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Shatt proposal headcanons…

//This is being done on mobile so I apologize if it’s crappy!!! I’ll edit it later…//

• Shiro and Matt both made plans to propose the same night without knowing

Pidge totally knew and said nothing

• Shiro was the first to ask Matt to dinner

• Matt chose where they went

• The night comes; they’re at a super fancy restaurant, both in fancy attire

• Pidge is at a separate table because Shiro wanted her there to take pictures and celebrate with her brother

• Keith is at a separate table because Matt wanted him there to take pictures and celebrate with his brother

• Dinner is filled with their usual activity

• Matt loves throwing small bits of food at Shiro to embarrass him in public

• Shiro loves playing footsies under the table because it makes Matt’s face turn red

• After dinner, Shiro decides it’s time

• He gets down on one knee and Matt immediately knows what’s about to happen

• He very quickly gets on one knee and shOUTS HIS PROPASAL before Shiro can

• Awkward silence in restaurant

Pidge fucking dies of laughter in the distance

• Shiro stares at Matt, Matt stares at Shiro…

• They both start laughing until they’re crying and hugging and nodding

“I wanted to ask first! I was going to ask after dessert and you ruined my plans it was going to be so romantic you asshole I can’t believe you-”

• And the two nerds got married and lived happily ever after The End


Noah Taylor, the farm hand + horse master, for @goatkibble‘s Farmer’s Wife BC!

Noah was born + bred in Australia, working on his family’s farm from a young age. He’s always had a love of horses, and takes great care of his horse Midnight when he’s back at home. Noah is currently working for the mysterious bachelor of this BC as his horse master and farm hand, and hopes to one day fulfil his dreams of becoming a world-famous jockey.

Noah is a friendly equestrian, who loves the outdoors and has a good sense of humour. Despite all this, he can be quite shy, particularly around all the beautiful women who will be coming to the farm really soon. He is a Libra who loves hot dogs, island life music + the colour red.
He is skilled in athletic (5), riding (7) and charisma (1).

The only bit of CC he uses is his hair which you can get here.
He uses clothes from Pets, Showtime, Movie Stuff, Generations, Island Paradise, Seasons and Late Night (that’s for all outfits, although the everyday is really the only one that matters, which just uses Pets + Showtime).

Hopefully he is great on your farm and will be a welcome addition to the BC!

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The Journal: Part One

Summary: During a night of studying, Donnie stumbles across April’s precious journal. How he handles it will completely change their relationship for better or for worse. Only trust and time will be able to decide

Author’s Note: So I’ve had this idea for a very long time now and had finally started getting around to writing it awhile back. I was planning on posting this as a oneshot for Apritello week, but then Irma had to ruin things. So I’ll be posting this in parts when I can. Anyways, I hope you guys like it. :)

On a cool, New York City night, Donnie and April sat upon her bed, thumbing through pages of textbooks. Around them, April’s school notes laid scattered. Even though midnight was close, Donnie had agreed to stay as long as needed to help her catch up on homework. She had fallen behind in her classes due to all the training and the patrols, and even though Casey hadn’t cared in the least about school, April wanted to pass with high honors.

“Oh Donnie, it’s going to take hours just to finish the math homework…,” April groaned.

He rubbed his chin, quietly nodding in agreement. His focus shifted from the textbook in his lap to the one in hers.

“Well, if we finish with all the math tonight, we can work on your English homework tomorrow. Then within a few days, you should be all caught up.”

“You’re such a great friend. I can’t thank you enough for helping me out with this.”

“It’s no big deal, April. Always happy to help you out.”

She uncurled her legs and stretched.  “Well, I’ll go make us some tea to tide us over.”

“Okay, sounds great.”

Donnie’s gaze followed as she exited the room. As the sound of footsteps faded down the hall, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed, then glanced around the brightly lit room. April didn’t have much in her room. She did, however, have a mirror with photos pinned to it, a dresser, a nightstand, and short bookshelf on the wall adjacent to her bed. He focused in on the bookshelf, scanning over the titles shown. Some of them he remembered seeing her read, but the rest were unfamiliar to him.

