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Boy was this fun to code! Portfolio is a theme conceived on a whim that I am actually quite proud of. With a design that is, dare I say?, sleek, it can easily transform your tumblr artblog into a digital portfolio! Functions perfectly for both writers and artists.

F E A T U R E S :

— option for 500px or 700px posts;
— home & ask + 3 extra links;
— blog title + slot for your name;
— avatar image (make sure it’s 125x125 px!) on the sidebar;
— slot for description, can be lengthy;
— I recommend you toggle your blog settings to show 1 post per page for the best look.

  Do NOT:
   — remove the credit
   — steal the code / parts of it
   — claim as yours in any way, shape, or form.
  Respect the maker's work, please.
This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

She really smooched that frog! First Part

Part 2 to my Princess and the Frog comic! Here we are introduced to the new wonderful Knight Whim! She’s a lizard/minigiant/human lady and I love her. I am also glad I finally finished this and I am so happy to show you all! Thank you to the people that have joined me in the stream :>

Also I’m just going to post this now instead of later because IM SO EXCITED!!!

I really want to make more of this comic so if this gets a good response then I think I’ll continue! Thank you! 

This morning, I woke up to a comment telling me how one of my stories is going to end, two comments telling me what’s wrong with my one of my stories, and another demanding more in a less than pleasant manner. After waking up to something similar yesterday, I had decided to step away for a few days. I opened the window to write an entry about taking a break from writing and on a whim decided to check AO3. While there were some comments of the same caliber, there were ones of people expressing happiness and theories and thanking me for writing.

In case you’ve ever wondered if leaving a comment about how much you love a story matters, let me tell you that for this writer, it definitely does. While I am absolutely ecstatic to get donations, I write these stories for free and for fun. After receiving some comments the past few days, the fun factor was definitely going down, and free without fun is just…well.

This post is just to say please be aware of what you are sending to someone. There are real people behind these screennames. Just because you don’t think it is likely that character A and character B would do this, doesn’t make a story any less valid. While you may think something is going to happen, doesn’t necessarily mean that is what the author has planned and stating it as fact is disheartening. Not every comment has to be praise. That isn’t realistic. But please think about how would you feel if someone sent that comment to you before hitting post.

In the end, it is all FICTION. There are going to be inaccuracies and character divergences. Most of us are amateur writers just trying to create something with the characters we love. Let’s all enjoy being in this fandom together.


Right, so I know I haven’t posted anything on my over-sized WIP since April, but here I am starting another fic that I have absolutely no business getting into. At least this one should be shorter than the other (famous last words). Sorry.

Title: Mis-Matched
Rating: M (this is subject to change at the whim of the author’s muses)
Characters: Loki, Sigyn, Frigga, Theoric, and various supporting OCs
Description: This is an attempt to fill the propmt requested by @someillplanetreigns (and now I can’t even tag you!): “you asked for prompts and pairings - I would like to humbly beg for more Logyn? I don’t have a great prompt, but this odd thought is in my head about a way to make the comic plot about Theoric and the marriage into something about marriage by proxy? Maybe something like Loki has the duty of proxy-marrying Sigyn cos Theoric’s in the army, and totally plays everyone by going the whole hog and appearing as Theoric, but then Sigyn, who thought Theoric was dull as ditchwater and Loki is… well, y’know, Loki.”
I’m not sure this is precisely what you wanted, so I apologize in advance for my wayward muses – Loki does what he wants.
Chapter: 1 of 2?
Acknowledgements: thank you @icybluepenguin for serving as one of my favorite institgaors and sounding boards – you rock!


Mis-Matched, Part 1

Herr Braggison loomed over Sigyn as she slunk down lower into the chair, nose buried deep in her book, brown hands clutching the pages tighter as he moved closer.

“Sigyn — I just received a letter from the All-mother.”


“Apparently, the fighting at the front has become entrenched.”




“Put the book down and look at me when I speak to you.”

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Was it something I said?
Is a preconceived idea swimming in your head
About who I really am?
Maybe my inability
To look past your superficiality
Is what pushed you away from me
Like I’m a rodent
Just a flea
Oh can’t you see
That I don’t care about
How pretty
you think you look
In your latest post
I realize the probability
That I even slightly
Cross your mind is slim
Your thoughts murky and dim
But you’ll still win
Because your painted skin
And charming whims
Are what they are want
They like it when you flaunt
Your body
Like ghosts
Their voices will haunt
Your brain
Am I insane
For not wanting the same
As you?
Am I really that lame
Because I won’t play your stupid game?
I’ll proudly wear that label
At least my ego will stable
It won’t need to be cradled
Like a helpless baby in the night
It’s okay with me that you don’t invite
Me to all those parties
That’s not my delight
And as for me and my fight
I’ll be alright
The thoughts of the rest
I can be my own light
Here by myself
Alone and bright
Because this story
Is mine to write
And mine alone

I’ve only just begun

Thank you @blackfeathereddeath for the suggestion

New blogs to follow?

Yoooo I really need new people to follow but am truly afraid of just following on a whim because like, there’s just so much shit on my dash nowadays that leads me to ultimately unfollowing people


If you post 2 or more of the following:

Dragon Age (specifically Cullen, Dorian, Fenris and Sera)
Elder Scrolls (specifically Skyrim/Oblivion)
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Disney (Just…anything really lol)
Dreamworks (I love HTTYD and Prince of Egypt :D)
LotR/The Hobbit
Star Wars
Cute animals (i.e. hedgehogs and dogs, possibly baby hippos)
Positivity posts for life/positivity in general

Maybe give this a like or reblog and I’ll check you out? :3

HOWEVER if you’re a person that constantly reblogs or makes character/game/ship critical posts or negative shit or politics or anything questionable DO NOT BOTHER. Seriously. Stay under your bridge.

