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I told myself that I would stop yelling but do they ACTUALLY EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE that Mary made two different DVD’s, one where she’s all serious and like ‘I am probably dead as you’re watching this. Sherlock, you need to save John Watson. Save him. Put yourself through hell. Fucking die for all I care’ and the other where she’s like 'hi guys!!!!! In this vlog I just want to say, because I somehow know that everything went ok as I’m a fucking omnipresent force or something idk, I love my Baker Street boys!!!!!! Btw it doesn’t matter who you really are and I hope you find this DVD before the other one because that would be HELLA AWKS lmao peace out bitches xoxoxoxoxox’

all this drama in Sherlock Fandom™: *happens* 
me: so when is guy richie’s sherlock holmes 3 happening?

Sherlock fucking Holmes was ticklish.

John at first realised this at a crime scene – naturally, given their unique lives.

Sherlock was standing over a dead body (but then again, there were few times when he wasn’t). It was the fourth murder, all of them done in the same way – their throats were ripped out, and an ‘x’ was written in blood on the wall,

It started to rain down suddenly – no mention of rain in the weather, or else John would have brought his umbrella – and John put his arms around himself to keep warm.

“Sherlock,” John said, trying to communicate with his friend so that they could leave. He was ignored, obviously… not that he was expecting anything else. A few of the police officers around him were growing impatient as well, muttering and staring at their watches.

“Sherlock. It is raining and I am freezing, and you probably are too. You can come back tomorrow.” Once again, he was ignored.

It was pouring down now. John’s hair was sticking down to his face, and from where he was standing he could see that Sherlock’s curls were flat and hanging down in his eyes. Something in him couldn’t help but call it adorable.

“Sherlock!” he called, still trying to get the consulting detective’s attention.

Nothing worked.

He moved closer, and saw that his friend had his eyes closed.

“Great,” he muttered bitterly under his breath, “mind palace time. We’ll be here all day.”

Sherlock’s hands were clasped together, and if John didn’t know him better he might have thought that he was praying – given that he did know Sherlock though, he knew that it wasn’t even a possibility. It was the gesture he always made while he was thinking especially hard about something in his mind palace.

His middle finger was almost touching his chin, which, if he was tired and thought about it enough, was funny to him for reasons he’d explained to Sherlock before.

All of these were things John had noticed in Sherlock hundreds of times.

Meanwhile, Sherlock looked like he was in no mood and had no intentions of leaving, so John walked closer to him.

He was soaking wet, the coat hanging limply around him and the shirt that had somehow seen the light of day almost see through, and John would be lying if he said that he didn’t look for a second longer than he probably should have. John couldn’t understand why all of this wasn’t bothering him. Then again, there were a lot of things he didn’t understand about Sherlock, and he was growing used to it.

John sighed and kneeled next to him, making sure not to accidently destroy any evidence on the body, and waved his hands in front of Sherlock’s face.

No reaction.

He then poked his cheeks, three times. Sherlock still didn’t move a centimetre, to John’s dismay.

He sighed, and then poked Sherlock in the side.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Sherlock, at that point, seemed unable to hold it in, and out came a burst of laughter. John looked at him in amazement, and Sherlock seemed to realise what it was that he’d done, and blushed.

Some officers looked at him strangely, and then started muttering amongst themselves.

“So…” Sherlock cleared his throat, “was there something you wanted?” He was still blushing, his cheeks dusted with red that John for some reason just wanted to poke even more.

“Um… yeah, it’s raining, I thought we could leave and come back tomorrow?” Sherlock looked around, as if just noticing that it was raining. John though that he probably was; chances were he hadn’t even felt it so deep into his mind palace.

Sherlock cleared his throat again. “Right, yeah. I’ll get us a cab.” And then he walked off. John raced after him, and watched as a cab pulled in to where they were standing; how Sherlock always managed to find one so quickly, John had no idea.

They both climbed in, and Sherlock looked out the window as John stared right at him.

“So, you’re ticklish?” John exclaimed. Sherlock stared at him and replied quietly, “No.” and John just looked at him once again in amazement. And then he reached out again and poked him sharply in the sides, which prompted another burst of laughter that left a smile on John’s face.

“Oh, I’m going to have fun with this,” John exclaimed, leaving Sherlock in horror as he jumped up out of the cab.

It was a few weeks later that he managed to actually have fun with it; Sherlock had once again, left some thumbs (or were those toes… John didn’t get close enough to tell) in the fridge, and was now attempting to solve a case.

John walked up to the detective and put his hands on his hips, looking straight at him. His eyes were still closed, so John didn’t bother warning him, and instead reached his hands out around Sherlock’s stomach and sides, and started tickling him.

At first there was nothing, but soon enough Sherlock was laughing quietly, which evolved into straight up laughing hysterically. His eyes were very open now, and John watched as his tall friend managed to curl himself into a ball, which was absolutely the most adorable thing he had ever seen in his life –

Sherlock was still laughing, but with the position he had manoeuvred himself into, John was finding it harder to actually get a reaction out of him.

