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I’m sorry but I’ve seen two (2) posts about transformers being struck by lightning and I think you’re all missing out on something here????

Do y’all know how DRAMATIC transformers are? Like? Holy shit can y’all just calm down? Or, no, for SURE, you can brood in the rain dramatically for dramatic effect. That’s fine !!!!! That’s fine too!!!

I am placing fifty dollars on the table that Optimus and Megatron have been struck by lightning trying to look Dark and Edgy™ in the rain five times ALONE.

Don’t even get me started on the Drama queens Starscream and knockout. There is no (read: n o t. a. s i n g l e. o n e.) iteration of Starscream that wouldn’t look out on a cliff in the rain striking a melancholic but hopeful pose and then immediately got blasted.

How many bots came in after a good thunderstorm, soaking wet and yet SMOKING and singed as FUCK because ??? You guessed it??? They were HIT BY LIGHTNIBG????


Oh god don’t even get me started on people just trying to have a good time. Rain feels nice sometimes and it can get in all those tricky corners except huh I feel kinda…. staticky right now and



Ratchet is one of those people I do not care what you tell me. He has definitely just tried to fucking… enjoy earth for once and got struck and couldn’t turn his sirens off for 3 days

Wonder Woman's Bracelets

(***I’m a closet witch so I have to type this all on mobile, sorry if any formatting is weird! Also this is my first spell I’ve ever written, and I’m very !!!!! about it.)

So I was HELLA inspired by Wonder Woman, I absolutely loved it, and–you, you reading this? YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT. Minor disclaimer, I have never read a single Wonder Woman comic in my life, so everything that I know about her is based on her movie and DC Comics Wiki Page. Anywho, let’s get started!

LUDENDORFF: What are you?

DIANA: I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman’s cuff-bracelets are called the Bracelets of Submission, and are worn by all Amazons. They serve as a reminder of the oppression the Amazons felt under Hercules, and also as protection to their wearer. For this spell, we’re going to keep both of these things in mind.


Preferably, a set of bracelets you wear almost every day. Alternatively, you could use earrings, rings, hair rubber bands, anklets, socks. Basically, two separate articles, with one worn on your right and your left.


I’m not super huge into timing, so you can do this whenever you want. I like Wednesday because of alliteration.


Time to channel your inner badass Amazon. Do some self care! Take a witchy bath, smother yourself in lotion, do a face mask, etc. Do whatever you need to do to feel epic and unstoppable. And put on some clothes that make you feel confident! Also, grab your phone or laptop, and get Wonder Woman’s theme queued up. (I believe her theme is titled “Wonder Woman’s Wrath. Listen to it before/during/after the spell to pump you up.)


1) Do your normal pre-spell set up. Ground and cleanse, cast a circle, call on your deities, scream at the void, etc.

2) Cleanse the objects you’re going to enchant.

3) Meditate on the badassery of the Amazons and Wonder Woman. Remember your favorite scene(s) from the movie. Picture yourself as an Amazon, fighting next to Wonder Woman. Feel the power and strength course through you with every breath. You’re fucking AWESOME. Revel in it.

4) Take the item to be worn on your dominant side, and hold it in your dominant hand. Internally or aloud, say

“I have endured oppression and wish to see it eliminated. I am kept safe from oppression, and fight to free others. I am strong and protected. Protect me so I may protect others. My oppression has made me s t r o n g e r.”

Don the item.

5) Take the item to be worn on your non-dominant side, and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Internally or aloud, say

“I have endured oppression and wish to see it eliminated. Change is the way of the world, even though there are those who fight against progress. I fight to bring progress. Protect me and guide me in my quest to aid others. My oppression has made me w i s e r.”

Don the item.

6) Strike a power pose. My personal favorite is feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, shoulders rolled back and down. Internally or aloud, say

“I am Power. I am Progress. I am protected through the power of these [items]. What once weakened me now strengthens me.”

