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No Pain, No Gain (Tom Holland x Stunt Double! Reader)

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Summary: You’re a stunt double for a villain in the second Spiderman movie- which is probably the coolest thing ever. especially since you’re a huge Tom Holland fan. You’re beyond excited for your first day working with your celebrity crush, and of course, it’s a fight scene. Unfortunately… things don’t go as smoothly as you would’ve hoped.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader (romantic)

Warning(s): Swearing (as always), fake fighting, accidental injury 

Inspiration: This is actually a request! Exciting! 

Word count: 1,020

A/N: This was my first request! And i got it out on fanfic writer appreciation day, which is cool. I’m so sorry for the wait for this and another imagine in general, i hope you love it! 

𝓚𝓪𝓵 𝔁𝓸

Being a stunt double for a superhero movie was perhaps the coolest thing you’d ever done to date.

Somehow, your prior experience with various martial arts and gymnastics had qualified you to be the badass behind a villain. Well, and the fact that you looked like the actress playing the minor villain in the second Spiderman film.

Today was your first official fight scene with Tom Holland, and you were buzzing. Between the nerves and excitement, you hadn’t needed your usual morning coffee. Which was a crazy thing in itself. 

You arrived on set bright and early to get into costume and do the works (hair and makeup). You were going to be “fighting” Spiderman, which was not something every girl could say. Throwing fake punches at Tom Holland… wasn’t the ideal way to meet him but hey. You’d still be face to face with your celebrity crush… and that was mind-blowing.

You walked onto set after getting all suited up, feeling like a badass. You couldn’t help but do a little bit of what the Marvel fandom referred to as the “Murder Strut”. Of course, you weren’t even close to as intimidating as the Winter Soldier… but there was no harm in pretending. You did have to portray an angry teenage vigilante after all.

“That was quite an intimidating walk, are you sure you don’t genuinely want to kill me?” A voice, tinged with amusement, echoed from behind you. You whipped around and there, in all of his Spiderman glory, was Tom fucking Holland. Oh shit. He’d seen your embarrassing attempt at the Murder Strut.

You cleared your throat. “Thanks… I was, uh, trying to get into character.” You offered him a weak smile and your hand. “I’m (y/n), it’s really nice to meet you- I’m a big fan. Wow. The suit…”

Tom grinned broadly and gave your hand a firm, but gentle shake. “It’s fucking awesome, right? Well, it looks awesome. It doesn’t feel that great to wear.” You couldn’t help but laugh a little bit, your nose crinkling.

“Yeah, I know. I watched every interview from the first movie-” You cut yourself off, a blush heating your cheeks at your confession. Tom opened his mouth to say something else, but a producer jogged over to the two of you. He wanted to know if you were ready to start filming. You and Tom exchanged looks, the blush on your cheeks fading, and nodded. Your stomach flipped- this was really happening. You’re going to fake fight your celebrity crush pretending to be your favourite superhero. Oh man, this was going to be quite the experience. 

Almost too quickly, you were being thrust into the scene. Tom flipped in and you released a growl, spinning to face him. The lines for the character you were fighting as would be filmed later. Tom leapt at you and you skidded through his legs, coming up with fists in front of your face. 

The two of you went at it, clearly being sucked in by the fight choreography. It was a wonder that Tom could manage it all with the suit partially obscuring his vision. You fake kicked and punched viciously, as did Tom, who swung around the room as well. At one point, Spiderman/Tom had backed you into a corner, and the two of you were brawling it out in a tight corner of the room. 

All of a sudden, pain exploded in your face and your head shot backwards. You let out a startled cry, stumbling backwards. Your faced ached, and it felt like it was on fire. A long, vulgar stream of cuss words bubbled from your lips. Tom Holland had punched you in the face! In the nose! 

You raised your hands to gently touch your throbbing nose, and when you pulled your fingers away, they were wet with blood. Great. Tom finally stopped gaping at you in horror as a producer ran over. 

Fuck, (y/n), I’m so sorry! Shit! Oh my god!” Tom rambled, rushing towards you, eyes filled with concern. “I’m so sorry! Fuck. Oh my god, are you okay? You’re bleeding… She’s bleeding! We need a medic!” 

You groaned every time you touched your nose. You couldn’t stop. The fifth time you went to touch your bloody nose, Tom gently caught your hands. That made you face grow redder for a different reason. 

“You shouldn’t do that,” he said softly, “listen, I really am so fucking sorry it’s the suit-” You cut him off with a quiet laugh and a smile. 

“It hurts, but I’ll live, Tom. I signed up for this. And… how many girls can say that Tom Holland punched them in the face? That’s kinda cool.” You offer in an attempt to make him feel better. The medics start to swarm you, and Tom refuses to leave despite being asked to. 

Tom raked a hand through his hair. This was clearly eating at him. “I feel so awful… can I take you out to dinner to make it up to you? I mean… I might’ve asked you anyway if I could’ve gathered the courage… the stunt doubles I’ve worked with have never been as pretty as you.” Now it was Tom who was quite red indeed. You couldn’t keep a huge grin from spreading across your face, despite the fact that it hurt a little. He thought you were pretty, even with a bloody nose! Tom fucking Holland had asked you to dinner! 

“Only if it’s Italian,” You joked, accepting a tissue from a medic, “I’m a sucker for garlic bread. And being asked out to dinner by my celebrity crush.” You didn’t know where your boldness had come from. Maybe the adrenaline. 

Tom beamed. “Italian it is. I only wish I hadn’t had to punch you to get you to come to dinner with me…” He replied sheepishly, giving the hand he’s still holding a gentle squeeze. Both of you burst into laughter. 

Okay, so getting punched by Tom Holland and going on a date with him afterwards was the coolest thing you’d done to date. No pain, no gain, right? 

College!AU — Hwang Minhyun Fic

requested by anon!

genre: should be fluff..