He adjusted where he was sitting so that he was basically on top of his best friend and continued to tickle him as he thrashed around, until their limbs were entangled and John’s face was basically on top of Sherlock’s.

He could feel his erratic breathing on his face, and blushed as he realised the position the two were in. He went to move away but instead fell further into the embrace, landing himself less than an inch from Sherlock’s face.

Something inside of John must have just said “screw it” because next thing he knew he was leaning down and oh my god he was kissing Sherlock Holmes and it was amazing and everything he had ever hoped for

Sherlock kissed back slowly, and John couldn’t help but start smiling, and next thing he knew it so was Sherlock, and then both of them were laughing and neither of them could explain why, and then they were back to kissing, and John’s hands were running through Sherlock’s hair…

Sherlock broke the kiss and smiled up at him. His grin was contagious, and soon both of them were just smiling and holding hands and John couldn’t even think straight, and he was just so amazingly happy.

They stayed that way for a while, until Mrs Hudson walked in and saw the two of them now cuddling on the couch. She smiled at both of them.

“It’s about time, boys. Any longer and I would have owed Mycroft £20.”

tjlc has always been a vocal minority because a) it is unbelievable and people cannot and do not believe it, so b) everybody who DOES needs to post their thoughts and ideas to find everybody else and corroborate as much evidence as possible in order to c) further convince ourselves, because, as ever, it is unbelievable and difficult to believe

i understand that this episode seems to prove that this is delusional behavior that creates and confirms itself, but to me, the show remains written in a language that i can read, and i’m not convinced that i’ve just made up a language, not yet–especially when that language is telling me “the show is in hell” and “don’t give up after three.”

as ever, posting about and believing in tjlc is not a slight on anybody else. everyone is entitled to their own opinions and feelings, but so am i–i am entitled to enjoy the experience of watching sherlock and to continue to trust mark and steven. i can’t put myself in the shoes of an outsider, and i’m sure it’s uncomfortable and knife-twisting if you’re hurt and it feels like it’s all over, but it’s also deeply hurtful to me to see my friends suggesting that i’m a bad person for theorizing about this, or delusional, or that i don’t care about the harm that has just been done. i’m a lesbian myself, and of course i have my own opinions about how these decisions might impact queer viewers. do they differ from yours? probably. do i think that anyone who feels differently has brought these bad feelings upon themselves? of course not.

given the ending of the final problem, i think the idea that anybody would “wait til series five” to see if johnlock happens is fucking ridiculous and won’t occur. tfp as a whole is designed to downplay johnlock as much as possible, and if that’s the resolution, then, well, fuck! they basically said, “up yours, tjlc!” damn! my having hope for the show right now has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on how the show will be critically received. bbc one received thousands of complaints, the media is tearing the episode to pieces. people hate it. everyone hates the show and its terrible finale! if this is true, and tjlc is running on fumes until it gets kicked off a cliff on january 29th, shouldn’t your primary emotion for the people still holding out hope be… sympathy? i don’t even WANT sympathy, but it’d be much kinder than the vibes of resentment and annoyance that i’m feeling right now

tjlc is not about changing minds or winning followers or excusing the show of its every flaw. it’s about reading sherlock like a puzzle and deducing that an emotional and romantic climax is on the way. i understand if you don’t believe it. it’s unbelievable. people have been telling me how unbelievable it is for three years.

but it’s been three years since tjlc, and five days since the final problem–please do not fault me for holding out hope (although, of course, i cannot stop you).


If anyone wants to download The Final Problem for giffing, rewatching, edits etc. then you can find it, along with subtitles, in my Google Drive here. If I ever find the time I’ll also download and put up the other episodes. (my only contribution to the fandom lmao)

  • Random Person: So why do you watch Sherlock?
  • Me (trying to behave like a causal fan): I watch it for the clever writing. And for the 'friendship' between Sherlock and John...I guess...And I like Moriarty.
  • Also me: Where the fuck is Moriarty? I watched the promo, I was promised Moriarty. So I turned up every single Sunday to watch...WHERE IS HE?!!! Give me back my baby! What have you done with him? He can't be dead. Do what ever you want with John and Sherlock, see if I care. But give me Moriarty immanently! I have not waited three years just to see Sherlock and John behaving like a married couple. I have waited three years for Moriarty.
A Shout Out To A Talented Boy

Honestly, I’ve watched Sherlock TFP five times in the last six days. I watched it live and then the other times were to look at more detail or just enjoy it because I really liked the episode. The thing that gets to me is that no matter how many times I watch it, small Sherlock always moves me to tears because he’s so cute and he makes me believe that I am watching Sherlock. He brings so much to his character and I am amazed at how talented he is at this young age. Tom Stoughton is such an adorable little boy and I personally can’t wait to see where he goes in life. @richstoughton

To be honest, I could’ finish watching the episode after Sherlock fell. It took me a month to finally finish it, and I screamed when I saw he was alive. My twin, Tem, heard me and thought I was being killed in the other room so he came in with a knife to find me sobbing hysterically with Sherlock playing on the TV. I am no longer allowed to watch Sherlock after midnight, according to him. Nice try, Tem.

