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this is random cute jeller gif to distract you from the fact that the rest of this post is just a useless jeller ramble

Of all the possible things we have to worry about when it comes to Blindspot and the crazy things that could happen on that show, probably the only thing that I am not worried about is Jeller; the bond that they share and their love. And I’m not trying to be cocky shipper here and pretend that nothing can happen to my ship. No, a lot can happen and a lot will happen and they will have so many more battles to fight and mountains to climb, but nothing could ever shake my belief and my faith in what they have.

You don’t overcome what they’ve overcome and get to where they got if the foundation that you have isn’t insanely solid and undeniable. It’s only been two seasons, and they have already been through so much and still managed to get out of it stronger and closer and in love.

During the time that they’ve known each other - and in Remi’s case even before Kurt met Jane - they have unintentionally inflicted so much pain on each other but their love at the end has proven to be stronger. They’ve overcome Jane’s duplicity and betrayal and her involvement and responsibility behind Mayfair’s death, Kurt’s arrest of her and that leading to her torture, Jane’s past and the whole Taylor thing, Kurt having a child with another woman, the war against Jane’s adoptive mother/family…

And it’s not just the “romance” part of their relationship that is so special. What they have is something so much more… more. You know? Ugh… I don’t know where I’m going with this. Hell, I don’t even know where I started with it. It’s that indelible bond that MG always talks about, that connection between them that makes them the heart and soul of this show. It’s not about the obvious fact that they would make a smoking hot couple and if they choose they will make incredibly gorgeous babies… it’s the strength that they find in each other, and the faith they have in each other. It’s how they are somehow each other’s greatest weakness but also most unshakable strength. It’s how she can help him focus and calm down when he’s gone too deep, or how he can center her and calm her by just one word or one touch. How she can read him so clearly when he’s hiding behind all those walls and how he can reach her when she drifts so far away.

It’s about that understanding between them that needs no words or explanation, it’s hat one shared look that speaks volumes when everyone is still trying to catch up. It’s that instinct to protect each other and how they can anticipate each other’s next move. It’s being so infuriated by each other’s actions but still understand every reason why because they are just the same and would have done the same thing.

It’s because she manages to get behind his walls when no one else has ever been able to and it’s because he knows her heart even when she’s not sure of it.

It’s because he’s been looking for her his whole life and because with him she has found her starting point.


We now know that Ted is not only on the romance half of the show, but he also has a role in the mystery side too. Ted, Lucas and Charlotte are involved together.

Is it a coincidence that Ted was there when this happened?

And Marlene said this in 2014 (x)

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Helloooo. 1. Do you run the ScientificPokedex blog? and 2. Do you think there could be an actual scientific explanation for Zoroark's illusion ability?

 Hellooo! Number 1, No I do not run the @scientificpokedex blog but they do an amazing job, big props to them!

Number 2. Hmm that’s tricky, so we want a real life example of an animal convincing another animal that it is something it’s not, so not clever camouflage and accurate visual mimicry, as with a stick insect for example, but rather where one animal has been tricked, it is under the illusion that another animal is something it is blatantly not. Well then, we need to talk about

  p h e r o m o n e s 

alrighty, so pheromones are defined as a chemical secreted by an organism that triggers a social/behavioural response in another organism, usually of the same species. They are used everywhere in nature, from tiny single celled prokaryotes up to big lumbering mammals such as ourselves. Uses of pheromones include territory marking, avoidance of inbreeding with close relatives, alarm signals, and advertising sexual availability and fertility. Specialised pheromones called ‘necromones’, released by the decomposing bodies of certain animals, repel living animals of the same species so that they don’t go near the bodies and potentially catch the disease that killed the dead dude. 

Those are just a few of the uses nifty chemicals, but as usual insects one up other animal groups in the diversity of ways in which they use them. The highly sophisticated and complex societies of eusocial hymenoptera (bees, ants, and wasps) are only possible through the use of pheromones, for example from coordinating colony activities e.g. defending the colony from predators, to exchanging information,  allocating tasks to different castes, social policing, regulating reproduction, and the use of trail pheromones, e.g. when ants lay a path of pheromones towards a food source, and then lay over a repellant pheromone over that trail, cancelling the message once the food source is gone. 

Because these social insects are so reliant on pheromones, they are ripe for abuse from other animals who can exploit their chemical society, and this is how I am going to lead it back to Zoroark. 

Meet Phengaris alcon, or the Alcon Large Blue butterfly

 Yes a very pretty looking butterfly, but don’t let appearances fool you. It’s caterpillars hatch on leaves like regular caterpillars, and stay there for a few weeks, munching away and growing, but after a certain point, they just drop off the leaves and onto the ground. There they release a pheromone which smells exactly like the pheromone released by the larvae of certain ant species. When these ants come across the caterpillars, they are fooled into thinking that these caterpillars are indeed their own larvae, despite being a different colour and much bigger than the ant larvae, i.e. they look completely different. 