OKAY SO THIS happened and I honestly don’t know what to say. Harley was made on impulse, on a whim (you could call it a total wild card) after reading the pre-52 comics for her in June. I never thought I’d be here more than a few days and yet here I am just over two months later with over 252 of you wonderful people. Honestly, it’s the friendships I’ve made here that has encouraged me to stay. Yes, we’ve had a few hiccups and some people clearly didn’t want me around but I’ve stayed and I’m still here and that’s all thanks for you guys as after all whether or not it is my hobby, it’s a social one and kinda involves you guys wanting to interact with me too!

So here I am babbling again saying thanks to this experience so and to some of the amazing people I’ve met. If you’re not on the list I’ve honestly probably just accidentally missed you but ALL of you and I mean ALL of you should know that I’m here for you for good and for bad. Please don’t ever think this is anything else except a safe space for you all! 


The special mentions who’ve I’ve interacted with ic and/or ooc and have become close to.

@astellofakari@blindlygifted@fallingonbrokenarrows​ ❖ @livingcharismatic / @adaringrenewal@lola-marquez@routyredhood@wiseguypuppychild ❖


Other Harley blogs I follow who deserve a special mention because not only did they pick a super awesome character they’ve made me feel welcome into the fandom and have helped me dispel fears of duplicates which I’ve had for a long while.

@funfatale@harley-the-littleclown ❖ @illbeyourcrime​ ❖ @theharleenquinn​ ❖


Other mentions to blogs I’ve interacted with and would love to get to know more ic and ooc.

@acertiijo@brattizen@clown-girl-rising / @the-countxss@dxvilhunter@fireversed@fissarsi@gothamgod@hiredassault@horrorempathy@killsbats@littleqxinn@lockedfighter@originalbatgirl@ozcobblepot@peachblossomsgrow@pietraquill@plantladyisley@radicans@redemptivexheroics@serialqueen ❖  @speedforcechosen@tenderborn@the-universal-fates@vigiilantem@viinewhiip@zywesrebro


Blogs that I admire from afar and would love to interact with one day.

@atomiism@boywebbed@crackedgrin@harlechild@hasjokes@heartfrosted@heroichunter@hybrided@hypnocil-queen@ideolgue@ironmaidenfan@leagueremade@magictricked@meddlingheels@redneckxdixon ❖ @softgenius  ❖ @warosey


A/N: I started this a month ago on a whim and I promised myself I wouldn’t go to bed tonight until I posted it so I can say to myself that the concept I wanted to write is out and I can relax a bit. This is also roughly edited as it is 1:45 am at the moment so if you see changes as time goes by its cause I went back and fixed it. I like this one a lot as I AM A HOE FOR WOLF AU’S so hopefully you like it too.

this is angst as heck. no warnings as its nothing crazy.

word count: 1705 … f i n a l l y  d i v i s i b l e  b y  f i v e.

When Jongin finds you it’s in a bubble tea café thought he thinks his mind is playing with him. Your scent is what he first catches, sparking his instincts to know that he has found his mate. His brothers take notice of how he stops mid conversation to stare once he figures out the scent belongs to you rendering him speechless. Your walk alone could attract an audience with how fluid and smooth each step you make looks. Your long hair flows down your beautiful figure just past the mid of your back and your pretty legs are on display thanks to your skirt of choice. The oversized tee you pair it with makes you look especially cute and when you turn your face towards his direction taking notice of him, your smile just about sends him through the roof. Your smile is nothing but a friendly acknowledgment of his attention but when you turn away he can’t look anywhere else.

The first one to snap him out of it is the eldest.

“Baby Jong, stop staring it’s rude.” Minseok laughs out as he ruffles the young one’s dark hair.

Jongin turns to his brother for a brief moment. “Hyung … she’s my mate …”

Minseok, Chanyeol, and Sehun all turn to look at you.

“She’s your mate?” his twin Sehun questions.

Jongin nods his head as he turns back around to look at you again. His brothers all face each other again and Chanyeol smiles at him. With an encouraging pat on the back he speaks to his younger brother. “Then what are you doing still sitting here Baby Jong? Go try and talk to her, she’s cute.”

It takes Jongin a few moments to collect himself to try and figure out what he’s going to say to you and his mind begins to race.

What should I say to her? Do I compliment her? Do I walk next to her then drop something to make it look like an accident? Maybe I can–

“Cub.” Sehun whines interrupting Jongin’s thoughts, his hands coming up to rub at his temples.

“Stop overthinking, your internal monologue is screaming at me. Just stick with the first idea and go talk to her.”

Jongin turns to his twin to touch his forehead against his apologetically.

Sorry Puppy, I forget we always hear each other sometimes.

Deciding that he is done being nervous after a few deep breaths, Jongin begins to stand to make his way over to you until his senses pick up on a presence outside of yours or his brothers that stops him in his tracks.

“Boys, I think we have company.” Minseok, the oldest of the group, nods towards the direction of the door as another werewolf walks in and all four of them turn to look at the newcomer.