7) Hold your arms out in a W shape. Close your eyes and feel your power. Visualize it, and make it your own. It can be lightning, water, energy, cats, etc. When you feel ready, cross your wrists in front of you. This is the fun part: you get to come up with an identifying phrase like Diana, following her format.

“I am [name] of [place], [identifying adjective] of [insert forces here]. I am Wonder [Person].”

Go crazy with it. Do you want to be the guardian of bees? Sweet. Do you want to be the destroyer of the gender binary? Awesomesauce. Do you want to be the patron of under appreciated vegetables? Hell yeah. The forces can be any elements you like, schools of witchcraft you follow, deities you worship, or whatever you like. Make it personal. Make it you! And make it AWESOME!

8) Now, wear these items whenever you need strength and/or protection against anything. Wear them to school to ward against bullshit. Wear them to work to protect you from stress. Whenever you wear put these items on, stand in front of your mirror in your favorite power pose. Cross your wrists and say “I am Wonder [Person].”

And that’s it! This is my first spell, so any constructive criticism would be nice! If you decide to do this spell, let me know how it went for you!


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What’s good ya’ll? My name is Derione (Dare-ree-an)  Brooks aka Honey. I’m 23 years old and from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m Black and Creole’. I was born and raised in Atlanta and resided in LA for a few years when I first started dancing. I recently located to NYC for a new job opportunity. And yes, I am an exotic dancer and have no shame about how I make my money. 

Anyways, I recently got hired for a new high end gentleman’s club called P L A Y H O U S E located in NYC so if you’re free during nights then come support ya girl and show me some love. I’m a pretty chill and relaxed type of person. I love to cook, especially creole’ food! Don’t even get me started haha. I also enjoy shopping and getting my nails done weekly. And I’m definitely 420 friendly.

I’m always down to meet new people and vibe so hmu! I promise I don’t bite ♥

i guess it also bears mentioning: i am not here for popularity, especially if it means keeping the peace with predators because some people on here think they are deep down ‘nice guys’ (meant in the non-gender specific way, but this overwhelmingly does seem to be an issue we have with men, in every facet of our lives)

so, if you defend these people who prey on others, i honestly don’t care how much i love you as a person, because as a sexual assault survivor, my love for you e v a p o r a t e s when you defend predators, let’s make that PERFECTLY CLEAR


IT’S THE WHOLE FAM!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
I AM S O H Y P E IM GONNA SCR E A M AA AAA A AAAA A 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


Since Matt and Krystal are busy with their careers, they were afraid that Moose would be left alone too often. They decided to adopt him a companion, a sweet pitbull named Lady.

Fun Fact: I (like everyone else) am in L-O-V-E with ouijasim’s pitbull breed, so I couldn’t resist putting one in my family. I spent a super long time painting her coat and editing her to my liking haha. I don’t think I’m done yet but she’s a beauty. Absolutely love her.

anonymous asked:

I am having trouble understanding the whole butch / femme dynamic... I've been told over and over it's a set of behaviors and signals (not just an aesthetic) but to me it seems like the whole benevolent sexism that men do too? Like how many men treat women as something to be protected / cared for in a way that's patronizing (e.g. Chivalry) and actually sexist cause it doesn't treat women like autonomous beings capable of caring for themselves. I know there's probably more to it than (1/2)

(2/2) I am thinking, and I’m very new to this so I don’t want to accuse butches of anything. But the whole butch caring for a femme (in a way that’s more intense than any person should care for any S.O.) seems really icky to me. I’m a femme who is mostly into butches and I would feel so sad if they started perpetuating traditional “strong masculine person cares for vulnerable feminine person” roles. Do you know how I can understand this better? (If you don’t feel ok answering this I understand!)

wow hot take, butches are actually sexist and we act just like men do. never heard that one before

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A T T E N T I O N;;

for ppl who care, i am going to be off the grid from wednesday night through sunday night.

