and i am nothing when this show ends

Very light spoilers for the special, but anyway

I just noticed that in the end, when it shows everyone out at the front door, Nino is literally in the very back

HOWEVER, when they’re all coming in, Nino’s the very first one there

In other words, I am 100% convinced that Nino went “Move Bitch, Best Friend Privileges” and literally shoved everyone else out of the way, and there is nothing you could do to convince me otherwise

someone somewhere is losing sleep over you getting home safely. i,too, am restless. i know sometimes the birds are just birds, but they show up in the poem anyway. some nights when it gets quiet, i say, “i forgive even the worst of this cruel world,” and nothing changes. and where i am standing is still not mine,was never mine, never will be mine. and if everything i belong to no longer belongs to me, then maybe i’m the problem. maybe smoke finds my hands no matter where i am. and anyway, it doesn’t matter. we can sleep this off. we can get in a car someday and keep driving until we end up in a place that does not ask of us where we came from, and asks nothing of us except our names, which they pronounce the way our mothers intended and if we miss home, we call because the landline’s not dead and nothing’s ever really dead, and we laugh with our kids someday about how we survived a world that did not want us and was not afraid to tell us so and we turn the news on and we do not flinch. 

Indefinite hiatus.


So, you’ve probably all noticed there isn’t a lot of new content these days, and have probably suspected that the blog has run ended. I wanted to post an “official” statement, a decision, something for new readers to see, and as a show of respect for those of you who have read Calming Manatee for some time.

There’s no dramatic reason why I am stopping. Nothing’s wrong, so please don’t worry. I’ve been writing this blog and answering questions for about four years now. When I started, it occupied a lot of my thoughts and content flowed freely. As time went on, I struggled to come up with new things to say and how to say them. Some projects just run their course.

On some level, I think I have said everything I have needed to say.

It has occupied so much of my thoughts for the last four years I am fairly certain it has shaped me into the person I am. I carry Manatee with me, wherever I go. It has shaped me the last four years.

I am not going to say ‘there’s definitely not going to be any Manatee ever again.’ I’m not deleting the blog, and if I think of anything good to add I will. But for the foreseeable future, the askbox is closed, and you should not be waiting on any new content. I’ll leave it open for a few days in case you have questions, but then I’ll be closing it.

Thank you for being a part of this with me. You letting me into your lives has made me a better person. I hope I helped, in some way or another.

You are wonderful, and I love you.

- Calming Manatee and HT

Let me just say that being a fan of figure skating for years, I feel so blessed that Mitsurou Kubo has gifted me (and everyone) this wonder called “Yuri!!! on Ice”. Some fans are annoying (because let’s be honest there are always bad apples on all fandoms), but nothing can ever make me love this show any less.

“Yuri!!! on Ice” is a perfect combination of everything I love. Still can’t believe something like this actually exists… What am I gonna do when it ends? And when will we be able to watch an anime like this?

anonymous asked:

I played zen's valentine's day dlc first I REGRET NOTHING!!! I totally didnt expect anything like this it was so good SOBS. And when zen&mc went inside rika's apartment, and the first thing they showed was a bed with flower petals (+ the haven thing zen said at the end) i was like WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING CHERITZ OMGG as if the tv ad wasnt enough asgshjfkflflld!! yes please to a mysme R18 cd or anything rlly

I regret deciding to have a peek at 4 am and then saving the whole thing for the next day because after that fucking CG I was like

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You know, Cheritz may not be in the position to make a R18 cd, but it’s not like we don’t have some grade A material from Zen’s calls to work with ~

i bag on the lying detective for my own reasons, but i will say this:

“In saving my life, she [Mary] conferred a value on it. It is a currency I do not know how to spend.”

Is a stunning line of dialogue and I don’t think there was a better, more accurate, way Sherlock could have articulated the reasons for his actions and his grief in that episode. Even though I am still incredibly angry at the treatment of female characters this season, I don’t mind the idea that Sherlock values time with the people he loves more because of how much time Mary gave him by sacrificing her own.

The ending, for all it’s faults and cheesyness, with Sherlock hugging Rosie and hanging with Molly and texting Irene, shows Mary’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing and Sherlock learns to value himself and others the way Mary would want him too and the way he should.  When you remember that Sherlock has demonstrated many times his disreguard fot his own life, the ending doesn’t seem as empty i guess.