Sherlock: The Final Problem - rant

I am so glad I watched the last episode of Sherlock in the cinema in a great company as it gave me some resemblance of enjoyment of this shitty episode. It felt like I was watching a compilation of ‘highlights’ instead of a full episode, which would explain why there were so many plotholes and loose ends. I mean, it is kind of entertaining if you don’t think much about what you are watching but the moment you start processing, it hits you with how absolutely dreadful it is. And even Mrs Hudson hoovering cannot save the mess it is. I mean, I am quite impressed that Moffat managed to combine every single one of his flaws as a writer into one episode, from prolonged exposition, leaps of logic, inability to let dead characters just go, and cliches… cliches everywhere.. oh, and things are true just because we say so - this must be my favourite one, why show that someone is clever when you can just say they are, or explain how this mind control thing works when you can just say it does. what a great way to tell a story! Oh dear…

Before I start the list of the thoughts that went through when watching the episode, I should really mention that I really liked the performances, especially Molly, Moriarty, Mycroft and johnlock. 

Despite the fact I sort of enjoyed watching it with a great audience, I still had some pretty “ranty” thoughts: 


1. It’s all about Mary? Why? 

2. So when will the film start?

3. It had no information that I found remotely interesting, nothing about creation of Mary as the character, no comparison with the books, nothing about her relationship with John, Sherlock and others. How pointless!


1. How are they doing the paintings crying blood? Oh, ok. I guess I’ll never know.

2. So he wasn’t properly shot. OK. But the psychologist + family were still dead somewhere in the cupboard or whatever of that house. How has Mycroft not been informed about dead bodies found in a place Sherlock was picked up from an episode earlier. He was watching his every step so this is just bizarre.

3. Oh, exposition. Great! It’s a sign of a truly wonderful storytelling when you have a character just sit and explain someone else’s backstory for 5 min.. Riveting. 

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I made my sister watch Sherlock, two years ago. She is not as into detective stories (AND DETECTIVES) as much as I am, but she loved it and she fell hard for Andrew Scott (so much so that she actually came to the Sherlocked Con with me). When I asked her about Sherlock as a character, she enthusiastically told me she wanted him to be gay and in love with John. I didn’t even argue, because I was 100% ok with her for thinking J*hnlock was canon and/or endgame. By the end of series 3, she came back to me to tell me that, yes, she still sort of wished for a homoerotic outcome of the show, but she thought it was “absolutely obvious that the writers had decided to go for Sherlolly”. Again, I didn’t say a thing. Now she has to watch S4. IMAGINE THAT.

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On me and Sherlock

I have gotten a lot of Asks and replies on this topic. 

I am watching Sherlock. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time.

I will NOT be discussing my thoughts on it here. I will probably reblog content like photos, gifsets, fanarts, possibly even the thoughts of others. But that’s as far as it will go. I don’t wish to discuss my reasons for this.

I ask that you please respect my decision on this.

My Baby Ezekiel

So I finally watched the Curse of Cindy/Cyndi and let me tell you… I nearly started crying when Ezekiel was talking about himself. We all know I enjoy saying Ezekiel grew up poor, with a sick mother and nutcase uncle (I’m looking at you Emrys), but to actually hear it put the way he put it. I don’t know whether I’m emotional because I didn’t expect it, because I watched Sherlock and am nearly in tears from that, or because it was just so heart wrenching.

People mocked him so he became the best, he could have become a super villain, just like Dulaque, who was embittered with the past. 

He was lonely but he’s easy going, when he could have become like Jenkins, lonely and grouchy.

He had a hole in his heart but he never sought validation from people unless he honestly cared about their opinion, unlike Jake and Cassie, who need to be right, who need people to believe in them.

And that scene with him and Jenkins spreading stuff under his nose was adorable (fight me).

I have a few ideas about it though, that the first people to ‘save’ him weren’t the Librarians but MI6, they saved him, he loved them, and they left him (although maybe not out of choice), so he puts up his facade and gets on with it. Then he meets the Librarians, he doesn’t want to love them but he does.

Ezekiel Jones may put the Sin in sinnamon roll, but he’s also a precious cinnamon bun that must be protected.

(I also think that Jenkins is starting to get suspicious of Ezekiel’s immunity to magic. And now he’s just coming up with these really cop-out explanations for why he’s immune. He never wanted to be revealed as Galahad but it happened anyway so he won’t ruin someone else’s life.)  

I am reading the ACD Canon Sherlock Holmes from when I was 10.I grew up loving the stories.It was gay then. But I didn’t know how to express that thought or ask someone about that. I didn’t know what a homoerotic subtext was. I didn’t hear the term.

I am 23 now. I am watching BBC Sherlock . It’s still gay. I don’t need to ask anyone. And I am not confused anymore. I know what it is. I know what it represents.

I just get so pissed when someone accuses us of not reading the canon. Ffs sake I have read the canon 100 times. And I perfectly know what it says. Grow some extra eyes. Everything will be clearer.