your behavior. But it usually ended with him saying something between the lines of “I’ve should have punished you like this a long time ago.” No, he would not apologize….

Kou: If he hurt you it was probably because a button was pushed. Kou Is very two faced, so I’m sure he would not regret what he did to you either. But I’m sure he’d miss his happy s/o who would cheer for him and encourage him even when he was being rude to her. Again he would only try to get you back to normal for selfish reasons, but at least he’s not leaving you like that. I don’t think he would apologize because he knows this may happen again.

Yuma: No, not really. That doesn’t bother him too much. Yuma can be pretty rough, and very rude so he wouldn’t really see what he did to you as bad. He’s happy that you finally do as he said though. No back talk whatsoever. But sometimes he does miss those days you would happily help with his garden, or just simply hug him. Yuma doesn’t want to lose anyone else that is important  to him, so he would apologize to get you back. I don’t think he’d feel bad though. He just didn’t like the new attitude you were presenting him.

Azusa: I don’t think he can tell the difference when it comes to hurting you. To him pleasure comes pain and vise versa, so your broken like attitude wouldn’t faze him. Azusa would probably treat you the same way. Hugging you, and kissing you, etc. But he really wouldn’t have any problem with how you are now. He probably believes that you felt so good from the ‘pleasure’ he gave you that you can’t help yourself. Azusa might be a little disappointed when you don’t act a certain way when he does stuff to you, but I don’t think he would understand that it was because of how you were treated.

(Sorry if this seems kind of rushed. I got stuck a few times^^; anyway I hope this is what you meant thanks a lot for asking)

Pretend it’s Ok (Alec x Reader)

Request: Hi ! I love your images and I wanted to tell you that you’re wonderful ! Could you please do an image where Alec and the reader are together for a while by now and she gets pregnant and loses the child in a mission and the reader and Alec start to fall apart after that , maybe if you want they could just get back together or one of them dies if they don’t get beck together. Anyways thank you very much ! ❤❤❤

 You looked over the city that you used to bring you so much happiness, you wonder why did it all have to change. The slight in front of you now made you sick to your stomach which was ironic considering the circumstances. The pain that you felt didn’t feel like anything anymore, it was just another thing you had to forget in order to get you through the day. Remembering everything over the last few weeks brought tears to your eyes. The day that started it all had to be the best one.

“You okay?” Alec asked as he saw you looking out the window. Worry was wrote all across his face where nervousness was on yours.

“I don’t know honestly” You told him as he came up and wrapped his arms around your waist. He  bended down to laid his head on your shoulder wanting you to go on.

“You love me right?”

“Why would you asked me that? I obviously love you. Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, love” A small smile came across your face but as quickly as it came it disappeared. You knew that it could change in a moment.

“No matter what?’

“Yes no matter what” You stayed stared out the window looking for the courage to tell Alec the news and when you did, you had yourself brace for the worst.

“You know I’ve been sick lately?” Alec just nodded his head “Well I know why” Alec look into your eyes from the window. “Umm.. I’m pregnant”

“You’re what?” Alec yelled as he jumped back clearly not expecting that kind of news from you. Tears started to form in your eyes you knew he wouldn’t want to be with you or have his kid. But the minute Alec saw the first tear fall down your cheek he rushed over taking you into his arms.

“Don’t cry babe, I’m happy I just didn't’ think that’s what you were going to say. Wow I’m going to be a dad”

“Yes you are”

 You smile as you thought of that moment, you thought Alec not wanting the kid was going to be the biggest pain you felt, oh boy how you were wrong. You didn’t know it then but the worst was yet to come. As the cold New York breeze hit you, you looked at all of the lights remembering the day the light was took from you.

“It’s the last mission Alec, don’t worry we’re going to be fine” Alec looked down at you not quite sure if he believed you but he knew that after this there wasn’t anymore mission until the baby was born. It might have been early to give up mission but Alec connived his parents that it was best. They didn’t want to disappoint Alec as he would be soon taking over so they allowed it.

“Just be safe please?”

“We will Alec” You gave him a kiss on the cheek before you ran off with Isabelle to go on your mission. You didn’t remember much of that night but you could remember being with Isabelle and feeling pain shoot through your veins as something bite into your shoulder. Worse of all you remember waking up to a puffy face Alec and with one small look you knew your baby was gone. Alec grabbed your hand and laced it with his as he placed  them upon your stomach. Tears kept falling from both of your eyes and it felt like it wasn’t going to stop. Your child. Yours and Alec’s child was gone before it could be brought into this world.

 The noise on side of you snapped you out of your thoughts. There was Alec. He took a sit right next to you and held your hand. You both needed this. The last few weeks had been hell for you two. Every time you guys try to talk it always ended in a fight. You both were angry but not at each other. At the world, at or whoever decided that it was okay to take your baby away. You guys were falling apart because of this and you guys were afraid to admit it.

“IT’S NOT MY FAULT” You yelled as you threw a plate just missing Alec head.

“I didn’t say it was babe. I didn’t say anything” Alec said as looked at you wide eyes.

“BUT YOU’RE THINKING IT” You shouted with tears flowing down your cheeks.

“I am not, it’s not your fault babe”

“LAIR” You yelled once again. Emotions were hitting you hard and you thought everyone blamed you. You randomly yelled at Alec for no reason which made you feel even worse so you left the room trying to find a way to feel better.