(I feel like they didn’t have to kill Mary to have this story-arc but whatever)


[TRANS] Cheng Xiao’s Interview with Esquire Korea

“Hello this is Cheng Xiao. This is the first time that I am showing a chic concept. Thank you for liking this kind of me too. Please continue looking after me. I will work hard. Thank you.”

We started this interview by asking her to say something to her male fans. In front of the camera she greeted with a bright smile and spoke clearly. She is very pure and innocent. She laughed and covered (her face) with both hands. How can you not love her? Honestly, everyone was sad when the shooting ended. Although we like this image of Cheng Xiao too, we wanted to see her serious side too.

“Since my Korean is still not great, I stand out compared to my members. Because I am embarrassed words don’t come out well. It’s not that I have nothing to say but my pronunciation and the way of speaking might appear weird. On TV shows one should answer and talk. People find it cute.” She retold a funny story how a fan told her not to improve her Korean at a fan sign. “Being on a show is different than being on stage. I have no choice but to show my natural side.” Interest for Cheng Xiao started when she appeared on “My Little Television”. With a curious face and inability to hide laughter, she showed her charms and spread positive energy in a moment. “It is beyond imagination. I didn’t think people would like it so much. I had a lot of worries. I am very thankful for all the response.”

Cheng Xiao debuted 8 months ago in a group called WJSN. She was a trainee for two years. In China, she has been learning dance for 10 years and had an ordinary dream of being a teacher. A Korean agency already scouted her in middle school but she politely declined it. “When I was casted by an agency, I had a lot of worries about my prospective career. I have been a kpop fan for a long time. In China I tried to look up a lot Korean movies and singers and I enjoyed listening to kpop. I even danced on a school festival. I felt like would regret it now if I had let the chance go.” She gave up on studies and went to a foreign country to become a celebrity but her parents didn’t welcome it. They opposed it at first. “Parents opposed me to give up on dancing after 10 years and try another path. I had to persuade them.” Of course, Korean life has not been not easy. “At first, it was very difficult. Not only because of the language but I had to learn to dance for the first time. It is very different than Chinese dance I’ve been learning and I was like a blank sheet of paper. Now I am totally adapted to Korean life.” Although she quit traditional Chinese dance, it helped her a lot. She showed her skills on “Tomorrow’s First Pitch King” and “ISAC 2016” in rhythmic gymnastics where she won 1st place and made her name known. “My name is a bit more known than the others but my goal is to make WJSN known. We will always work hard. I want to win 1st on music show with WJSN. Since we have a lot of members, there are a lot of charms we can show to public.”

TRANS © FY!COSMICGIRLS | Take out with full credits.

Thanks @litheriel for the tag! I never do these but I have nothing else to do soooo…

Nicknames: I don’t have any unless Meggy counts?
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 5"7/8
Time right now: 19:35pm
Last thing I Googled: Lightsabers lmao
Favorite music artist: Umm, there’s too many
Song stuck in my head: My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
Last movie I watched: The Incredibles
Last TV show I watched: Always Sunny in Philly
What am I wearing right now: Jimjams
When I created this blog: Uhmm I don’t even know. 2013?
The kind of stuff I post: Nature, Star Wars, video games, art
Why I chose my url: idk I just love sunflowers
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Pokémon team: team Mystic
Favorite Color: olive green, soft pink/peach, burgundy, sunflower yellow
Average hours of sleep: sleep what is sleep
Lucky number: 4?
Favorite characters: Vader, Leia, Tarkin, Luke, Krennick (Star Wars), Mercy + Bastion (Overwatch), Princess Bubblegum + Marceline (Adventure Time) Blake, Yang, Wren, Nora (RWBY)
Dream Job: Also game artist! (Lisa we can do it together lol)
Number of blankets I sleep with: my cat
Dream fictional character that you would want to be: I just want to be a Jedi that’s all I’m asking
One Interesting Fact About You: I’m a cat


Can I just talk about how good I feel today?

I can guarantee you all that if my situation was the same as it was a few months ago, I’d be an absolute wreck today. I would most likely be stressed, anxious, and upset for the entire day. Sure, I’d hide it with public posts saying how happy I am, but the fact of the matter is that it would just be a show. It wouldn’t be genuine, and I would be breaking inside.