I don’t want anyone to worry about me, think i’ve ditched tumblr, or am ignoring them. I’m simply taking a mini vacation down by the river at my grandma’s house. I do not get a signal there. They do not have wifi.

so pls don’t h8 me or think i h8 u

aahhh I feel all down and sad now. honestly he seemed like, emotionally intelligent and caring, in a way I haven’t really experienced a from a man before (sorry), and less than a day after I decide I would like to give it a chance as something more than casual my brain is just like NOOOOOPE, DELETE HIM OFF EVERYTHING, FLIP OUT AND TELL HIM TO DO ONE. why tho? am I just not ready or something? I don’t know why I always do this? with the other guys it’s been more understandable i.e vegan BB/fuckboy there were genuine reasons why I didn’t want to take things any further but he seems perfect and still the same N O response from my brain. I think it could be a preservation thing wherein if I end it prematurely even though I obviously don’t really want it to be over, then he can’t end it with me, he can’t hurt me, the relationship can’t be painful if it doesn’t ever happen, ya know? 

it has been nearly 5 months since Ryan and I split up….. which I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t very long? It just seems like longer because so much has happened and changed in between and because he’s had a new girlfriend for four out of those five months hahahaha. I hate him with every fibre of my being and I hate that he gets to be happy because in all honesty he doesn’t deserve it and I hope he is still depressed and unhappy with himself and his life and that his whole ~Insta pic~ life is just a charade still like always. that’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever thought but it’s true. I hate him so much. But can’t pretend he wasn’t my best friend for years and my first love so what ya gonna do lolz

I am the first to say that the concept art of Mercy was g o r g e o u s but just, ugh

Seeing antis who up until the concept art was released shat on gency for being abusive and Angela being the worst tm (the hate was so rampant that even I who don’t do shipping saw it often) suddenly turn around and saying all that is okay as long as it’s gay is really uncomfortable.

yollm  asked:

I just started playing Tusks and gosh I love it so much!! it's such a refreshing game, especially with the NPC autonomy. I was wondering though if some day you plan to make a lesbian version of TUSKS? Perhaps featuring the ladies we met at the checkpoint, Seonag's group? There's nothing I'd love more than even more gay orc dating.

I would L O V E there to be a Tusks for women-loving-women but I am 110% not the person to do it. Tusks is very much a manifestation of my position in the world as a gay man, and I don’t think I’d be able to do the justice to the cultures and histories of women to the extent that I have for Tusks. I’d sure like to provide some kind of support, signalboosting and help for that though, ‘cause if there’s one thing this world needs, it’s monster dating sims that are by, for and about us queer folks <3

If you’re thinking of quitting

read this first.

1 0   t h i n g s   to   ask   yourself   b e f o r e  q u i t t i n g 

(and their answers).

1. Why am I thinking of quitting? Is it because of outside forces or because of something inside me telling me I don’t want to do this anymore? If it’s because of people bullying you, being unkind to you or using you, then you shouldn’t quit because of them. You should, however quit THEM. Cut them out of your life completely, or as much as you can, until you learn to zone out their voices. Were they the reason you started? Then why should they be the reason you quit?

2. How do I feel when I wake up every day? Do you feel happy thinking of the prospect of doing this hobby/job/thing? Does it make you want to jump out of bed, or snuggle under the covers? Does it make you want NEVER TO SEE ANOTHER DAY AGAIN? Sorry, that was a bit too dramatic, but if that’s the case, then quit. No matter the cost. That’s no way to live. If, however, the thought of doing this thing makes you happy when you wake up, that’s a good indicator that you shouldn’t quit. 

3. Is it because of money? Sadly, we have to eat in order to live (I know, I was disappointed too, when I found out, but my mom fed me anyway, so here we are.) Sometimes the things we want to do don’t pay well. That’s the truth. Also sometimes, the things that bore us or are making us unhappy or unfulfilled pay really well. If the question is: how do I choose the thing that I really want to do over the thing that keeps me alive? Well, now, first of all, when you read that question, I bet something very specific popped into your head when you read ‘the thing I really want to do’ and something else popped into your head when you read ‘the thing that keeps the bills paid’. If so, then congratulations. You’ve found your calling in life. DEFINITELY don’t quit that. Maybe don’t quit the other thing yet, just make a plan. How many years until the thing you like starts paying off? Save money, plan ahead, get to working hard on your dream. But no, don’t quit because of money. 