 As you two sat there together everything that had been going on started to fade. The pain was still there but it wasn’t as strong as it was. You knew that some was always going to be there but if Alec was by your side you knew you could get through it. So as you both looked out into the city with the lights starting to turn off you knew that you guys could find yours again because in order for it to shine you both need to find darkness along the way.

anonymous asked:

prompt: will kisses his first boy in high school and he freaks out because he didn't even really like the boy and wishes he had been mike...

Ryan always called him “Byers”. Will hated it. Granted, Will and his friends always called him “Ryan From Third Period” because even though Mike and Will had him in their world history class, they never bothered to learn his last name. To Will, being called by his last name only illuminated to all the students going to the school from neighboring towns that the quiet kid from their study hall was actually “zombie boy”. But, he couldn’t have known. And the guy seemed to like Will, so he never bothered to correct him. He never actually said much when Ryan was around anyway. Usually just sputtering and silent smiling.

Lucas argued consistently that Ryan From Third Period wasn’t gay, Dustin argued he couldn’t tell, Max frequently asked why it mattered, but Will was the only one who had been in any position to know– if being kissed behind the bleachers meant anything. But he never said anything to them.

He only confided in Mike, stretched out on the floor of his basement. Mike was on his stomach, twisting the dials of his super-com mindlessly while Will stared up at the ceiling. There was a single blanket covering both of them, Mike’s feet poking out the bottom while Will’s fit perfectly under the fleece.

“Have you ever kissed anybody?” Will asked, turning to face Mike.

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The help I didn't ask

Everything was fucked up for the paladins of Voltron the galra empire took advance of them they where fighting to help the balmereans so they wouldn’t be slave again and after all this chaos the team didn’t have time to interact with each other Lance was always the team clown but he couldn’t be it now even if he tried he was annoyed by the situation like everyone else but he was also feeling more than anyone else after loosing touch with his partners he become homesick he couldn’t saw a family of aliens without getting upset or depress and this continue for months the Galra empire always appearing out of nowhere the team didn’t knew how they find them every time and the attacks just turned more and more frequently at the point that they couldn’t sleep to calm himself down Lance always walk around the ship one night he found pidge sleeping in her computers she looked cold so Lance take his jacket off and put it on top of her to warm her up and he walk off but not even a tick later shiro run in and wake pidge up “pidge wake up did you hack in?!” Shiro ask loudly “oh god I fell slee- is this Lance jacket? Ugh there’s no time I’m on it” pidge say and stared to hack again some codes after the peace return everyone turn at Lance “WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP?!” Pidge yelled at Lance “THAT HACK WAS NECESSARY LANCE YOU SHOULD HAVE WAKE ME UP NOT COVER ME WITH YOUR STUPID JACKET!!” Pidge throw the jacket at Lance “HEY! Relax! I was just letting you rest we all have been awake for days and I didn’t knew about that code or whatever” Lance answers trying to be calm “you didn’t knew? HOW you didn’t knew we talk about it yesterday…you weren’t paying attention like always!!” Keith yelled at Lance he was confuse Lance really didn’t pay attention he was too tired too homesick and too depress for that “well guys I’m sorry” Lance apologize shiro knew they all where under stress so he had to be the mature there “it’s ok Lance next time just-” “Next time do your job as a paladin and pay attention!! If you’re gonna be that bad at being a paladin then you should just stop being one” Keith cut shiro with those cruel word words that made Lance break his eyes turn watery and he just run off to his room “KEITH!!” Shiro look at Keith as hunk run off following his buddy “you should have NOT yelled that at Lance we’re all stress but that does not give you the right to take it out on Lance” shiro said Keith just role his eyes and leave meanwhile hunk was knocking Lance door he lock it “Lance buddy you ok in there?” Hunk didn’t got a respond so he put his ear on the door to listen at any sound of Lance after a couple of seconds he just hear some gasp and sobs yep Lance was decently crying and hunk felted like Lance needed a hug asap but he couldn’t get in there “Buddy if you need anything you know where to find me ok Lance?” Hunk didn’t got an answers again “oh and I’m 100% sure Keith didn’t really mean that” with those final words he leave Lance continue crying for hours he was feeling like a seventh wheel again ‘they would’ve never treat me like this back at home’ Lance thought the castle alarm sound and everyone got ready for battler they land on a planet to defend a race of aliens who where being attack in a could of smoke they got split up and then there it was Lance was face to face with the prince Lotor.