But then a thin untitled book caught his eye. It was navy blue and stuck out just a bit more than the other books on the second shelf. He gathered himself to his feet and took two steps forward. Then hesitantly, Donnie slid the book out and examined the back, taking note on the fading. As he flipped it over to the front cover, a hard lump formed in his throat.

Her journal!

Donnie caught her writing in it on several different occasions, but anytime he tried to glimpse at it over her shoulder, April would cover the pages and shoo him off. But here it was, completely within his grasp. His curiosity began to simmer as he chewed at his lower lip.

Did she write about me in here? If she did, I wonder what she wrote. Oh man…

As the urge to know rose, he slid his thumb under the front cover, but stopped short of opening it. He took a deep breath as guilt steeped within his conscience. Is it really okay to go through her journal without her permission? Donnie had debated on this thought, and with a defeated sigh, he lowered the book down to his side.

No, I need to respect her privacy. I’m willing to bet that she’ll be pretty angry at me if I read any of it.

And as soon as the thought had crossed his mind, he could hear patters of her steps echo into the hall. In a great haste, he shoved the book onto the first shelf and grabbed a random reference book instead. A split second later, April appeared at the doorway with a tray in her hand.

Donnie hummed a soft jingle, trying to act casual as he flipped through contents of the book.

“It’s still pretty hot, so let it cool off for a bit,” she warned him, setting the tray of tea onto her nightstand.

“Sure thing,” Don replied, his face still buried within the pages.

April glanced over at him, noticing the stiff vibe that emitted off him. She didn’t need to be psychic to know that something was up. Donnie stood rigid next to her bed, and even though she knew he liked to read, he seemed way too interested in a simple dictionary.

Sure enough, he could feel her gaze. He pretended to read over definitions, staring at the page in front of him, not even absorbing the words. A moment passed in silence, and then Donnie couldn’t take it anymore. April was about to say something when he snapped the book shut and settled back into his original spot on the bed.

“So about that one equation… What part were you stuck on again?” he asked abruptly, scooping up one of the notebooks.

April’s brows raised. If she wasn’t suspicious before, then she definitely was now. However, not wanting to draw any attention to his sudden odd behavior, she sat down on the bed opposite to him. Whatever it was, she was sure he would eventually tell her. So she pointed at the last entry in her notebook and sighed.

“I wasn’t stuck, I just wanted you to check over to see if I calculated correctly. Imaginary numbers can be tricky, you know?”

“Oh right, right. Gotcha’,” he replied with great enthusiasm, then promptly began looking over the material.

A minute passed before Don gave her the thumb’s up. “The solution looks good to me, April.”Their gazes met as Donnie handed her back the notebook.

“Thanks,” she replied in a soft tone.

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “No need to thank me.”

April said nothing in response and began to work on the next problem. Donnie watched as her pencil scribbled numbers onto the page, but then he couldn’t help but turn his attention back towards the shelf. What could possibly be written in that journal that would cause her to shoo him away?

Whenever it boiled down to knowing how she feels, or even what she thinks, Donnie was always clueless. He stopped trying to pressure her, sure, even going with her flow. But the need to know what she thought of him would always come back to poke at his conscious.

Some days, she was touchy-feely. Then on others, she would hold her distance. That journal could possibly hold the answers on April’s sporadic moods. There was even a chance he could learn which behaviors of his would put her off–if she would even document such a thing. He grew uneasy with each thought. Constantly, he shifted his attention to her etching solutions then to the journal in the shelf. After a couple minutes of dealing with this turmoil, Don rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his crossed legs. What was he even thinking? That kind of obsessive tendency was cause of past troubles between them.

Stop thinking about it, Donatello, and just focus on helping her. After all, it’s none of your business.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for even wanting to know…

So Donnie inhaled deeply and grabbed another notebook, pushing away the thoughts. He was there to help her out, so that was what he was going to do.

WKM inspired me to get back into video editing again, and I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Ruelle’s songs.  This one in particular struck me as fitting for WKM.  Unfortunately this is all I have so far.  If I work up the motivation again, I’ll hopefully continue this in the future.

Apologies for the crappy editing.  It’s been awhile since I last worked with WMM and it’s all I have atm.

