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Reason to Love Namjoon: Not only did he go around taking pics of all the members behind the scenes, but he actually curated the best photos and shared them with us.


I have been thinking for a couple of months now how much a would love to host my own favourites so i hope you are all willing to join, so i am super happy and excited to announce …


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  • Banner made by the beautiful Haniah (aka @rehticent) you can request one of her magnificent creations here (aka @bannersbyrehticent)
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  • There are no higher chances other than to talk to me :)
  • I will choose 16 - 24 people depending on the notes
  • I will choose around February and will update with a specific date
  • If this flops we will forget it ever happened

Have fun and happy reblogging!!!

Love Ava xx

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Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. When I add text to my edits, the text is always pixelated and it ruins the whole edit. I am too self-conscious to post them because of that. Do you know how I could fix that? Your text always seems clear and pretty. :)

Hi! I can try to help but I just figured it out a few days ago and the way I do it is pretty convoluted.. I figured it out on my own though so 🤷

All of this is going to be pretty long!!

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| February 12, 2017 🍀 Introductions|

Hello everyone!

We are John and Sarah, soon-to-be married and pursuing our education together! He is 21 and I am 20. He is studying Criminal Justice, security loss and prevention. I am studying medical information technology, medical administration. We’re both very excited to get this studyblr off the ground! John will start posting content in August when his semester starts. I’ll be posting some original content of my own soon!

If you ever wanna talk, we’re here!

Some studyblrs that inspired us are: @academla @i-actually-study-a-lot @elkstudies @studypetals @studyplants @studyign and so many others!

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How do you sugar and have a bf? Does he know? Do you live together?

We don’t live together, so that helps.

He doesn’t know *knock on wood*. I don’t use my real number, I log out of the texting app when I am with my BF. We see each other 3-4 a week, I also have school almost every day and my own friends. I just manage my time well, I wrote in the other post that I would meet a POT before or even after I see my BF. Sure, it may be 10:30PM, but the money doesn’t sleep.

To the old Korra fandom...

I said something similar in my reblog comments over in this post, but I think it’s worth repeating in its own broader context.

Right now, I’m addressing those of us who have been around since Korra’s beginning, and I’m approaching this from a wank-neutral perspective. I.E., I am not here to give my opinions on what criticisms I have agreed or disagreed with over the years. I’m only going to make an observation.

Two and a half years is a lot of waiting time for 52 episodes. Hot damn were they worth it, but it was a wait regardless. We have been overwhelmingly one of the most active fandoms on Tumblr in that time, for better or for worse. We are a passionate group that has likely poured collective decades of our lives into this series. Tumblr fandom is largely transformative. We make fan art and fic, we cosplay, we discuss, we interpret the characters and break them down in our own ways.

But that’s the thing with transformative fandom. Even if only a little, it differs from its source. If it didn’t, why would we even bother?

When we as a collective group pour so much time into thinking about these characters and their interactions, we sink into the characters and the world in a way that leads us to anticipate their actions, even if only in little ways like: “Going behind the president’s back? That is such a Korra move.” These little preconceptions add up.

They begin to influence our perspectives as we watch new canon.

Is it really surprising that Book 4 is the most controversial of the four? It’s always the last chapter that sends any fanbase in an uproar. Some fans’ perceptions have continued to be confirmed by canon. Others’ are gradually being denied one scene at a time, with canon constantly straying further and further from what was anticipated. Most fall in between. At each extreme end… that’s where we get all our tension. This leads to celebration, frustration, and transformation of canon, sometimes in a way that completely ignores it.

What I’m trying to get at with all this shit is that we’ve all been thinking about this stuff for a very long time. I know that there are many like myself who have been actively watching and dissecting episodes constantly for three years, now. Our opinions have been influenced by time as well as by one another. It literally only takes one episode to get the gears turning. A character has been introduced today? Well, there are probably already several conflicting opinions, some new ships, and a controversy or two within an hour of the episode’s airing. Our opinions are not only influenced by canon; they are influenced by our personal interpretation and by each other. Think about the gap between books 1 and 2. Throughout that time, the Korra fandom was active and at work. Fans were digging deeper and deeper into these characters when we have yet to see their full canon because there was nothing else to see at the time! That’s fine, that’s literally the whole point of fandom.