4. Is it because people betrayed you? That question might not mean a lot to most people, but to me it’s the main reason I’ve ever thought of quitting anything (even this life). To me, the purpose of living is to be loved, and without that I can’t see the point in staying alive, much less committing to anything important. I wanted to quit my studies, everything when I lost my dad, but at least he didn’t leave me on purpose, so I kept on going. But there have been other times when the last person on earth I would ever expect to betray/ignore/hurt/abuse me did, and those were the times that I physically couldn’t create or find joy in anything for long periods of time. If that’s the case with you, let me tell you one thing born of years of experience and struggle: Don’t quit. It will get better. Days, years will pass and you will see that the fact that this person showed their true colors was a blessing. Learning the truth about someone, however painful at the time, can be so healing and freeing. Stay away from them, take as much time as you need to get over it, whether it’s a close friend, a family member or a boyfriend/spouse. But the thing that makes you you, your talent, your dream, has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Don’t quit because of anyone other than yourself. If, however, they have betrayed you in a business sense, and you have to sue, or lose a significant amount of money, then you need to consule a lawyer, and depending of the seriousness of what they did, you might need to go a different direction. That isn’t quitting, of course, it’s just a detour on your way to success. 

5. Is it because you feel you’re not good enough? Now that’s my favorite question. Because there’s no if in the answer to that. The answer is always “don’t quit, but work harder.” Because you can become better, if you’re not good enough. It’s as simple as that. Stil, you should also check to see why you feel that way. Is it true? Are you comparing yourself to others? You should NEVER DO THAT, nothing constructive comes out of it. Do you have proof you are bad at something specific? What’s the proof? What are you lacking in? Be extremely specific. Why? Well, because after you finish being extremely specific, you are going to go out and buy books, take classes, consult teachers on that subject and become the best there ever was. Simple.

6. Is it because of illness? Then you should take a break. If it’s mental illness, don’t just take a break, go to a therapist. Go on medication. Do whatever needs to be done. Dreams can wait when health is the issue. Our well being is much more important. That being said, my therapy for the past 10 years almost has been writing. Illness, for me, is a reason to keep going all the more. But it’s not so for everyone, as I’ve found by talking to a lot of lovely peple, so do not quit, but take a break. You deserve it. You’ve earned it, just by staying alive.

7. Is it because you don’t want to do it any longer?

8. Is it because you feel it’s not right? If you feel it’s not right, morally speaking, then it probably isn’t. Piracy, plagiarism, exploitation… All those ugly words may not strike us when starting a project, but if they occur to you when you’re halfway, stop IMMEDIATELY. Not only because… you know, it’s wrong, but also because you could and will be persecuted. Also, if you’ve started creating something morally ambiguous  that’s hateful, bullying, harassing or promoting unhealthy things (like writing a fanfic about abusive relationships portrayed as cool, or a pro ana blog or things like that) you might consider letting it go. That’s not something you want to do for the rest of your life. It was fun for a while, but you can and you will mature out of it. You can leave it behind, and it doesn’t have to define you. Your life has a purpose, and that purpose can’t and shouldn’t be to teach young girls how to make their bones protrude from their bodies. You know I’m right.

9. Is it because your interests have shifted? Then you should probably quit. No reason to keep at something that brings you no joy. However, I don’t think you’d be reading this article if you were no longer interested in pursuing your dream. No, you are interested, but something else has you questioning it. 

10. Is it because you got discouraged? Then don’t quit. Simple as that. Do look inside yourself however, because you need to become stronger. You need to learn to persevere. Nothing comes easy in this life, and in order to mature you have to take failure and meet it head on. So what? You failed. Or you might fail. You might fail a thousand times. You’ll get it right the time after that. This comes from a person who has faced so much failure, if I began to tell you it would read like a horror story. I’m not joking. So get over your fear or disappointment, because if you let it stop you, you’re the one who will miss out on your dream.  