The new wolf looks about Jongin’s age, though he is shorter and a little smaller in build but he walks tall and confidently as he strides through the door. The wolf picks up on their presence as well and there is a brief moment where he and the group try guage if each other is going to be a threat. Deciding that Jongin and his brothers aren’t for the time being, the wolf continues his path to the front counter to make a purchase avoiding causing a scene between himself and them. Jongin feels something about this wolf that he doesn’t like but he doesn’t know what it is.

In Jongin’s mind, he can hear his twin Sehun speaking to him.

His pack is of royal three lineage like ours. Where how our pack Aspirant dons black hair, his, pack Effulgent, dons silver.

Jongin’s gaze on the new wolf doesn’t let up. He is confused as to why he would be here in their territory until the wolf in question makes his way towards you. Instantly Jongin can feel jealousy growing within him as you allow the wolf to wrap his arms around your waist and let him pepper your face with kisses before joining you at your table. Instinctively his eyes begin to shift their color to red and his body begins to tense. Sehun places his hand on Jongin’s shoulder to calm him down and to get him to realize that this isn’t the time or place to let his instincts take over. Sehun heads a warning to his twin,

Cub, we’re amongst humans you need to control yourself.

Jongin reluctantly sits back down.

Puppy what could she be doing with a member of the Effulgent pack? I can sense they are not mated, but they are connected somehow.  

He tries to return his attention back to the conversation they were having about the latest action movie but he finds that it’s impossible to focus. It feels like a switch has turned on inside him and he is now so hyper aware of you it’s beginning to tear at his insides.

His ears twitch and threaten to change into his wolf ones when he hears you giggle; his claws want to bare out of his fingertips when feels the vibrations from the tapping your fingers do on the table. When you flip your hair over your shoulder he just about loses it on the spot. He takes in a large breath and catches your scent even stronger than the first time and it’s something so intoxicating it’s torture. It’s taking everything within him to not swoop you into his arms and run out of this place.

Sehun reaches out for Jongin as Chanyeol and Minseok take notice of his distress.

Cub, I think it’s time to go now.

The brothers move quickly to get Jongin out and into the car circling around him to keep the attention away from the fact that his eyes that still haven’t changed back and the sound of his bones beginning to crack; Jongin is starting to shift into wolf form and they need to move fast.

On the drive back to their home Minseok juggles calling the alphas and speeding well over the limit to try to beat Jongin’s change.

“Mom, Pop, we got a situation; Baby Jong is changing against his will, something’s wrong. We’re on our way home but it’s not looking good, we might not make it in time before he shifts–” just then, Jongin’s pain starts radiating through Sehun causing him to howl in agony.

“Shit, Baby Hun is starting to feel it too. This whole twin bond isn’t doing us any good right now. They might both end up shifting.”

Meanwhile Chanyeol is doing his best to tend to Jongin, holding him while talking to Sehun. “Baby Hun, I need you to calm down, you have to help Jong, control the mood don’t let it control the both of you.”

Jongin begins to howl in agony from fighting as hard as he can and Sehun’s eyes begin to change their color as he howls louder with his head in his hands. When the car pulls into their driveway the pack moves quickly into action; the two alphas are out in an instant to assist Chanyeol and Minseok in getting Jongin and Sehun down into their basement before either of them can shift, managing to get them in just as Jongin changes into his wolf form where he collapses after becoming his beastly self. Seconds after, Sehun follows managing to stay in human form as he lies unconscious next to his twin. The elders of the pack move quickly to stabilize them, both are radiating an extreme amount of heat and their breathing is at an alarming rate. The younger ones of the pack move quickly to lock down their home as a precaution. Once the alphas confirm that the twins are okay, Joonmyeon and Yifan dismiss everyone except for Minseok and Chanyeol.

“Okay you two, what is going on?” Joonmyeon asks running a hand through his hair in frustration.

“Well we were hanging out when Jongin sensed his mate but before he could go and meet her, we all sensed another wolf,” Chanyeol pauses to see the alphas’ reaction before continuing.

“The wolf didn’t seem like a threat so we didn’t approach him and he didn’t approach us, but Jongin started acting weird when he seen the wolf with his mate. The wolf and her were a couple. And there’s one more thing … the wolf had silver hair.”

Joonmyeon’s eyes go wide and Yifan takes a step back in shock. Both look at each other before Joonmyeon speaks up.

“Effluent is here, in our territory?”

Minseok sighs, trying to keep himself calm. “Well, we only seen one of them so we don’t know if all of them are.”

“Well then this at least explains Baby Jong’s forced shift. It’s extremely rare, but I’ve seen this  before. Back when I traveled alongside the Bangtan pack, their eldest experienced the same thing. You know after our first transition when we become of age, we are able to control when we shift, but there are a few instances where we shift against our will. The most obvious one being the blood moon and the other …”

Yifan scratches his head trying to find the right words to continue explaining, “the other case is when our bodies kick into autopilot when we’re in extreme danger. In this case the danger is his mate and the Effulgent wolf. His heart is under attack.”

Chanyeol furrows his brow turning to Joonmyeon. “But mama, if she is Jongin’s mate like he said she is, why would he react like that? When Luhan hyung found his, she was also in a relationship and he didn’t forcibly shift.”

“I have a feeling it has something to do with that wolf.  We’re not the only pack in the city, but we’re the only one of the royal three lineage so I think it may have to do with that. As for Luhan hyung, his mate was in a relationship with another human so it didn’t have a big affect on him like that of another high ranked pack member would.”

Joonmyeon runs his hands through his hair again then turns to Yifan.