The ants bring the caterpillars back to their nest, where they clean, feed, look after and protect the caterpillars, sometimes even at the expense of their own larvae when food is short. The caterpillars feed and grow in a safe environment, eventually metamorphosing into a chrysalis, then into an adult butterfly, where they then crawl out of the nest scot-free and begin life in the skies, having had a great start in life all down to some smelly trickery and illusion. 

(see below, Phenagris chrysalises next to ant larvae, with the ants none the wiser!)

Other Phenagris species will mimic the Queen ant rather than the larvae, and thus get a more royal treatment (though the true queen is never convinced so this is a more risky strategy), or some instead of just getting fed by the ants like a cuckoo will ravage and eat all the ant larvae when it gets in the nest, without retribution by the ants. 

(this video is fantastic and shows the whole lifecycle, plus a bonus pheromone related plot twist near the end!)

Basically using pheromones in this manner is a way of mimicking something you’re not despite looking nothing like your subject. The ants are under the complete illusion that these huge caterpillars are their own tiny young, despite input from other senses. So… what I am saying is that perhaps Zorua and Zoruark are very proficient chemical mimics and can emit strong pheromones that convince you that you are seeing a different pokémon than what’s standing in front of you. Maybe that, mixed with a hallucinogenic compound, neurotoxin, or other mind altering druggy substance (heck even laughing gas lol) to make you more suggestive. I dunno, it’s a huge stretch, but it’s an excuse to talk about Phenagris lol

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So, I totally dreamt about Destiel going canon last night.

I think in part because what Kathryn said at the con, which people are still trying to figure out what she could mean that wouldn’t involve Destiel, but are coming up with nothing. Then again, what the show seems to thinks would make majority of people happy (while make some others unhappy), as opposed to what would make majority of fandom happy (while making a few unhappy) has a while margin of error as far as not matching up.

Which I know, but my brain apparently wasn’t having that.

So in the dream, I am watching Supernatural, and didn’t realize I was dreaming until the end when I woke up because “This is too good to be true”.

Backstory on the things that I knew had happened leading up to this scene: Mary and Mick both left the BMOL, Mick now working with the Winchesters and basically using everything he knows to help improve the American MOL with the Winchesters.

Due to their inability and desperation to find Kelly (now that they know Lucifer is free and in a stable vessel- thanks, Crowley), the Winchesters basically trap and capture a demon, then torture it to talk, since they know for a fact, demons would also be scrambling for Lucifer’s baby, while not falling under Lucifer’s control again, because literally, first opportunity, he was Camp God again last season, so the demons are wanting a new ruler, to be raised by one of the Princes of Hell.

Kelly, of course, trusts the demons at this point, because they are the only ones going out of their way to protect her and her unborn child, and even dying for her, while angels and hunters are out to get her. Under torture, the demon finally admits that the demons have Kelly at a lake beach house and are planning to kill her as soon as her son is born for part of a ritual to ensure the child’s soul is tainted and dark from birth, since parentage actually has nothing to do with whether or not a Nephilim would be evil.

So, Dean, Sam, Mary, Mick, and Cas all set out on a rescue mission at this point, because Kelly is getting very close to giving birth- like within 24hrs. They set out on a night mission to take the demons by surprise, since they won’t be expecting them. In the demons paranoia, though, they specifically chose the beach property for the fact that they only have to guard three directions, and the body of water wide open to a wall of windows protects itself, where as the other three sides are surrounded by woods.

So you have the Winchesters creeping forward through the trees and brush, silently taking out any demons sentries they see, while Mick and Castiel are coming forward on the other side of the house doing the same.

When they manage to make it from the trees to the sand of the yard without incident, save for Mick and Cas still aren’t there,  they’re actually optimistic they can do this. Kelly is safe so long as the baby lives within her, and they had to have taken out probably half the demons not standing guard near the steps or on the porch, which can be easily seen in the light of the full moon and clear sky. After all of this getting so screwed up to this point, trying to hunt a victim and an innocent baby, Lucifer going free and currently planning to launch some sort of major assault, they’re glad they have the opportunity to maybe fix some of it, right here, right now, undo their past mistakes and also not give Lucifer what he wants.

Except, as they step out into the sandy yard, the demons near the house all smile, and then start to retreat in the house, closing window shutters and basically barricading the place while more demons come from the lake view side of the house and from out of the trees they’d just come through, and the Winchesters realize this entire thing was a trap set for them.

Intense and desperate fight scene in the yard with just three of the five team members all fighting hard and dirty because of how very outnumbered and caught by surprise they are. To which they win, but only just, Sam pulling himself up off the sand, wiping blood from his face and cradling bruised if not cracked ribs, while Mary and Dean both finish off their last opponents. Dean moving to check on his brother, while Mary finishes hers off, all of them trying to catch their breath as the final body hits the ground, until more people come running through the trees. Their eyes all go wide, and Mary turns at the sound, angel blade in hand, ready for a second wave of demons, plunging her sword forward- straight into Castiel, whose eyes go wide in stunned pain, hair a mess, and sporting various cuts and scrapes from his and Mick’s own fight with the demons, when they realized it was a trap as well.

