and i am still way too emotionally attached to this drama

Problems of being a kdrama fan..

• You are emotionally and physically affected by scenes in the drama.
• There are times when a drama finishes as well as your life because it was just that good.
• Your friends will think you’re speaking gibberish, but you are actually just repeating your favourite line from last nights episode.
• To my fellas who needs subs to understand everything, we all know that annoying feeling when we think the subbed version has came out already, but in reality it still hasn’t.
• We all plan out what dramas to watch in order depending on what feelings it’ll give you. I end up my day watching WFKBJ once cause The Legend of the Blue Sea’s episode was depressing.
• We will scream our hearts out whenever we see new still cuts or episode scenes from new episode you still haven’t seen.
• We always have a “Need to watch” dramas, but we never get to watch them cause we’re just too attached to the current drama we’re watching.
• We know that after happy scenes that’s been showing for 3 minutes, depressing scenes will come after.
• You’ll find every oppa in each drama you watch hot, and be immediately be married to them. (one of the greatest problem in all human history.) There’s so much oppas to love that it hurts the brain but a pleasure to the heart.
• You cry on each drama OST you hear. Even if it’s a happy song, it just brings so much memories.
• We’ve all had hated the lead females. And how they are so perfect and pretty. Like why Song Hye Kyo?
• You’ll watch specific variety show episodes you’ve never watched just because of your favourite actor/actress being a guess.
• The depressing dramas will affect your life.
• The happy ones will make you smile out of nowhere.
• Lines by oppa are too cringe worthy but yet you still love it.
• We’re all busy, each day new episodes of dramas we watch come out. (Honestly one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. Specially on Mondays just to see Park Seo Joon.)
• You always change your wall paper depending on what oppa you want to see that day.
• Once you’ve become a kdrama addict, there’s no way back.

• Second lead syndrome is just too real. • Age for an oppa doesn’t matter. They’re all be looking like they’re 26 even though they’re 50 ~.~ • constantly searching for special episodes after finishing a drama because it ending is just so hard getting over with… •The reply series are all beautiful and painful therefore every time you watch a drama that takes in a different time period or era, you wish to live at that time too. •sleeping at 4 am because of binge watching is worth it

(List some more!!!)

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hi so i need more poly pucks please!!!????!!!!! how did they get together?? what is their daily routine?? how do they manage the distance w/ kent being in vegas?? do they have pets (other than kit obv)??




Also! Muy importante!! My friends and I are starting a Polypucks network to get the name out there for this ship and get more content!! Info to come!!

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Hamilton Fic Reader

I finally dragged @fractalbright into Hamilton so to celebrate, I’ve compiled a fanfic reader for her! If I’m aware the author is on tumblr, I’ve done my best to @ them. If I missed anyone, please let them know! Please tread cautiously; most authors include potential content warnings in the tag, so I haven’t bothered unless something really stuck in my mind. If you like a fanfic, let the author know! Most of them have written fics beyond what I’ve linked here, and you should check those out too. 

* indicates historical RPF rather than musical portrayals 

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Hi. This might be a little long but please bear with me as I really need words of comfort and advice. I recently realised that I am most probably aromantic (also asexual). It was an accidental discovery (i just looked up the word because I had never heard of it before) and it has left me completely devastated and distraught. I am in my early 20s and have never experienced romantic attraction or a desire for a relationship. I was always totally fine with that. 1/

Mainly because I genuinely never thought or felt like I was different to anyone. I simply thought I was perhaps a little more independent than others and preferred being single. But I always ALWAYS thought my time would come. That I was bound to fall in love one day. Being able to fall in romantic love was one of those things that I thought every single person on the planet was capable of. That some might not ever get to experience it but that everybody had that capability inside them. 2/

So to find out that that is not the case is beyond devastating. I haven’t been able to stop crying for weeks. On top of that, from an early age I’ve has obsessions with fictional romantic relationships. Particularly those found on tv shows. I’d always get super emotionally invested in the relationships portrayed on tv. When one obsession would end, I’d inevitably find a new one. 3/