From the beginning of 2016 to two months before the year ended, I felt trapped. Trapped in multiple ways for multiple reasons. I experienced things that I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemies. It was bad, and I never want to feel that way again.

However, on this day, I feel nothing but happiness. I am free to do what I wish, when I wish, and how I wish. Freedom is a great feeling.

I am free.

(to the person who requested the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Project Runway AU: I AM SO SORRY, I answered your ask with the wrong text, deleted it hurriedly, and then realised that the ask was gone forever because tumblr is a piece of shit. I can’t even tag this with your username. PLEASE BE WATCHING. I loved this prompt so much.)

1) TERRY IS OBVIOUSLY TIM GUNN. Ray Holt is a famous designer who gets roped into being the permanent judge, and is famous for giving absolutely nothing away on his face when he is viewing the catwalk show at the end of each episode. It makes them all very nervous. Amy, who has idolised Holt since she first picked up a Vogue magazine, does a series of progressively wild-eyed solo confessionals on camera where she wails about how she never knows if he likes her clothes.

2) Speaking of: early on, Amy gets privately voted by the other contestants ‘most likely to have a meltdown and stab someone with her shears’. She does have meltdowns. Often. Mostly about disappointing Holt, and the deadlines: she’s a solid designer and a technically brilliant seamstress, but her time management is for shit, and she spends a lot of time freaking out at the top of her lungs while Jake wanders past and messes with her impeccably ordered, colour-coordinated workstation by moving a green tape measure out of place.

(Nobody knows what the hell is up with Jake. He seems to barely scrape through half of the challenges, often in the bottom two, but never gets eliminated. And then sometimes his workstation will be an absolute chaos vortex of pattern pieces, fabric scraps, unspooling thread and obnoxious singing, and at the last minute he’ll throw something onto his model and it will look incredible.)

3) The Vulture is an incredibly fast sewer with no imagination. He spends half his time hitting on the models and the other half of the time thinking up new jokes about Jake’s ass, doing no work at all until the last three hours of the challenge, when he blatantly steals someone else’s idea.

4) Rosa has a great eye for textures and silhouettes and construction, is the only one of them who doesn’t crash and burn horribly in the 'reinvent the leather jacket’ challenge, and works entirely in black. Entirely. Exclusively. In the feedback sessions Holt tends to stare blankly at her for a very long time, while Rosa stares just as blankly back at him, and then he either says, “No,” or, “Yes.”

“Mm,” Rosa says, no matter what.

5) Boyle is a HUGE FASHION NERD with an encyclopaedic memory for designers and their collections, which unfortunately means that his clothes tend to be very nice but very derivative. (“FIND YOUR OWN VISION,” Terry pleads with him.)

Gina, on the other hand, makes a dress out of dry pasta and Oreos wrappers woven through purple crushed velvet. With sequins. It’s not even for a materials challenge.

“This is my vision,” she declares. “This is who I am.”

“That’s great, Gina,” says Terry, who is stress-eating yogurt parfait. “But maybe who you are could be a little more…accessible?" 

She and Boyle get paired together for a haute couture challenge, argue fiercely for seven hours, and somehow end up producing what is unarguably the best piece to come out of the entire series. 


I know people who look at me like I’m nothing more than the sun. I show up. I smile. I don’t whine. I don’t pout. I have fun. They say the sun doesn’t lie. There is light only because I refused to have a bad day. I am a lying sun. My aura is exhausted. It’s exhausting to fake happiness… I guess if I fake it long enough, it’ll be real, you know? Besides the sun. I know some who views me like an open ended apology bleeding blue into the sea. I’m always saying sorry. I don’t tell you when I’m crying, but when I do, I hope you can accept me. I get like this often, I’m sorry, I know it’s a handful. I got it from someone. I used to be insensitive to my sensitivity, but the more you give and the more you lose… you’re a wine glass and yeah… you’re empty… but depression has been pouring mountains attempting to break you, and yeah, you might shatter… Some days, I’m glowing red. Some nights, I’m reflecting blue. I know I’m not lovely, but on days when I’m both… I hope I balance the violets of your sunrise.