Mary’s hand flies free of the blade handle, backing away just as a frantic Dean shoots forward, “No, no, no! Cas!” “Oh God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see-” Dean grabbing Cas by the lapels of his coat and helping ease him down to sit against a wood pile. Cas pulls a bloody hand away from the sword protruding from his body, panicked expression turning to Dean as he struggles to breath, both of them knowing full well as soon as the sword is pulled out, Cas will instantly die, though he’s dead already.

Mick wipes a hand over his mouth in horror, and Mary is still apologizing, and Dean holds out a hand, cutting her off.

“We still have to save Kelly. You three get in there. I’ll follow. I just-” He looks down at the sword, then looks to Castiel, as Mick gathers Mary and the three of them dash toward the house as the clock ticks down. They can hear Kelly crying out with labor pains from inside. When Dean looks at Cas, a question in his eyes, hand hovering near the sword, Cas frantically nods his agreement, hands curling in Dean’s coat as he braces himself.

Dean swallows and nods, pained and torn, but knowing nothing is going to change what’s happening, and there is no last minute miracle to be had here.

Their heads are bent close together, and he whispers, “Okay, on three. One, two-”

And Cas tenses, a sudden panicked moment of ‘Oh God, don’t blame yourself for this, it wasn’t your fault-’ as he blindly jerks his head up, screwing his eyes shut and pressing him mouth to Dean’s ‘-I love you’, only barely catching the corner of his mouth, just as Dean yanks the sword out in a blinding flash of light, 

Then the light fades, and we see both Dean and Cas still holding onto each other with their heads down and eyes clamped shut, which suddenly pop open, Dean’s in pain, knowing what he’ll see, and Cas in shock and confusion he’s still alive, both of them staring wide-eyed at each other not sure what just happened or how, and literally both of them looking back and forth for a half-second where Cas’ wings should be across the sand, then back at each other, still not understanding.

“You okay?” Dean asks, voice shaky and unnerved.

Cas looks just as shaken. “I-I think?” he manages, startled silent as Dean quickly presses his mouth fully to Castiel’s.

Pulling back, Dean lowers his head on a shaky, heaved sigh. “Thank you, Chuck.” Then he’s handing Cas his weapon, and taking the one he just pulled out of him, still stained in Cas’ blood, before pulling him to his feet. “C’mon. We still have to go save Kelly and her baby.”

And then the two of them dart forward across the sandy yard and toward the house where the first sounds of a fight have begun, and Cas keeps to himself the fact that while he’s physically fine, he knows something is different about him, though he doesn’t have time to confirm, but he thinks- he thinks- he may be human now, with a silent understanding from Chuck of This is the last time I’ll do this.

…And then I woke up.

Can I please write for the show now??????

Very light spoilers for the special, but anyway

I just noticed that in the end, when it shows everyone out at the front door, Nino is literally in the very back

HOWEVER, when they’re all coming in, Nino’s the very first one there

In other words, I am 100% convinced that Nino went “Move Bitch, Best Friend Privileges” and literally shoved everyone else out of the way, and there is nothing you could do to convince me otherwise

Fairy Tail Chapter 531 Review

So new chapters out. Guess I’ll do a review

So our color cover is all of Team Natsu. I actually really like it. It’s not the usual characters standing around in fancy outfits that Hiro Mashima usually does.

So we open on Christina fleeing from Acnologia and Wendy and Anna are talking. Hey Wendy I can tell you why you don’t remeber, because she never was in the story till 4 chapters ago. #stillpissedatretcon

We see Jellal and Erza talking and Jellal makes a really good point, why do we trust her? She literally came from nowhere, we don’t even know how she met up with Ichiya, how can we trust her?

And Erza’s reasoning for trusting her is, kinda shitty. You didn’t even know what the ravine’s of time were till 20 minutes ago, how do you know it’ll work. Also here’s a crazy idea, Acnologia is a dragon and this might just be me spit balling here, but DRAGON SLAYERS STILL ARE OUT THERE! WHy is everyone treating this like it’s the only option, again the reason the DS came to the future was to beat Acnologia, not be fodder for him.

Also Jellal, Erza really has only shown to trust people she knows or at least have some past with, obvious example Jellal she trusted you and recent example she trusted Natsu to beat Zeref when the war started. I’m just saying she’s only exhibitted this trait with people she knows, and Anna sure isn’t one.

So after some intense (or suppose to be intense) flying we make it to the ravines of time.

(No I’m not dignifying what Ichiya said with the obvious answer.)

And Acnologia flys into the ravines… FU-


I’m sorry but I refuse to have Acnologia go out like bitch. (which seems Hiro’s plan).

YES YOUR DEUS EX MACHINA IS GONE! Alright so lets actually do this right and get the DS together, you have Wendy plus and Gajeel and Natsu are in Magnolia, so I say you look for Sting and Rog-

They aren’t going to do the obvious answer are they? Nope. Well let’s get ready for disappointment.

So we cut to Zeref vs Natsu…

How? How did you find them? Were they in your random wandering phase, did you find them before this, we’re they something you discovered while making eclipse ? I have questions!