Sometimes you wonder if you should’ve chosen another route. You’d question yourself if photography was your ‘thing’. Sometimes you just sit in class and receive lectures on the art of pictures, value and hue of colors, depict meanings of some sceneries that doesn’t seem to have any meaning at all??

“Alright class, take out a sheet of paper and let’s take some notes!” Ms. Yong, your professor, announced. “Today, we’re going to be learning about..” Zoning out of the class, your eyes wander around. You contemplate your past life choices and wonder ‘Why am I still in this class?’ Until your eyes stop on a certain person, sitting diagonally across of you to your right.

Hwang Minhyun. Flower boy, prince-like looks. In a idol lookalike group with his group of friends, some say Minhyun helped his friends reach to where they’re at today.

You had a tiny little crush on him, oh who am i kidding. IT’S GINORMOUS. Pretty sure half, if not all, of the campus knows of your crush on the OCD Minhyun. This is because your best friend, who you trusted this secret with, blurted yelled it out in hopes of helping you get a boyfriend faster.

Yeah, Minhyun knows of your crush. He didn’t necessarily acknowledge it. In fact, he was walking in front of you, all you saw was his back when your so-called best friend blurted out your secret. You two were somewhat friends?? You consider him as one, although the two of you had only spoken a few words to each other.

Back to why you mentioned him; this was the ONLY class you had with him, of course. So you opted to stay in the class just so you can stare at him for two (three? I’m not in college yet guys??) hours.

Weeks later, you were studying in your dorm room for the upcoming test for your photography class (what kind of??? ME IN ART CLASS, why do you need tests in ART CLASS? aren’t we supposed to just dRaW?;-;). But you were unable to focus due to the loud noises from your neighbor, your roommate singing horribly (she’s not, your just really cranky so everything’s horrible for you rn) in the bathroom, and your mind constantly wandering off to Minhyun. Shouting at your roommate to shut the heck up, banging your head against the table to stop thinking of the flower boy, you decided to head next door to tell them to lower down the noise.

You’ve never regretted anything so much before until now, not even taking the photography class as it isn’t as bad as what jusT happened. You were in your hello kitty pajamas with the jungle you call your hair (long hair problems ;-;), you knocked on the door. A minute passes by and no one opens the door for you, knocking again (YEOREOJWO YEOREOJWO YEOREOJWOO~) header and louder than before, you thought your fingers were going to fall off. And then fiNALLY, someone heeds your finger’s calls.

The one who opened the door wasn’t who you were expecting. You forgot he was your neighbor too, ‘stupid stupid Y/N, you look like an idIOT IN FRONT OF HIM NOW’ “Ehem, hey Minhyun…do you think you and your friends can tone it down a bit? I’m kind of studying…”

“Oh, yeah, sure!” Smiles his prince-like smile, “Sorry ‘bout my idiotic friends, they can get too overboard sometimes. I’ll kick them out right now.”

“Y-yeah, wait nono it’s fine! Just tell them to lower their voices down? You don’t have to kick them out!”

“It’s fine, Y/N. I want to, they’re making a mess in my room and I don’t like it.” ‘He knows my name…He kNOws MY nAmE! HE KNOWS MY NAME!??’

“Yeah, I do know your name, you’re in my photography class aren’t you?” ‘How’d he know what I was thinking wot-’

“You’re saying them aloud..” Oh. ‘WTF Y/N, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.’

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s cute! Hahah.”

“Uh, yeah, I’ll just,” points back to your room.

“Yeah, see you soon!”

Turning around to walk back to your room, you trip over air right when you reach your door, squeaking as you fall. Embarrassed, you look around to see if anyone witnessed your clumsiness. Cough, Minhyun did and he was staring at you with a smile, trying to hold in his laughter. Quickly walking into your room and slamming your door shut, ‘Oh my god Y/N. YOU IDIOT. STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF FOR ONCE??!?!!’

Finally gathering your thoughts together, you look up and find your roommate staring at you weirdly.

That same day at 8PM

You never thought you’d be back here, in the same pajamas you wore in the morning, but a different color. Hesitantly knocking on the door, you wonder if you should just leave and find somewhere else to go to.

Too late. Minhyun opens the door, tilts his head and stares befuddles. ‘How can one look this cute????’ Okay good, you didn’t say that out loud this time.

“Uh, heeeeyyy Minhyun!”

“When I said, I’d see you soon, I meant in class tomorrow, not later on today Y/N, hahahah.”

“Yeah, uhm, I need a place to stay for the night?? My roommate kicked me out…”

“Hey, Y/N. My boyfriend is coming over, get out.” ‘What a nice friend you are man.’

“and I don’t really want to go somewhere far from my room. So I thought, why not my neighbor? But, it’s ok if I can’t stay, I can just go to the lounge or something, or maybe go to our other neighbors…but I don’t really know them, you know? Or-”

Cutting you off from your rant, he tells you, you can stay. And, hey, he has an extra futon too. He doesn’t have a roommate yet, maybe that’s why his friends always comes over…his room is big and neat, woah.

Sitting awkwardly on the extra futon in his room, you stare at him as he walks around cleaning everything, again and again and again and again. ‘Clean freak, but he’s cute’ You mumbled under your breath,

“Sorry, what?”

“A-ah, it’s nothing. Just talking to myself, you know. Like a normal person-”

He just smiles and continues on cleaning, ‘ok, you are officially the definition of an idiot. Normal people don’t talk to themselves Y/N??1?!?’

After about 30 minutes of you watching him clean nonexistent dust, he asks if you want to study for the test together. Of course you agreed, but you didn’t think he’d make a move to sit right, and i mean RIGHT, next to you. Like thigh touching close. Your heart pounds and you wonder if he can hear it from the close proximity he is from you.

You know he did, because his next words are, “Are you nervous? Why is your heart beating so fast? And why is your face so red?”