BONUS POINT: Is it because someone told you so? Of course you should never quit something that makes you happy because someone told you so, we’ve covered that above, but this is important: Who told you so? Was it a hater? A bully? Or was it someone who genuinely cares about you? Was it a parent? A good friend? A s/o? If so, then you must carefully look into their reasons (ask them). Do they believe it’s not time yet? Do they believe it’s harmful for you? Do they believe it’s morally wrong for some reason? Do they believe it’s a waste of time and why? Do they believe you’re not mature enough/not ready yet/not determined enough/too fragile? Talk to them, let them help you determine if this is the right path for you, and what skills you need to achieve to start on this path. 

If life has taught me one thing, it’s that only conceited or stupid people don’t take advice from someone who cares deeply about them (I’m not talking about unsolicited advice here. Nor am I talking about passive aggressive internet people who need to put you down to make themselves feel better. I’m talking about LOVE. People who love you, and have proven so not with words but with constant action). Yes, they might be misguided -that can be easily fixed by communication. But it’s far more important that they care. Do you know how rare that is? If I had someone in my life who cared enough to tell me I was making a mistake when I made the greatest mistake of my life (which made me sick for at least 5 years, among other things) I would be a completely different person now. Of course I’d still be writing, but I’d have avoided so much pain and loss, it boggles the mind. But I didn’t. No one cared back then. I was alone, and it’s a mirake I’ve come out of it alive. Well, maybe I had the dude, but he was in it too. We were facing it together, and we had NO ONE to help us. If someone cares about you, I’m sure you can talk and make them understand what you need, and they will help you figure it out. People who help us and care for us genuinely are as rare as a needle in a haystack. Appreciate them, listen to them, talk to them, let them into your life, because that’s the road to real happiness.

Wicked characters as things I’ve said

Elphaba: All I’m saying is an “anarchist government” is a good idea for confusing everyone and preventing them from being able to think about a revolution at all.

Glinda: But what if there was a really naive dean named Dean at a university and when people called him dean he thought they didn’t respect him at all, calling him by his name?

Fiyero: Stop telling people I’m a great person I’ve worked for my reputation dammit

Nessarose: I don’t punish people in the name of religion, God will do that in hell using demons that whip at breakneck speed and I will laugh at them from above (I SHOULD PROBABLY SPECIFY THIS WAS A J O K E)

Boq: It’s ok, sometimes I forget I exist too

Dr. Dillamond: I just ate mac and cheese with one of the special -guest- forks, I am living

The Wizard: I know absolutely nothing about German I just look at the words similar to English, use the same grammar and hope it works apparently it does

Madame Morrible: “Babies” are the small ones that scream and drool but not in a cute way like puppies right?? Yeah those are the ones I hate

art is dead art is dead. art is dead. art is dead. etertainers like to seem compliecatedbut were nnt complicat ed i can explain t prett easily ave you ever been to a birthda patyfor children? and one of the children won;;t stop screaming ;;;cause he;s just ae little attention attator whein hegrows u to a comic or actor he;;;llbe rewarrded for ever maturing fornevrr nder- stttanding or learning that every d a cant be abu t hi tere;s other peopl ou selfish asshole i must e psychotic i must be demnted to think that i;;m worty of all this tention of al l of this money, you worked rally hard for i slept in late while ou workd at te drug store my drugs attention,i m an addict but i get pid to ind ulg in my habit it;;;s all n illusion, im wering mke-up, i;m wearn ake-up make-p makeup, make-p, make… art is dea so people think you;;re funny, howdo we get thhos peoples mney i said art s dead we;rerolling in dough, while c arli rolls nhis grave his grr ave his grve t show hasot a udgt the show has got a budget and all the o orpeople wy more ddeservvving o the money won;;;t budge it ;caue i wnted my name in lighs when i could hae fed a family of four for fo rty fucking fortnight forty fucking fotnights i am an rtist, please god orgiv em e i am an rrtst, please don;t revre m i am an artist, ple asea dn;;;t respectt me i am an artis, you;;re fee to correct me a slf-centered ar ist self-bsessed artist i am an artist i am an arti st but i;m sta kid i;;;m just aa kidim just a kd kid andd maybe i;;;ll grow out of it

w h a t t h e f u c k is u p my d u d e s

I am back yet again for another maidsona because t w o a r en ’ t e n o ug h

Okay, so this is Vanilla! A sweet sounding name but actually she’s much less pure and sweet