Zeref, wasn’t your thing life and death? Where is all this time stuff coming from? Actually here’s a question, where’s Dimaria? She possess the soul of the god of time, you think she’d be in this or possibly built it up. No it was more important to build her catty relationship with Brandish, I forgot.

Cutting back to the Christina…

Hey new plan idea, DRAGON SLAYERS! just sayin’

Also wait, what dragons can’t ride on things that’s how they’ll get sick. Umm motion sickness I assume would kick in if Acnologia is flying around all the time, but apparently just vehicles. selective sickness ain’t it.

God damn it Anna. If you guys don’t remember when Anna first showed up and I did a review of it, I said I knew where this was going because it has happened so many times before. To get these ravines open Anna’s gonna sacrifice herself in this big dramatic moment, only won’t be dramatic. Because this is a character that was introduced to us 3 CHAPTERS AGO! No build up, no establishment, no anything, and when she sacrifices herself we’re suppose to feel there was a big loss. I fucking grantee that’ll happen because it happens almost every damn arc of FT. Hell it’s happened multiple times this arc with Irene and August already. Usually I’m optimistic with Hiro, probably more than others,  but oh god this is the last arc, my patience has dried, I’m just expecting this to suck and I am calling it right here .So be prepared for that.

We cut to Magnolia…


Actually a small part of me wants to believe this is homage to the second arc of the series where the Daybreak book turned into Dear Kaby

Ahh remember the beginning of FT. Welp, back to the present.

My guess is what Lucy saw was that Zeref and Natsu are brothers.

And back in the guild Zeref gloats till…

Mavis. Oh joy I was curious how this climax could be ruined even more.

Any Zeref shows off he’s got everything he needs to reset time. but…

And it appears Natsu is going Dragon force. Umm question, 1st gen dragon slayers go into dragon force when they taste ethernano both standard and anti, and it’s because they are able to make a connection their attribute while consuming multiple magic, that’s how it’s been forever. But what did Zeref hit natsu with. Zeref specializes in black arts, I don’t believe they are a mass of all elements, just highly advanced magic. So how did they trigger the dragon force? Well it’ll probably not be explained.

Post Chapter Follow up: This chapter was again odd. I’m more afraid of what’s to come than affraid of what happen in this chapter. Like overall, in this chapter there wasn’t much but it’s all setting up for a very unfulfilling ending.

Let’s get the god out of the way, first and foremost, shout to Jellal for being the character who says the smartest damn thing this chapter. Another thing I like is the atmosphere of the opening of the Book of END. There’s something about it’s visual that’s so captivating.

With this being pretty much setup I actually liked a lot of the pacing this chapter. It’s much better than the last few chapters. Also I am hyped to see END I really am. 

Negatives: The action this chapter is just not interesting. I mean it’s just really dull. I can not feel anything for this chase. Also for a thing called Blue Pegasus vs Acnologia, I really can’t believe hoe much of nothing they contribute. Like really their scenes are just filler.

The other biggest issue you is Anna, because I grantee that’ll it’ll follow the same thing Hiro does all the time. I so do believe that Anna is going to make her big sacrifice opening the ravines (that way there will be a parallel to Layla and her opening the eclipse gate) because I’ve seen this so many times from Hiro and frankly I’m sick off it.

That’s why her scenes with Wendy meant nothing to me because form the second she showed up I knew she was just going to be a tool, and the last chapters are Hiro trying to stuff in as much to make us feel like Anna’s this developed character but no. It’s just going to end disappointingly.

Also it still ticks me off that the ravines are our ONLY way to beat Acnologia, when for years we’ve been building up the Dragon Slayers fighting him. I just am so upset by it

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • nothing really happens that’s good or bad
  • pretty decent setup
  • This chapter is really lukewarm
Rough Life

Fandom: Marvel
Request: “Hey, could you do one where Matt has a nightmare and the readerwke him up, but he get a little bit aggressive (he is pushing her away) but she hold onto him, keeping matt in her arms and shushing him, but he’s ending up crying. She rock him back and forth and he fall asleep???” - @lauraonly
Word Count: 1008

The lights are off and only the urban sounds fill the empty night atmosphere. I tilt my head up from the covers and glance at the red neon lights emitting from the alarm clock. 1am. I couldn’t sleep not knowing if he wasn’t here beside me. I didn’t know if he was terrific or beaten and bruised behind a dumpster in a dark alley. My nerves kept me up until now. I smell the cool air breeze that floats through the small open window by the bed. The rain is a barely a drizzle but is getting stronger by the hour. The salty sea smell tip toes into the apartment and calms me.

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Messed up on Valentine’s Day

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Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 1.6K

Valentine’s Day, you were so excited for it. You and Jay had decided that you wanted to have an indoor date for it, you would cook and prepare for the night, enjoy a nice dinner and then enjoy a nice cuddly movie night. To you it sounded perfect, you never minded what you did as long as you guys were together enjoying the night.