“I-i don’t know what your tal-talking about, ehem. Let’s just get to studying.” That didn’t happen. He stared at you for a good five minutes and begins to move closer, clOsER THAN HE ALREADY IS. ‘MY HEART CANNOT HANDLE??? MINHYUN WHAT YOU DOIN’

“Hey, your heart is beating that fast for a reason right? I wonder what it is..”

At this point, it’s like you don’t remember how to breathe?? Your mind is slowly going haywire and you can’t think clearly.

Whispering right into your ears, “Your nervous for that test aren’t you?” ‘sorry, what.’

Nervously laughing, “Yeah, y-eah! That’s exactly why. It should be easy right? I don’t know why i’m stressing over this..” ‘close escape??’ You were sweating profusely already and you didn’t know what was happening anymore. ‘Why’d he get all up-close to me, oh god.’

That night, sleeping isn’t in your schedule anymore. All you could think about was how close he was.

Every other night, you’d find yourself in the same situation, always knocking on his door and asking if you can sleep over since your roommate kicked you out. Again.

That turned into every night. You two got close, you learned of things you’ve never known about. Your feelings for him grew stronger and stronger and one night, you decided to confess.

“Hey Hyun, I have something to tell you.”

“Yeah, me too. Can I go first? It’s important.”

Agreeing to let him go first, so as to give you more time to prepare yourself.

“I..finally have…

A..” ‘girlfriend? pls no, plsplspls’

“ROOMMATE!!!” ’i- huh?’ Leaping with glee at the thought of finally not having to sleep alone, even though you’re there practically sleeping over every single night???

“What’s so important about that?”

“Oh, Right, that means you can’t sleep on the extra futon anymore ))):” Pause. You stare at him, contemplating whether to make your move now or not. But, like always, he’s forever going to be a step faster.

“BUT, you can sleep on my bed. With me.” Cue tomato faced you.

You become a blubbering mess, “U-uh, what? Uhm, I don’t think that’s right???”

“But you like me, so that’s okay right? I mean, don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring at me every time in photography class.”

‘Ah, so he did notice…’

“Hey, it should be fine! Don’t worry, I like you and you like me. This should be normal!”

Turns out, you never had the chance to tell him you like him. You didn’t have to. He already knew. Wow.

Every chance he gets, he’d tease you about staring at him in class, it’s like his mission in life is now “Make Fun Of Y/N Everyday.”

“Hey, now that we’re dating, you don’t have to subtly stare at me in class anymore, just openly do it!”

“I- shut up Minhyun. I hate you.”

“No you don’t. You staring at me in class tells me that you looooooovvvveeeeeeeee me.” (this is like…so ooc…)

“You’re an idiot.” Power walking away from him, you distinctly hear him shout ‘But I’m your idiot!’ in the back before footsteps can be heard coming closer. What an idiotic dork I love.


sorry this took forever ))): writer’s block hit me hard??? and then there’s school and hw ;-;

minhyun was very ooc at the end??? sorry? uhm-

i hope you enjoy though!♡

100 reasons to love Philip Michael Lester

Dan’s appreciation post

I’d like 2017 to be the year we really show our appreciation, and honestly there are so many reasons to love him and who said showing a little extra love and appreciation would be a bad thing? So I present to you, 100 reasons to love Philip Michael Lester a.k.a. @amazingphil! Don’t hesitate to add to the list!