“So this is the new blue paladins huh?” Lotor said scanning Lance with his eyes “yeah so what with that?” Lance answers without stoping at pointing Lotor with his gun the galra prince was no fool he notice Lance red eyes and his eye bags “blue paladin can I ask a question?” “To whatever is your question the answers is NO” Lance said immediately “oh…I’ll ask anyways even tho I know the answers already but…are you alright?” Everything inside Lance make circuit why did Lotor care why he was asking? ‘Oh god no no no no no I’m about to cry damn it McClain keep it together’ Lance was doing everything he could to not cry he hold his breath he blink faster and Lotor notice “I’ll take that as a no so care to explain why the blue paladin of Voltron is so….broken..?” Lance couldn’t hold it anymore so many feeling bottled up he had to let them out with someone and at this point Lotor was the closed person to talk to “I….I” Lance let his Bayard fell “i just feel so alone and even when I’m surrounded by people I just feel like I’m floating alone in space sometimes I can’t help but feel that I never belong with the paladins that blue made the wrong choice when she chose me like a paladin in all the time I’ve been a paladin only one time shiro told me I was the sharpshooter of the team but c'mom he doesn’t believe that NO ONE BELIEVES THAT and I just can’t I just wanna go home I just wanna be on my moms arms I just want to STOP FEELING THIS WAY!!!” Lance was showing his most vulnerable side to his enemy but Lotor listen he just listen to everything Lance had to say ‘well now this is a great opportunity’ Lotor thought he open his arms offering the blue paladins a hug 'I have to grab my bayard’ Lance thought while he was walking to Lotor 'I have to go back to my team I can’t do what I’m doing’ When Lance was close enough Lotor surround him with his arms by being a galra he was taller than Lance and for a moment just for that moment Lance felt like he was at home.

To be continue

(This was an idea I had long time ago and I finally write it down I hope you like it)

Long Ass List of Daredevil Sentence Starters
  • "Scream all you want. Come on, let me hear you scream. Scream loud. Nobody gives a shit down here."
  • "I gotta go bribe a cop."
  • "But seriously, yeah, I gotta go bribe a cop."
  • "Please stop giving my mom cigars."
  • "Look, I'm not asking you to do anything immoral."
  • "You've never done this before?"
  • "Maybe we can help each other."
  • "All I did was ask him for a drink."
  • "Define yourself by what you have, value the differences, make no apologies for what you lack."
  • "I thought I detected a whiff of virtue in there."
  • "But I'm awkward and unfashionable. Those things don't seem to apply to you."
  • "I just don't feel like going home okay?"
  • "So let's hop a few bars, not think about it."
  • "Your outfit kind of sucks, by the way."
  • "You haven't told me anything about you."
  • "Okay, good because I was starting to worry you might be in love with me."
  • "I drank the eel. Not a euphemism."
  • "And we are now filled with mighty eel strength!"
  • "After what you told me, I'm never going home again."
  • "I know you're scared, but I'm here to help you. Okay? - You don't have to be scared anymore."
  • "I make a heck of a latte, if you're interested."
  • "Facts have no moral judgment. They merely state what is. Not what we think of them, not what we feel."
  • "I know how hard this must be for you."
  • "You have no idea how any of this is for me."
  • "They have to pay for what they've done."
  • "They won't listen."
  • "We'll make them listen."
  • "You do not want to test me."
  • "You think this is still about you?"
  • "You should have just killed me. You coward."
  • "This is an offer, not an order."
  • "I did some digging into your, uh past activities."
  • "A man/woman that can be bought isn't worth having."
  • "I said you should move on. Didn't say anything about me."
  • "Even though our perception of it changes, one thing remains constant. The past can never be completely erased. It lingers."
  • "I've been lied to before by men/women. Some were even decent ones but they still felt the need to be dishonest about things that mattered."
  • "Hey, that's not a reason, it's an excuse."
  • "He's/She's like a sexual Rain Man."
  • "I want you to touch my face."
  • "Just tell me what you feel."
  • "You need anything else, you know where to find me."
  • "You want the short answer or the long one?"
  • "We need to contain this."
  • "Lying to that woman is impossible."
  • "Choose a side."
  • "I'm the closest he/she has to family. He'd/She'd do the same for me."
  • "That wasn't very smart, but it was fun watching you bleed."
  • "Life is not a fairy tale. Not everyone deserves a happy ending."
  • "Animals don't stop fighting. Not until one of them is dead."
  • "Admittedly, I'm a work in progress."
  • "Let's get this started."
  • "You know what they call stuff like that? Gifts. The special kind. The kind that very few people have. Or deserve."
  • "Smart don't come out of books, kid. Smart is making the right decision at the right time."
  • "Big world. Not all of it flowers and sunshine, and the only way guys like you and me can survive is to grab it by the throat and never let go."
  • "Are you gonna lie there all night or get up off your ass?"
  • "What a shithole."
  • "This is my life and I made something of it, without you."
  • "Relationships are a luxury men like you and me can't afford."
  • "Is that why you left? Huh? To protect me?"
  • "You got heart kid, but heart's not enough."
  • "Anger is a spark, good. Rage is a wildfire, out of control, therefore useless. Just like you."
  • "We all pay for our choices."
  • "I've learned a lot since you've been gone."
  • "You're a dick."
  • "Say that you want my help."
  • "I want you to help yourself."
  • "I don't need a friend. I need a soldier."
  • "In war, people die. If it's not you, it's the guy next to you."
  • "I swear I will not kill anybody. Pussy."
  • "Never is a man more good looking than when he is in love."
  • "You do your job, I'll do mine."
  • "On occasion some dickery may leak out, but doesn't mean I'm wrong."
  • "So, how long before I do something that pisses you off?"
  • "You can't listen to people like that. You have to just block them out."
  • "Yeah, you're just a guy, right? A really, really good-looking guy."
  • "If you weren't half dead, I would kick your ass."
  • "We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."
  • "Misspelling 'Hanukkah' is a mistake. Attempted murder is a little something else."
  • "Well, we seldom get everything we want. Not in this world."
  • "You were really something back in the day. When you had a soul."
  • "I'm not afraid to die."
  • "We'll be together, that's all that matters."
  • "You really think that this will change anything?"
behind the curtains

Remus and Sirius don’t know what’s developing between them. It takes sharing a bed to set them down the path of understanding what their feelings really are.