Jay had texted you earlier that day and told you he will be working till noon so that he could come back to his house and enjoy the rest of the day with you. So you had woken up early enough to tidy up your apartment and leave to go to Jays house since you were spending the day there, and you made sure not to forget his gift on the way out. You had done your grocery shopping on the way for all the stuff you need for dinner and headed to his house.

The day seemed to be running by so quickly while you were preparing the food, cooking was your passion so it was so enjoyable to to do, and also since Jay was a foodie person you enjoyed cooking for him and seeing his reaction.

Time was ticking and Jay hasn’t sent a text saying he’s on his way, and nor did he show up at the time he promised he would be at. You thought maybe traffic was crazy so you decided to give him more time to show up.

You tried being patient and not jumping to conclusions, but you started getting worried, you tried calling his phone but it would go to voicemail. After waiting for so long, getting dressed up and preparing food and dessert for later on, Jay didn’t show up, so you decided to just go back home because you didn’t want to see his him if he came back home that night.

You were really angry and you knew a big fight would happen if you saw him that night, so you decided to go back to your apartment and cool down.

What happened with Jay was he had a deadline for a song and he was stressing about not finishing it on time, so he took a drink to try and calm his nerves but one drink turned into two and two turned to three, before he knew it he was drunk and ended up knocked out on the couch he had in his studio.

When he woke up he didn’t realize what was going on or what he had planned for the day, he decided to take a cab back home since he wasn’t feeling good enough to drive.

When he was in the comfort of his home the first thing that caught his attention was there was a smell of something sweet, which was the desert you had made. He was walking to the kitchen to get water when he noticed there was a box on the dining table with a piece of paper next to it, he was really confused at that moment to what it might be.

When he took the paper in his hand to see what was written, it said

Thanks a lot Jay for showing up. The least you could have done was tell me you weren’t going to show up and not let me sit here for hours waiting for you. The box has the gift I got you, enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

That’s when everything clicked with Jay and he remembered what the plans for the day were, he knew how pissed you would be right now. He opened the box to see the pair of sneakers that he had showed you a month ago saying he wanted to coop them but he never had time and you were acting like you weren’t really interested to what he was saying, but here they were in front of his eyes.

Jay quickly checked his phone and saw how many missed calls there was from you, he started calling you back but you didn’t answer any of his calls. He wanted to show up at your apartment to apologize and make it up to you but he knew how pissed off you were and that you would want to be alone. He knows you’re not the type to talk while you’re angry because you would say stuff you never meant and regret it, so he wanted to let you calm down until the morning and he would go see you. But before he went to bed he texted you saying sorry and that he will make it up to you.

The next morning you heard your apartment door open and close, at first you were terrified that you forgot your door unlocked but you did remember closing it, so the only person who has a key to it is Jay. You could hear him putting stuff on the counter before he appeared in your bedroom, he came in quietly making sure not to wake you up if you were sleeping.

He came in and your eyes locked but then you turned your back to him still mad at him. Jay noticed how your eyes were super red and puffy probably from crying, and that just hit him so hard for making you cry, guilt was killing him right now.

“Babe” he says quietly testing the waters, but you didn’t reply

“Baby, I’m so sorry” he tried again

“No” you said getting choked up

“I really am, I’m so sorry I didn’t show up yesterday” he said but you said nothing a sign for him to continue

“I got caught up in work” he said

“It’s always work Jay, why couldn’t you put me first just for that day”

“I swear I was going to come on the time I promised, but I was stressing over the deadline and the song that I ended up getting drunk without realizing, and then I knocked out, when I woke up it was super late, I didn’t know what was going on until I got home and saw the paper you put”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t justify what you did” you said

“I know, and I’m really sorry, I will make it up to you”

“I was really looking forward for the day” you said in a sad voice

“Me too, I swear, I was looking forward that we could finally spend the whole day together without any interruptions, I’m sorry it turned out that way” he said

“Okay” you said, when you said that he felt relieved because that was your way of saying your forgiven but I’m still mad, so Jay got closer and when you didn’t say anything or tell him to go away it was his signal that he could cuddle you.

Jay went under the covers and was being the big spoon while cuddling you. You leaned against him missing his touch, and Jay kissed your cheek, which brought a small smile to your face, happy to have Jay by your side early in the morning. “Baby” Jay said

“Hmm” you hummed

“Why aren’t you looking at me”

“Because my face and eyes are puffy, and I look ugly while your here all dressed up early in the morning” Jay chuckled at your saltines early in the morning

“Baby you always look beautiful no matter what” he said and started showering you with kisses which made you start giggling like a child.

Jay got up and took you in his arms since you are being whiny not wanting to walk to the kitchen and sat you on the stool in front on the counter.

“What are all these bags for” you asked curiously

“I got you breakfast from your favorite place” he said and started opening the bags and putting everything on the kitchen counter in front of you.

While you were eating Jay slid a small box in front of you, you looked at the box and back at him with your eyebrow raised, he nodded his head towards the box with a smile on his face telling you to open it.

And when you did, there was the most element and simple diamond necklace sitting in it that made your eyes go wide at how beautiful it was. You took it in your hands staring so lovingly at it.

