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You don’t get to choose who you love in this world. Feelings come naturally. You’re either my brother, my friend, my schoolmate or my lover. I don’t pick who gets to be what. My heart decides. My heart decides who makes it jump and skip a beat. My heart decides who I want to look at for hours and never get tired of what I see. My heart decides how I feel about the stranger across a table or a room. My heart decides whether I believe in love at first sight or not. And I never did, until I met him. My heart picked him. The shy boy who looked at his hands more than in a strangers eyes. The boy who’s whistled tunes were his way of saying ‘hey, notice me.’ The dark haired boy who’s eyes change colour and who’s heart is pure and gentle. The boy who’s tears mean more than gold, who’s stubbornness will make you scream, and who’s passions shine brighter than the sun. The boy who needs reassurance and to know that he is enough. The boy that never gives up. My heart chose this boy a long time ago, before I knew his eyes and smile. My heart chose his because our hearts make harmonies like silk and rhythms only we can dance to. My heart chose his because the world finally goes quiet when I’m with him. I feel happiness in bulk and love like never before because my heart needed lessons on what love was. He showed me, and continues to show me. His perseverance and steadiness gives me strength. That strength gives us strength. We were told we had to learn to be independent, be full on our own. But once two hearts have been sewn together it is incredibly difficult to continue as a half. We are two wholes that stand stronger together. He is he and I am I, and together we are he and I. The ‘and’ makes us stronger, steadier, happier, and healthier. The 'and’ is what makes us a bigger whole.
My life without he and I was bleak and messy. He puts me in order, calms my heart, and brings me infinite joy. I am proud to call this stranger my boy.
—  (Your hopelessly in love girl). // 00-29

Reason to Love Namjoon: Not only did he go around taking pics of all the members behind the scenes, but he actually curated the best photos and shared them with us.


I want to dispell a myth that surrounds aura reading so that new witchlings don’t get out off by it.

There are all these lists going around on what colors mean, in how they are to be read and interpreted; however aura reading isn’t always that, for lack of a better term, black and white.

I’m my personal expirence, and as someone who used auras quite frequently, it’s not as simple as placing someone against a white wall, looking at them and learning what type of person they are.

Youb have to associate your own meanings. Most of the time, you can’t see a person’s personal aura because your emotions change it to what you feel.

I had a partner who vibed purple, who ended up abusing me. Now people with purple auras make my physically ill to be around.

I once saw someone as golden, vibrant and shining. They used me, and I still saw them the bright gold because I wanted to believe that were good.

Find your own meanings for colors, learn to associate your own projected colors, vs their true colors.

This has been an aura reading psa.


A neat analogy I thought of and will start using from now on. People who have a hard time understanding and ask tired old questions about poly relationships could think of polyamory kind of as having pets; Would you ask a pet owner these questions?

  • “Isn’t one pet enough for you?”
  • “So… Which one of your cats is the dog?”
  • “But which one of these pet is the REAL pet you know THE Pet?”
  • “Which one of your pets you love the most?” (follow-up question ”it’s the one you have had the longest am I right”)
  • “Are you confused? I don’t understand why you have a rat and a lizard, can’t you just pick one?”

…or make these statements?

  • “SOME of us haven’t got even one.”
  • “And you have multiple; that’s greedy/selfish.”
  • “Some day you’ll realize which one is THE Pet and dump the other(s).”

Of course I don’t own my partners in a way one would own a pet, but maybe this analogy makes it easier to see how absurd some of those questions are.

People on Tumblr describing Ravenclaws: Ah yes it is i a CEREBRAL ravenclaw please excuse me for my COLD HAUGHTY personality it is because I AM SO WISE. I must spend the greater part of my existence in IMPECCABLY ORGANISED, intimidatingly beautiful scholarly or minimalist locales so as to ease the machinations of my INCREDIBLE LOGICAL MIND please excuse me my minute-by-minute daily plan says it’s time to draw up tomorrow’s minute-by-minute daily plan.

p. much the only Ravenclaw that the books actually tell us anything about: hi I wear vegetable-themed jewellery and draw on my own ceiling

I am proud of myself

I used to be an extremely racist, pro-life, feminism=bullshit, type of person. Mainly because that’s all that my mom and dad taught me. But as soon as I was handed the right materials and was told that it’s a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body I fucking realised that, yo, maybe I shouldn’t think that this is okay to do.