A/N: for @saladtsar, you’re amazing and i’m sorry this took forever to write


They were sixteen the first night Sirius crawled into his bed. Remus had slept with him before, but James and Peter had been there too. The way their limbs would tangle on the floor beside the fire at the Potter house as they try to stay up late scheming and eventually fall asleep was one of Remus’ favorite things. But this already felt different than that and Remus tried really hard to convince himself that it was fine.

Sirius rested his head on his chest. “Did I wake you?”

“Nah, s’fine,” he murmured in return. He remained perfectly still, fighting the urge to raise a hand and gently run his fingers through his friend’s hair.



“I don’t want to leave.”

Remus didn’t have to ask what he meant. Their fifth year was finally over. Tomorrow they would all get back on the trains and go home for the summer. Remus’ chest had been aching all week at the thought of being separated from his friends. At the thought of having to spend the summer moons in the basement of his home instead of with them. James had promised they would make it work so that at least one of them could spend every moon with him. Guilt gripped him as he realized he had spent so much time worried that his friends wouldn’t really be able to help him that he had forgotten about what they might need too.

“It’ll be okay.” This time he pulled Sirius closer to him. He could feel the other boy’s heart pounding and told himself it was nerves over the return home. It couldn’t be for the same reason his own was beating a mile a minute.

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From Here On Out // Chapter Two

TWO // The One With The Phone Call

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s first chapter! I’m being kind and probably overestimating myself here but I wanted to post the first two in close succession for…well, I had no reason.

Here is where the story actually begins. You’ll notice that I skipped a lot of the aftermath of the previous chapter begins I felt like it didn’t need to be explained. Chapter One was a business-as-usual kind of chapter, where everything was normal for Harry and Meredith, and this is where things start to change. Like I vaguely explained before, I’m trying a new way of writing where it’s less about creating a world and more about focusing on these two characters and their relationship between each other.

Thank you to @harrysmeadow and @islareeveswriting for putting up with me - this chapter was a long old slog. It’s actually half a reworking of one of my one shots so if some of the language and action seem familiar at the beginning, that’ll be why! Enjoy x

Word Count // 4k

Listen To // Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Jasmine Thompson

Story Page

It was with a dull ache below her belly button that she woke up, tied up like a tangled mess of limbs with Harry. His arm was draped over her back, blocked from any skin to skin contact by the soft silk fabric of the sheets, and she exhaled a sigh of annoyance as she tried to untangle herself from his subconsciously protective hold to leave the bed.

It had been three weeks since her trip to Dunkirk, and Harry had been back in town for a few days on a small break from filming before he was going to be going to the Netherlands to continue, and he’d appeared at her door late yesterday afternoon after going to the gym, still sweaty and definitely needing a shower. Meredith had been feeling off for days, feeling sick and tired, being unable to even consider leaving the flat at some points because of how exhausted she felt, and while she knew Harry had probably come around with other ideas in his head, he’d ended up holding her hair back as she threw up down the toilet trying to expel whatever was lingering in her stomach. 

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anonymous asked:

the question that I keep coming back to is: why wouldn't Jaime tell Cersei or Tyrion the truth about why he killed Aerys? Was it that they never questioned him? That they already loved him so he didn't feel the need to prove himself to them? Cersei especially I can't figure out, because how can he not have revealed his most defining moment to his "other half"?

Thanks for the question, anon.

First, I think that Jaime perceives himself as having managed to hold true to one  vow, and only one vow, in his life: keeping Aerys’s secret. And that secret is the extent of his madness and his villainy. It’s an odd small thing to us considering the ways in which he is already forsaken. Incest, cuckolding one king, slaying another. With Bran and his near murder of Arya, violence against the most innocent. So why should that one small, unbroken vow mean anything? Because it does. Because it’s the only one left.

So, it took a LOT for Jaime to finally break that vow. A year of imprisonment followed by extended torture and a complete breakdown in his identity. A spiritual death and rebirth - once again, bound together with a female “twin” - all this reduced him to that point.

But we also have to ask ourselves what Jaime was trying to get from Brienne in that moment and why not only was he worn down enough to ask for it but why she was the first person of his acquaintance from whom he could possibly get what he sought: a proper judge to hear his case.

Neither Tywin nor Cersei are proper judges. Neither of them understand vows. Tywin understands *deals*, but those aren’t the same thing. If we have a deal and you don’t hold up your end, I don’t have to hold up mine. But if I make a vow, swear an oath, and you break yours, I still have to hold up mine. So this isn’t something Tywin could possibly grasp, and if Jaime tried to explain, he’d consider it nonsense. Tywin thinks he knows why Jaime did it - family loyalty. And Tywin hates Jaime’s Kingsguard oaths, anyway.

Cersei, well…she doesn’t even understand deals, does she? She’ll promise anything in the moment with no thoughts whatsoever on how she’ll live up to it, because she has no plans to bother. See, there are two sides to their unofficial House motto: responsibility and revenge. Cersei gets revenge, but she hasn’t the first clue about responsibility.