“Jayyyyy, it so beautiful” you told him and threw yourself at him giving him a hug.

“Let me put it on for you” he said and took it out of your hands, you turned around so he can place it around your neck. You faced Jay with a big smile on your face.

“Thank you so much, I love it” you told him and leaned towards him to give him a kiss.

“Your welcome, I love your gift too” he said said and looked down, you looked down to see what he was staring at and then you noticed he was actually wearing the sneakers that you had gotten him. “

You were so sneaky acting like you weren’t paying attention when I was talking about them” he said

“I had too, plus I beat you to it” you said which made him chuckle.

“Thank you for everything and for being so understanding with me, even though I’m a pain the ass” Jay said, because if it was someone else who was stood up on Valentine’s Day, they would throw a huge fit about it, you just nodded not knowing how to answer that.

“But your my pain in the ass” you said.

Hope you guys enjoy it :)

A No-Maj?

Anon:graves seems like the type who would be a strict rule follower but what if he fell in love with a no-maj and he can’t stay away from her and he ends up falling in love with her but keeps it hidden until someone finds out and he either has to run away with her or wipe her memory but he can’t choose?? idk something cute but then angsty 

A/N: This is so cute and right up my alley ahhh I’m wearing this dress that looks like the little mermaid dress when she first turns into a human (the white one dress) and I feel fly as fuuckkk. Anyways this was really fun to write!! This took me 4 hours to write because I kept getting distracted ahhhhhhh This is my favourite thing I have written so far though.

 Enjoy and keep sending requests and prompts my way peeps xoxox

Anything in italics are thoughts!

Warnings: non, just a little bit of fluff and I may have broken your heart…. sorryyyyyy

Word Count: 2,853


You never knew about the wizarding world until you met him. You lived an extra ordinary life, in your 20′s living in a small quiet apartment in the heart of New York city, Had a 9 till 5 job writing for the local newspaper. Doing things the ordinary way that you had always known them to be. You were just the girl next door, everyone knew who you were as you were sweet, charming and friendly. Of course you always had men chasing after you but you always politely declined as you were content with how your life was at the moment. 

You had walked into the little bakery that had opened up around the corner. You were soon welcomed by the owner, Jacob Kowalsk. “Morning Y/N How are you this morning” Jacob said as soon as you walked into the quiet little bakery “I am well, thank you” You said with your ever charming smile on your face “So what will it be today?” Jacob asked “Just the usual and maybe one of your famous donuts” You said excitedly, you always loved his doughnuts. You went to pull out your purse to pay him when he chimed in saying “Oh no Y/N, it’s on the house for you” You smiled knowing trying to give him money wouldn’t work “Oh thank you Jacob!! I will see you tomorrow” You said as you grabbed your items and walked out of the small bakery.

On your way home, you thought you would stop off at a little bookstore since you were running low on reading material at home. You were browsing through your favorite section tucked away at the back of the store when all of a sudden you heard a deep voice behind you.

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I played zen's valentine's day dlc first I REGRET NOTHING!!! I totally didnt expect anything like this it was so good SOBS. And when zen&mc went inside rika's apartment, and the first thing they showed was a bed with flower petals (+ the haven thing zen said at the end) i was like WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING CHERITZ OMGG as if the tv ad wasnt enough asgshjfkflflld!! yes please to a mysme R18 cd or anything rlly

I regret deciding to have a peek at 4 am and then saving the whole thing for the next day because after that fucking CG I was like

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You know, Cheritz may not be in the position to make a R18 cd, but it’s not like we don’t have some grade A material from Zen’s calls to work with ~


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Sam's birthday is coming up. Am I the only one worried the reason that certain someone hasn't shown up in SA yet is because of a planned bd time together? Please tell me I am worrying for nothing!

Oh good Lord…you are worrying for nothing. You know why? Because nothing you do will actually make any difference in the outcome, so ignore it and enjoy SC cuteness…

Maybe the girl will show in SA, maybe not…I have no idea, but if she does, I know I will think it is no big deal because I am sure the visit will be full of mixed messages and at the end of the day we will know nothing more than what we know now because we have no idea what is going on bts.

Why do I say this? Because I do think the “are they/aren’t they” Obsessable scheme is what Starz wants. This is NOT a conspiracy theory, it is just plain marketing.

I am not a marketing expert, so maybe someone more knowledgeable like @cb4tb or @sherrigamblin can correct me, but in my view, this Obsessable thing is a smart move by Starz.

Original shows keep your interest because you don’t know what is going to happen, so, you’ll watch the next season to find out.

Here, they are making a show that is based on books. So if you’ve read the books, you already know what’s going to happen. 

Ways Starz can keep you interested are by:

1. Cloaking the production in mystery so you keep guessing what the new season is it going to look like, will they include this part in the book, or that part, how much will they stray from the book etc. and give us little in terms of spoilers and promo. CHECK! (till you are so fatigued they have to give you something)

2. This kind of fell in their lap, but, due to their chemistry, many fans are very invested in whether Sam and Cait are dating. That alone continues the interest in Outlander while the show is off air. Why? because, if we knew the answer we wouldn’t be talking about it and maybe we would forget about the show too during the YEAR they have been off air (technically, Sept premiere will be more than a year).