And of course, it only was recently when I was handed the right materials and shown/was guided to a better path, and there are moments where I still think racist, pro-life bullshit. It’s why I’m the quite person in class now. I think before I speak, and I weigh each word before I speak them. I’ve lost “friends” because of my “un-fun, rude,” political views. If i find a family member/friend about to throw down some racist shit, I wind my “mental fist,” up and get ready to lay down some down right facts on why, us white people look like dead, bleached, nasty ass rats when we wear dreads. And why it’s wrong to call my fellow trans-brothers, sisters, and siblings a tr**ny, or a d*ke, or a sh***le.

My mom and i get into fights more often than not, now, because I’m apparently a brat for (her words, not mine) “Preaching that racist, black lives matter bullshit! Black lives don’t matter more than mine or your life! And reverse racism is real! When I was in middle school, I was beat up by a black bitch for looking at her man! It was a one time thing, but it proves that reverse racism is real!”

I live for the days where my friends call me out on shit that I said but didn’t know that it was offensive. I choose that as an opportunity to try and remember that “yo, that’s rude and is offensive to *minority group*. I should definitely try not to say/use that from now on.”

My therapist told me that I can’t change anyone but myself, and that you can always show someone a better path, but it is their choice on whether they should or shouldn’t take it.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you have a twiddle toy but is it just me or it's very difficult to attach the pieces once you pulled them away ? Or am I missing a secret technique ?

I do have a Twiddle and I can answer this!

(This is why I like building up a big collection of my own, even with toys I don’t use very often - buying things just to review, even if I don’t like them much, is never wasted. Because I can grab things and test them out in response to asks, or answer questions like this.)

There is a somewhat-secret technique, one that I know I wouldn’t have found intuitive. I don’t know if yours came with the pamphlet or not, but they explain it there. (Which is hard on people like us who lose things, and if you don’t open the cardboard box underneath the Twiddle, you’ll never see said pamphlet anyway.) Please note that even using this technique, I still find it difficult to control the shaking in my hands long enough to connect two Twiddle pieces together, but it is much easier than just trying to push them together.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, apparently, let me try a photo.

Here’s how I was trying to put the Twiddle back together before I read the instructions, with the links resting together in a straight line:

[image description: part of a blue, green and purple Twiddle on a red watermelon pillow background. The purple links have been pulled apart and sit beside each other in a straight line, showing the hollowed divot where the peg on the opposite link sits when clicked together.]

Here’s how you should actually clip the pieces together:

[image description: part of a blue, green and purple Twiddle on a red watermelon pillow background. The purple links have been pulled apart and sit beside each other at right angles (forming an upside-down L shape), showing the hollowed divot where the peg on the opposite link sits when clicked together.]

Basically: turn the opened pegs so they’re on right angles, as in the second photo, and push the open connector piece home that way. It’s still a little fiddly, but it is so much easier than trying to push the two in a straight line (as we would to connect a Tangle).

If this doesn’t help you enough, anon, please let me know and I’ll try to come up with a better way to explain it!

- Mod K.A.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Hurricane from Hamilton is such an under appreciated song. It shows us Hamilton and his vulnerability. He believes his writing to be his way out of everything and that leads him to doing the wrong thing. It shows us how writing is a constant in Hamilton's fast-pace life and until the Reynolds Pamphlet, it never failed to catapult him towards success. In some ways it even shows us his scars, such as when he talks about his mother. Then there's the lyric, "I picked up a pen, I wrote my own deliverance." How do people not appreciate this song more? The lyrics and orchestrations are so breathtakingly beautiful yet somehow people still say they dislike it.