I had no idea I’d actually do a post about it but why not since you seemed to like the idea. I was planning to put this one week earlier but I didn’t want to mix bmweek with comic-con so…

Day 1. Favorite performance as Bellamy Blake

Day 2. Favorite con he attended/ moments with fans

Day 3. Favorite quote

Day 4. Favorite interview/ video of him

Day 5. Something that makes you think of him (a song, a quote…)

Day 6. Make any edit you want to compliment Bob on what you like about him (gifset, video, poster…)

Day 7. Whatever the hell you want!

The official hastag will be #bmweek so make sure to tag your posts/creations with it (and within the first five tags)

That way it’s easier for everyone to track Bob Morley Week and reblog/like the bmweek posts.

I apologize for the crappy sections lmao

Sorry if I made any english mistakes, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

And consider a reblog to spread the news, hope you will participate!


“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”

-Benjamin Franklin

I apologize for the crappy edit but I just got Photoshop on my computer and it turns out that while I was making this on my computer, the screen had weird colour adjustments :/ Also, the idea that I had for this edit was completely different but because of my pastel theme I was not able to make it. However, I am planning on remaking it in the future the way I intended it to <3


I’m just feeling low.

Hey guys!This is my first gifset ever,so I apologize if it’s a little crappy,but I hope you like it as much as I did,so if you do(or don’t)let me know!Thank you :)

Mentally Unstable

Pairing: Jensen x reader (platonic till the end), Jared x reader (platonic)

Trigger warnings: mental illness, slight depression, anger outburst, language, very little spn canon violence, self loathing (I guess. Basically the reader doesn’t like herself), bad traffic (yes that’s a warning), reader being bitchy

Word Count: 3131

Summary: You wake instantly knowing you are going to have one of your “bad” days meaning your emotions are going to be a mess. Sure enough angry outburst start your day when you nearly kick the crap out of a guy in traffic and nearly bit off Jared and Jensen’s heads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this will be going away any time soon. How are you supposed to keep it hidden from people who are practically your family and how will this affect the major scenes you must shoot? That’s right you are an actress on Supernatural, but can you keep your emotion in check long enough to get through the day?

A/N: Hey y’all first I want to say I have no fucking Idea where this came from. It wasn’t planned at all. It’s basically word vomit on a page because I had a really crappy day in which some of the things in the story actually happened to me. So, I guess writing some fluffy J2 helped me get over my shitty day. I also wrote the reader based off myself in a way because these emotional issues are ones I face and today was one of the “bad” days for me. Literally wrote this between the times of 8pm and 4am so there’s barely any editing done and I apologize for any mistakes. Its currently 4:30 and I have no ambition to check. Any who, I know I had more to say but I forget, oh well enjoy. P.S. This is my first RPF so be easy on me please. As always feedback is appreciated and wanted and hate will not be tolerated.

***Italics are scenes being shot for the show***

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MC & RFA on a date @ Disneyland? I think this would be extra cute ❥



  • He never takes off his mouse ears and OMG HE IS SO CUTE IN THEM AHHHHHH
  • Yoosung loves zoos, and since animal kingdom is like a zoo on steroids, HE WANTS TO STAY THERE THE ENTIRE TIME
  • “I’m sure something just got in its-“


  • Insists on taking a picture of you two kissing in front of the castle while the fireworks go off in the background
  • When you two passed Snow White and Zen leaned over and whispered
  • “The fairest of them all? Yeah right, obviously they haven’t seen any of my movies.”
  • After your visit he stopped calling you “babe” and started calling you “princess”
  • You didn’t mind at all


  • Her eyes are wide & full of excitement the whole time
  • Holds your hand and drags you eveRY WHERE
  • “One day, we’re going to visit these places for real.”
  • “Okay, Jaehee.”
  • “No, I’m being serious. Let’s travel the world together, MC.”


  • Is confused by the concept of the people in costumes
  • “So, there are… people inside of those suits?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “And that’s their job?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “And they get paid for it?”


  • He is such a tourist omg
  • Like he stops and makes you take so many pictures of him
  • like when he stood in front of the Disney sign
  • “Really Seven? Two thumbs up?”
  • “Uh, yeah? I’m giving it my seal of approval!”
  • he has the goofiest smile but it’s so cute
Jughead x Reader:Soulmate AU Tattoo-wise.