Two years ago I found out about two cute boys in a boyband who many people believe, myself included, are in a closeted relationship. Since then I’ve been following their story and have a blog dedicated to their love. I’ve spent hours upon hours reading fan fiction about them falling in love in hundreds of different scenarios. And I’ve always felt SO MUCH. They made me feel SO MUCH. I was in love with their love. Nearly every long song I listened to I would relate to them and it was beautiful. 4/

The moment I found out about the word aromantic and that I could be it all those feelings were gone. They just stopped. I tried to read fan fiction and I didn’t feel anything anymore. Just immense sadness. I can’t listen to love songs anymore, I can’t watch romantic movies or read romantic fan fiction. And I am so overwhelmingly sad. I genuinely don’t know who I am anymore. The person I thought I was for 23 years just stopped existing the moment I looked up the word aromantic. 5/

I’m going to see a therapist in two weeks but I desperately just need some comfort support and advice in the meantime. Sorry for the length of this and thank you for reading. 6/6

First off - I’m sorry you’ve been going through all that! I understand that this is shocking, and there are many things which might suddenly seem bleak. What I CAN tell you is - many of us are familiar with your feelings. I’ve pretty much identified as aro since I was 19, and at times, I’ll still pause in the middle of my day and think to myself, a bit painfully ‘I won’t ever have what other people have.’

It sucks. Won’t sugarcoat it. It’s okay to be emotional about it. It’s valid. If you need to cry about it, no one can blame you.

But… let’s back up a bit and go over some things.

First I want to say - fanfiction, along with drama, TV shows, romance books and etc, is a long and domineering media form that has been collecting power since before Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. Please understand that fanfiction is MEANT to make you feel like you’re in love with someone’s love. It’s its main job. I don’t want to compare it to a drug but… it’s kind of a drug. VERY FEW realistic relationships are like fanfiction relationships. Compare it to a cupcake which is 99% sugar. If you are attracted to sugar, you will love the cupcakes. But actual cupcakes don’t exist. You have like… real food. And sometimes it’s as sweet as cupcakes, but only for a little while. Mainly, it’s very different. 

What I’m trying to say is, actual romantic love does not equal fanfiction. 

Second - you said that you read the definition of aromantic and felt devastated. True, this could be because you are aromantic and will never experience romantic love. But… you’re in your early 20s. 

I feel like, too often, people use that in conjunction with the unspoken “I’m in my early 20s… my life is almost over. When I turn 28, I’ll sit down and never have another new experience for the next 46 years that I’ll probably be alive.”

….my main point is - you’re really young. Yes, you might be aromantic. You might not be. Maybe you haven’t had any romantic attachments yet. It’s entirely possible! The thing is, you might need a little more time to figure it out for sure. No one can tell you except yourself, but I’m just saying… don’t count it out just yet. If you’re as emotionally exhausted as you sound, it might be a good idea to just take your time and think about it after you’re in a more stable place.

Third - honestly, romantic feelings are not the glue that holds the world together. Many, many, many things that make life on this earth beautiful is made up of things that are not romantic at all.

Feelings of maternal love, when a mother will literally give up everything to make her child happy. Feelings of family bonds, when every time a baby smiles, a brother is so happy he starts to tear up. The friendship that binds together parentless children who promise to take care of one another. The love a homeless man can have for his dog, that makes him jump over the bridge to save it. The love that a teacher can have for her students, when she shows up at the police station at 3 AM and pays bail because she knows the students’ father drinks and she’s willing to cash out all of her savings to give him another chance at a better life.

Kindness, friendship, human promises to stay together is what holds this world from falling apart. We are literally all linked to each other through so many threads. The red string of fate is only one color out of the whole rainbow. Do you really think your other fingers are bare? They’re connected to so many people in so many different ways, and those people are just as willing to step up and help you up as a romantic partner would be.

Even if you are aromantic, your life has just as many chances to be beautiful. You will meet people who will be willing to put their life on the line for you. You have already met people who’ve sacrificed so much for you. You are with people now who care for you so much, in so many different ways. Those relationships aren’t meaningless just because they don’t want to give you roses. They’re just different, and they need to be appreciated just as much. 