“Pop, I have a feeling we will have war on our hands soon.”

yeah man i drew him. eggnis. because he’s an egg.

i can’t remember if eggnis is one of the chocoborks but if so, gonna tag @louisvuittontrashbags, @hypaalicious, and @diabolik-trash-heap

drawn on a whim expressed in the tags of this ( post, which i currently am too lazy to hyperlink from mobile.

i’m so tired

anonymous asked:

My mental image of you keeps evolving (sometimes based on your fic and sometimes your tumblr posts) and that's pretty cool.

I AM PROTEUS! *changes shape on a whim* 

I decided to read Dracula on a whim and i love what a clueless dope jonathan harker is?? “how quaint! how silly and kind! these picturesque folk crossing themselves, blessing me on my journey, begging me not to go! i am so touched!! they love me!! the old inn-keeper even cried for me. oh lovey!! i do love these people and they love me ❤️❤️💕💕❤️💕❤️💕” u fool!!! u sentimental wiener!!!

Hey tumblr…so like

the captain America and Magneto Nazis thing…it’s real balls for sure and I’m glad everybody gives a shit about antisemitism right now

But here’s a thing. 

Please give a shit about antisemitism outside of comics too. That whole ‘Am Jewish can’t relate’ post was real cute but I’m serious

Think about the shit your spreading around. Like that post I saw on my dash 30 times where they interviewed some Muslim people in Gaza who when asked said they didn’t hate Jews they hated Zionists. Like cool I’m glad they dont blanket hate us all and living where they are, they have a right to their opinion but GUY A LOT OF JEWS ARE ZIONISTS. Since countries the world over decide on a whim they fucking hate us, Europe as a whole is real scary and America has neonazis. The Israeli government is problematic as fuck but it’s still the only place in the world that will not turn its back on us and that fucking MATTERS. ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW.

And just remember Jews did not colonize Israel I’m going to keep shouting this until y’all start listening. Israel was founded because after WWII America and Europe were still shitty antisemitic fucks who didnt want their land flooded with Jewish refugees so they kicked some people off some land and gave it to us. 

It’s literally the only Jewish state in the world. Christianity runs most of the world and Islam has its run over a whole region. Jews have 1 state and it’s the size of New Jersey and we have complicated feelings about it but the narrative that gets spread around is 99% wrong and throws us under the bus every time.

So like PSA if you don’t understand whats happening in the Middle East and you dont have a stake in it please don’t go spreading shit like that because it’s complicated as fuck. Like both sides are wrong in this conflict. Muslims can be antisemitic and Jews can be Islamaphobic (and like that thing where you don’t judge an entire people by their most extreme factions? Like we hope other countries do with America rn and we’ve all learned to do with Muslim people? Can we agree to do that with Israel too? The government is wack but since you aren’t living in the very real fear of being bombed on the daily maybe don’t be so quick to judge) Oh and btw about 8 million Jews live in Israel. What do you think happens to them if they get kicked out and Israel becomes Palestine? One of my best friends grand parents are Jewish Iraqis and they can’t live in Iraq because Jews can’t live anywhere else in the Middle East right now its literally not safe for them. Say what you will about Israel but everybody is allowed in there, Muslims and Christians have their own sections in Jerusalem. With the extremism thats rampant in much of the rest of the Middle East Jews can’t live anywhere BUT Israel.

Like I love how much you care about the depiction of a Jewish comic book character and a character created by Jews to punch Nazis…but like…can you care about the real people too? I heard almost nobody talking about all the JCC bomb threats or the desecrated cemeteries. That FBI hate crime statistics report that was being passed around from 2015? The highest number of religiously motivated hate crimes were towards Jews. I hope Nick Spencer rots in hell but this is bigger than him.


At the start of each year school year I get my new first year game design students to create a tumblr account, after a bief talk about self branding and ‘Netiquette’ (is that still a word?) I get them to write their first post to the big scary world. The aim is that over the next two years they will have a haven to show their work, give me insight into their brain thoughts, and build up a community around their new brand. 

gif by 

Being totally overwhelmed and only a few days into the course they all scramble to think of something original and witty to write. After I put the pressure on them almost all of them are going to write “First Post” or the comically overused “Hello World” 

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2 Years Later...


This is where we stand right now.

This might cause a little confusion. This blog itself has only been around for a little over a month. However, that’s just when I moved blogs. The first blog I made for Cana was back on August 26th, 2015. I’ve been roleplaying as her for two years now. 

And what a time it’s been.

This was just a silly little blog I made on a whim. I didn’t expect it to last even a few months, let alone two years. I thought my motivation would have run out at some point. And yet here I still am.

I can’t even begin to describe all of the wonderful friends I’ve made while here. If I tried to this post would be about the length of a novel. I’m incredibly thankful to everyone I’ve gotten the chance to know and become friends with. You’ve all brought smiles on some dark days. You’ve all kept me motivated to keep this blog going. You’ve all made me want to work on this blog and work on my writing. Without all of you, this blog wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

I’ve had so many great times in this community that was initially so scared to even look into. All of you have my most sincerest thanks for letting me join.

Normally I would make a follower forever for something like this. But… The past few times I’ve made one, Tumblr fought with me on how it was formatted every time I added someone’s name in. I frankly don’t really feel like fighting Tumblr again, at least for now. Sometime in the future I’ll make a proper one.

So, for now, this post will have to do.

Here’s an apology alpaca.