Theme: Angst

Warnings:None really?

Summary: The reader is not really keen on finding her soulmate, until one summer day.

A/N: This a pretty crappy, grammar mistake filled fanfic. I wrote this one night and really liked it, I just didn’t want to fully edit it all out. Not to mention my apologies on the very stretched out story. Enjoy though!


Jughead’s Perspective

I’ve known Y/N for 7 years now.

I’ve seen her through everything that has crossed into her world. From her parents divorce, to that one time when Reggie pranked her by asking her out.

I’ve seen almost everything.

However I have never seen her tattoo.

Everyone has one, one that imprints itself on your body when you are born, the tattoo somehow finds duplicates on their soulmate.

My tattoo was of a crown, a tiny grayish blackish crown. It sits resting upon the heel of my left foot. Everyone’s tattoo is in a different spot, except your soulmate has the same one in the same spot as yours.

Deep down I know that I probably will never meet my soulmate, but I do know that she will be the prettiest girl that I have ever met.

Except here’s the issue, I like Y/N a lot and I don’t know what to do.

Your Perspective

“So what does your tattoo look like?” One day Jughead had questioned while getting into an iconic booth at Pops with me.

I gave him a smirk, I swear that kid could care about nothing else except for his novel, food and my tattoo. My tattoo that I have clearly kept hidden.

My tattoo isn’t in plain sight so it’s not important for me to share it with everyone. It’s not like every time someone asks me what it is, that I’ll take off my shoe and socks and show them a tiny gray crown on my left heel.

It’s unnecessary.

“None of your business Juggie,” I replied not looking up at his eager eyes.

“Ughhhhhh, come on Y/N!” He whined pouting at me with his best puppy dog eyes.

Giggling I shook my head and left it at that, and so did he for the most part.

3 weeks later  

Jughead’s Perspective

Summer has officially begun in Riverdale which was clearly my least favorite time of the year.

It was Y/N’s most hated season too.

If anything, I have always felt more comfortable around Y/N and Archie, so it wasn’t so bad when Archie invited us to his house to swim.

Y/N protested but with some very skilled persuasion she came.

Archie promised me that it’d just be us so I was less inclined to want to sit at a booth at Pop’s.

Now, you’d think that Y/N would have seen my tattoo already but I don’t think she has. Or has tried to find it at least.

Y/N has always been… against this whole soulmate thing.

5 years ago

Y/N aren’t you excited to meet your soulmate one day?” I smirked one evening while we were sitting on her bedside.

Y/N groaned while shaking her head in disgust.

“No Juggie of course not! It’s so freaking cliche, besides no ones going to see my tattoo so why should I bother looking for others? The possibility of me meeting my ‘true love’ is so unlikely.” Y/N had retorted back.

My jaw dropped only nodding at her response.

Even at age twelve, Y/N knew what she wanted and believed, and most likely those declarations of her always stuck.

Present Time: Your Perspective

Everyone knew that I didn’t swim so I usually sat on the side. Since bathing suit don’t usually cover your heels.

I watched as the only exception walked into the pool that lay glistening in front of us.

Jughead Jones.

Now I would never admit that out loud but I did kinda have feelings towards him. I don’t know how the soulmate thing worked and if this was cheating or not, but it was nice to have a crush. Despite the fact that I have told him that I would never check for people’s tattoos, it was moments like these where that rule didn’t seem to apply.

Archie ran out into the clearing in his trousers before shoving a very handsome Juggie into the waters deep.

Giggling I watched the feud develop between the two as they playfully fought each other in the crystal abyss.

“Nice tat Jug!” I heard Archie cheer as he reached the surface.

I felt every bone in my body tense up as I tried not to look up.

“Oh it’s nothing special,” Jughead had blushed deeply as I had snuck a peak at his face.

We made eye contact for a quick second before I looked away.

Later on while the boys went indoors to play video games, I set down the book I was reading and decided to go in for a quick swim.

Stroking and gliding throughout the pool waters I let my body loosen up. After awhile I decided to get out of the water and sat by the edge of the pool letting my mind swim in my thoughts.