Random Persona 4 x Super Danganronpa 2 scribbles from a couple months ago.

I’ve put more thought into this AU than I care to admit.
I also kinda quit half-way through since the IT was supposed to be comprised of the survivors (+ some of the cast who would later die; I have a whole summary plot written for this okay I spent too much time on this AU). I do have a really small scribble of the concept for Sonia’s though.

Maybe one day I’ll go back and fully develop this AU I don’t know.

✲ Please do not repost/use without permission! Thank you!

@ex-you-ex-me Hello! <3 <3 I’ve been busy looking into and out of myself, I had three speaking exams in one week (nearly fckn killed me) and I submitted my dissertation, I stayed with my family for a bit and visited my uncle. Sometimes I would log onto this website and start a new text post but the empty box would make my mind go blank. I’ve decided to wipe everything clean and start again in my own way and I’ve been spending a lot of time writing on real paper, using up biro ink to record my thoughts. I have a special connection with this process that I have lost with regards to writing on this blog. But yes, I am here, I have always have been and I hope everything is going wonderfully for you.

i remember this time in fifth grade at english class, everyone was making scribbles on the board. my english teacher frequently used the words handsome and homeless to tease us or to describe himself as handsome, so since i was am a child of our lord and savior, i grabbed a marker, opened it up with confidence and wrote down: mr. xxx is homeless. i was so very pleased, i was sure he would like it. sadly at that time i did not differ handsome from homeless, and i thought homeless meant handsome. i raised my voice to get his attention and even read the hole sentence for him to hear. his face showed despair.

annachibi  asked:

Hi! Re: the Persephone choosing to go to the underworld thing, you're right in that there are no surviving pre-Hellenic myths that say that, but there is evidence to suggest that that was a thing and that other elements were introduced to the myth as time went on. However, this is mostly the territory of feminist and neopagan researchers and writers, and any reconstructions are usually based on their ideas. It's hard to say objectively what the older myths were since there's so little left.

I have some sources here if you’re interested. The post itself is a bit one-sided but some of the sources are very interesting.

So this ask is perfect because I’ve been having Regrets about not expanding on some stuff in my original post, but it’d been reblogged a few times and I didn’t want to edit, you know.

other elements were introduced to the myth as time went on

It’s true, myths and beliefs were evolving constantly and like, Bronze Age beliefs were different than Archaic beliefs were different than Classical beliefs. And every time some small Greek tribe bumped up against some small near Eastern tribe, they interacted and were influenced and you had all these cool little mystery cults popping up all over the place. I said Greek religion’s “complicated” in my original post to awkwardly paper over that, but you were right to smack the piñata because there’s no one unified Greek “canon” mythology, just some versions of stories that stuck around and were more popular than others, which is something we have to keep in mind.

For the second part: I mean, I wanna disclaim by saying that this really is more yelling into the void than anything else. In the grand scheme of things to be yellin into the void about, there are more important things, I’m not hitting speed dial for Barack. But everyone has stuff they’re passionate about and seriously, I hear the Kill Bill sirens every time I see that post on my dash.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: the post on “pre-patriarchal Persephone” is not based in academic consensus in Classics, and its sources are not legitimate. Acceptable sources are peer-reviewed and written by people with training in Classics. The sources for this post are literally a book on trends in 19th century mythography by an English professor (which looks super interesting, by the way, but was clearly not at all intended to support this kind of thing); a book written by an author with an MA in English and American Literature which a reviewer describes as an “illustrated retelling … that will be enjoyed whenever women come together for ritual”; a book which is encouraging me to “Ask yourself the following seasonal question: ‘What wisdom am I bringing with me from the dark of winter?’”; and some internet person named Jan with an unsourced “case text” and her own unsupported analysis. And

These sources aren’t convincing to me. The post is an attempt to mold incomplete ancient data to suit modern social justice sensibilities. And like, it’s one thing to use ancient deities to inform your spiritual beliefs or to empower modern feminism—not my thing, but if it’s anyone else’s, more power to you. It’s entirely another to present your findings as something historically plausible, something that deserves cachet like it’s actual academic research.