Thank you for all the smiles and laughter. Thank you all for giving me a chance. Thank you all for liking Cana enough to interact. Thank you all for being a great community that I’m glad to have joined. Through the good and the bad, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thank you.]

manika-on-a-whim  asked:

Hi there! Can you explain to me about the part where Hiyori begins transforming into an Ayakashi and Yato has to fight her to defend himself. And his father states that there are only two ways to save here: Sever her ties to Yato or Sever her tail and turn her into a Regalia. So I am still wondering what did Yato do? I mean, he pulls her into a hug and consoles her and then she goes back to normal. But how??? What actually happened? Since it's a theory blog, I hope to get a proper answer here :3

I will certainly do my best!! I think that Yato decided to go about it his own way; in other words, the unspoken option three. He reached out to her, much in the same way he did for Yukine during his ablution. She did not fully cross the line, so he used this to his advantage to remind her of everything she had waiting for her in her life.

Hiyori, while closer to the far shore, (AKA, more ayakashi than human) wanted to die. Not for the sake of dying, though; she felt at fault for what happened, and felt that Yato was the only person who would accept/forgive her after that point. She felt like there was no hope for her, or no chance to redeem herself. Of course she wants to be with Yato, but not in the way that Fujisaki said she does. In her right mind, of course Hiyori doesn’t want to die. And Yato knows that. He knows that she has family and friends who love her, and would be devastated if she left them. That’s why he did all he could to reassure her that it would be alright, that she WOULD be forgiven, and that he wanted her to live a long life etc.

There was actually a post that the tumblr user noragamis (now deactivated) said that explained it waaaaaay better than I just did, but sadly the post has been lost. I wish I could have saved it. :( Either way, I hope this gave you some answers!

EDIT: I TOTALLY FOUND IT ON A SNAPSHOT VIA THE WAYBACK MACHINE but I’m going to contact the original OP to see if I can get the permission to post it on my blog for archiving purposes.

I’m crying?? I just checked this blog for the first time in nearly a YEAR (Oct. 2016) on a whim because I’m starting an RVB rewatch and there’s 500 followers?? When I abandoned this blog during school last year there were MAYBE sixty people following and maybe one or two posts over a hundred notes, this just made my entire night.

Now I am ABSOLUTELY going to get back in the swing of making these edits, we are BACK baby!

-Mod K

Enslaved by a King- [Wine and Seduction Edition]- Thranduil Fanfiction


The King of Mirkwood hands you a glass of wine. It shimmers under the torchlight, the color of blood and fire. You have had wine before. Thick and sour, served in jewel-encrusted goblets, under the watchful eye of your previous master. You can remember the glare of his bright amber eye as you obediently downed goblet after goblet, until the world swirled red, gold, and black. You would dance for him, his fiery breath against your bare flesh.

Thranduil grazes your shoulder with the tips of his fingers. His touch jolts you from your memory, and the glass in your hand quivers.

“Take care not to spill,” his voice is low at your ear. “This is a rare vintage. The fruit harvested under the gleam of starlight before the dawn of Tarnin Austa.”

He dips a slender finger into his wine, and traces it along your lips. The wine is cold and bittersweet. His finger is hot. Your breath catches in your throat and your heart pounds wildly. You bring the glass to your lips and gulp it down. He catches your hand and pulls the glass from you.

“Such wine is to be savored, not washed down like an inebriant.”

“…I thought my lord wanted me to forget,” you mumble. The wine is sweet; it lingers on your tongue.

A crease forms between his eyebrows. “Forget?”

The wine cellar is spinning slightly, and you blink. “Smaug would give me drink, so that I would not remember.”

“And what would a dragon be so anxious for you to forget?”

You shake your head. “…I don’t…remember.”

You stumble, and he catches you in his arms. His chest is warm and firm under his silver brocade. The wine is fire in your chest, spreading through you, warm and rich. 

“There is more to wine than relief from the past. It burns away deceit, exposing who we truly are. Both the beautiful and the wretched.”

He takes a slow sip from the wine. The world is swimming color and light. In the haze, he is beautiful, brilliant and cold like a diamond. But you know the fire that burns within him, dark and deadly. How you long to play with that fire. The burn of the wine has emboldened you, and you trail your finger down his neck, resting on the gnarled gem at his throat. You try to unclasp it. He catches your wrist.

“It seems like you’ve had too much. You should return to your quarters.”

“…No,” you whisper. “…We should stay.”

Amusement plays on his lips. “Why is that?”

You take his hand and slide his finger into your mouth. You lap at it slowly, sucking off the sweet remnants of the wine. His mouth falls open, and he knits his eyebrows.

“…And what do you think you are doing?” His voice is low and cold, but you can feel his desire growing beneath his trousers. You don’t answer. You love the sensation of his fingers on your tongue, filling your mouth. It makes you want something. Something deep. Fulfilling. It must show on your face because he draws a sharp breath. You run your tongue between his fingers, watching his eyes grow dull with lust. You nip his finger gently. He clenches his jaw, his nostrils flaring slightly. You are fire. Every inch of your sensitive skin is crying desperately for the friction of him. 

“Touch me,” your breathe.

He raises his eyebrows. “…You dare command a king? Must I remind you who is your master?”

Slowly, your tear the fragile silk of your dress, your eyes never leaving his. It comes apart like tissue paper in your fingers and falls to the floor. You wrap your arms around his neck. Pulling him close, you flick the edge of his ear with your tongue. You press your mouth against his ear. "You are, my lord. My king. My master.“

He utters something in elvish, something between a curse and a prayer. A battle rages inside him; it consumes his will and his pride like wildfire. You watch him falter, and suddenly you are entwined, conjoined. You are lips and desire and tongue and fingers upon singing flesh. You are fingers grasping, breath fast and urgent, whispers of fabric coming undone. For what is fabric but distance between you and him? You are primal strength and will. You are whole. Blissful, wonderful, and whole.

