and i am still emotionally compromised by this ship

there were a lot of moments in Star Trek Beyond that emotionally compromised me, but as i am irrationally attached to the Enterprise herself i need to vent feels about my very favorite dilithium-powered inanimate object.

The previews made it pretty clear that she was going to be destroyed so it wasn’t a surprise; but watching the extended, gratuitous destruction scene - every puncture to her hull, seeing her nacelles severed, watching the drone ships pick her apart piece by piece - was still painful.


when Chekov & Kirk are standing looking at the burning ruins of her saucer and kirk says “She still has a few tricks up her sleeve, ” i. lost. mY. SHIT.  OF COURSE SHE DOES BBY. SHE WILL GIVE THE LAST PIECE OF HERSELF FOR YOU.  SHE LOVES YOU ALL.

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This panel, combined with the panel in 3.10 where Jack says “We’re a team” make so so weepy because Jack is so fucking committed to Bitty??? Maybe I’m still in shock and awe about being in a fandom where a canon gay couple even exists but… Just…. 

Bitty is Jack’s endgame. I am feeling it to the extreme. And Jack is Bitty’s as well, no take-backsies. I can’t even articulate how happy and emotional I feel watching these men being in love and being PARTNERS and AAAAAAAAAAAH