– drying my tears

She never existed

You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, you’re clever, you’re a trendsetter, and I could never get enough of it, you’re eyes make my ego wither until there’s nothing left of it, my chest is empty since you took the breath from it, it’s evident you’re heaven sent, thought I was a God til you took my heart and ran with it. I need to find you. I need you here. The end is near. When I can’t cry, you give me the tears. you show me the way, you’d even go out your own just to save me, you’re my savior. I feel insane, you are to blame, yet you’re the reason I am here today, you’re the reason every season gleems prestigious no matter if it’s sunny or there’s rain, you don’t complain, you’re not the same as every other girl that walks my way, who never gives me the time of day, I guess what I want to say, is that I knew a girl once up on a day who would never ever even for a second turn her back and betray my name and this same girl got me here today wishing she had never turned her back and went astray, I wish that I could say that I wish I’d never looked your way but you make me try, you make me high, you make me crazy, can’t sleep lately, I need medication, I’m a mental patient without the treatment, you are what I’ve been seeking, but you don’t want to see me. My mind is gone and so are you. Am I someone you wish you never knew,…

I. i now understand the meaning of pain.
it is to not,
to lie within the shadows,
to cry soundlessly,
to hide from emotion,
i now understand why it is so scary to jump off the deep end.

II. everyone is asking why I don’t show up anymore.
why i never seem to be there,
even when i’m in the same room as them,
i feel nothing,
i am a shell of a person,
the world around me is gray and lifeless.

III. she asked me today if i was leaving her again.
i told her that i was tired,
the excuses pile up on me,
i’m tired i’m stressed i’m busy,
they are a paper thin veil,
we all know i’m dying yet no one mentions it.

IV. four months have passed and I don’t remember any of it,
how does the world spin,
leaving me behind with each revelation,
i am broken,
i am lonely,
my senses are dull and faded because i do not feel.

V. the sky was clear and the sun set bled across the heavens.
i felt today,
the sun smiled at me and i smiled back,
the inside of me melted,
honey spilled from my heart,
the shell began to slowly refill itself.

VI. i am not empty or wrong.
i am beautiful and strong,
my scars are deep,
but my will is deeper,
i will not lose this battle,
my life is a before and after and the after is stunning.

Saturday Shout Outs!

Here is a list of great fics I read this week! Enjoy, y’all, and show the authors some love!

Tag me in all your stuff, guys! I want to read it, but it gets lost if I’m not tagged!

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Velvet Tongue, So Sweet by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit- End!verse Cas finally gets what he wants from you. So beyond hot.

Nothing Ever Fades by @mrsjohnsmith- teen!Dean x teen!reader series that I am really into.

Contrasts by @nichelle-my-belle- This is part 6 in the series, read them all! I dig when the reader falls for both Winchesters.

Where Do You Belong? by @deandoesthingstome- I am mad at this one for fueling my John curiosity. John x reader x Dean. So hot.

The Future’s Right In Front of Me by @courageoussam- Funny and sexy Cas x reader. This one made me giggle, then fan myself.

Paper Balls by @mysupernaturalfics- Sam x reader smut. Did I really just enjoy some daddy!kink?? What are you doing to me?

Wings by @vintagevalentinexx- Cas x reader. SO MUCH ADORABLE FLUFF IT’S SO SWEET

Bang Bang by @winchesterenthusiast- dom!Dean x dom!reader. Wow, this one fucked me up in the best way.

Art and Mummy Curses by @abaddonwithyall- Jess wrote gross Sam fluff. Enjoy it.

Frisk Me by @rizlow1- Dean x reader. Dead. I am dead from this glorious smut.

Series I Love:

Jeopardy- A/B/O Sam x reader by @kittenofdoomage

40 Days by @abaddonwithyall 

The Tree House- Dean x reader by @faith-in-dean

Left Behind- John x reader by @kittenofdoomage

Force of Habit - Dean x reader by @littlegreenplasticsoldier

Fic of the Week:

Hold On, We’re Going Home by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit. Once again, Moz has made me want to stop writing because I can never live up to her perfect, amazing, ridiculously incredible smut. Go tell her how great she is, y’all.