You wake, aching with sweet satisfaction. You are sprawled on top of him, naked and slick. His orange robe is splayed over the cellar floor beneath his bare, heaving body.  His usual pristine hair now in complete disarray. He is glaring at you.

”…My lord?“ You croak. Your throat is sore, as if you’ve been screaming for hours. He flips over and pins you beneath him. His eyes are dark with anger.

"Ah. You finally wake,” he seethes. “Is there anything else you’d like? Anything else you desire? Anything else your master can do to serve you?”

There are bits of twigs, leaves, and berries tangled in his hair. You gingerly reach and pull the pieces from his hair and stare at them.

“…My lord, your crown-”

He snatches the broken pieces from your hands. “Yes, I am well aware. Never in thousands of years has anyone ever-” he broke off.

You are staring at him, wide-eyed and confused.

 "…Do you not remember anything?“

You shake your head nervously.

”…Good.“ He sighs. He looks relieved. "You are not ever to drink again. Not with anyone else but me. Am I clear?”

You nod, still confused. "…Have I…displeased my lord?“

He licks his lips, as if unsure how to answer your question. Then he pins your arms over your head and kisses you roughly.

"It would please me even more to start over,” he growls in your ear. “With your pleasure purely at my whim.”

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[Note: This is a chapter from the series Enslaved by Kings and Dragons

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My pencil case! I wanted to post this since I managed to find it (I’m rearranging my room and found it in my old backpack). I took this everywhere during college even when I didn’t need to. I am obsessed with making sure I have enough pens and pencils should anyone need them. Below is a detailed list of what they are and where I found them.

  • LIHIT LAB pencil case in Black: It’s a cheaper alternative to the Kipling 100 Pens Case. It’s very sturdy and it is such a great organizer for all the pens that you want to carry. HERE
  • Monami 153 Ballpoint Pens: I bought these on a whim. My friend in South Korea told me about these pens and how smooth they were and that they were a great investment. I like these because the nib/tip of the pen is small so it prevents me from writing too big and makes sure that I keep a steady hand even when I rush. HERE
  • Monami Plus Pen 3000: These are a version of the Staedtler Fineliners. They’re cheaper and do an excellent job. Again, the nib/tip is small so it’s great for people who want to improve their handwriting and make their notes more precise. The only thing I worry about is that the nib/tip might wear out faster than the Fineliners. HERE

  • BIC Xtra Sparkle Mechanical Pencils: I bought these at Target because I don’t really use pencils except when there is a test. They’re handy and it does the job.
  • Pilot G2: I only have one because I really like these pens and don’t want to use them all up. They are amazing! The ink doesn’t randomly stop and the writing is so smooth. They are my favorite pens! HERE

  • Zebra Midliners: I bought the 3 pack from Amazon but only use the Cool (?) color set. I liked how they were bright enough but also dull enough to not cause a headache. The colors allow for the text to be read clearly and they add a nice splash of color as well. I also bought these due to my friend who kept pushing me to do so.  HERE
  • Staedtler Fineliners (10 Pack): Self-explanatory. These are amazing! They write so smoothly that I forget to relax my grip. What I like about these pens is the triangular barrel. They allow me to relax my grip and not worry about if it will write clearly and precise. I love them!  HERE

  • MERSUII Pens: I didn’t actually buy them but a friend did. She didn’t like them because the nib/tip was too small for her. I really like these because they don’t take up room and are really great when you need to use index cards and need to save space.  HERE
Fic Rec List (Part One)

Alrighty, here’s that rec list I’ve been asked about! It’s all Shizaya/Izuo, and it is a work in progress (it will likely never be finished), so I’m going to be releasing it in blocks. 

This is Part One, and each part will have ten to twenty fics in it. I’m going try and put one of these out each week, and when I’m done, I’ll put them all in one huge list.

So, without further ado, here it is. Pls feel free to send me asks with more rec’s, because it’s very possible that I will forget someone. 

Oh, and this is just a list of authors/fics that are my favourites. So um, take that into account? BUT they aren’t in any order. They are put onto the list/s as I remember them, so it’s pretty random. c:

Misoko by lilolecasserole [@watashinojinrui]

Status: On going

Summary:The use of honorifics- No, the use of names entirely was completely unsolicited. Kyouko and Shirou Orihara were Izaya’s parents, for goodness’ sake, could he not say Mom and Dad? It broke their hearts, seeing their son hold so much hatred for them, especially with how they never intended it to be this way. They never intended to leave him.

“Oh, nikkō…” Kyouko reached out to touch his face, eyes behind her glasses becoming glassy with tears. He merely took a step backwards, correcting her.

“It’s really for my own comfort that you refer to me as Izaya-kun.”

Thoughts: This was actually gifted to me, so I might be biased, but it’s so well written that I can’t not put it on here! It’s hard to find fics that deal with Izaya’s relationship with his parents, and the fact that he’s with Shizuo as well…? SlaY ME.

There are only two chapters so far, but it’s so well written! I really can’t wait for more ; ;

Loud Neighbours by My_tatteredwings_offreedom

Status: Complete (one shot)

Summary: Izaya’s irritated with Shizuo and his boyfriend next door. They’re obnoxiously in love, until suddenly, they aren’t, and the silence that follows leaves Izaya uncomfortable.