But it also means that, in many ways, we weren’t so much looking for canon to inform our opinions. We were looking for it to confirm them.

And when that doesn’t happen? People get pissed. Look at all this time they’ve poured into something, and it hasn’t even gone the way they’ve built in their little corner of fandom! It doesn’t make sense. This is an easy aspect to overlook when canon does go “your way;” We’ve all experienced that high at some point during our watch of this series, and most of us have experienced the varying levels of frustration when expectations aren’t met.

What I am urging this fandom to do is to look back on this canon as a whole. Wipe the slate clean. Watch without bias. Develop your interpretations free from the connotations and opinions associated with certain aspects of this fandom. Discover the story Bryke is telling us without your preconceived notions of what these characters should be.

I know for me, it made me enjoy all of the characters and the whole work a hell of a lot more.


If I say “I like you” it means:

I think of you as a friend,

I enjoy your company,

I like spending time with you, alone or with other friends,

I like talking to you,

I like listening to you,

I agree broadly with your world view,

I am happy for other people that know us to assume that I agree with your views and that we have a lot in common.

If I say “I love you” it means:

All of the above plus-

Your happiness is at least as important to me as my own.

Your hopes and dreams are important to me and I will do whatever I can to help you realise them.

If anyone hurts you, they hurt me too,

You inspire me to become a better person,

I would drop everything at a moment’s notice to come and help you if you need it or just to keep you company

We are not necessarily in a relationship,  but if our respective ages, orientations and practical circumstances allow it, then I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of starting one.

If I say “I’m in love with you” it means:

All of the above plus -

I admire you and I’m attracted to you romantically.

If we’re already in a relationship then I want it to continue as long as possible.

If we’re not already in a relationship and there’s no practical or ethical reason why we can’t be, then I would like to begin one.

You are my world and I can’t imagine life without you.

If I say any of those things to you it NEVER means:

You’re required to have sex with me,

You’re required to do anything whatsoever for me that you wouldn’t gladly do of your own free will.

You’re required to tolerate anything I do that you strongly disagree with.

why do job applications expect us to convince them that we are the Best and Most Interesting Most Productive person who is Driven to Exceed Expectations

I am just ok and most people are just ok and most people looking for a part time wage job are just looking for a job where they can make money

very few people are naturally driven to have a Slavish Devotion to the Customer and most service work jobs are so shitty that even already-nice people have to pretend to be nicer than they actually are

like yes, I appreciate that you don’t want to hire an asshole, but I’m just an ok, slightly friendly dude and it makes me uncomfortable to have to falsely assert that I love all people and want to help them sooooooo much just so I can get a job delivering pizzas or something

Hey guys Chase here, and this is my first time ever posting for TST. I’m a 20yo FTM (he/him). I am Pre-everything. I got approved to start T, but due to money issues and me not having a job (severe social anxiety) I can’t afford to start. So for now I’m just here. And I could always use some positive vibes. You can follow me at

Okay, I almost never make personal posts on any type of social media I’m on where people who I don’t know can see and reply to my comments, purely because I am deathly afraid of confrontation and everyone seems to be out for blood these days. But this abs craze has always rubbed me up the wrong way and now it’s gone far enough, for me anyway.

Cases of idols like Baekhyuns is the sole reason, in my own opinion, why “oppa where are your abs?” “Oppa show us your abs!” “Real men work out and have nice bodies.” “Oppa do you work out?” “Oppa reveal your abs stop hiding them!” And “Unnie your thighs are too big.” “Unnie do you diet?” “Unnie you lost weight good job!” And all the rest of it, is so toxic to both men and women in the performance industry.

People seem to have this idea that because an idol can stand on a stage, it must mean they have the highest confidence levels ever which is a very wrong thing to think.