She is a huge liar, don’t trust her at all costs. She’ll tell you if she’s lying because she thinks that it’ll make her a little less scummy, but she makes it so vague and confusing you don’t know if she’s being serious or not. She tends to let her mouth run so she can be sometimes insensitive but she does sometimes know when boundaries are too much, the most she can really do is make vague insults, vague threats, and is smug throughout most of the time to you, anyone, or no one in particular at all. For the most part, she’s annoying but if you can handle harmless mind games then she’s kind of okay.

Her masters are Sugartale!Pap and Sans. They don’t know why they got her from the streets but she’s relatively bearable for the most part.

I swear I felt creative today and wanted to do something idk sorry for another maid haha

- vanillramon

hCK BOI comming at me with this cutie? what am i supposed to do now that i love her so much? even if she’s a liar, she can’t lie abut her cutness that’s nothing but the cold hard truth <3

"You don`t love him!" Yandere 2P England/Oliver Kirkland

Oliver smiled and sighed dreamily when he saw his dream girl walking his way.There was only one problem with it though. She was walking towards him while holding another boy`s hand, This simple gesture enraged him, only he should be allowed to hold her hand, His Poppet was to pure to be together with such a filthy, waste of oxygen. He despised that boy more then anything, everything was his fault.

“Hey Ollie! How are you?”

(Y/N) said with her usual gentle smile, Her tone was soft and motherly like, and her beautiful (E/C) orbs sparkled with happiness and innocence, He felt as if he could stare into those beautiful eyes the whole day. He smiled at her and ignored the filthy boy besides him as much as he could.

“Hello Poppet! I am doing just fine, How are you?”

(Y/N) giggled softly and smiled, squueszing the boy`s hand infront of him, giving his cheek a small kiss.

“I am Great Ollie! Me and (B/N) have had the most awesomest day ever, (B/N) made me laugh so hard that I fell of my chair, It was so silly, but I just can`t stay mad at him.”
Oliver flinched when he saw that, He wanted this boy dead, but he had to calm himself down, before he would snap, He had a plan after all, and he couldn`t let himself to ruin it, so for now he just continued smiling.

“Oh that`s great to hear Poppet! I am just glad you aren`t hurt, but since school is over, Would you mind coming over to help me out a little?”

(Y/N) nodded and smiled, but then her smile flattered slighlty, as if she remebered something.

“I`m sorry Oliver, I don`t know if I can come, Me and (B/N) had something already in mind, Maybe some other time?”

Oliver made his puppy dog eyes, and looked at her pleadingly, Those eyes worked with everyone, If it even worked with Francois, then she stood no change.

“Please (Y/N), I actually need (B/N) help to, please it won`t take long at all ! Pretty please!”

(Y/N)  rolled her eyes and laughed softly, She nodded and started already walking towards his house.

“Oh alright Ollie, Let`s go then, We have no time to waste!”

Oliver smiled brightly and ran after his love, He knew it would work, No-one could resist him when he was like that, His plan was falling together perfectly, and soon he would be rid of him, and then he and his sweet Poppet could be finally together.

After about ten minutes they made it to his house, Oliver excitedly entered his house, humming happily as he skipped over to the kitchen, grabbing two cupcakes, He had made prior to his quests arrival, He turned around to face his Poppet, smiling brightly,  but once again he ignored the waste of air besides her.

“Poppet and (B/M) please try thses new cupcakes I made! Their my new recipe and I want you two to be the first ones to try them!”