Here, I will tell you I love you but I won’t ask you to stay. I don’t love selfish anymore, I simply love. You will hear from me in the most unexpected moments just so I can show you I care and it is up to you if you will recognize my affection or you will just throw it away. Don’t worry, it’s okay. You have the freedom to ignore me. I am not the little girl who used to tug on people’s shirt or cry like a lost child over unreplied messages. It’s funny how pain becomes nothing when you had too much of it. I have watched the past too many times, replayed all the goodbyes and heartaches, memorized all the signs of endings just so they won’t have the power to hurt me again. Will you believe me if I tell you that I have learned more about separation than reconciliation? That I can anticipate a dead end just by looking on a road? That I am not hopeful to be treasured anymore for I am so used of being thrown away? My feelings are mine because they don’t want it. And it’s okay. It’s okay. This is what reminds me that I am human. That even if my heart has grown silent, it still hasn’t forgotten the language of love. That even if my feet don’t chase after anyone anymore, I still know where I stand. That even if I lost a lot of people, I still have myself. And somehow, that is everything.

things my friend (a non-1D fan) said during tonight’s listening party:

  • “I didn’t realize Larry was such a big thing”
  • “Are those two (Louis and Liam) especially close or something? They’re like always together”
  • *during Kiss You music video* “Did they (Harry and Louis) just make eye contact? That’s so sketch”
  • *during If I Could Fly* “is this about Harry and Louis? It keeps showing Harry and Louis”
  • *also during If I Could Fly* “I’m not even a fan and I’m getting emotional”
  • “I didn’t know Harry was so serious. You can tell he’s thinking about what he’s saying”
  • “What’s the blonde one’s name? I am him.”
  • “Harry and Louis are always on opposite ends of the stage, it’s so noticeable when all the other ones are all buddy buddy. I feel like they try to make it look like there’s nothing going on but it just makes it even more obvious”
Why do you ship bumbleby(RWBY)?

I have few reasons why I ship it:

1. I love the idea of Blake ending with someone who isn´t a Faunus. It´s not because I don´t like Sun or other Faunus, its just that for me it shows that someone will love you even when you are different. That Yang will love Blake even tough she is a Faunus because nothing will change that she is an awesome person. 

2. Representation for LGBT+ community. 

3. This one is personal, but these two remind me of my older sister and her gf so yeah…

What about you?

Connor the secret 1D fan

Note that I NEVER write fanfiction, but I just thought this was a cute idea, so why not give it a try myself?

“Oh my god!” Connor exclaimed out of nowhere.

Jude, who was sitting on the other end of the couch, turned around to face Connor.  “What?”

“Oh my god!” Connor repeated, his eyes still glued to his laptop screen.

Jude was about to say “what” again, when Connor spoke up. “One Direction just launched a new single!”

Jude started laughing softly.

Connor turned around to face Jude, his face showing an annoyed expression. “What?”

“Nothing, nothing. I just didn’t know you’re into One Direction.” Jude said, trying to hide the grin that was still present on his face.

“Well I am.”  Connor said, defensive.

Jude noticed the sudden change in Connor’s mood. He didn’t mean to make Connor feel like he was judging him. It was just funny to him that he kept discovering interests he didn’t expect his boyfriend to have.

“I’m not judging you, babe. I just didn’t know.” Jude put down the book he was reading, and scooped closer to Connor, so he could see the laptop screen too. “Let me hear.”

“Okay, but I haven’t heard it yet, so I have no idea if it’s good or not.”

“Well me neither, so just press play.”

Connor clicked the little triangle standing next to the text ‘One Direction – Drag Me Down’. They both listened to the song, without making a sound, taking it fully in. Halfway through the song, Connor starting humming alongside the melody, which made Jude smile.

“Oh my god, it’s amazing!” Connor said, once the song had finished playing. He had the biggest smile on his face. “What do you think?” He said, facing Jude, with a hopeful look on his face.

“I loved it, the lyrics are pretty good.”

“Yeah I know right!” Connor faced his laptop again, and clicked the play button to restart the song.

Instead of taking in the song, and fully concentrating on the lyrics and melody like the first time they listened to it, this time Jude just looked at Connor the whole time, enjoying how happy he looked.

Jude loved discovering new things about Connor, no matter what they were.

In My Blood (Like Holy Wine)

Pairing: Micheoff

Word Count: 4265

Warnings: sex toys, fucking machines, overstimulation (yeah i’m fucking diving right in at the deep end here) 

Summary: Micheoff getting adventurous.

After a month of nothing I tried to come back with a bang! and I finally did it. I wrote smut that didn’t end prematurely with angst. I DID IT MOM. Now I’m gonna go hide under a rock for a year!


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