  1. His name is literally my aesthetic, as is everything about him!
  2. He is British and can do more than one British accent (Surrey and Northern, specifically. Yes, Britain has loads of different accents.)
  3. As a certain someone once said, his eyes are so beautiful “you could go swimming in them”…
  4. …however according to said person, they are also “green, blue and yellow”.
  5. He looks equally handsome with black, dark blue and ginger/brownish hair.
  6. His name means ‘lover of horses’, yet in typical Phil-fashion he happens to have a fear of horses instead.
  7. Most of the time looks like the softest angel bean…
  8. …however the rest of the time he is devilishly handsome and makes ovaries explode (sorry about the last bit, it had to be said).
  9. His laugh is better than the sweetest symphony…
  10. …and his smile is brighter than the sun.
  11. Those cheekbones… I can’t even…
  12. He loves anime and is a massive weeaboo *falls even more in love*.
  13. He always knows what to say to brighten up anyone’s day.
  14. He is the sweetest, most charming, most charismatic person I could ever hope to meet.
  15. He loves animals and dogs, which makes him an even better person (which I didn’t think was possible).
  16. He’s really fucking intelligent…
  17. …and he doesn’t need two university degrees to prove it (although he has those as well)…
  18. …not to mention he’s pretty damn wise, with some of the best philosophies I’ve ever heard (PHILosophies! Ha, ha… I’ll let myself out).
  19. He actually makes an effort, and a huge one at that, to engage with his audience, unlike many YouTubers out there.
  20. He has common sense. Might not sound like a good reason, but honestly, I’ve learned the hard way that many people out there have no fucking clue about anything in life so I’ve come to appreciate those who do a hell of a lot more.
  21. His compassion, love and care meters are somewhere around the ∞ level.
  22. He has a great sense of humour, and that’s not as easy to come by as it might sound.
  23. He’s been doing YouTube for over a decade now! He’s literally a dinosaur, but an immortal dinosaur.
  24. Y’all, I’m starting to wonder if he’s a vampire. Perfect pale skin, hella fine teeth and he literally hasn’t aged.
  25. He’s unapologetic in his quirkiness.
  26. ‘Self-confidence’ is his middle name.
  27. His origin story… oh my god. A fucking cereal box? Why haven’t Marvel or DC requested permission to release Phil Striker merch, comics and movies?!
  28. He’s too damn patient and I love it so much it almost annoys me.
  29. He’s always willing to listen to others, which is a skill may people never learn and suffer for it.
  30. Y’all know that his best friend is the memelord, Daniel James Howell.
  31. They’re polar opposites but at the same time they couldn’t be more alike.
  32. They’ve done so much together, I can’t even right now…
  33. Like, can you say that you’ve made a game with your BFFL?
  34. Can you say that the two of you have released a chart-topping single (The Internet Is Here)?
  35. That you’ve written two books together that are full of all-round goodness?
  36. Done a BBC Radio 1 show together?
  37. Made a mobile game together?
  38. Written a script for a full-scale, high-budget stage show together?
  39. Taken that stage show around the world and met so many of your fans together?
  40. Made said stage show into two movies together?
  41. Didn’t think so. There are tons more, but I don’t wanna be here a month later still writing them and miss out on their uploads, so let’s all agree that they’ve done so many things throughout their history.
  42. They got PewDiePie himself calling them YouTube’s Power Duo. That’s like being fucking knighted by the king or queen!
  43. People say that a friendship that can last seven years can last a lifetime. Guess how long they’ve been friends? SEVEN YEARS, five of which they’ve been living together!
  44. I mean, literally every justgirlythings post about friendship can apply to them. #friendshipgoals
  45. He’s a giant. He’s 6 feet tall. No explanation needed.
  46. He looks hot with and without glasses…
  47. …well, he looks hot all the time and it’s not fair.
  48. He’s always made an effort to keep things friendly for people of all backgrounds and ages…
  49. …yet he still remains true to who he is and what he makes.
  50. Clickbait on his channel? Nuh-uh, bitch.
  51. I’ve just realised that he made me swear more in this one than in the one I wrote for Dan, which is kind of ironic but it makes me love him even more so fuck it, I’m writing it down.
  52. ‘Sell-out?’ Who is she, I don’t know her.
  53. He really appreciates us and everyone around him. I’m love.
  54. He’s won awards, including his own one at the first BONCAs, Creator of the Year.
  55. His acceptance speech was really inspiring and also remained classically ‘him’.
  56. “I’ve spent the majority of 2016 with another person, Dan Howell… so I think it’s only fair that he comes up here and shares this award with me.”
  57. “What would happen if we did go further apart?” “I think the universe would rip in half, let’s not try that.”
  58. My point? If Phil isn’t selfless then selfless doesn’t exist.
  59. His accidental and not-so-accidental (because come on, not all of them can be accidents) innuendos.
  60. He’s inspired art and creativity in people who otherwise would have no way to express it.
  61. He’s inspired people to keep on going and persevering with life, and in doing so has saved millions of lives…
  62. …not to mention he’s done it in a new and different way to what would normally be expected of life-savers (making videos)…
  63. …so you heard it here guys: he is officially a pioneer AND a hero.
  64. His voice is really relaxing to listen to.
  65. He is an innocent angel who must be protected…
  66. …but we all know that secretly he is a dirty-minded, flirtatious lil’ devil.
  67. Charities must love him because boy, has he given them a lot of money.
  68. He is an extremely hard-worker and he doesn’t procrastinate (not to say procrastination’s a bad thing, but as someone who does it constantly I can tell you it’s not fun).
  69. He’s loads of fun at parties, from what we can tell. Who doesn’t love a party animal?
  70. He directly avoids drama. God bless him (because God sure as hell ain’t blessing me).
  71. He has never said a harsh word to or harmed anyone or anything in any way.
  72. Bless his gentle soul in general.
  73. He’s loyal and honest - loyalty and honesty are something we need more of.
  74. Arrogance? Never heard of her.
  75. He’s not afraid to admit to his mistakes and imperfections (I mean I think he’s as close to perfect as you can get, but his willingness to show his faults makes him even better).
  76. He is talented, people. Want me to spell it out? T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D.
  77. His sympathy and kindness levels are… actually, I was gonna say through the roof, but I’m looking now and not even aeroplanes can see them, they’re so high.
  78. Why am I so sassy in this post when it’s Phil, not Dan, we’re talking about? Eh, I’ll take it, and I love it too.
  79. Come to think of it, he can actually be pretty sassy when he wants to be.
  80. He’s seen and learned so much over the years, all of which he’s been willing to share with us and teach us.
  81. He’s also been through a lot, y’know. His best friend from university died, yet he remains happy and optimistic because he knows his friend would want him to be.
  82. The above point is the literal definition of ‘courage’, which is him in a nutshell.
  83. Actually you can’t fit him into a nutshell because he’s so complex and infinite.
  84. I can never decide whether he’s the sun (bright; giving and inspiring life)…
  85. …or the moon (mysterious; always watching over the world) but either works, I guess.
  86. He’s so accepting of diversity and variety, it’s amazing (puns for days).
  87. “You know what I say? You should never make fun of something a person can’t change about himself”…
  88. …but what makes it funny is that he goes on to make fun of Dan for having deep dimples, which is something he can’t change about himself (something Dan points out).
  89. Honestly the banter and domestic moments between him and his buddy are just really cute, so fuck it, I’m writing it down.
  90. He deserves so much, you cannot comprehend it, but he never asks us or anyone else for anything.
  91. He is really trusting of those around him, and in turn he is really trustworthy.
  92. He’s literally psychic:
  93. …”Some guy is gonna come into my life, an energetic warrior. He has a hasty personality and is really quick to love or hate.”
  94. …”I wish for pandas to mate and increase in population.” “My panda wish came true!”
  95. Bonus points for making his wish be saving the pandas. You can’t not love him for that.
  96. He’s grown really thick thicc (metaphorical) skin and is as immune to negativity as you can get.
  97. His music taste is… *nodding* yes.
  98. Nerd galore, people! I love it!
  99. His moral compass is on point (geddit?).
  100. He is the purest man alive and he has done so much for me personally and many others out there. Thank you for existing, Phil, and always remain true to yourself, as you have taught us to do.
  101. Come on, 100 reasons is not nearly enough. There are an infinite number of reasons to love him, but everything has a start or beginning.
Interview: Eldervine

Today we’re joined by Eldervine. Eldervine is a phenomenal visual artist who enjoys experimenting with different mediums and styles. She is mostly a realistic illustrator, but occasionally dabbles in impressionism and surrealism. Eldervine does both traditional and digital art. She does sculpture/3D modelling and is currently studying game art/design. She’s a passionate artist and obviously has a very bright future. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I’ve been drawing pretty much my entire life- I can’t remember when I started but (looking back) by the time I started school I was pretty well practiced for a 5/6 year old. Since then I’ve dabbled in almost every art form; painting (and then digital painting) was my staple for a long time but I’m pushing myself to sculpt more now.