And Tyrion, well…Tyrion understands Jaime enough to grasp what it meant to Jaime, but the little brother who hero-worships him isn’t a proper judge either. The only other possibility all these years has been Barristan, who is prejudiced, due to his own role in the crisis.

So, Jaime finds in Brienne someone whose honor is unimpeachable, and he pleads his case. What is it, exactly, that Jaime did to Aerys? Jaime could’ve held Aerys there and let someone else execute him. In that moment, Jaime was witness, judge, and executioner. Aerys didn’t die to prevent the destruction of King’s Landing. Rossart was already dead. Tywin was in the city. Jaime killed Aerys because the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. He looks him in his eye, hears his final words, and swings, because Aerys deserved to die. Not to save lives that were already saved, but as punishment for his crimes. 

What Jaime is asking for from Brienne, then, is for her to pass judgment on the rightness of the judgment he himself passed on Aerys. By what right does the wolf judge the lion? Well, by what right does the lion judge the dragon? Tell me, did he have the right to judge Aerys? Something Gerold Hightower told him explicitly that he had no right to do? So this is what he wants from Brienne. Curse him or kiss him or call him a liar. *Something*. 

He’s breaking the one vow he’s been able to keep so that someone with *good judgment* can finally be asked to evaluate *his* judgment. He hasn’t been able to trust his own judgment since all the grown men he thought were the finest in the realm told him his instinct to protect people from a tyrant was a wrong instinct. He’s been terrified all these years because he truly did not know if he did the right thing. Now he can trust himself again. This is what lets Jaime begin to move back to the land of the living, when for fifteen years he’s just been rotting away in limbo. Now he can think of himself as having saved 500,000 lives. 

He never asked anyone for this before Brienne because no one else he’d met could possibly have provided what he needed. 

Too Close~Part 1 (Jughead Jones)

A/N: I meant to finish this last night, but I was really tired and I fell asleep before I could lol. Gif’s not mine.

Summary: You are a Blossom and after getting a little too close to the truth your father sends you away to a school where you can be watched.

Pairing: Jughead x Blossom!reader

Word Count: 1447

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, a little bit of violence, 

Other Parts: Part 2-Part 3-Part 4-Part 5


Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

I got too close. Too close to the truth and too far from being careful. That was why I was here. My father, Clifford Blossom, had always seen me as a disobedient, useless human being. Jason was the golden boy and Cheryl and I were the other two that hadn’t been planned. Cheryl was treated badly, but I seemed to be treated worse. It only got worse when I started dating Jughead. Before that, Cheryl and I had pretty much been on the same stress level. Careful of every move as we knew that they would only be viewed by our parents as wrong or selfish. Now I could barely look into their eyes without being told off or punished. I never told Jughead though, I didn’t need him feeling as though it was all his fault that I was being treated like a servant in my own home.

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anonymous asked:

could you write a little andreil angst? maybe about what would happen if (by some fluke or fixed thing) neil didn't make court when he graduated?

It’s worse because Neil isn’t expecting it. Instead of getting the call up he’s been hoping for - waiting for - he has an almost-apologetic Kevin calling him three days too late, saying you’re young. Next year.

Neil won’t give anyone the satisfaction of asking why, but he desperately wants to. He’s fresh out of the Foxes with a couple of NCAA championship titles under his belt, one of which he captained them to. His signing to the Hawks has him being called a rising star in the game, and they’re already winning. Not to mention that he’s playing better than he ever has.

He’s making all the right moves. It’s just apparently not enough to make Court.

The uncertainty of why and why not is more crushing than anything else, when it’s hard enough being in an unfamiliar city for the first time in years, alone.

And he feels alone. Unsettlingly, unbearably fucking alone.

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anonymous asked:

Here's a cracky idea--post movie fic where Peter has to deal with a bevy of new Ravager aunts and uncles: Stakar Ogord and his team. After all, Yondu may be gone, but his kid's still here, and what kind of friends would they be if they didn't look in on the boy every now and then?

At first Peter thought it was a coincidence that he and the Guardians kept running into Yondu’s old space pirate buddies all over the damn galaxy.

He’d met them after the funeral at a wild 3-day wake on Stakar’s ship (bigger than the Eclector, and painfully reminiscent of it). Peter’s hangover lasted even longer than the party, but he’d ended up having a much better time than he was expecting. Ravagers definitely knew how to party, but what Peter hadn’t seen coming was how much it helped to be around people who’d known Yondu even longer than he had … people who had loved him as much as Peter had. For the first time, he got to hear embarrassing stories about Yondu’s youth, got to know him through the eyes of people who had known him as an equal, rather than through the eyes of a scared Terran child.

… he’d liked Yondu’s friends, damn it, and there was a part of him that was angry all over again that he hadn’t gotten to know any of these people growing up. He couldn’t stop thinking about how different things might have been if Yondu had just talked to them, tried to explain …

Except, no: if Yondu hadn’t made the choices he’d made, been the person he was, then he would never have picked Peter up on Earth, and Peter would never have known any of these people anyway. And the idea of losing this life – the idea of never meeting Gamora, or Rocket, or Drax, or any of the others … never knowing any part of the galaxy outside of Missouri … never meeting Yondu … shredded something inside him.

It had been a very hard life in some ways, but it was his life.