She nodded and let go of his hand, taking the cupcake in her hand biting into it, The boy followed the draft and did the same, She giggled once she finished eating her cupcake, She licked her pale red lips as she smiled up at Oliver.

“This was Really good Ollie, but I really think that we need-”

She couldn`t even finish her sentence until she started feeling dizzy, She looked over at her boyfriend only to see him on the kitchen floor unconcious, She looked over at Oliver only to shiver when she saw his dark grin, She tried to run, but her legs gave up and soon she was on the floor, unconcious as well.

Oliver giggled darkly as she looked at her on the ground, Her sleeping form was so beautiful, And her silky (H/C) hair seemed so soft to touch, He reached out to touch it, but stopped before he could, No he couldn`t do it now, Those drugs would wear out soon so he had no time to lose.

He raised his shirt sleeves up and grinned slightly.

“Well let`s get to work.”


~After fifteen minutes he was done with everything, He had the boy tightly tied up to a chair with a gag in his mouth and his little cupcake was also tied up, but a lot more gentler then with him, but still tight enough so she couldn`t escape, His poppet slowly opened her beautiful (E/C) eyes.

It took her few moments to understand that she was tied up, and once she did, She started desperately trying to wiggle out of her bindings, He chuckled and walked over to and kneeling infront of her.

“Poppet, Please don`t wiggle so much, You`ll only end up hurting yourself if you do.”

Her eyes went wide with fear when she saw him, Oliver giggled and ruffled her soft hair, finally, He longed for this.

“O-Oliver? W-What`s going o-on? W-Why am I tied up?”

She looked around the basement and her eyes widened even more when she saw her boyfriend, She looked up at him, Her body was shaking all over with fear.

“W-Why is (B/M) tied u-up? P-Please let us go!”

Oliver giggled and stood up, He walked over to a table and picked up a large, sharp butcher knife, He walked back to her while playing with it, He grinned down at her.

“No can do Poppet, There is something I want you to do to me.”

She raised her eyebrow and gulped slightly.

“A-And what would that b-be?”

His grin widened as he pointed towards the boy with the sharp knife.

“I want you to kill (B/M).”

Her (E/C) orbs widened with horror and she shook her head vigorously.

“N-No, I-I can`t do that! I-I would never d-do that, and espescially not to someone I-I love!”

His eyes darkened and he frowned, He felt himself finally snap at those words.


Tears started streaming down her (S/C) cheeks and she whimpered in fear, trying to move further away from him.

Oliver took deep breaths and a small grin made its way onto his lips, He giggled quietly.

“I`m sorry Poppet, but think of it this way, Either you will kill him, or I will go and kill your family, Which one sounds better now?”

She cried and was shaking uncontollably on the floor, Oliver smiled and kissed her cheek, gently.

“Poppet, I need to know your decision, Which one will it be? Him or your family? There`s no way out of this, so just choose one.”

She was practically choking on her tears as she looked up at him with tear filled eyes, She spoke up quietly, voice barely above a whisper.

“(B/N) I-I`ll k-kill h-h-him.”

Oliver`s eyes sparkled with eyes, He cut the ropes and helped her stand up, before handing her the knife, but he himself already had two knives in his hands, and the door was locked securely, so there was no way out.

“Come on cupcake! Do it!”

She choked on her tears as she brought the knife down on his head, He screamed in pain into his gag, She closed her eyes tightly as she cried, She continued stabbing his head over and over and over, She eventually opened her eyes and let the knife drop down on the floor, while her clothes were soaked with blood.

Oliver squealed with delight, He hugged the female infront of her tightly while pestering kisses all over her face.

“I love you Poppet! I love you so much! We can finally be together forever now.”

She laid still in his arms, tears still streaming down her cheeks, but besides her constant whimpering, She didn`t say anything.

Oliver picked her up and started carrying her out of the basement and to his room.

“I knew you didn`t love him Cupcake, and now that he`s gone there is nothing to keep us apart, I love you an`d I know you love me to, and after tonight we`ll be together both in body and soul.”

The only thing that could be heard from his bedroom were pleased moans and painful whimpers.