For me, again personally, I dont particuarily find abs and muscels attractive in men and women, I like squishy soft tummies and features but I still support people who are ripped, that is my own preference. But one thing I dont like more than a human thats ripped to death, is a human thats been forced/pressured or made to feel like they need to be ripped to death. Same for people who drop weight quicker than they’re gaining it.

If Byun Baekhyun has 100% made the decision to have abs HIMSELF, then as long as he is eating good meals and taking good care of himself, I will be 100% supportive of him always. But that being said, given his usual diet, his perfect appetite, his body type, his personal habits, and his own thoughts on working out, I really dont think he has. In fact he even said that he only got them for the end of the show; that they wouldnt be around for long; that he worked extra hard just to get them for Exo-ls.

The struggle he must have went through just to get his abs makes my heart hurt. He is someone with a good appetite, he likes to eat and knowing hes chewing food and spitting it out for his diet is sad. Hes not an active person, he likes to sit around and game, the most exercise he gets is on stage and given how full on their shows are, thats more than enough for a person to stay healthy. He has said MULTIPLE times that loosing weight, dieting and having a great body is not the most important thing in the world. He has been saying this for years. Hes a very sincere person, I dont think he’d portray dieting in such a negative way whilst actively working out and dieting on the side. His weight loss and muscle gain was sudden, which can only be achieved by intense dieting and working out. This was also the case for Xiumin. I wasnt around in the Exo fandom at the time when Xiumin had his lovely chubby cheeks, but I was around for his ‘big reveal’ and I have seen enough of his previous self to know that was not totally done by his own decision. I have seen and heard many comments that were made about his weight in the past and it saddens me because there was nothing wrong with him. He was a good weight, he had a full face and arms and legs and he looked healthy and happy and his cheeks were the cutest. But thats not good enough for some people and he pushed himself into a routine that even had Lay concerned enough to comment about it.

Dieting and loosing weight is very different, for different body types. Some find it easy, some find it hard. For some people like Sehun and Chanyeol, keeping weight off is a bit easier, they’re tall and thin. But for some body types like Baeks and Xiumins, they gain weight easily or have a harder time loosing it, Baekhyun said this in the concert, that he gains weight easily. Key from Shinee also has this body type and has commented about how hard it is for him to loose weight. BTS’s Jimin also has a similar body type and hes looking more and more gaunt every day. People with this body type are meant to fill out; are meant to have chubby cheeks, big thighs, squishy tummies and chunky hips. And when they loose so much weight you can see a scarily big difference.

This is not me being angry at Baekhyun for 'loosing his nutella abs’ or getting mad at people for liking them. Im merely asking that people acknowledge the obvious struggle Baek has gone through to get the body he has. To understand that yes, he may really have just wanted to have abs and that it was his own personal goal which is perfectly okay, but for people to also realise that you dont have to know Baekhyun personally to know that probably isnt true and that theres a good chance he felt pushed into it by this toxic idea that runs rampent in the performance industry that idols are replaceable and that they must fall within a visual standard regardless of talent if they want to be truly appreciated and the only way to do this is to have abs or loose weight. Acknowledge the hard work he has put into getting to where he is now, but also support him and his decision if he no longer wants them and decides to stop working out and dieting.

And please do not push Kyungsoo or any other idol into the same boat Baek is in. Please do not push him because he is quite reserved and doesnt have the highest self confidence and forcing this pressure onto him, when he has shown multiple times that he is uncomfortable with the idea of 'ab revealing’, that it will certainly have a reverse affect on him and will probably push him further into himself. He may start to feel he isnt good enough to be on stage if he doenst have 'defined, perfect’ abs and the last thing I ever want to see is the nervous, full of stage fright guy he was. He a healthy looking penguin and thats all that matters. I dont want to see any comments asking where Kyungsoo’s abs are. You shouldnt push anyone into that type of struggle.

In short, pretty or handsome should never be more important than healthy and happy. A happy smile is better than a forced smile. Please let idols be happy and healthy. Support idols who 100% themselves decided to have wash-board abs and are happy and healthy, but also support squishy tummies and big thighs that touch and full faces and chubby cheeks and big butts and slim arms. Support naturally gangily limbs and thin, flat tummies and and knobbily knees and sticky-out elbows or hips and high cheek bones. Support pale skinned idols and dark skinned idols and clear skinned idols and idols with acne and idols who dont even look like idols. Just be nice, please?