So he got to know Yondu’s friends a little bit, and after the party broke up, Peter figured he’d never see any of them again.

But then they ran into Stakar on Knowhere, while they were fencing some artifacts recovered from the ruins of a nameless planet out near the Hub, and ended up having a few drinks with Stakar and Martinex for old time’s sake. And then there was that salvage job in the Crab Nebula, which also seemed to have gotten onto the radar of Aleta and her crew of terrifying warrior women, so they ended up cooperating with Aleta’s furies to get the derelict ship stripped down for scrap (it wasn’t like they could have fit it all into their cargo hold anyway). And Mainframe helped them out of a little jam involving a small mercenary fleet that they might have pissed off by snaking a job out from under them; she said she was just passing through anyway. And then Charlie-27 and Stakar were checking out the famous animal market on Murin-IV for some reason, which meant they were around to help Peter and company break out Rocket after he stupidly got himself captured as a zoo oddity –

… and wait a minute.

“Are you following us?” Peter demanded, the next statistically-unlikely time (two weeks later) when he ran into Stakar again, this time in a bar near the spaceport on a backwater ice planet while picking up parts after they’d had another skirmish with what was left of the mercenaries.

He was fully expecting Stakar to deny it, but instead the old pirate gave him a sideways grin and told the bartender to put Peter’s drinks on his tab. “You know,” Stakar said, swirling the bright-yellow drink around in his glass, “we’re putting the old crew back together – been pulling off a few jobs here and there.”

“I heard that,” Peter said cautiously. “If that’s an invitation – uh, not to shoot you down or anything, but –”

Stakar gave a sharp, hoarse laugh, and for an instant there was a hint of Yondu in the glint in his eyes, jabbing an unexpected pain under Peter’s ribs. “Not that we’d turn down the famous Star-Lord –” Peter wished he could figure out if he was being made fun of or not; there was a lot of Yondu in that, too. “– but I figure you’ve got your own thing going, and it’s working out for you just fine. Am I wrong?”

“You’re not wrong,” Peter admitted.

“But,” Stakar went on, jabbing a finger at him around the smudged glass, “that doesn’t mean we don’t have your back. We weren’t there when Yondu needed us, but we’re sure as hell gonna be there for his kid. You’re a Ravager, son. You ever get in trouble, all you gotta do is give us a call.”

Peter stared at him, wordless. Stakar reached out and lifted Peter’s chin with a fingertip, closing his mouth. “You better shut that thing or something’s gonna fly in. Especially in here.”

“Uh … yeah.” Groping for normality, Peter knocked back his entire drink in one gulp, and choked. Stuff tasted like it was 200-proof. Why the hell had he still not learned that drinking with Ravagers was usually a bad idea?

“Another?” Stakar asked, looking amused.

“Sure,” Peter gasped. At least the drink gave him an excuse for why his eyes were watering.

He had grown up thinking that he didn’t have any family at all. Now he was starting to entertain the strange, dizzying possibility that you could have more than one.

A Cup of Coffee ' Lee Jihoon

anon requested: “Can you do an au about woozi having a crush on the reader and vice versa but both had to find out about their feelings towards each other through the reader’s homepage wallpaper. They would have known each other for a long time already but just didn’t want to lose their friendship bc they don’t know if it was mutual! It should have loads of fluff 😂🙏🏻🙏🏻”