Like, it’s not just the misinformation. It’s the authoritative, almost dismissive tone of the post. It’s not just that it’s likely wrong—it’s that it’s so tailor-made for the tastes of the Tumblr community, so attractively wrong, that over 5,000 people have been duped and are innocently spreading its wrongness. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the source for original anon ask was informed by this post. It’s the first thing I thought of and I felt mad on anon’s behalf, that they were sent on a wild academic goose chase for something that has no basis in actual scholarship. There’s a lot of interesting stuff being said about Persephone and her origins, but the people we should trust to say it have training in the subject area. And maybe more importantly, they have other classicists who agree with their findings too.

Anyways, I hope I didn’t totally blow my lid here, that pressure cooker’s been rattling on the table for a while now. (And like I’m not actually Mad in any meaningful way, obviously, haha. This is the internet and I love everyone who’s into classics. Just, like. Let me explain my passions.) And if I’ve said something wrong, or if any of my classics bros do have good sources for that stuff, please let me know and I’ll post ASAP.

All that aside, there’s so much cool and interesting women’s studies stuff in antiquity that is legit. Like check out the Thesmorphoria. There’s jealously guarded secrets and sacred feminine spaces and reaffirmation of the mother-daughter bond and tossin pigs into pits and beating men for intruding and all this other stuff we barely know about because that’s how well-guarded the secrets were. The mystery cults are full of this kind of stuff for the Fix—we don’t need to rewrite history to find ancient women doing awesome stuff, even in the swampy patriarchal marsh that was classical antiquity. 

Please trim your threads?

(( If you don’t know how, I am happy to teach you right here and now! ^_^ But when I see this eating up my dash for several, several scrolls:

…it is extremely painful and takes up a lot of time for me to try and scroll past.

Here, let me show you an easy way to trim the thread every once in a while. This is for people who, like me, cannot install one of those great code fixes that other people are using for one reason or another. (for me, I am on a work computer and I’m not allowed to install anything to change the browser). Here, I will use one of my own threads as an example: (special thanks for florence-midknight who is always perfect when it comes to keeping threads trimmed when I can’t, you are fabulous girl!)

1. When you hit reblog, cope the top link in the previous posts box and paste it into your text area, so that people can still click on it to go back to previous posts:

2. Next, copy the last post that your RP partner wrote, which is at the bottom of the previous posts box, and paste it under the link you just copied:

3. Next, write your reply. You can do this at any point really, but I find it easiest and fastest to do this in this order:

4. Now get rid of that box with previous replies by clicking on the (x) in the top right corner of that box. It will have the option for you to “Put reblogs back” but do not. Please… do not. Just get rid of it:

5. Now in order to keep with the reblog format that makes sense, select your RP partner’s last reply, not the link, just their reply, and indent it. See below example:

6. Tag your threads and post it! And now when your RP partner replies, all they have to do is just hit “reblog” and type, and it will look like the same format it always is. 

Please try to do this as often as needed, I recommend having no more than 6 reblogs at a time before trimming. Some people prefer less. But if you go more than that it is a hassle for everyone. For extra long replies back and forth, please do this every other turn so that it isn’t overwhelming for your followers. 

Thanks, and hopefully this is helpful to you! And please please please pretty please with a cherry on top trim your threads? Cheers! ^_^ ))

Oookay, now that people have calmed down a bit (and the YouTube broadcast hasn’t gone live to spark Round 2 if it happens – please don’t happen) I think it’s worth it to step back and examine exactly why this moment in particular sparked such violent emotions in people. (Including me. Again, apologies for the rage, people who don’t follow me for this shit.)

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not because people think that Vax’ildan’s actions were “metagaming” or out-of-character. It’s not metagaming, and of course it’s in-character. It’s a volatile, distilled concentration of everything that people who are not 100% on board with Vax as a character have been complaining about for months:

Keep reading

So you want to leave an argumentative comment on my text post.