Be nice to every idol and dont forget to remind them every day that they are human and thats all that matters.

Please dont get angry at me Im just a concerned potato ㅠ_ㅠ

My blackness.

I love being black. Regardless of the negative stereotypes that are automatically profiled among us. People try to paint us all as being savages when in fact there’s just as much savagery in other ethnic groups too!We are just so negatively broadcasted so much more for some of our short comings and it’s quite interesting. I am not a thug, and I am not a problem. I am my own person. I feel as if you shouldn’t always judge a group, (e.g. The people who do no good in your their race) because that opens the door to ignorance, but more so on a person to person basis. But I take pride and I love being a black person. I used to wonder when I was a little younger how my life would be if I was maybe a Caucasian male raised Jewish and all the many privileges that come with it. But fuck all that. It’s much more rewarding when you have to struggle to get on that same level. I love my fat lips big noses, and other large body parts and I love my nappy ass afro. I can stick pencils and other objects in my hair to hide just for laughs. And I love our skin. You ever wondered how something so dark could manage to still glow? That’s black science in the works. I’m just ecstatic to be black, and I want to do great things while be black instead of living while being black. There’s a difference.

Don’t mean to flood your feeds with babbling but it was just something that needed to be made

You know what’s one of the coolest things about this whole project?

I’m so used to listening to Four on my own and now I am listening to it on online radio stations where I know that other fans from all over are listening to.  And non-fans are listening and becoming fans.

It’s overwhelming to be listening to this and thinking about all the other people having dance parties in front of their computers.  It’s so fucking awesome.

Please trim your threads?

(( If you don’t know how, I am happy to teach you right here and now! ^_^ But when I see this eating up my dash for several, several scrolls:

…it is extremely painful and takes up a lot of time for me to try and scroll past.

Here, let me show you an easy way to trim the thread every once in a while. This is for people who, like me, cannot install one of those great code fixes that other people are using for one reason or another. (for me, I am on a work computer and I’m not allowed to install anything to change the browser). Here, I will use one of my own threads as an example: (special thanks for florence-midknight who is always perfect when it comes to keeping threads trimmed when I can’t, you are fabulous girl!)

1. When you hit reblog, cope the top link in the previous posts box and paste it into your text area, so that people can still click on it to go back to previous posts:

2. Next, copy the last post that your RP partner wrote, which is at the bottom of the previous posts box, and paste it under the link you just copied:

3. Next, write your reply. You can do this at any point really, but I find it easiest and fastest to do this in this order:

4. Now get rid of that box with previous replies by clicking on the (x) in the top right corner of that box. It will have the option for you to “Put reblogs back” but do not. Please… do not. Just get rid of it:

5. Now in order to keep with the reblog format that makes sense, select your RP partner’s last reply, not the link, just their reply, and indent it. See below example:

6. Tag your threads and post it! And now when your RP partner replies, all they have to do is just hit “reblog” and type, and it will look like the same format it always is. 

Please try to do this as often as needed, I recommend having no more than 6 reblogs at a time before trimming. Some people prefer less. But if you go more than that it is a hassle for everyone. For extra long replies back and forth, please do this every other turn so that it isn’t overwhelming for your followers. 

Thanks, and hopefully this is helpful to you! And please please please pretty please with a cherry on top trim your threads? Cheers! ^_^ ))

I’m trying to make this work, @staff, but when all I can do to prevent a post of my kid from being reblogged is to ask politely, and then watch helplessly as it is reblogged widely anyway, I have to ask why I am still bothering.

Facebook has everything Tumblr has, plus the ability to control my content’s distribution, and replies. I use my own name so anonymity isn’t an issue for me. I can choose to make any post public there and share it via RSS to get outside their walled garden. Have you seen their text post feature lately? Looks like Medium.

Meanwhile Tumblr continues to degrade the user experience and may be going bankrupt anyway.

Why am I still here?