and i am sourcing it

why am I all of a sudden being judged recently from multiple sources about not liking going out?

like I hate it. 10/10 times i get anxiety and literally leave without telling anyone. I don’t like it. I would rather stay in and like out of nowhere a few people are like “yOu dOnT gO OuT?!”

no binch i have social anxiety gimme cheez its and a video game instead 

Saeran's Route
  • MC: Saeran, can I rest my head on your shoulder~?
  • Saeran: ...N-Not while we’re in public.
  • MC: *pouts*
  • Saeyoung : You can use my shoulder~
  • Saeran: *pulls her and forcefully makes her rest her head on his shoulder without saying a word*
  • MC and Saeyoung: *brief sparkly thumbs up*
  • Seven: I love you
  • MC: me?
  • Seven: Yes, I love you, didn't you hear me?
  • MC: I always hear 'I love you' when you're speaking but it's usually subtext
  • Seven: For gods sake *grabs MC and kisses her*
  • MC: I'm really in love with you, Seven!
  • Seven: Good luck with that.