Thoughts: This is the sweetest and saddest thing, even though it has (what I consider to be) a happy ending. It’s short (around 2.3k), and even though I want more, I’m really glad there isn’t more. Everything about this is perfect, and everyone should read it.

Distance by Chaosprincess

Status: Complete

Summary: Izaya takes a huge step towards bettering his mental and emotional health. Ikebukuro and its inhabitants don’t take it too well.

Thoughts: I… really didn’t think that I’d like this. I thought it’d be really cheesy and (honestly) awful, but it was so, so good! Oh my God, I loved it. I’m so glad that it was complete, because I think that waiting for updates might have killed me. It’s fluffy, it’s slowburn, and it’s so cute. kjksdgjhskjdgh

Mezhdu Dvukh Ogney (Between Two Fires) by Delphicy

Status: On going

Summary: Simon’s ill-fated decision to play match-maker forces Shizuo and Izaya to become reluctant allies. Their goal? To demonstrate what a horrible idea it is to force them into a relationship. Or: how KFC nearly sparked the apocalypse. Now with 70% more arson!

This is an English fanfic about a Japanese series that is riddled with Russian proverbs and Celtic mythology. It’s like riding It’s A Small World, only instead of animatronics you have violent manchildren and an entire city’s unhealthy fixation with their sexual relationship.

Thoughts: -loud screaming-

Aletheia by SuzuyaChan

Status: Complete

Summary: After Izaya gets Shizuo hit by a train he visits him in hospital only to find out that the blond doesn’t know who he is, the informant tries to abuse Shizuo at his most vulnerable, but for some unknown reason - he just can’t.

“I suppose,” Shizuo continued, his tentative tone bringing Izaya’s focus back to him. “We must have been friends.”

Thoughts: I… really don’t like amnesia things. I sort of see it as played out and lazy? But this, oh my God. This made me change my mind completely? It’s so well done, and it’s just… shit. Even if you hate memory loss fics, read this. It will change your mind.

It Just Happened by ZephyrusZ [@zephyrsus]

Status: On hold/Incomplete

Summary: “I don’t know. It just happened.”

Those words were the honest truth.

Izaya pretends to be afraid of Shizuo, unprepared for the consequences. Shizaya

Thoughts: This is so well done?! It’s absolutely everything you could want in a Shizaya fic. Zephyrus uses a whole range of characters, and it’s so?!?!?! ?!?!?! I can’t even describe it. It’s a must read for people who like realism, because it’s just amazing.

What I Need by kowai_no_ouji

Status: On going

Summary: When a girl confesses her feelings for Shizuo, he’s forced to come to terms with what he wants, and what he needs. What is he supposed to do when what he wants and what he needs both happen to be Izaya Orihara? Highschool AU. NC-17.

Thoughts: The only thing wrong with this fic is that there isn’t more of it. I might actually pass out if I see it updated. It’s so good, and pretty cute as well.

A Cigarette’s Lifespan by guuzenkamo

Status: On going

Summary: Izaya’s plans go a little awry when he attempts to frame Shizuo for murder.

Thoughts: This is probably the best thing I’ve read in a long time. There is nothing about this fic that is bad. It’s ic, it’s sweet, it’s sad, and it makes you hold your breath. This is seriously just… holy shit.

Blades and Cigarettes by SuggestiveScribe

Status: Complete (one shot)

Summary: “Well come along then,” Izaya said, prancing up the stairs. “I don’t have all day.”

Shizuo followed him, and he still didn’t understand why.

Thoughts: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) goOD SHIT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) GO( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)OD SHI( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)T

A Cheap Imitation by Spoontasti

Status: On going (recently uPDATED, DID ANYONE ELSE READ THAT?!)

Summary: “Attached to your neck is a collar that will inject a poison into your jugular vein two days from now. Forcibly removing the device will also trigger the poison. Somewhere on this island is the antidote.”

His hands reached up to his neck and he felt the cool metal of the collar. 

“Live or die. Make your choice.”

The video cut off.

Thoughts: Before you ignore this, know that this is aMAZING. This is possibly the only fic that I will drop everything for when it updates. I will literally stop what I am doing, go somewhere quiet, and read it as slowly as possible (because no matter how long the chapters are, they are never long enough to quench my thirst). This fic will hook you in and make you want more updates (which are actually quite frequent). 11/10 pls read.

To Hell and Back by thejillyfish

Status: On going

Summary: It starts with post cards. Izaya has disappeared and gone up on some obscure form of vacation. However, when Shizuo tracks him down to enact a spontaneous whim of revenge, they each have a change in plans. They ultimately end up traveling together.

What they encounter on their journey are people and places that teach them that Ikebukuro isn’t the only Hell on Earth. Their experience becomes one about Humanity, whether it be lost or found.

Thoughts: This doesn’t read like a fanfic, it reads like a novel. It should be a novel. It’s funny, sweet, dangerous, and exciting. It’s just ??????? It sucks you in, and you’ll end up reading all of it in one sitting. 

Language Barriers by nakadoo [@nakadoo]

Status: On going/on hold

Summary: In which Shizuo discovers that the Russian language is more attractive than it seems.

Thoughts: If you don’t enjoy in character portrayals, Izaya speaking Russian, or riDICULOUSLY CUTE stories, then don’t read this because you will hate it. Everything about this fic is super cute, and it’s so well done? Honestly, it will give you the dokis.

