and i am upset

real talk.

I am a cheery person and it takes alot to upset me to the point that I get angry. Well, today it happened.
I have always been so happy to have my streams, not only because I get stuff drawn, but most of all, I get to talk to you guys. A luxury that is not really possible other ways in tumblr or around here.
I’ve always been so proud of you guys how nice it is in streams and how we can all talk and everyone is having fun. You’ve always been amazing.

But today the stream managed to really upset me twice. And it kept on doing that even when I added the rules and even when I specifically asked people to stop disrespecting the rules. (And no, definitely there were people who still acted so well, but then there were some who’s behavior I didn’t approve.)

If you can’t play nice in a stream-chat….then I really think it’s time to start learning basic interaction and how to respect others in a common space.

Yea..having rules can feel restricting. But they’re there for a reason. 
They’re there so everyone can come to a stream and have a nice time, relax, chat with others, have the respect to your fellow stream-goers (+ their characters, projects.
The stream chat is not for riling up other people or testing your limits of how much you can get off with. It’s supposed to be an nice place everyone can feel relaxed to talk in.

My work is really taking my energy these days and the streams are one of the ways I get to relax, talk with people, have fun times while doodling sillies. And that’s what I want to keep my streams as.

I hate to have to use drastic measures, everyone who knows me knows that’s definitely something I would never do other vice, but from now on, if you don’t go by the rules or if you cause distraught among other people, I will use the kick and ban options. I’m sorry, but if you can’t behave, you need to first go and learn that, before ruining the fun from a group of people.

I really don’t want to come off too harsh, but today was not a good day. My apologies, but things didn’t go as was planned and apologies to anyone who came to the stream and was not feeling good (or who came in just as I ended it).

Hope we can all have fun in the future and act towards a common goal and have fun like we’ve had before.

Hope you are having a good day, whichever the timezone you are on is~
See you tomorrow. <3


Donni draws back slightly, nuzzling Anui’s nose with his own before placing a light kiss to the tip of it. His husband’s presence soothes him like nothing else does, and he spends a few moments reflecting on how grateful he is that they ever managed to find one another. Finally, Donni breaks the silence with a rumbling that falls clumsily from his lips.

Donni: I love you too, Anui. It hurts me…knowing that I brought my problems with me. Knowing that they will hurt you, in return.

Anui freezes for just a moment as his lips brush against Donni’s, the words he knows he needs to say giving him pause. The other man senses his hesitation, perhaps thinking the cause is something else, and presses his lips more firmly to his lover’s. Anui, eager for the affection, drinks in the attention as if he will die without it, before gently parting from Donni.

Anui: What if…they were never meant to hurt me? What if…we were brought together to make everything…right?

Donni: What are you trying to say?

Anui: We can try to fix it, Don. It doesn’t have to stay like this.

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scorpios have the best dark humor on my opinion, but sometimes they are so sarcastic and ironical that i really don't know when they are serious, upset or are just simply mocking people. I am just a fascinated virgo

sometimes I can’t tell when a Scorpio is making a joke or being serious so I’m just like “ha…..ha?” help

Met Charlotte Ritchie today! She’s a total sweetheart, still stayed behind to say hello and put up with my iPad taking about a century to start up despite meeting people she knows - I did get a photo with her but unfortunately it didn’t take properly so I haven’t got it (which anyone who knows me will know I will be exceedingly bitter about for the rest of my life) but just meeting her was more than enough - got a compliment on the badges on my coat and a side-hug, and the show itself was amazing!

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Well, you come off cocky because you think your better than everyone else the fact that some people may work 10x hard as you but many not get the same results make that person seem as if they are not good enough yet here you are with a studyblr posting pictures of perfect coffee and colourful pens and giving out advice because everyone thinks your super duper smart because of 11A*, some studyblr's are so pretentious.

wow. okay.

I know I should just ignore you, but I am actually pretty upset by your comments. I do not think myself above anyone else in any way, and would hate for people to think that. I worked so so hard for those GCSE results and so I’m going to be proud of them. Because they are the outcome of hundreds of hours of studying, revision, past papers and time when I could have been out with friends or relaxing, when I instead chose to revise.

I know there are loads other people who did exactly the same, who worked so so hard, and maybe some of them didn’t get the same results, but I would never think them ‘not good enough’ and I hope I have never made someone feel like that. This whole community here on tumblr is about motivating each other and celebrating people’s results - no matter what the grade/mark. I believe that everyone is so completely different in their abilities that the only person you can compare yourself to, is yourself.

I try to give advice in the hope that it will help some people, just like I ask for advice in the hope that the answers people give me will help me out. I thought that that was what the ‘studyblr’ community was about - people who love studying all helping each other out, trying to help each other be the best they can be.

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to do this but here I am writing about Adam Taurus. I may be in denial, I may be completely and horribly wrong, but I just feel like something is missing/off about the whole confrontation. And it’s all from the conversation they have before everything become absolutely horrible.

“Is that what you’ve become my love?? A Coward. ”

“Im not running..”

“You Will.“

As I said before, I may just be in denial but I think what we saw wasn’t completely the real Adam. The conversation doesn’t really fit into the rest of the confrontation but I think Adam wanted Blake to leave again. We still don’t know what Cinder is truly planning. For all we know Cinder might blow up Beacon and Adam didn’t want Blake to be there.