So, yes…long story short, you are totally “worrying” over nothing… 

Let it go…enjoy what they give us b/c they are ADORABLE

Maybe when Outlander ends, we’ll finally get some answers…LOL LOL

IMPORTANT:  I am happy to be wrong about much of this and have Sam and Cait just come out as a couple in Sept. I am a shipper so I would certainly come back to watch their cuteness :)!

valentines past.

i’ve never been one to put much stock in valentine’s day. a memorable one was in high school, when i broke up with the hopeless romantic i’d been “dating” for a few weeks. it was inevitable, but the fact that he bought me a stuffed bear holding a heart and signed the card “love, ryan” did not amuse my independent mind and having seen that he clearly didn’t understand me at all, i figured it best to wrap things up. 

anyway, it’s always felt a bit over the top to me and i like the “every day is love day!” camp. regardless, i couldn’t help but reflect last night on how i’d spent the last few valentine’s days and the changes in between.

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A Thank You Letter to Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson

In honor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s recent 20th anniversary, I’ve been collecting my thoughts for this letter. It’s been hard to really describe my feelings and thoughts exactly, but here we go anyways.

When I was eleven I first began watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I really wasn’t even allowed to and actually got in trouble for it, but who cares about that. At that point I had only seen seasons 1, 2, and 3, and then I stopped for awhile. When I finally turned twelve, I realized something. I discovered I was gay and my world changed. I began watching Buffy again. Season 4 was an emotional roller coaster for my favorite character Willow, but it ended in her realization that she, too, was gay. I remember crying when she finally admitted it to her friends. I thought “I could do this too”. So I did. Willow is the reason I am out and proud today. She is the reason I became a gay activist and remain so to this day.

I want to thank you, Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson for portraying the characters of Willow and Tara with such passion and bravery. In the time the show aired, there was little to nothing like the relationship they had on television. Being gay was still, for the most part, not okay. Gay marriage was barely even a thought, and you guys took a chance and made my life better for it. I don’t think you could ever understand how much seeing Willow and Tara together meant to me. It quite literally changed my life and I cannot thank you enough for that. I am not the first to feel this way, and I certainly won’t be the last. Though the show’s run is unfortunately long over, your performances as two of the most iconic gay characters in television history continue to affect and change the lives of thousands of people. You two will always have a special place in my heart and there is nothing I can ever do to repay you for the assistance you gave me in being able to love and accept myself.

Thank You

CONTAINMENT 1x11: It finally happened...

So after watching a painfully intense episode of the Flash, and a pretty painful episode of Agents of Shield, I was in a pretty emotional state. Something in my mind told me “Hey… You have time… Why don’t you watch Containment? You’re on episode 11, you’re almost done!” Well, my friends, let me tell you. That was the worst best decision I’ve ever made. I am a pretty emotional show watcher in general, but usually when I don’t know what happens. I knew what happens between Katie and Jake in 1x11 “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. I knew it was gonna end badly. I knew she wouldn’t make it, but damn. I am still reeling over crying not once, but THREE TIMES during the last twenty minutes of that episode. I am not okay. I am forever changed. I’d like to thank Chris Wood and Kristen Gutoskie for their amazing acting. And I’d like to thank @emarasmoak @taurusclh @actualpuppychriswood @starcrossed-comets @busysciencegeek and everyone else for ruining my life and convincing me to watch this godforsaken show. It’s 12:33 am, my heart is broken, and I’m still a mess. I hope you’re happy.

Dance AU Chapter 2

“I’m gonna update every week.” Boy I am a lying liar who lies. Anyway enjoy!

The company watched in awe as Michaela danced around the studio. Her feet, as light as air, tapping in perfect time with the music, each note clearly searing through her skin when she moved. Her face was contorted to show incredible pain, a longing that nothing could satisfy. Loneliness, heartbreak, and hope for the future all at once. The piece slowly ended, as she sunk to the floor, curling in on herself.

The crowd was almost too stunned to applaud, taking a moment before an eruption of clapping echoed on every wall of the studio. Michaela rose from the floor, the look of a victor, shoulders square and proud as she took a bow and smiled.

“Good, very good Ms. Pratt,” Annalise said coolly, a rare moment of her giving praise. Michaela nodded and took her seat on the floor next to Connor, flashing him a look that said I still got it.

“Now that you’ve all gotten your assignments, I’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing here. Our theme for the opening show of the season is intimacy and different forms of connections. Apparently, I seem to only do shows that are dark and sad and leave the audience feeling depressed, and that I’m a cold person. I have no idea what they’re talking about.” Annalise said flatly, smirking at her own joke. “As you know, I, along with Bonnie, have choreographed this whole performance, which means everything will be new. Which means you need to learn and remember everything we show you. It’s easy to get lost in the fray. Don’t. You all are—apparently—good at what you do. Prove it to me. If there are no quest–”

The studio door crashed open as a man and a woman ran inside, sliding to the floor, the woman’s chestnut hair flying around her.