The Talk by nakadoo [@nakadoo]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: From the kinkmeme:I’m not sure if i’m the only one but I get a paternal vibe from Kine, and, to a lesser extent, Shiki with Izaya. I’d love to read a story where word gets out that Izaya and shizuo (or Naimie or Kadota, whoever you want) are shacking up and, naturally, cue a stern talking to from his murder dad(s).

Thoughts: This! Is! The! Best! Paternal Shiki and Kine, Shizuo and Izaya at Raijin, Namie as Izaya’s childhood friend-! hNNN

Edge by  LegendofMajora [@majorarabu]

Status: On going

Summary: Shinra sighs. It’s not a good thing when he does and also runs a hand (his fingers are trembling) through his hair. He looks worn out like someone kicked his puppy and set it on fire. Maybe not quite that. But the similarities are striking.

Thoughts: I really can’t… explain this? I wouldn’t do it any justice. 

It’s complicated, beautiful, and tragic. It hurts you but heals you. Everything means something, but it all means nothing. This is one of the fics that I will rec forever, because it is so masterfully written. Honestly, everyone should read it, because it’s incredibly just… holy shit there are no words to describe it.

Hito Rabu! by PendulumDeath [@pendulumdeath]

Status: On going/on hold

Summary: Lingering hands are a dangerous thing…

Thoughts: PD is the master at smut? I mean? This? Fic? Is? JND,MFV. This fic might actually ruin you for other fics, because it is perfect? The smut is perfect?!

Informant Samba by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: Series

Summary: Izaya likes to play games, watching the results with morbid fascination like a child with a magnifying glass held up to an anthill.Tsukumoya Shinichi and Heiwajima Shizuo have never met or even spoken, but they do have one thing in common - an overwhelming desire to beat Izaya at his own game.

Thoughts: Aerial rimjobs.

This is War by MiyukiWynter

Status: Complete

Summary: He knew he wasn’t insane. He couldn’t be. He knew the voice by name, even though the name had never been spoken to him. He simply knew the name without ever asking. And after doing some research, he was able to match the name he knew to a known supernatural entity. Saika. Eventual Shizaya.

Thoughts: I really didn’t know if I’d like this, but I loved it? Like, I don’t think that even cuts it. I actually downloaded it before it was finished so that I could read it on a train, and holy shit, it was good! I was on a six hour train ride and I actually forgot that I was on a train. The imagery in the fic is fantastic, and it’s canon divergence as well? Which I love? I’m? It’s such a good just?!?! How did you even think of this, it’s brilliant?

Love me by madicham [@littlepsychedelicdream

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: A robot having feelings? Izaya did not even consider that. Whether or not he was wrong would not have changed the outcome.

Warning: Major character death.

Thoughts: This will haunt me forever. It’s so, so wonderfully written, and is? I can’t even describe it. It is Psyche/Izaya, and heavily implied Shizaya, and????? Prepare your heart, because it will hurt you in the best sort of way ; ;

Come in Shinjuku by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: When Shizuo fights, he always fights dirty.

Thoughts: ?????????? ???? ?? you’re a writing genius but holy damn.

Kiss Me by LegendofMajora [@majorarabu]

Status: On going

Summary: For every type of kiss to every stage of a new relationship, Shizuo and Izaya may as well try them out.

Thoughts: THIS IS CUTE. No matter how terrible your day is, this will make you feel so amazing. It’s adorable, well characterised, and just?!?!?! slkkjghsgh

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SasuSaku is not abusive

I am not satisfied with any of the “SasuSaku is not abusive” posts I’ve seen so far.

Abusive partners monopolize the victim’s life against their wishes and consent. They blackmail the person in, with intimidation and belittling. It may or may not involve physical abuse. The abuser brainwashes the victim into thinking that everything is the victim’s fault. When the victim tries to escape, the abuser leaves them no chance. The abuser seeks power over the victim. The victim becomes their object of manipulation. They have to obey their every whim.

The helpless sense of unworthiness caused by the abuser, the inability to regain freedom. THAT is abuse.

Sasuke NEVER manipulated Sakura. Never did he try to use her. He treats her as an equal. Much more so than any other character. The times Sasuke verbally hurt Sakura, it wasn’t out of malice, he was being honest. There’s nothing wrong with stating the facts. Pretending a person has no faults will leave them stagnant and halt their growth. A loved one won’t hide that truth from you.

In fact, Sakura learned from him, and grew stronger because of his words. Sakura is the one who doesn’t give up on Sasuke. She doesn’t want him to take the path of darkness. She gave “all she’s got” to rescue him. When Sasuke nearly hurt Sakura, it was instinctual self-defence. Sasuke isn’t a repressive figure towering and controlling Sakura against her wishes. All the hurt in their relationship is caused by Sasuke’s shattered past. Sakura wants him to share his pain, set him free from that burden.

Exactly because Sasuke is broken, she suffers too. Her determination and strength, her ability to shine bright despite experiencing second-hand trauma… this is what makes this relationship phenomenal to me. That’s why I’ll always ship SasuSaku, and why a SasuSaku ending would be a priceless message. I believe in the redemption from evil-doing. I believe in not giving up on those who still have good in them. I believe in finding the strength to stand up, no matter the pain. I believe in looking past deceiving words, understanding a person’s true intentions, and supporting them to be righteous and functional once again.

Sasuke gave Sakura strength. He made her grow. Sakura won’t let Sasuke ruin his life and consume his soul. She is a beacon of light in his world of shadows.