and i am wearing it because it's cat's birthday

11 Random Facts

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  1. I wear glasses.
  2. My left feet is slightly smaller than my right feet, probably because I had surgery on that feet when I was just 3 months after birth.
  3. I depend sunlight just like I am solar-powered, not only I like the sun but I am extremely sensitive to cold temperature which makes me always crave for warmness. Strangely most people around me really hate sunlight and I don’t know why.
  4. Momo is not my first cat. The first cat I had in my life is called “吉吉”, which is a Chinchilla… but it couldn’t make its five years old birthday due to kidney failure. (Which is just similar to Cancer)
  5. My family (especially my mom but I don’t really blame her) is very against me for  speaking swears or any other “vulgar” words like hell they even tell me to not use certain terms for “butt”. So here I am who behave as a nice formal girl at home and then immediately launch the curse cannon once I meet my friends at school and on the internet.
  6. There is one time I took a roller coaster with my cousins when I was still a kid, annnnnnnnnd I took out my phone to call my mom, while on the ride, and i succeed. (PLEASE DO NOT IMITATE!!!!!) This is one of the reason people should truly be careful around me since sometimes I really have no control of myself.
  7. I started draw things since even before kindergarten, at that time I am mostly drawing some silly oc comics which I still keeping some of them. Then when in middle school I got inspired by my older cousin and start drawing fanart on things I watched (my skills probably built at that period) till now.
  8. Being a comic artist is my childhood dream, and now I would prefer anything related to graphic design/animation production based on stuffs I am learning here, but I didn’t give up comic artist option yet.
  9. I am going to turn 20s within a month like oh my shit.
  10. I always believe that keep drawing is somehow, mentally, saved my life.
  11. I may now sounds confident and direct toward people but believe or not, I was once super insecure and isolated from others for my past 12 years school life, which was an environment that having only few to even none of friends, also lots of bad stuffs happened back in those days. After graduated I keep forcing myself to letting go the past and focus on the future, and I made it, I have changed and become happier.

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