Of course it probably wasn’t that hard for Adam to act the part of a horrible monster. He was angry and hurt Blake betrayed him, it was bad enough she left but she went to side with humans, the enemy they had been fighting against for years. He knows there is no way he can get her back. He even says it when he’s talking shit. And why would he even want her to come back? Cinder had forced him to work with her, why would he want Blake to come back just to find out that he was forced to work with a human of all things. 

He knows Blake has a bleeding heart, it was the reason why she ultimately left him. Of course he is going to threaten the ones she loves and cares about. When Yang appears he could have easily cut her in half. After years of knowing Blake he probably knew that she wouldn’t just lie there and let someone she cared about die. He could have just killed her immediately, left no hope for Blake to save Yang. But he didn’t.

On the other hand he could just be a piece of shit that wanted to kill Yang slowly so Blake could suffer, feel the pain he felt when she left and all that bullshit. 

Now the whole decapitation part is tricky. There was a theory going around (if I find it again I’ll link it) that said he knew that she was a clone which I can believe. Adam knows Blake’s semblance, he knows how she fights. Again she has a bleeding heart so she’ll do whatever it takes to save her friends. If I remember correctly he doesn’t even act surprised as he notices it’s a clone and turns to see the real Blake leaving with Yang. She ran.

 Adam could have easily caught up to both of them. Blake is injured from the stab, Yang is injured for obvious reasons, but he lets them go. Why would he do that if he didn’t want them to leave? Then they show another Grimm attacking him. Sure anger is a negative emotion, but what if something else was going on inside. He already knew Blake was never going to come back to him so why not solidify it even more.

Now does this excuse his actions? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT 

Am I in denial from all the wasted potential for his character? PROBABLY

I’m not even sure if he is deserving of a redemption arc at this point or if its even possible.

I just felt like something was off about the whole confrontation and I’m just really upset about all the potential he had. I still find Adam Taurus an interesting character despite all this though and I feel like we still haven’t seen all of him. I’m probably just salty.

Also side note: If I remember correctly Adam’s design was influenced a lot by Vergil from Devil May Cry. He sure looks a lot like him, but it may not have been confirmed. Adam’s story may take a similar path that Vergil’s did.

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i am upset because i feel like youre telling the truth about furries talking to Jesus. i hope they found salvation

but this beckons the real question: what if HE found salvation in THEM

what if jesus was a Furry??? have u thought abt that in extensive detail??? 

I was watching RWBY2 with my friend y’know, catching her up since she hasn’t seen it

and we got to the dance arc and she learned that Weiss didn’t go with Neptune or Jaune and her first reaction was to go “Oh so she went with Yang?”

Like, I wish buddy, that would have been like, 100x sweeter. And now I am sitting here upset at what I didn’t even know I wanted

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About that Odin deleted scene, I am upset about whole situation. I do not blame Odin for doing what he is doing. I blame writers, I wish whole scene would have beed developed diferently: Odin would show his power and rage (like during Thor´s banishment) towards Elves, Frigga would survive somehow, Loki would see whole thing (Kurse would actually release him) and he would join Odin in raging madness against Elves. Along with Thor of course.

See. This is what I wish had happened.

Odin still needs to put Gungnir down and surrender because I think that’s a wonderful progression to his character arc. So much personal growth there. I refuse to give that up.

But then I want Frigga to rear around and kill both Kurse and Malekith with a single blow, then look at Odin like, “Why didn’t you kill them like I told you to? You put everyone in danger.”

And Odin just smiles knowingly and says, “I knew my queen could take care of herself, just as she has always taken care of me.”

And then Thor rushes in, ready to fight, and is like “oh” because there’s nothing left to do.

My Art Is Being Stolen


I am done arguing over MY stolen art. That is TWO today.
I am so upset that other people are getting notes for something I made.

If I see my art reposted, and you do not remove it, you are being reported.

I shouldn’t feel as if I cannot share my art with you.
You give me no choice.

when clarke is holding the knife to lexa’s throat and cries i cry too bc its so obviously about the kiss and how much she loved her. the last time they were this close was the kiss and she’s just thinking i LOVED you and you left me to die and i know you still care about me and thats not fair and i am just UPSET about clexa angst

Ok then.

I am filled with anger and upset. I couldn’t go to work today because I got struck with what I can only assume is food poisoning. I called out but no one let the manager know so I got called and yelled at, love waking up after finally managing to ignore the crippling sickness and pain and sleep only to listen to the lovely sounds of my manager talking to me with that angry disappointed voice of hers. I wanted to go into work but I just couldn’t. Does that make me a bad person? I’m sorry I can’t be there for y'all to kick around, but if I’m going to projectile spew violently, I’d really rather do it at my house.

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Teppei-san.. I have a dislocated kneecap.. I think that now I fully understand your pain.. Tell me, how did you managed to be so cheerful and optimistic even when you had a problem with your knee?

KIYOSHI: “It’s not easy to stay positive with these circumstances. There was a period of time when I was upset with the whole thing, and sometimes I still am, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Talking out your feelings or writing them out does help. If you can keep yourself distracted with other activities, it would be great too. I’m sorry this happened but I know you can make it through.”