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Sherlock fucking Holmes was ticklish.

John at first realised this at a crime scene – naturally, given their unique lives.

Sherlock was standing over a dead body (but then again, there were few times when he wasn’t). It was the fourth murder, all of them done in the same way – their throats were ripped out, and an ‘x’ was written in blood on the wall,

It started to rain down suddenly – no mention of rain in the weather, or else John would have brought his umbrella – and John put his arms around himself to keep warm.

“Sherlock,” John said, trying to communicate with his friend so that they could leave. He was ignored, obviously… not that he was expecting anything else. A few of the police officers around him were growing impatient as well, muttering and staring at their watches.

“Sherlock. It is raining and I am freezing, and you probably are too. You can come back tomorrow.” Once again, he was ignored.

It was pouring down now. John’s hair was sticking down to his face, and from where he was standing he could see that Sherlock’s curls were flat and hanging down in his eyes. Something in him couldn’t help but call it adorable.

“Sherlock!” he called, still trying to get the consulting detective’s attention.

Nothing worked.

He moved closer, and saw that his friend had his eyes closed.

“Great,” he muttered bitterly under his breath, “mind palace time. We’ll be here all day.”

Sherlock’s hands were clasped together, and if John didn’t know him better he might have thought that he was praying – given that he did know Sherlock though, he knew that it wasn’t even a possibility. It was the gesture he always made while he was thinking especially hard about something in his mind palace.

His middle finger was almost touching his chin, which, if he was tired and thought about it enough, was funny to him for reasons he’d explained to Sherlock before.

All of these were things John had noticed in Sherlock hundreds of times.

Meanwhile, Sherlock looked like he was in no mood and had no intentions of leaving, so John walked closer to him.

He was soaking wet, the coat hanging limply around him and the shirt that had somehow seen the light of day almost see through, and John would be lying if he said that he didn’t look for a second longer than he probably should have. John couldn’t understand why all of this wasn’t bothering him. Then again, there were a lot of things he didn’t understand about Sherlock, and he was growing used to it.

John sighed and kneeled next to him, making sure not to accidently destroy any evidence on the body, and waved his hands in front of Sherlock’s face.

No reaction.

He then poked his cheeks, three times. Sherlock still didn’t move a centimetre, to John’s dismay.

He sighed, and then poked Sherlock in the side.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Sherlock, at that point, seemed unable to hold it in, and out came a burst of laughter. John looked at him in amazement, and Sherlock seemed to realise what it was that he’d done, and blushed.

Some officers looked at him strangely, and then started muttering amongst themselves.

“So…” Sherlock cleared his throat, “was there something you wanted?” He was still blushing, his cheeks dusted with red that John for some reason just wanted to poke even more.

“Um… yeah, it’s raining, I thought we could leave and come back tomorrow?” Sherlock looked around, as if just noticing that it was raining. John though that he probably was; chances were he hadn’t even felt it so deep into his mind palace.

Sherlock cleared his throat again. “Right, yeah. I’ll get us a cab.” And then he walked off. John raced after him, and watched as a cab pulled in to where they were standing; how Sherlock always managed to find one so quickly, John had no idea.

They both climbed in, and Sherlock looked out the window as John stared right at him.

“So, you’re ticklish?” John exclaimed. Sherlock stared at him and replied quietly, “No.” and John just looked at him once again in amazement. And then he reached out again and poked him sharply in the sides, which prompted another burst of laughter that left a smile on John’s face.

“Oh, I’m going to have fun with this,” John exclaimed, leaving Sherlock in horror as he jumped up out of the cab.

It was a few weeks later that he managed to actually have fun with it; Sherlock had once again, left some thumbs (or were those toes… John didn’t get close enough to tell) in the fridge, and was now attempting to solve a case.

John walked up to the detective and put his hands on his hips, looking straight at him. His eyes were still closed, so John didn’t bother warning him, and instead reached his hands out around Sherlock’s stomach and sides, and started tickling him.

At first there was nothing, but soon enough Sherlock was laughing quietly, which evolved into straight up laughing hysterically. His eyes were very open now, and John watched as his tall friend managed to curl himself into a ball, which was absolutely the most adorable thing he had ever seen in his life –

Sherlock was still laughing, but with the position he had manoeuvred himself into, John was finding it harder to actually get a reaction out of him.

He adjusted where he was sitting so that he was basically on top of his best friend and continued to tickle him as he thrashed around, until their limbs were entangled and John’s face was basically on top of Sherlock’s.

He could feel his erratic breathing on his face, and blushed as he realised the position the two were in. He went to move away but instead fell further into the embrace, landing himself less than an inch from Sherlock’s face.

Something inside of John must have just said “screw it” because next thing he knew he was leaning down and oh my god he was kissing Sherlock Holmes and it was amazing and everything he had ever hoped for

Sherlock kissed back slowly, and John couldn’t help but start smiling, and next thing he knew it so was Sherlock, and then both of them were laughing and neither of them could explain why, and then they were back to kissing, and John’s hands were running through Sherlock’s hair…

Sherlock broke the kiss and smiled up at him. His grin was contagious, and soon both of them were just smiling and holding hands and John couldn’t even think straight, and he was just so amazingly happy.

They stayed that way for a while, until Mrs Hudson walked in and saw the two of them now cuddling on the couch. She smiled at both of them.

“It’s about time, boys. Any longer and I would have owed Mycroft £20.”

all this drama in Sherlock Fandom™: *happens* 
me: so when is guy richie’s sherlock holmes 3 happening?