“Good of you to join us, Ms. Castillo, Mr. Gibbins.” Annalise said, her voice stern.

“Sorry, we were–” the woman began.

“I don’t care,” said Annalise flatly. She turned back to the rest of the company. “As I said, if there are any questions, go to your rehearsals.”

The company rose from the floor and filed out as they always do, eager to prove to Annalise that her words didn’t fall on deaf ears, though some might have been happy to just get away from her.

Oliver felt a soft hand on his forearm. Turning, he was face to face with the man and woman that just had recently walked in.

“I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m Laurel,” the woman—Laurel—greeted, her voice friendly, extending her hand, Oliver shaking it.

“I’m Oliver,” he replied.

“Oh, the new guy! I’ve been dying to meet you!” Laurel cried, smile growing wider.

“You would have met him sooner if you actually showed up on time,” chided Michaela, sauntering up to Oliver and Laurel.

“I show up on time, I ‘m just smart to skip the boring stuff.”

“I would hardly call Annalise threatening us ‘boring,’ more like bone chillingly creepy,” said the man next to Laurel. Tall and fit, deep brown skin with kind dark eyes, “I’m Wes, by the way,” he said, offering his hand, Oliver shaking it earnestly.

“Pleasure,” said Oliver.

“So what was Annalise droning on about today?” asked Wes.

“The usual; don’t embarrass her, you can get easily cut, yadda yadda,” Connor said dryly.

“It goes in one ear and out the other at this point,” said Michaela.

“If you’re all done wasting time by talking about your miserable lives, get to work,” Annalise called.

Laurel and Wes pivoted towards the door, Annalise telling them to leave being the only prompt they needed to get out of the studio. Michaela moved back to the middle of the room to begin practicing her solo without hesitation.

Oliver felt a warm hand on his forearm. Turning, he found Oliver next to him.

“Shall we?” Oliver asked, cocking his head towards the door.

“Yeah, l-let’s go,” responded Connor. Oliver paused, hearing the slight shake in his voice, choosing to brush it off after a moment’s thought.

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With Me
Sum 41
With Me

I don’t want this moment 
To ever end 
Where every thing’s nothing, without you 
I wait here forever just to, 
To see you smile 
Cause it’s true 
I am nothing without you 

Through it all 
I’ve made my mistakes 
I’ll stumble and fall 
But I mean these words 

I want you to know 
With everything, I won’t let this go 
These words are my heart and soul 
And I’ll hold on to this moment you know 
As I bleed my heart out to show 
And I won’t let go 

Thoughts read unspoken 
Forever and know 
Pieces of memories 
Fall to the ground 
I know what I did and how so 
I won’t let this go 
Cause it’s true 
I am nothing without you 

On the streets, where I walked alone 
With nowhere to go 
I’ve come to an end 


In front of you’re eyes 
It falls from the skies 
When you don’t know what you’re looking to find 
In front of you’re eyes 
It falls from the skies 
When you just never know what you will find 
(What you will find [x4]) 

I don’t want this moment 
To ever end 
Where every thing’s nothing, without you 
[Chorus x2]

someone somewhere is losing sleep over you getting home safely. i,too, am restless. i know sometimes the birds are just birds, but they show up in the poem anyway. some nights when it gets quiet, i say, “i forgive even the worst of this cruel world,” and nothing changes. and where i am standing is still not mine,was never mine, never will be mine. and if everything i belong to no longer belongs to me, then maybe i’m the problem. maybe smoke finds my hands no matter where i am. and anyway, it doesn’t matter. we can sleep this off. we can get in a car someday and keep driving until we end up in a place that does not ask of us where we came from, and asks nothing of us except our names, which they pronounce the way our mothers intended and if we miss home, we call because the landline’s not dead and nothing’s ever really dead, and we laugh with our kids someday about how we survived a world that did not want us and was not afraid to tell us so and we turn the news on and we do not flinch. 

To love an angel - Castiel x Reader

Title: To love an angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,248

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hey! I hope requests are still open! If not then just ignore this - can I get a request where it’s the french mistake episode and you’re Sam and deans little sister and Sam and dean find out in an interview about the season that y/n is in love with Cas? Thank you! Love your writing!

“Man did I tell you I freaking hate this place?” Dean huffed as they walked around the set of Supernatural.

“A couple times yes.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Heck yeah! And what’s up with them all the time? I mean wasn’t the director like different the previous time? Or- or that Misha dude. Wasn’t he dead?” Dean groaned and Sam only shrugged.

“Beats me.” he sighed as they made their way to the bunker- or what looked like it “It seems like this place is not exactly the same one as the previous time.” he looked around him, worried someone could be close and listening. That would be one heck of an awkward situation.

“Still- this place sucks. And I mean have you seen the weapons? All plastic shit! And let’s not talk about Baby!” Dean shuddered unpleasantly.

“Yeah yeah I get it. You don’t like it here. Well, I can’t say I am overly excited. Let’s just go find (Y/n) and get out of here.”

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