Good luck with everything!!

And if all else fails, there IS a person would there for you. It might not be a romantic person, but that doesn’t devalue it.

Here’s a thing that helped me in a time when I was down:

(sorry, it has a picture of a moth on it)


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Read your kylo ren post and really agreed with most of it. I was wondering, however, how you differentiate him from whiny prequel Anakin (like in episode 2)? I mean obviously circumstances were different and such, but we also see Anakin being a huge whiner so obviously Kylo definitely gets that from his grandfather lol. If this makes sense.

Well, the thing is, as much as Anakin is a teenage brat in episode 2 (which overall imho is the weakest of the prequels), that’s not where his conversion to the dark side happens.

Yes, we see him bitching about Obi-Wan and his dislike of sand (which somehow works as a romantic line on Padme because… you know what, let’s not even go there; hire a script polisher, George) and feeling stifled by the Jedi Council and not allowed to do what he wants because he’s 19 and clearly knows everything and yadda yadda yadda. If that was the moment when Anakin BECAME dark, then yes, he’d essentially be Kylo.

But it’s not. We see whiny teenage Anakin facing the fact that his mother has been kidnapped and tortured, and he commits a dark act trying to SAVE her (whereas Ren does you know what when it comes to facing down his estranged parent). The fact that it’s murdering an entire village of Sand People is heavy-handed because, well, as I said, the overall stylistics and scripts of the prequels are clear in intent but clumsy in execution, but the point is, Anakin still commits his first evil act out of love. I reblogged this post recently about how the prequels could have been so much more and done so much better and driven their tragedy home so much more poignantly with just a little more sophisticated rework, subtlety, and narrative structure, but that’s still secondary for now. The point is, the actions of whiny teenage Anakin and whiny mentally-teenage Kylo are not equivalent. They do not do the same things in this circumstance.

Next, by the time Anakin actually does start going dark, in Revenge of the Sith, it’s shown that he’s grown up from his whiny self. In the cartoon series, as far as I know, he has an apprentice and has become a full-fledged Jedi. He’s a respected war hero and he and Obi-Wan have become very close and trusted to carry out the Republic’s most delicate missions in the ongoing conflict. He’s married to Padme, he deals pretty well all things considered with the “yo I’m preggo” bombshell she drops on him when he gets back from rescuing Palpatine, he’s made himself into a – if still pretty emotionally stunted, at least respectable and admired and competent adult. It’s a bit sad (as is usually the case with prequel canon) that the Clone Wars were supposedly created entirely by Palpatine as a way to destroy the Jedi (there have to be more economic ways to do this, dude) because that’s not how wars work, and not even how evil masterminds like Palpatine do their business. But anyway, by the time ROTS rolls around, Palpatine is literally the only person who is really willing to validate Anakin’s fears and emotions and his attachment to Padme and his uncertainty about their future. The Jedi are still totally committed to the “we don’t have attachments lmao” company line, and even Obi-Wan, who is probably the person who loves Anakin most in the world and vice versa, is still beholden to them and mistrustful of Palpatine and denying Anakin’s right to find any emotional solace there. Obviously he’s right to think Palpatine is up to no good, but just a few tweaks of this would have made the distinctions between good and evil much less clear and much more troubling and compelling. Then again, that’s not the story Star Wars goes in for. The goodies are good, the baddies are bad. Anakin is the only character who has ever legitimately crossed from one side to the other and then back to good, and that’s why it’s sad that his arc didn’t get handled as well as it should have been.

So anyway, by the time Anakin DOES fall to the dark side, he’s long past the point where Ren is now. He doesn’t fall because he’s a whiny teenager; he falls because the tragedy is that this phenomenally gifted, emotionally stunted, deeply passionate ex-slave is given a choice of Door A (Jedi) or Door B (Sith), and neither of them fits who he is at the time he encounters them. He doesn’t become a Sith because he had a falling-out with Obi-Wan and never forgave him when he was a teenager; by the time of their final duel on Mustafar, it’s the breaking point for what has been building in their relationship this entire time, the fact that they love each other so much but they just don’t see eye to eye and they never will.  Same with him and Padme. THAT is the tragedy of Anakin’s downfall. He has come so far and fought and faced and been so much and had so many expectations placed on him, but in the end, he breaks because he’s not going to choose to give up love. Even when it has been twisted beyond any recognition and everything he’s doing has turned evil as a result, because he just is too scared to let go.