I don’t know how long it was that I sat there but it clearly was long enough to not realize the opening and closing of the sliding door behind me.

Jughead’s Perspective

Going outside to grab two soda bottles I couldn’t help but notice Y/N, and she clearly didn’t notice my peering eyes.

She was completely open, except for her two piece so not that open.

I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander looking for any signs of a tattoo.

Defeated in finding nothing I was about to turn around when her left leg shifted so that her foot was visible. Squinting my eyes I trailed down her foot and up to her heel, and that was when I saw it, a gray crown.

“ARCHIE!"I cried as soon as I had made it inside and far from Y/N’s depicted hearing range.

"Did you get the- what?” Archie paused as he turned to face me.

“She’s the one….I saw it on her….foot,” Panting I slowed down to catch my breath.

Confusion spread across Archie’s face to soon be met with glee.

“Oh my gosh Jug,” He grinned while grabbing my arm to head out to pool area.

Your Perspective

I could practically hear the two heading over so I got back into my socks and pretended to read my book.

“Hey Y/N! How was the pool?” Jughead called out as he sorted himself into the cold waters again.

“It was refreshing,” I smiled at him before catching Archie staring down at my socks.

“It’s the middle of the summer take them off Y/N,” Archie teased walking over to me to sit down next to me, I made room.

“No thanks Archie, I don’t want to get hot feet on the pavement,” I replied looking down at my book again.

Archie got up and started to dive off the diving board while Jughead followed suit.

Watching my eyes wandered and met his as he teased while turning around to face the water clearly  about to do a dive. Gracefully he leaped in feet stretched out and that’s when I saw it.

Gasping I dropped my book and started to pack up my things.

“You okay Y/N?” Archie questioned clearly concerned as he hung on the side of the pool while Jug came up for air.

This couldn’t be happening, it was Jughead all along. The man I love, the man that I’ve had a crush on for years was supposedly mine.

That was when I ran, I ran to the car that I came in fiddling with my keys.

“Y/N wait!” I heard Jughead plead when I felt a hand grab mine, a hand that was slightly wet.

“I can’t Juggie,” I whined while opening my door.

“I know that you have one too, I saw it outside, Y/N we are mean’t to be, please?” His eyes watered up while mine did the same.

Flickering my eyes between him and Archie who stood watching us from the top of the driveway I grabbed his face and leaned in, introducing my lips to his.

It was in that moment where I believed that my knight in shining armor that I had desperately tried to ignore, had been protecting me this whole time.

So I didn’t mind being a princess for once.

Day Five “Decisions” (Drake x MC)

[A little note: I enjoyed writing this a lot mostly because it was my poor attempt at writing a somewhat Most Wanted crossover with my MC from The Royal Romance. In any case, I hope it’s enjoyable! This is what I do instead of sleeping on the bus ride back]

[Summary: MC (Robyn) feels more alone in the entire world than she ever has before. An unlikely person will help her realize it’s more important to face her fears, than run from them]

[Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four]

There were nearly four hours to burn until her next ride out of Los Angeles. She had stuck to the downtown part of the city for a better half of an hour; thinking she needed a distraction to keep herself awake but it wasn’t long before walking the streets of L.A. were no longer providing her that same excitement she had once craved.

The city came alive at night; with street performers and the constant shifting in between crowds rushing to get to their next destinations – it was a little too close to her New Yorker lifestyle than she had prepared for. It overwhelmed her senses, caused her to stumble and bump into shoulders that hastily wanted to pass by. It seemed after spending as many months as she did in the quiet simplicity of Cordonia and it’s comforting countryside – returning to any major city filled her with anxiety.  

She quickened her pace in between crowds of people, until finally giving up entirely.  Her heels swiftly swept trudged past uneven sidewalks, until her eyes in their frequent skimming located a bar as solace from the rest of the noisy world. A little disorientated, she muttered apologies when she pushed past bystanders until she could cross the street.

Thankfully, the bar she spotted hadn’t been particularly crowded as she ducked inside. She uttered a quick sigh of relief before slinking onto a barstool. She could barely hear the bustling street corners anymore from inside her, and her shoulders relaxed immensely as she waited expectantly for the bartender.