In style I consider myself a realistic illustrator, even though I slide into impressionism and/or surrealism a bit.

What inspires you?

I’m an unashamed lover of beauty whether it’s found in pleasing shapes, rich colours or lush textures. Animals are the best source for me, particularly horses- they’re made of such beautiful shapes (loads of sine curves) and textures and I was totally that girl at school that always drew horses haha

My first degree ended up being in biological anthropology though (through a weird slide from the art school into the humanities, into the sciences), and that did get me interested in how humans work- that and working at my city art gallery made me more appreciative of human (and cultural) beauty. And it seems weird to me but playing The Sims 3 inspired an appreciation for architecture and landscape. The greatest artistic urge I get remains equine though, so I guess it’s true that old habits die hard.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Phew, it’s a bit of a twisty ride!

My obsession with horses lead me into playing a ton of the online text-based horse sim games that abounded during the 90s/2000s; they were good because they were targeted just at people that like horses, unlike the modern ones which also have a clear intended age bracket. Those games all eventually died so I found myself joining a forum that used The Sims 3 (in modded form) as a horse game, with picture shows and breed registries etc. hosted on the forum. That then led me into the world of computer game modding, and I found I really enjoyed retexturing things and became interested in learning how to 3D model.

So starting from last year I’m studying game design/game art, and I think it’s the best career idea I’ve had so far! I previously didn’t think I could make a living doing art, but games is a growing industry with heaps of demand for artists. I’ve also found that games is a field that allows me to apply the biggest selection of my broad interests and skills (I’ve found my anthropology surprisingly relevant too), and offers specialist and generalist opportunities in equal amounts so I’ll be able to try a lot of different jobs and/or specialize in whatever I end up liking the most.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I don’t know about a unique thing (apart from a signature obvs). I’m guilty of the ol’ scratchy sketching that my new teachers (all animators) hate and are trying to beat out of me haha, but I don’t like leaving much lineart in my coloured stuff anyway. I think I certainly have a style which is very different to what everyone else in my class does- mainly, I think, because my artistic influences come from fine art whereas most of them grew up on comics.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Stop worrying about having a style, it will happen naturally over the course of your life and if you try and force it you’ll just end up limiting yourself as an artist.

Learn the fundamentals of colour, light and anatomy (yes, I mean realism) BEFORE you start stylizing. If you do it the other way around you’re locking yourself in to only being able to do that style, and often not as well. Anime/manga artists are prone to this; the good ones did heaps of life drawing before translating into the style, whereas you can tell the ones that started out in the style because they do some real janky stuff with anatomy and perspective, and it just doesn’t look as good even when considering style.

Also, be intelligent with your art; always ask yourself why you’re doing something or why something looks good to you. It helps you learn about yourself as well as your craft.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I knew I was asexual when I was 12, and I’m now 100% again, but there were bumpy bits at 22 and 25 where I thought I could be demisexual (thinking back and being brutally honest with myself, the first boyfriend I wasn’t interested in at all and the second one I thought I had found someone who I could be happy with, but they didn’t seem to get what I said about my sexuality and so I just tried my best to be into him sexually too. Spoilers: didn’t last long with either of them).

As far as the romantic scale is concerned, I have no idea. I do overwhelmingly connect better with women than (heterosexual) men, but I honestly don’t know what exactly the difference is between a close friendship and a platonic romantic one. Because I seem to be missing something, my current guess is that I’m aromantic as well. xD

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I’ve only mentioned asexuality to a few friends so far in the games field, so I’m going to answer from all the fields I’ve dabbled in.

I am conventionally attractive, and my body developed early- my breasts were already fully developed and large at 12. Both things I have had people try to use as evidence that I cannot possibly be asexual, despite my pointing out that what feelings they get from my body are the results of their sexuality. (That and breasts are not actually sexual organs, they’re just sexualized in many cultures).

Apart from that, whenever I do mention it (which isn’t often) people tend to go “uh” and then gloss over it, clearly not understanding/not believing but not wanting to make more of a deal out of it. Which is fine by me actually, except I’m pretty sure my parents still have their fingers in their ears (some crossed) and are looking the other way as well. (I’ve definitely heard the “you just haven’t found the right person yet” line).

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Apart from the binary fission joke (which every asexual gets I think) and the one where people get their sexuality mixed up with yours, that asexuality is due to trauma.

I did actually have panic attacks – with my first boyfriend, the first week after we became official I couldn’t eat anything or I’d throw it up. Doctor gave me meds to calm the acid in my stomach and then I was fine. With the second boyfriend I woke up one day in abdominal agony, shaking and sweating (making it rain, but not in a good way!) but as soon as he called the paramedic hotline and I was talking and joking to the lady on the line I was better- when doctors later examined me they found absolutely nothing wrong. I had another exactly a week after (and I still feel awful about this one) where we had finished making out for a bit and he went to start on lunch (or something, can’t remember) and he came back to ask me something, and as he sat down next to me/leaned over me I suddenly felt so ill, had to bolt to the bathroom- didn’t quite make it- and was ridiculously, violently sick everywhere.