Ren on the other hand: Nope. I can’t imagine, as I’ve seen theorized in places, that Luke would try to send his teenage nephew in as a spy on Snoke, without telling Han and Leia about it, and then realize something went wrong when Ren actually went dark. As I said, he’s had every single opportunity to avoid Anakin’s mistakes. He’s never been placed in a situation comparable to Anakin’s. He’s what Darth Vader would have been if whiny Anakin was who turned into a Sith, but since that’s not the case, he’s just a brat. Anakin had basically nobody who was willing to fully listen and validate his struggle; Obi-Wan and Palpatine both had their own agendas when it came to him, and Padme’s role in episode 3 was reduced to crying, having babies, and dying. Ren had Han and Leia and Luke and Chewie and plenty of other people who clearly loved him and were willing to help. It’s also why I’m pissed that, despite the fact that they needed him to be the new Obi-Wan/Yoda in hiding on remote planet after apprentice turned to the Dark Side, Luke’s role was so minimal (and we were cheated of any possibility of an onscreen Han-Luke reunion). Am I really supposed to believe that after fighting so hard for his father, helping Vader see the light, understanding the tragedy of his life and realizing that own impulse in himself, Luke’s reaction after Ren went bad was to abandon his sister and brother-in-law, refrain from training any more Jedi, go into hiding while the First Order took over the galaxy, and just… kinda sit on Skellig Michael until Rey showed up to find him? Because that really weakens HIS character and motivations as well, in addition to what they did with Han and Leia.

So I think that’s at the core of why Ren doesn’t work for me. He’s not a case of whiny prequel Anakin, because whiny prequel Anakin isn’t who becomes Darth Vader. He’s a disappointment as the offspring of two legendary characters and my all-time OTP, he’s the reason the story was forcibly reverted back to square one, he makes Han, Leia, and Luke behave in a way I find manufactured and cheap for added story drama, and that’s in addition to the issues I outlined with him in my last post. If your hope to redeem/work out your story is that “the sequel(s) will fix it,” then there’s something wrong with how it started in the first place.

Brigette Watches Dance Moms. What even is this show?

I’ve been watching Dance Moms for a few years, and I’ve got so much to say about it that it overwhelms me. What was once a reality show/documentary about stage moms in Pittsburg has turned into a crazy-ass-Disney-child-star-launching-circus-what-the-hell-am-I-watching fiesta.

I’m not going to say that these kids are being abused or that their childhoods are being stolen. I have no idea what a “perfect” childhood even looks like or what circumstances create a well-rounded person. But I do have things to say. It’s possible, but not certain, that I will answer the following questions: 1) who is actually crazy on this show? 2) should we be worried about any of these girls? 3) what is real in this show, and what is real in all of our lives?

Here we go.

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I am SWEN.

Y’ALL. Hi! I’m Mari and I’m literally the least interesting person in the universe wrt things I’ll talk about on Tumblr omg this section is going to be agony. I’m 25 and from from NYC and…I like p standard human activities? Real talk I’m p sure most of you have seen my Twitter. I used to care about/be involved in other fannish things online but then Swan Queen happened. Oops.

I love Swan Queen.

Now we’re talking. I fell in love with Swan Queen entirely unintentionally omg. I’d known it existed from the start but it wasn’t really my focus while I was marathoning S1 (and in S2 when I watched live I was into CS and Sleeping Warrior) and then this scene happened! And I kept going back to look at it, over and over and over, and I never really contemplated why?? It was just such an affecting scene for me, these two women kind of opening up to each other for a moment and the three of them all gathered together and smiles and I was just utterly in love and hadn’t noticed it. Then The Cricket Game came out like the angsty part of a romantic drama and I was writing fic for the first time in years, unexpectedly. I’ve never looked back since. 