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ID #13245

Name: Penille
Age: 18
Country: Denmark

Hello, I’m Penille.
I’m from Denmark.
I like video games, Netflix and YouTube! I play for example, Assassin’s Creed and watch dogs. My favorite series is Doctor who, Sherlock and Supernatural. I mostly watch Markiplier of Jacksepticeye on youtube.
I would really like a pen pal, because a don’t talk to a lot of people, and a would like to make some new friends :)
I’m not perfectly good at English, but I would like to improve!

Preferences: I really don’t have any preferences​, maybe just someone around my age.

Slytherin sits down next to her friends at the Gryffindor table
  • Random Gryffindor : hey, death-eater, fuck off ! Go torture Muggles elsewhere !
  • Gryffindor & Ravenclaw : shut up, Anderson, you're lowering the IQ of the whole street !
  • Slytherin : *whispers* my babies watched Sherlock I am so proud
  • Random Gryffindor : how can you be friends with a death-eater ?
  • Hufflepuff : do not insult the only nice Slytherin in the whole school !
  • Later, in the Slytherin common room
  • Slytherin : *walks straight to billboard and puts a tally mark in front of name*
  • Slytherin : aaaand I win this month's "only nice Slytherin" contest !!
  • Other Slytherins : *groan*
ID #92589

Name: Beatrice
Age: 15
Country: Philippines

Hi! woah, this is awkward…hehehe
anyways, Hey, I’m Beatrice or Bea, I’m from the Philippines and currently a grade 9 student!
I’m a short, sassy and sarcastic girl who thinks of herself as a female Sherlock or Alexander Hamilton.
I love singing, performing, writing, reading, binge-watching and being absolute trash for every fandom imaginable. I’m a big nerd and history is my favourite subject!
I can be quite mean or blunt when irritated or tired since I can easily lose my patience for people that are, for a lack of a better term, stupid.
I’m looking for a pen pal because I’m a very socially awkward person and I find it hard to keep friendships or talk to anyone for that matter. So I hope that having a pen pal will help me with my problems, also because since I am, as I said, a big history nerd, I would also love to learn about different cultures around the world.

Preferences: preferably, someone who is around the age of 15 or a teenager, any gender and nationality are welcome to talk to me! I’d also prefer by mail as you would probably not understand my horrible hand writing

Sherlock. Dexter. Babies.

I am just watching the fifth series of “Dexter” and what really struck me  - compared to Sherlock - is this:

Dexter works as a blood splatter specialist for Miami police (and at night as a serial killer but this does not matter for the case at hand). 

In series 4 he has become a single father after after his wife was brutally murdered in their own home. And you know what? They actually manage to integrate the child into the story. There are problems with finding an adequate nanny, Dexter being anxious about the mental health of his son who was present at the murder scene (but probably too young to realise what happened), he himself somehow having to deal with work and private life and trauma … 

And they did exactly what Mofftiss did not - show what life for a single father looks like. Have a baby character that is more than just a plot device but part of the story. Of course you cannot compare the shows as such but I find it interesting how carefully and intelligently they are dealing with a baby as a character. Btw, they even use the same baby every time (or maybe twins), so as a viewer you can relate to the child, you get to know him, see him growing older. And they use a real baby, too, instead of carrying a doll around.

I think this shows that Mofftiss were never really interested in Rosie. They just used her as a plot device (that was not in Canon) and then did not know what to do with her. 

When you’re practically about to rewrite Supernatural in an AU of criminals with the Reader in it. Make Dean the hotest and most fearless detective there is out there because… I love the suits a little too much, and then-

And then that tiny idea pops up in my mind and I can’t shake it off as much as I want to. And there is that voice in my head saying this, over and over again that I finally know… it’s not just a voice, it’s-

I KNOW JOHN!!!… But I can’t help it, I am so sorry. I mean, there are psychos and guns and one of the most dangerous criminals coming after (Y/n), there will be fighting and… we’re gonna need a doctor, right? DO YOUR JOB, JOHN!!! 

Oh I am sure Sherlock is gonna love to solve this crime! Especially if I connect it to the last episode of season four!

I know I am. I just got to watch Sherlock, and you know I had sworn I won’t get obsessed with another fandom, aka write stories about it and crossovers and whatnot, but oh well here we go again.

geekmama  asked:

Prompts Round 3, pleeeease? Any or all: #69 "Bed. Now."; #90 "Road Trip"; #95 "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

“Bed. Now.”/ “Road Trip!”/ “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

(set in the Vegas-married ‘verse)

“Get your keys,” Sherlock said as he threw back the blankets on the bed.

“Hn?”  Molly grunted, groping for the lamp.

“Clothing, keys,” Sherlock said, already on the other side of the room and pulling open drawers.

“What?  Why?  Is this is it?  Is it zombies?”

“Road trip!” he said brightly.

“Wh—” she was cut off by a wadded-up something smacking her in the face.

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ID #34877

Name: Rebecca
Age: 16
Country: Germany

My name is Rebecca and I am from Germany. I love reading (Harry Potter, Oscar Wilde, everything when I am bored), watching series (Sherlock BBC, American Horror Story, Please like me) and Anime (Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler) and… Yeah. I don’t do much in my life, honestly. But I know stupid and useless facts about jellyfish, the biggest cave in the world and history. You can tell me anything you like or nothing at all, I am just looking for someone open and tolerant to talk to. I would prever WhatsApp or Email at first and maybe snail mail later.

Preferences: I think 14-18? I don’t really care, just be nice.