It was at this point that my mother helped me set up 6 months of therapy with a well-reputed sex therapist. xD Who was actually really lovely, and I enjoyed those sessions with her! It was really nice to have talks about sex that weren’t charged with expectations, with someone who was relaxed and had actually studied sexual health, critiques of sex ed, etc. She didn’t believe though that anyone with any hint of sexual need was asexual (and I did say that I was fine to have sex with myself occasionally) so I didn’t really get the benefit of that discussion. She also thought that my aversion to men (as she saw it- honestly I think guys being the only issue was because no lesbians ever hit on me haha) was due to my developing early and being sexualized by others before my mind was caught up. That boys would pretend to be friends with me because I had the big boobs, she said, lead to me linking sexual desire with dishonesty and so I distrusted it. Now, I still think it’s a really interesting idea and I do wonder if my sexuality would’ve expressed any differently if a)I got boobs later and b)if the world/how we raise boys was different. It’s been a long while now though and I’ve continued thinking about it and reflecting on myself, and while I do think I am put off a lot by how the world at large treats sex and sexuality (and women), I think 13 year old boys being self-centered pricks triggering asexuality for the rest of my life is giving them rather a lot of credit!

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

I used to get so stressed when I was a teenager because I was taking on everyone’s expectations about me and my future, and felt that a relationship and sex was just going to happen to me and I had no control over anything. Don’t stress- I can’t talk for everyone, everywhere in the world or in every situation, but at least in my case, the only thing that was keeping me from feeling secure and in control was me thinking that I wasn’t. Hopefully, this can serve as a reminder for someone else in a similar situation. You don’t have to do shit if you don’t want to. If you’re not in a similar situation, don’t be scared to go looking for help to get that control. It exists.

Having said that, don’t be scared to revisit what you think and try working yourself out all over again- you are what you are, and labels are tools that we can use to try and make more sense of ourselves, for us and for others, but remember that they are tools crafted from an imperfect world and they are clumsy.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Tumblr that I set up to share my game art/schoolwork is (you can also find my Twitter through there, which I use to post arty stuff, game stuff, school stuff, news stuff and feminist rants haha)

If you’re interested in seeing the Sims 3 horse art I did when I was a part of Equus-Sims, you can have a look at (it’s sadly not active anymore but all my stuff, including mods, is still there).

Thank you, Eldervine, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

High School beginnings (1/?)

Summary: Logan, Patton, Roman, and Virgil are juniors in high school 

Genera: High School Human AU

A/N: Hello my lovely little Aliens (This is a planet after all)! Welcome to part one of the Sanders Sides human au! I’ll be taking prompts for the future chapter so send them in! 

     Virgil stares at his alarm clock for what seems to be ages. The boy didn’t get any sleep the previous night due to the anxiety of starting a new year of school. He’s a junior, he knows his way around, he knows the people, but here’s one problem. He isn’t really friends with any of them. Okay, he’s friends with one person, but that’s it. Everyone else are acquaintances.

    The boy has always been too anxious to make friends. He panics under pressure-social situations to be exact- and can’t hold a conversation for the life of him. He depends on his best friend Logan to handle most of the talking. The cherry on top, however, is he’s what people consider “emo”. He’s not fighting the fact that he’s emo-it’s obvious-but he just doesn’t understand why people don’t accept it.

    The alarm goes off exactly at 7:00 and he slowly sits up. He doesn’t want to do this, or anything for that matter. Who needs school anyway. The still anxious boy stands up slowly and starts getting ready for the dreaded day.

    He throws on some black jeans, dirty, beaten up converse, a black shirt, and his dark purple sweatshirt. He smudges some black eyeshadow under his eyes, grabs his bag, and walks out his front door.


    Logan’s alarm goes off and he sits up, stretching as much as he can before actually getting out of bed. Logan doesn’t mind school, he actually prefers it to his home life. Not that his home life is bad, he just really likes school.

    He’s not the most popular boy. He doesn’t have girls or guys swooning over him, he doesn’t have many friends, maybe two at most. He has several acquaintances, but can he call them friends?

    The smart boy knew that junior year would go by in the blink of an eye. Another year of reading a book a week, being a teacher’s pet, and being almost invisible to the general public? What could go wrong!?

    He changes into a dark blue t-shirt, a brown jacket, black jeans, black sneakers, and pairs it with his black thick-framed glasses. You must dress to impress, right? He then puts his favorite book, “The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd,” in his bag, grabs his keys and walks out of the house with a smirk on his face and slight bounce in his step.


    Roman was up before his little brother got the chance to wake him up like normal. He was a junior today! One year closer to getting out of the hellhole that’s school.

    Roman is a strong believer in the phrase, “When one door closes, another one opens.” He believes that when high school is over, he’ll finally get a chance to be the worlds greatest performer.

    He changes into a gold and red t-shirt (he needs to rep his fellow Gryffindors), a pair of black jeans, red sneakers, he brushes his hair into its usual style and stares into the mirror.

    ‘One day, Roman. One day you’ll be out of Florida and become the performer you are supposed to be.’ He thinks before his brother runs in.

    “I’ll race you to the car!” The younger screams before running to Romans car. The older boy laughs before chasing his brother down the stairs.


    Patton’s new in town. He isn’t known by anyone and he knows nobody. That’s understandable, however. He just got to town yesterday so his room isn’t even set up yet.

    He plans to change this though. The happy boy knows he won’t have any problems making friends. He doesn’t brag often, but he prides himself on the way people are attracted to his bright, happy smile and eyes. All in all, he knows it’ll be a good year.

    He stands up from his makeshift pillow and blanket bed on the floor and runs to the box with his clothes. He needs to make a good first impression! He puts on a bright blue shirt, a gray jacket, dark blue jeans, white sneakers, and his glasses. He combs his wild ginger hair and he’s finished. When his outfit is put together he smiles at himself in the mirror then runs downstairs.

    He looks at the time, smiles again, and hugs his mom and sister before running out the door.


    “Logan!” Logan turns around when he hears someone call his name. He smiles and relaxes when he sees that his best friend since second grade runs up to him. Virgil tackles him in a hug and sighs. Logan laughs and hugs the shorter boy (by a pretty large amount) back.