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What do you think about the fact that Eliza sais "the bellarke shit", I don't really ship Bellarke or Clexa even though I like both pairing, but I'd like to know what you think because I don't know what she meant exactly but I know other actors that play a character that people ship with different characters but they always respected that and never said anything against those ships you know (never heard SwanQueen shit from Lana or Jennifer...)

I think emotions are still running a little high, and the Kabby fandom is more an observer than a participant in this particular clusterfuck, so I don’t necessarily want to get too deeply into fandom drama, but I do have some general thoughts about two things: public relations, and kindness.

First of all I have to admit I am honestly surprised that after a whole day of Jason making public appearances and a huge panel with tons of audience questions, this was honestly the show’s only real PR fail.  (Like. Kudos to whoever was in charge of keeping the panel’s Q&A line free of ship war drama.  It seems to have come at the cost of a hard-and-fast rule about not discussing any characters not currently present on the stage, which made me sad about the lack of Abby, but in this situation I think that rule helped everyone.)

As a general rule, I think it’s wisest for actors to exercise diplomacy in these matters - not to “pander” to one ship or another, but because everyone watching a TV show comes to it from their own unique perspective and the wisest course when you’re in the public eye like that is generally to err on the side of showing respect to everyone’s opinions.  There are a lot of ways to do that.  Chris Larkin is clearly excited about his storyline with Harper next season, but also made a Minty joke.  Richard talked about Murphy’s relationship with Emori being important and transformative, but he’s also (in a joking way) an enthusiastic Murphamy shipper.  And if you haven’t seen the interview video yet where Lindsey Morgan explains the concept of Doctor Mechanic to a baffled Henry Ian Cusick, then you haven’t seen Shakespeare the way it’s meant to be done.  But in all those cases, it was done either in a lighthearted way where the actors were in on the joke (as opposed to making a joke at the expense of shippers), which strikes me as the right tack.  I don’t think Bellarke or Clexa are entitled to more attention or consideration from the cast than the other, or than the smaller fandoms, because that’s saying this particular fan is more important than this other fan just because they happen to ship a different set of characters.  So even though clearly, for example, Lindsey sees Abby and Raven’s relationship as platonic, whenever she encounters Doctor Mechanic shippers she’s gracious and funny and respectful.  She signs DM fan art, she talks about how beautiful Paige Turco is and how much they enjoy working together.  She doesn’t dismiss the ship because that would feel, to the fan, like she was dismissing them, which is how a lot of Bellarke shippers feel right now. 

Hurting people’s feelings is very unlikely to have been Eliza’s intent - she’s certainly not a mean-spirited person, and whatever she said or meant to say about the relationship she plays onscreen, I’m sure she was appalled at how hard and fast this blew up.  But it was the result, and that’s a huge bummer, and I know a lot of people who took what she said very personally.  So I think the big takeaway here should be compassion and kindness.  I don’t think anyone should give Eliza any hate about this, because she’s a young woman in a high-visibility career and she gets attacked from both sides of the ship war which results in people hacking her Instagram and obtaining her private cell phone number and accosting her at airports.  But I also think that anyone who is cackling and rubbing their hands together in evil glee because they don’t like Bellarke should take a step back and think about how unkind that is, and how you would feel if it was your ship.  Shipping is personal to us in a way that it isn’t to actors; Eliza and Alycia and Bob are all friends (yes! even Bob and Alycia! they are friends! they love each other! they are literally only the team captains of opposing fandom armies IN PEOPLE’S HEADS!) and portraying those characters is their job.  But we attach ourselves emotionally to the characters and relationships we care about because they speak to us on some fundamental level, which is why we feel personally attacked when someone criticizes our fave or our ship.  We feel like they’re insulting some deep core part of us.  And often they’re not.  Often they just have different thoughts about that character or that relationship.  But I can imagine how hurt and sad a lot of Bellarke shippers are right now, and I think the kind thing to do is to put aside any “but you started it!” “no YOU started it!” ship war drama and try a little harder to be compassionate to each other.