  • okay to start this off
  • I think it’s safe to say that Jihoon is your best friend
  • you’ve known each other since high school
  • you’ve supported him before and after his debut
  • you were right beside him during his trainee years
  • the both of you have spent a lot of time together
  • made wonderful memories together
  • and have earned each other’s trust and have each other to lean towards to at hard times
  • you two were practically inseparable
  • and you were one of the few people who Jihoon has a soft spot for
  • “Jihoonie can we go get food?” You plead
  • “Aigoo. Not now. I'm working on something." Jihoon responds, not taking his eyes off the music sheets
  • "okay..” You respond softly as you sit back
  • without even 5 minutes passing
  • “Fine fine let’s go get food. Just stop acting cute.” He says as he exits the studio
  • you follow behind him with a smile of victory plastered on your face
  • you were also one of those few people who Jihoon wouldn't get mad at
  • “Aigoo~ our Jihoonie is so cute!" Svt members coo at him as they try pinching his cheek
  • "Fight me. I swear. Fight me." Jihoon would reply as he swat their hands away
  • "They’re not wrong. You are cute.” You smile sweetly at his direction
  • Jihoon would be blushing so hard after that
  • and the rest of the svt members would look at you as if you tamed a dragon
  • “ did she..if we had continued, Jihoon woulve killed us.”
  • everything was fine with the both of you
  • beyond fine in fact
  • one problem tho
  • you fell for him
  • tbh after all the time you have spent together, who wouldn’t
  • falling for him wasn’t the only problem 
  • what would happen if you told him was another
  • yes the two of you built this whole relationship with an understanding and acceptance towards each other
  • but it scares you thinking that he might not feel the same way 
  • and your whole relationship with him might end
  • because Jihoon has always had this wall when it comes to his emotions ∙ rarely does he show them
  • so knowing whether he likes you or not is like jumping off a cliff with no safety gear on 
  • not knowing whether you’ll get hurt or not
  • and it’s really scary considering that you’re risking your whole relationship here
  • one wrong move and you could lose him
  • but the feeling of not knowing is practically killing you at this point
  • so you slowly start showing signs
  • like going to his studio 10 minutes before he does
  • and leaving a cup of coffee with a different note on it everyday
  • “Ahh my Jihoonie~ You’re working hard for this comeback. Here’s a cup a coffee to help you throughout the day. xoxo y/n”
  • “Yah. You forgot about our movie marathon yesterday. It’s alright haha don't worry~ Don’t overwork yourself. xoxo y/n”
  • “Hey smol dude. If you don't mind, I borrowed your sweater yesterday. Hehe it surprisingly smells good. Don’t overwork yourself. And make sure to eat or I will feed you myself. xoxo y/n”
  • or by casually flirting every now and then
  • “I didn't know angels walk among us.” you wink at him
  • “Yeah. I also didn't know demons walk among us.” he smirks at you
  • “…Jihoon I swear.” you playfully hit him on his shoulder
  • his members did though
  • they noticed how your eyes basically smiled whenever he is near,
  • how soft and gentle you talk to him,
  • how you're always there beside him to take care of him when he can’t
  • they noticed it all
  • and they didn't even hesitate helping you two get together
  • even though you didn't need help, they insisted
  • “No really guys, it’s fine. You don't have to.”
  • “Nope. We’re gonna help you and Jihoon get together whether you like it or not.”
  • and boy did they help
  • they’ve tried a lot of things too 
  • one was when all of you went to an amusement park
  • and while you and Jihoon were buying ice cream
  • they all suddenly disappeared
  • leaving you with just Jihoon
  • “Where did everyone go?” he asks, holding his cup of ice cream
  • “I don't know.” you say in confusion
  • after like minutes of waiting for them
  • the both of you have already finished your ice creams
  • “Let’s just spend the day together then. I don't wanna wait for them anymore. Lets go.” He says holding your hand as he takes you to a ride
  • and wasn’t that one of the best days you have ever had
  • still kind of pissed with the members that they didn't tell you the plan
  • but you got to spend the whole day with Jihoon
  • so it’s a win-win
  • another one was when all of you were hanging out at their dorm
  • and you were all playing 7 minutes in heaven
  • where you write your name on a piece of paper
  • put it in a box
  • and whoever's name is in the paper you pick
  • you have to be locked in a small room/closet with that person for 7 minutes
  • hence the name, 7 minutes in heaven
  • after a few rounds of the game 
  • by rounds I mean your otps being stuck in a small closet for 7 minutes
  • it was finally your turn
  • and the universe decided that they wanted to play with you at that moment
  • “Jihoon." 
  • everyone basically started pushing the both of you towards the closet as soon as you said that
  • "I didn't expect that this closet would be this small." He said
  • "How could it be small for you when you're already small?” You teasingly asked
  • “Haha. Very funny y/n. " He said 
  • surprisingly, the atmosphere wasn’t that awkward
  • maybe because it was just the two of you
  • yes you two were in a small closet
  • yes you're almost leaning against him
  • but it wasn’t awkward
  • the whole 7 minutes was spent talking with the other with little space in between you two
  • and that was it
  • as much to your and the members’ disappointment
  • nothing happened
  • after a few more times of trying to get the two of you together
  • you were honestly close to giving up at telling him at all
  • the other members went somewhere and yet again you two were left alone 
  • the two of you decided to have a movie marathon
  • it is now between 11-12 am
  • the both of you are already halfway through your 3rd movie
  • "Why did she do that?” He asks in frustration
  • “I don't know, that's why we’re watching it”
  • “She shouldn’t have done that.” He replies
  • a few minutes later
  • the story got a bit boring and the two of you wanted to find another one
  • “Hmm. Where's my phone? Can you hand me my phone Hoon?” You ask, pointing at your phone right in front of him
  • “Sure”
  • and as if the universe wanted to play with you again
  • a notification popped up as soon as he picked up your phone 
  • allowing him to see your lock screen
  • the notification covered some of it but it’s really obvious that it was him in your lock screen
  • “Ahh! No don’t look at it!” You jumped from your seat taking your phone from him
  • he didn’t say anything
  • he just smirked
  • “You have me as your lockscreen?” He looks at you
  • “ are y-" 
  • "Mhmm, I know you’re lying right now.” He said 
  • “Fine fine. Yes it’s you. Let me explain”
  • he just nods in response
  • “okay so uhm. The reason why you're my lockscreen is because I uhm, kinda sorta have feelings for…for you.” you say looking down, blushing 
  • he just stayed quiet
  • “Please if you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine with me. Just please, still be my best friend.” You plead
  • “Ahh…I uhm..” he says
  • “…what is it?” You ask him
  • he says nothing and just hands you his phone
  • and you see that
  • his homepage is a picture of you
  • “I like you too y/n.." 
  • you were honestly about to scream
  • but you just pulled him in for a hug
  • "Phew thank god! I was scared I was gonna lose my best friend!” You say
  • “I just told you I liked you too and you’re still calling me your best friend?” He said jokingly
  • “What do you want me to call you then?” You ask as you pull away from the hug
  • “Mine” he smirks
  • you hit him lightly on his chest
  • “Aish. I bet Junhui taught you that.” You say to him
  • “Anyway…now that we know we have feelings for each other. Do you want to go on a date this week?” He asks
  • “Yes! Ofcourse!” You respond basically screaming
  • “Calm down. Let’s continue watching the movie. Or maybe let’s find another one. This one’s getting boring.” He chuckles
  • he opens his arms, signalling that you can cuddle
  • without hesitation
  • you went in 
  • the rest of the night was spent cuddling, watching and planning the date you two were gonna have this week.
  • “How about the amusement park? Or the beach? Or the museum? Oh! Theres a park near by. How about a picnic?” You ask
  • “Anywhere and anytime is fine. As long as I'm with you.”