Here are some things you need to understand before I even consider writing a serious response.

1. The purpose of anecdata.

Often I’ll use anecdata in a text post only to have some Supersleuth swan in to say that anecdata doesn’t prove anything. But when I use anecdata I am usually illustrating a concept, not proving the existence of a trend. So when I write about an instance of workplace discrimination I am not trying to prove that workplace discrimination is a pervasive problem (although it is); I’m giving one example of how that discrimination can manifest. Alternatively, I may use anecdata as justification for my own feelings and worries, e.g. how my firsthand experiences with sexual assault increase my sensitivity to certain types of boundary violating, but in those cases anecdata is sufficient support for the point.

2. There’s almost never a reason to whine “citation neeeeeeded.”

I don’t need a citation when writing about personal experience; I myself am a citation. I also don’t need a citation when referencing common knowledge, because this discourse community is my citation. Statistics, studies—those may need citations depending on the intended audience, but please remember that this is a blogging platform which encourages short text posts and ongoing conversations among people with shared knowledge and understanding. If I’m writing, say, an argument geared toward people who fundamentally disagree with my view, I may very well need citations—but if I fail to provide one then either provide one yourself or shut up. If you know the fact is incorrect I can only assume you have the sources to back it up, so by all means share. Otherwise you’re just lazy and hypocritical.

3. Not every conversation is an intro lecture, and that’s just fine.

I’m never going to get anything done if I spend every damn second catering to the least educated audience. Introductory sources exist, so go find them and stop trying to hijack posts that were never intended for you. You don’t personally have to understand something for it to be worthwhile and productive. I should not have to explain this.

4. Informal fallacies have limited usefulness.

Part of the problem here is that the people who shout the names of informal fallacies in arguments rarely understand them. “Your argument included an insult against your opponent(s). GET OFF THE TRAIN, YOU’VE REACHED AD HOM CITY.” The other problem is that it’s usually a lazy approach to argumentation that doesn’t look at the argument holistically and tries to discredit the entire thing by identifying a problematic part. Plus it’s obnoxious. I’ve taught undergrads, I know they love learning informal fallacies, and I know it’s because they see them as shortcuts to automatic wins. But they’re wrong.


If you don’t know what my terminology means, ask. If you use those terms differently, define and justify your use. This is my territory, so you need to either accept my terms or provide a good reason for deviating.

6. Don’t make assumptions about my meaning.

Again: If you’re not sure what I mean by something, ask. Otherwise I’ll doubt your interest and sincerity, and you’ll look like a willfully ignorant jackass.

7. “Sure, that happened” is almost never a useful response.

If I was like, “In 1547, David Bowie invented Cheetos and distributed them to impoverished children throughout Paris,” maybe “Sure, that happened” would be appropriate. It’s a claim that you can refute with a basic understanding of history and biology. But if I’m all, “Yesterday I was walking down the street and this yucky dude asked me to sit on his face,” it would not be an appropriate response, and more importantly, it accomplishes nothing. You can’t prove that I’m lying, and unless I have video I can’t prove I’m not. We’re just wasting words, and that’s terrible.

8. Your interpretation of my post should have textual support.

Don’t accuse me of saying something shitty unless you have evidence. Duh.

That’s all for now, but I’ll update as I think of more.


because everyone else is doing it: my favorite games (mass effect being a special case because i couldn’t choose one game from the trilogy)

OP note: Everyone has their own different set of favorites, and I have many more favorite games that couldn’t be here because of Tumblr limitations, so please don’t complain just because one of your favorites isn’t here or ranked lower or higher or something like that - it’s rude and inconsiderate. Also, in the wake of a massively unpleasant encounter with a typical elitist dudebro after my favorite gaming girls post, if you’re going to piss and moan because my favorite games are more popular, I would rather you not reblog this post (and anyone following me knows EXACTLY who I am talking about). Put that energy into making your own favorites post or something.