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If you choose to ignore someone's kin pronouns, that is just as bad as ignoring someone's preferred gender pronouns, you can go fuck yourself

grabs a megaphone and takes a deep breath


kin can not have pronouns since species/plants/whatever the fuck you are do not HAVE pronouns


Creating KIN BASED PRONOUNS actually HARMS the Queer community since it invalidates REAL pronouns that people are trying to have used for them

Creating Kin pronouns harms Trans/Nonbinary people who are facing REAL life issues and oppression where they risk ACTUAL harm for the pronouns they use



puts away megaphone this has been a psa

I held the yearbook in my own two hands today and a year of design work is over but I AM SO HAPPY! I can hold something I created in my hands and people were coming up and telling me it was their favourite yearbook yet, that it looked the best out of all our 4 years, and there is nothing better to cap off my last year than that.

allergies are killing me(wtf its not even summer) and im like 90% coffee and 10% human at this point im so sleepy and i havent hiked or exercised or so in a week and i feel gross as hell but my puppy is so cute he is the cutest tiny thing he fell headfirst into the ground like 7 times on our short walk today 7 times

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breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Dinner!

Do you drink your cereal milk? Haha fuck no.
CDs, radio, or phone? All three?
Window or aisle? Aisle.
Fold or crumple? I crumple and destroy shit.
Shampoo then bodywash, or bodywash then shampoo? Bodywash then shampoo.
Stressed or relaxed? Stressed all the time.
Patient or impatient? Patient? Hell no. I’m impatient for everything.
Schedule or go with the flow? Scheduling, solely because I love to plan out stuff and such.
What did you want to be when you grew up? To quote a recent conversation I had with someone who asked about my future, I replied with “I want to be the next Mrs. Lancaster.” (hint: english teacher)
Prankster or not? I don’t prank.
Dressed up or dressed down? I’m a casual person so ehh. Normally I stick to the same style unless under different circumstances.
favorite clothing item? My leather Converse’s. I named them Petunia.
What instrument would you play? I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE BASS.
East coast or west coast? East Coast seems fairly nice.
London or LA? London (Calling by The Clash).

Favorite holiday? Christmas or Halloween.
How big is your bed? Average size because, average size.
Sleep with your doors open or closed? I keep those doors shut as much as I can.
Sheets tucked in or out? TUCKED THE FUCK IN.
Have you ever stolen anything? My friend once borrowed one of my games for so long I had to go to his house and “steal” it back.
Tattoos or piercings? I want tats. A couple of them.
Smile in every photo? Never I always look pissed.
Have you ever peed in the woods? Yeah……
Concert or theme park? Concerts!

Music or books? Books.

Animated or reality? Reality.

Letter or email? Email.
First concert? Never been to one.
Do you own a record player? I’m getting one for my birthday :D!
Do you speak any different languages? English and I try to speak Spanish.
Sweet or savory? Savory goodness.
Can you curl your tongue? Yep.
Can you touch your tongue to your nose? I don’t think I can.
Can you whistle? Never have been able to.
Have you ever won a spelling bee? Nope.
Do you believe in ghosts? I believe in ghosts.
Do you believe in aliens? Strangely, yeah?

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Killian Jones

Why people insist on considers Killian Jones an important character? He is only Emma’s puppy

Killian Jones character revolve only around Emma

He doesn’t have relationships with other people

(He is more than 300 years old and never had friends or family)

Hook is an horrible person

(Making amends and getting forgiveness… really such horrible behavior)

And he doesn’t resolve anything on his own

(Killian Jones is just dumb with any intelligence)

Hook doesn’t care for Henry or Emma’s family

 (Protecting a child and risking your own life, so little care for other; He wanted to impress but he didn’t want Emma knowing about it, weird no?)

Related to Emma  (because in any case it’s horrible to be in love, and being caring and considerated with the woman he loves)

Hook is the worst companion ever

Emma only kiss Killian because he obligate her

(Or in any case Emma tripped over his mouth and their longes get tangled by accident)

He doesn’t care or respect her

(Such a misogynist because they considers both equals in a relationship)

And really he only want to get in her pants, he doesn’t love her