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~ Admin Soph


anonymous asked:

Hi :) hope you are open otherwise just ignore it. Could you write one with Charlie (from hp) who is in love with the best friend of Fred and George (she is the same age of the twins) but doesn't really know what to do because he is older and thought of her like a sister during years. And she loves him since a few years but didn't say or try anything because she thought he see her only like a little sister. (Hope it's not to confused) Sorry for my English it's not my native language.

Hi it’s the anon who asked a Charlie Weasley request. Sorry I didn’t tell which type of request it was :x could you make an one shot or headcanon if possible. Like you prefer. (Or both ;) )

A/N: Hi, this wasn’t confusing at all,your English is excellent (thank you for translating it into English for me!). I did this as a one-shot as it was easiest for me - I wasn’t sure how to make it as headcanons. I hope that this is all right for you.

Originally posted by jamiefraserfan

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anonymous asked:

hc's for how would the paladins react to finding out their s/o used to have really bad self-worth issues and didn't see a point in living before joining team voltron

Woo!! First set of headcanons! I tried and wrote these at 1 AM. Hope you like it, anon!💜💜💜💜


- Scared dad™
- He is calm but worried out of his mind
- He asks if his S/O has been feeling this way lately
- If his S/O hasn’t, he makes sure that they know they are loved and valid and worth it. He will do literally anything to see his S/O smile again
- If his S/O has been feeling this way, get ready for the validation of their life!
- Again, he will literally do anything to make his S/O feel that they are important. Sure, they may not be a paladin but that doesn’t make them any less important than anyone else.
- Cuddles, tears, naps and soft, loving moments that last hours will happen regardless.
- Will do everything he can and more to keep his S/O happy and healthy


- Spicy™
- He immediately jumps into action once his S/O mentions that they had and/or are currently having those feelings
- Did someone hurt them?? Who are they?? Does he need to get his bayard???
- Plus the thought of his S/O thinking they are so unworthy, they don’t deserve to live
- This can’t stand at all
- He’s a wreck
- He tries so hard to make sure his S/O knows that they are valid, and amazing and important
- He’s not the best at these things but he won’t take no for an answer, we all know that
- Cuddling, will tend to every single need his S/O has
- And maybe some crying that he’ll deny to all of the paladins
- And of course, all of the naps.
- Will 100% destroy everything in his path to keep his S/O happy


- Worried™ 
- He knows the feelings of not feeling worthy 
- Of being in the wrong place, not being important
- As soon as his S/O tells him about their feelings he asks if they are ok, and he starts crying when they tell him they thought they shouldn’t be alive before all of this began
- Will hug his S/O so tight, tell them everything he’s never been told
- That they are valid, beautiful/handsome, and oh so important
- And that ends up with both of them hugging, crying and validating each-other and themselves 
- His S/O better get ready for the pampering of their life
- Spa day. He has hundreds of face masks, massage oils, candles and S/O and him try all of them
- They talk and talk and soon both of them are just laying down, loving the hell out of each-other without another word to say
- Braiding their hair if it’s long enough
- Falling asleep together with face masks on and waking up to find themselves stuck together
- He just loves his S/O so much he refuses to let them go through that again
- Will die before he lets his S/O be that unhappy
- I love Lance


- she’s confused™ at first
- How could her S/O, the most important person in her life atm, feel like they aren’t?
- Like Keith, she immediately asks if anyone made her S/O feel this way and is determined to beat them into the center of whatever planet that person may be on
- Once they mention that they had thought about dying, she goes to ‘WHO DO I HAVE TO FIGHT’ to ‘fighting can wait I need to show this person they are loved so hard’
- Pidge may be tiny, but she will FIGHT for her S/O
- Once she realizes that no one hurt her S/O, she goes from 100 to 1 real quick
- Soft touches and whispers, telling them everything they’ve done of value to the team, to the universe, to her
- Names off everything she loves about her S/O and how important they are
- Like Lance, she is determined to make sure her S/O knows they are the best person in the entire multiverse to her
- Lots of kisses also.
- Will kill to see her S/O’s smile again


- Also worried™
- Genuinely scared for his S/O
- He hasn’t been through what they have on this scale
- Will absolutely offer to cook his S/O comfort food
- Or he just opens his arms, telling his S/O it’s ok to feel this way and that the thoughts and the feelings were wrong
- He will, and I mean 100%, he will cry like a baby once his S/O says that they thought they shouldn’t live
- He’ll hold them real close and just whisper that they are valid
- They are so damn important
- They are loved so much
- The universe needs them just as much as the universe needs Voltron
- Will totally show his S/O off whenever he gets the chance
- ‘Thank Voltron for saving us!’
- Making sure his S/O is happy, no matter what it costs

•From yours truly,
Mod Sammy•