She hadn’t given the bartender her usual winsome smile when she caught his attention. Her mind was elsewhere. The word had been on her tongue – whiskey and it nearly fell from her lips until she remembered him. Then she shoved all thoughts of that snarky man aside and opted for a dirty martini instead.

Her eyes watched the crowd for awhile as she waited for her drink. Originally, she stepped inside here because there hadn’t been a lot of people, but now she realized her mistake as she watched the influx mingle. There were mostly large groups, and every so often she caught sight of hand-holding and kissing,

Her stomach sunk and she heaved a miserable sigh. There was nothing like other people’s public display of affection to show how lonely a person truly felt.

She glanced at her phone on a whim as it begun vibrating. The screen had been continually flickering on and off all day and she had stared at it in dismay more than once at the several missed calls from Liam. She found it odd that he was trying so hard to contact her. He was the crowned prince of Cordonia after all and she was quite certain he had more pressing things to worry about than being concerned about the welfare of a New York waitress. Ex-waitress, she corrected herself.

She hadn’t exactly thought they would have held her job for her the moment she got back.

Nevertheless, it stung a little the more she lingered on Liam. The coronation was still fresh inside her head, and while she had never intended to marry him; she hadn’t seen becoming quite spectacle for scandals either. She also hadn’t stuck around long enough for answers either.

Every time guilt and regret wormed its ugly root inside her head, she reminded herself that she left for them as much as she did for herself. Even if Liam had been a good friend to her, she couldn’t exactly waltz back inside his or his best friend’s life anytime soon.

This was easier, she decided. Ignoring everyone that had been apart of that life was the easier decision. Painful, but easier.

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the antis are back at it again! remember when they sent (and still send) all the reylos death threats bc someone photoshopped a pic of john boyega and daisy? and the person apologized? well now they made a crappy edit erasing kylo and putting finn on the tlj poster and are spreading it everywhere. i really try to understand, being a multishipper myself, but this is getting ridiculous.

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Even if they try to do some ridiculous nonsense, canon is canon is canon. This is like going back in time and trying to convince yourself that Vader is not Luke’s father- you can yell it to the heavens, scream it into a piece of paper, photoshop it into whatever poster you want to your ass’ content, but the fact is, Luke, Kylo and Rey are on a poster for reasons that have to do with the story and not what some 13-year-old whines about wanting on the internet because  they think they, somehow, have the ability to convince a giant mega-franchise like Star Wars that their opinion is word and law. 

I don’t care what the stupid antis say, or do, or try to do, they are just continuously embarrasing themselves and making their respective ships look bad (unfortunate for the good people of the ships who don’t dabble in such petty squabble because they, to put it bluntly, can’t get their way). That gorgeous poster, the content in the trailer, and the lore behind The Last Jedi has been determined, preset, filmed, shot, edited and approved by KK, JJ, and Rian Johnson, and I am sitting here, with my cabernet sauvignon, my take-home shrimp BBQ (we had a spring/Easter BBQ at work today for the new employees) and enjoying the fact that no matter what anyone says, it is what is is. 

Originally posted by penultimxte

Poe, Finn and Rose will have their own side of marketing and it will be as exposed as Rey, Luke and Kylos. For marketing purposes I feel that it was a smart move to contain each separate plot line for their own atmospheres because as we all learned from the prequels, too many “tones” at the same time are detrimental to keeping a story together. I feel that Finn, Rose and Poe’s plot line (entangled with Leia, Laura Dern’s character, and Benicio’s character) will have their own adventurous, action-packed mood vs Luke, Rey, and Kylo’s darker, more mysterious mood with the Jedi’s history and the Force. 

I trust antis should realize that Luke and Kylo are important characters too? You know, the main hero of the OT? And the son of his beloved twin sister and best friend? Or are they just completely blinded of reason? (I’m guessing the latter, it’s obvious in both image, marketing and advertising and their feelings are just getting in the way). They still think Kylo is unimportant and that Rey is somehow relate to Luke (despite consistent evidence pointing towards a very strong “NO”) but I mean, not everyone has the same capacity for common sense and that’s okay. I just think they look hilarious trying to get their shit together.

Originally posted by lg-joanne