    “Hello, Virgil. You realize you just saw me last week, right?” Logan says before he lets go of his friend and opens his locker. V sighs and leans up against the locker, resting his head on the cold metal.

    “Yes, Lo. I know I just saw you, but the school hasn’t even started and I already want to dig a ditch and fall in it.” Virgil expresses with his eyes closed. Logan looks at him and rubs his shoulder. He continues to put the things he doesn’t need away.

    “School would be much more enjoyable if you actually slept, V,” Logan says as he closes the locker and the start walking to their first and only shared class, English. Virgil huffs and stuffs his hands in his pockets.

    “Lo, life would be better if I actually slept…”


    Roman was running late. He accidentally underestimated the time it would take to bring his eighth-grade brother to school.

   He runs out of his car and through the hallways. The bell just rang so there’s no reason for him to actually be running because the bell that signals the start of the class hasn’t rung yet.

    Roman isn’t looking where’s he’s going. He tried his best to run past and around people, but he can’t avoid everyone. Roman bumps into someone and topples to the floor. He hears a yelp then a thud. When he sits up he realizes he bumped into Virgil, the schools emo.

    Logan helps Virgil up then offers a hand to Roman. He takes it with a slight hesitation. Virgil looks up at the taller boy.

    “Dude why are you run-wait? Umm, Romano…Romeo….uh, Roman! You’re Roman! What’s gotten you in such a rush? Late for the class for the dramatic or something?!” Virgil says sarcastically while dusting off his clothing. Logan stifles a laugh, but quickly regains himself. When Roman doesn’t say anything, Virgil looks up and starts laughing.

    “Wait, are you actually late for that stupid theater program they offer now?” Virgil asks while trying to contain himself. Roman rolls his eyes and sighs. The late bell rings and they all drop their heads.

    “Yes actually, I am. Thanks to you, I’m officially late. Now, Hot Topic, Teacher Dude, I’ll be leaving.” Roman says with a dramatic bow before he starts running again. Virgil thinks for a moment before saluting and screaming, “Yeah, see ya Princey!”

    Logan looks at Virgil and chuckles before they continue to walk to English.


    The day has been pretty stressful for the lonely Patton. Turns out when you’re in high school, bright smiles and puns don’t cut it.

    It’s lunch now and Patton’s, well, Patton is alone. He looks around the lunch room, trying to find where he fits. The jocks? Patton looks down at his skinny frame and nerdy look….probably not. The nerds? Maybe he could…no, not smart enough. Emos? Well, there doesn’t seem to be…..wait?

    Patton’s head shoots to a table with two people sitting at it. There’s a boy wearing glasses that is reading a book and a boy with black hair and a purple fringe sketching a picture. Patton thinks for a moment. What could go wrong? He sighs and walks over to the table. The reading boy looks up at him and the sketching boy drops his pencil and melts into his sweatshirt. Patton smiles and speaks up.

    “Um, hey guys. May I sit here?”


    Virgil nods at the boy and gestures to the seat next to him. He smiles a bright smile and sits down.

    “Salutations, I’m Logan and this is Virgil. He’s not much of a talker at first, but when he gets to know you, he’ll talk nonstop.” Logan says while readjusting his glasses. Virgil shoots his head up and kicks Logan from under the table. Logan glares but then smiles. Virgil rolls his eyes.

    “Hiya! I’m Patton! I just moved here.” The new boy, Patton says with a small wave. Virgil nods, but continues to sketch in his book. Patton looks over and gasps.

    “Virgil! This is beautiful! Any blind man can see you’ve got a talent!” Patton enthuses while taking his glasses off at the blind man part. Virgil laughs and mumbles a ‘thanks.’

    Not long after, the three get into a discussion about their high school experience. They are then interrupted by a confident voice.


    “May I sit here?” Roman asks with a strong voice. The three look up at him and Virgil smirks.

    “Sure, Princey. Join the outcasts.” Virgil says. Logan scoots over and places his book in his bag so it doesn’t get damaged. It didn’t take long for them to get lost in discussion again.


    The actor, the nerd, the emo, and the school’s nice guy. They didn’t know how, why, or even for how long, but for some reason, they knew this friendship would work.

    Together they would help each other for as long as they’d let each other.

My concept art^^^ 

@ayloralove !!! Isn’t her art so freaking adorable?!!! I love it so much. Thank you for your help! She’s amazing guys! Go show her love! 

(Feel free to draw some of your own art and send suggestions for prompts)

ihx creator reveals are out! so here’s mine~

title: you make my heart smile
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: yamayachi
summary: yachi and yamaguchi and the moments they share, just the two of them.
or, have we basically already been dating all this time before we’ve even actually officially dated: the fic.

check it out on >ao3<

Hitoka places the last octopus-shaped sausage into the bento, and then leans back to admire her handiwork. She thinks she’s improving on the cooking. Yamaguchi has been giving her tips, but she’s still getting the hang of it.

Mondays are the only days of the week when Hinata and Kageyama are allowed to use the gym for extra practice during their lunch break. She usually eats with them, along with Yamaguchi and Tsukishima, trying to force a little studying in them so they won’t have to close calls with supplementary lessons again. Tsukishima always managed to have some excuse to disappear on Mondays, too, though Hitoka can never remember why. First it was running a teacher’s errand and then it was extra studying at the library, but (and Hitoka feels a little mean thinking this) Tsukishima doesn’t really have any other friends, so Hitoka isn’t sure where he disappears to.

So Monday lunch breaks are for Yamaguchi and Hitoka alone. And that’s just fine with Hitoka.

They’ve taken to sharing lunches, since they both make their own. It’s pretty fun to do, thinking up recipes and surprising the other with the designs. Yamaguchi doesn’t have the same eye for aesthetics as Hitoka does, but he can make a mean tamagoyaki. Hitoka finds herself looking forwards to Mondays.

