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Solo Direction according to Billboard

Just in case you couldn’t pick up what the Billboard’s agenda is:

Louis: He is too dad to do anything beyond son and hoping to land a gig on one of his best friend Simon’s reality shows.

Niall: Some people said he signed to Universal, but that hasn’t been proven (that explanation only matters when it’s Niall’s and not Harry’s rumored deal, apparently) but he should write music since we can’t really see him being a solo act.

Liam: Liam is in the studio doing a lot of studio things, like making music and writing, for his confirmed solo album wow that’s amazing.

Harry: We don’t know the timeline at all, so first, we’ll claim One Direction announced a hiatus before Zayn left, when it was actually 8 months after that. Oops! But anyways, Zayn went solo first, surprising everyone who thought it would be Harry, because Harry hasn’t wanted to be in this band since 2009.  But no fears! Dunkirk will be a success and Harry will keep acting and making solo music, none of which has even been confirmed yet, but we’ve confirmed via a source his second solo album will be released in January 2017.

Zayn: “The only member to voluntarily leave the band,” so I guess the others were forced out when they got too old, Menudo style.

open rp (18+)

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superninjaguy  asked:

I've gotta ask you a question. Why does Nami and Robin getting injured and then having a scar for them to remember their traumatic experience bring you joy or something ?

You completely missed my point???

I find no joy in any character being infured. My whole post was about that the women in One Piece get wounds that, had they been inflicted to a man, would leave a scar. Luffy stabs his own face and gets a scar under his eye, but when Nami stabs her Arlong tattoo, after a couple chapters drawing her scar, Oda decides it’s too much trouble and stops drawing it. When Robin gets stabbed by Crocodile in the chest, she gets no scar. When Zoro almost cuts his won feet, he gets scars in both. When Nami gets her feet stabbed fighting Miss Doublefinger, she gets no scars. Notice the pattern? Oda refuses to give his women scars.

I don’t wish any female or male character in One Piece to get scars, but when they do I simply want Oda to be fair with them. When a character does get a serious injure, if it’s a man, he gets a scar, so why the fuck women don’t?

anonymous asked:

lmao there's nothing wrong with garrett deal with it

I was going to be polite, but you know what? Fuck it.

My way of “dealing with it” is to ask people to tag Garrett so I don’t see him on my fucking dashboard. I dislike Garrett Hawke because he is assumed to be *the* canon Hawke. I dislike that the fandom sees Garrett as ~everyone’s~ Hawke when in reality mine are nowhere near like this fanon Hawke, who comes across to me as an incompetent man-child who thinks he’s hilarious. And as a result, seeing this fanon Hawke saturate my dash, the Hawke who every damned text post is referring to? I’m tired of it. So my way of “dealing with it” is asking people to tag Garrett. And if you can’t deal with that, anon, then just unfollow me because I’m not engaging in any other bullshit about people wanting their mutuals to tag something.

I’ve been rewatching so many movies lately and I realized I actually like a lot of movies I wasn’t really feeling before. I’m looking at movies from a whole different perspective and it’s so refreshing and calming. I’m trying to delete all the negative thoughts and opinions (of others) out of my head and I’m giving movies and actors/actresses another chance and it’s honestly so amazing. Life is so much better this way. Funny how something so simple can make me so happy…


4:45 is an ungodly hour to be awake, but if it means I can get photos like these?

Worth it.

(Sidenote: I almost blinded myself in one eye taking the top right photo. The sun is directly BEHIND the balloon. My retina still isn’t happy with me but the effect was too cool NOT to try and get.)