Hitoka likes eating with the other first years in the volleyball club, but she likes the lunch breaks with just Yamaguchi, too.

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Does This Make Us Official?

Summary: Dan Howell is a shy boy who doesn’t really have any friends because no one likes him. Phil Lester is the school bad boy who’s the captain of the football team and smokes too much times. One day, he notices Dan in the busy school hallway and talks to him. They form a friendship that turns into something more after the football game.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 3,804

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(gif credit to the creator)

Prompt: our friends just left us on babysitting duty together so now we have to try to keep all the kids here from fucking shit up good luck to you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,158

Warnings: none

A/N: So here is the oneshot that won the prompt voting! I hope you guys like this, it went in a completely different direction than I thought it was going to lol

Tagging: @iwantthedean @kbrand0 @daydreamingintheimpala @growleytria @halespecterwinchester @kazchester-fanfiction @busybee612 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @superapplepies @jojomonsterbunni @demondean-for-kingofhell @growningupgeek @etiquette-faux-pas @letsgetoutalive @rockerdestiel13 @aerisawriting @little-red-83 @the-queen-of-hades @whyisleepacesoamazing @kaylas-obsessions @sassysupernaturalsweetheart @mist-and-echoes @smoldeanmon @isometimeswritesomethings @torn-and-frayed @driverpicksthemuusic @browneagle7 @roadhouse-respite @fandommaniacx @harley7509 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @saltandburnitboys @holywaterbucketchallenge @juanita2108 @supernaturalstarbug @novaevelenekim @nikki4nina @amberythoughts @angelus320 @jackburtonsays @deansbottleofwhiskey @stanuriecollinsacklesevans @illisea @fandoms-are-my-true-nature @that-supernatural-girl @a-closet-full-of-skeletons @fangirlofeverythingme @iwriteshortstuff @fandoms4everyone @highonackles @pulgapelayo18 @raindancechocolate @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond @winchester-writes @readingissupernatural @the-mrs-deanwinchester @why-do-you-want-my-user-name @jodyri @raeganr99 @bookishdorito @ellen-reincarnated1967 @justanotherdeangirl25 

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! If you are taking any prompts, heres an AU that i saw that thought would be so cute for Clexa “i run the night slot on campus radio and some jackass keeps calling in to insult my music taste and request high school musical songs instead”


“Raven.” Clarke spins her chair to face her friend and spreads her legs ever so slightly. “How may I service you tonight?”

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AND I’M BACK! FROM OUTERSPACE CHICON! is it time for a novel-like con write-up from scout!? YEA LET’S DO THIS

  • first off, r2 op!! G2 GIVEN TO R2: THE SEQUEL. they were hilarious! i’ve really had the most time to actually converse with rob, and in an earlier op with @thespookylordmisha, he was very adamant about getting a copy of the first volume, as he already had the second one. i ensured him i’d hunt him down and give him the first! he’s been actively trying to figure out how to go about getting them to no avail, so later that day in my own op i gave it to him. except. i. i. i forgot–i mean, i didn’t realize rich might–that he’d be interested or??? so i just??? I ONLY GAVE ROB ONE AND HE RUBBED IT IN RICH’S FACE–although, i’m sure at one point rich deserved it. as i said before, the ass-end of this op was catching the moment rich simply said to conclude the real argument they began having, with “GOOO FUCK YOURSELF”
  • also during my sassy op with @baethazar, kim, and briana, i told kim that i was the one who did the kung fu posing jody & donna, and kim screamed?! SHE SCREAMED!? and grabbed me by the shoulders and said “DO MORE” so i guess that is on the list of things to do ;u;
  • MISHA HAS OFFICIALLY SIGNED THE ABS. i slid it across the table to him, he snorted, stared at the LITERAL MOUNTAINS OF BLANK SPACE TO SIGN, and proceeded to loudly declare “I’M GOING TO SIGN THE 6-PACK,” to which i replied, “ddDDDAMMIT I KNEW YOU WOULD”
  • i got the honor of asking the last question of the con as well! which was misheard by the lovely ruth, but i still received a stolen bar of hotel soap from her. it is shaped like a leaf!!
  • after the con i met with @thekao to speak for a while which was wonderful!! and then i hung out for a time with the fantastic @cocklestrash, which led to some conversations with the photographer chris schmelke, who turns out is an incredibly chilled-out guy. i ended up going back to speak with him a little before turning in for the night, and i gotta say, i’m a fan! snapped a few selfies and i was on my way to crash, quite happily so!
  • AND I NEED TO MENTION, i pretty much shadowed @echoing-archives and @roboticerror throughout the entire con, got to be their NUTCRACKER HYPE GIRL, and i am SO PROUD OF THEM. they are my friends. good friends. we will hang out again you crazy wonderful bastards

and last, but never, ever least: you guys. again. made this con…surreal? bizarre? this was crazy. like, i started doing book signings literally in front of rich and rob doing signings. i have never been known for my grace at handling in-person praise, but i am insanely humbled. and to everyone who did so at karaoke–do know that my memory is, uh, is, fuzzy from that night–i required some social lubricant that evening, if you will, but know that any thank yous or matt cohen-like “NO, YOU, I LOVE YOU…YOU ARE GREAT”’s were all just as meaningful, if not more, as they would be from sober scout (º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ)

Fanart Monday!

Yeah I know last week we didn’t have fanart monday, but I had a good reason for it :P

That means this monday I have more fanarts than usual! And they’re all great! And because they are a huge lot, I’ll put a line here so I won’t send an enormous post into your feed! 

But you guys should take a looksy! They’re great!! :D

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Undyne VS Valentine

@skribblie asked for “undyne goes to the store to buy something for alphys.“

This is to prove to skribblie that I am indeed NOT a writer. This was a fun little thing that definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but I connect with Undyne in so any levels I found it pretty easy to write overall owo;

Rated: G
Pairing: Undyne/Alphys
Timeline: True Pacifist/Monsters living on the surface

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