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you guys can you imagine julia asking kravitz to give her updates on how magnus is doing after he finds her in the astral plane after magnus asked him to in the lab

kravitz isn’t sure how to tell julia the last time he saw magnus was before he and taako went out on a date and the guy was drunk and trying to carve out the leg of a wooden chair to make a kazoo while taako was sitting on it,

julia literally isn’t phased in the slightest when she finally gets it out of him

It takes Yuri some time to figure out that a kiss doesn’t have to be approached like a challenge, a battle, that it’s more than okay to be soft, to let yourself be vulnerable at times, that wanting to hold and be held is not a terrible weakness that has to be hidden at all costs.

Otabek sees his inner battles, and even though he doesn’t understand everything that goes on in Yuri, he is willing to be patience itself, because it’s worth so much more than he ever dreamed.

@anclrewjosten​ asked me to expand on the dating season of my Foxhole Court meets the Amazing Race headcanon/AU so here goes:

  • recap: all the Foxes met on the Amazing Race years ago, Allison & Renee, Andrew & Neil, Matt & Dan were all on different teams originally but hooked up on/after that race and have now been invited back for Amazing Race: All-Star Couples
  • all the teams remained friends after they left the Amazing Race, their group chat names change based on their experience on the first race. It starts with “THE AMAZING DAN AND RENEE” because they won, it changes to “Neil Boyd” or “Matt Josten” because of all the fan theories that they were husbands, once it’s “Coconut Head Kevin” but Kevin changes it to “Aaron’s Coconut Rage Issues” because it was Aaron that threw the coconut that smacked him in the head
  • everyone this season is racing for 1st place and the right to change the group chat name
  • Phil comments on how, despite having found love on the race, Andrew still doesn’t smile that much - the editors have to edit him flipping Phil off but they really don’t want to
  • everyone places bets on how long it will take for Andrew to smile on camera, they get close after leg one when Neil and Andrew take first place and Neil kisses his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his whole face really, in excitement. Andrew clenches his teeth and buries his face in Neil’s shoulder until he composes himself
  • Neil and Matt still act like husbands whenever they’re anywhere together: waiting outside roadblocks for Dan and Andrew, passing each other while running so they hug each other mid-run at full speed
  • the only time Neil doesn’t bro it up with Matt is when they’re on airplanes together because Neil and Andrew spend the entire time on their flights going over strategies (and it’s only 80% to keep Andrew’s mind off his fear of heights and flying)
  • the three couples decide not to ever U-turn each other, one of the random teams they don’t know U-turn Neil and Andrew - they don’t come in last because Neil & Andrew kick ass and race through both detours and a different random couple team gets eliminated but the Foxes make the the race a living hell for the couple that U-turned Neil & Andrew, it takes them two legs before they’re eliminated
  • the camera crew might not be able to catch Andrew smiling (because he doesn’t do it) but they are surprised at how often Andrew and Neil are kissing on camera, not even trying to hide it, they kiss each other all the time, on the lips, forehead, cheeks, one time Andrew kisses Neil on the back of his hand and one of the camera guys almost faints from how cute it is (the show was planning on giving them a much different, dramatic edit since Andrew is so ‘emotionless’ but they end up getting the most adorable loving couple edit)
  • after the angry and bickering edit Allison got on the last race, the editors are surprised to find Allison is much more chill and Renee doesn’t have a single explosive bone in her body. Allison rants and gets loud but never at Renee, she kicks something in frustration but as soon as she’s back with Renee she just calmly leans against her and sighs “that challenge was dumb” to which Renee replies “yes but you did it and I’m proud of you” “good, let’s go win”
  • Dan and Matt are the powerhouse couple, they can do everything, they’re both buff as hell, both energetic and passionate, they’re always racing ahead and doing the physically intense detours. and they’re always supportive and kissing each other but the cutest couple edit was already taken so they focus more on damn look at those guns and communication skills as they both lift up those rocks damn
  • there’s a roadblock where you need to complete the task where you have to go down a runway wearing heels and perform a routine - Allison kills it, surprising no one. Dan kills it, surprising everyone except the Foxes, no one expects Andrew to be able to walk in heels let alone move his hips like that (the camera guy actually faints this time)
  • Matt comments on how maybe Andrew should wear heels all the time because then he wouldn’t have to get up on his tip toes or haul Neil down by his neck for kisses but Neil says that Andrew doesn’t need anymore weapons (heels are painful Matt, I know Neil but think how cute, shut the fuck up Matt I actually like him short, I’ll f*cking kill you both)
  • the three teams end up being the final three teams (no one is surprised), it’s the most hectic final leg ever and all bets are off - they don’t actively try to trick each other but they don’t help each other in any way, they trash talk each other but in weird inside joke ways that don’t sound that mean but Matt gets so offended when Andrew shouts “Neil Josten can’t succeed at anything in life” at him that Matt stops mid-run to talk up Neil’s success story, “Navy Blue is not your color, Neil” Allison shouts and Neil starts running backwards to yell “Navy blue brings out my eyes!”, Dan is constantly saying “mediocre” and “weak” to anything the other teams do, Renee doesn’t say anything mean about anyone ever but stares at them until they get uncomfortable. The editors have to edit out all of Neil’s trash talk because it gets very specific, very long, and everyone just sort of stands around stunned for a moment before continuing to race
  • Neil and Andrew win but it’s one of the closest finals ever, Dan and Matt are in second, Allison and Renee in third. The other Foxes demand to know who won but they can’t tell anyone until the show is out and finished so the group chat name changes constantly to different guesses until they either run out of options or get strangely specific “Andrew threatened Phil until he gave him and Neil first place”, “Allison bribed Phil”, “Matt and Neil won” (they weren’t a team this time, doesn’t matter they still won together), “Kevin got hit with a coconut again” (I WASN’T EVEN ON THE RACE THIS TIME)
  • the group chat has never been more active than when the season airs, they all live text each other while watching it, guessing at who wins the leg, who gets kicked off, oh damn that team really fucked up they will actually die if Neil and Andrew go home this leg, wow Neil and Andrew are insufferably cute in this edit make it stop, WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO WALK IN HEELS ANDREW, Dan did you really give Matt a piggyback ride? i was tired and she’s so strong
  • they all get together at Allison and Renee’s place to watch the finale together, they turn it into a drinking game (every time Neil & Andrew kiss, Matt says “you’re the best” to Dan, Allison tells an inanimate object she’s going to sue it) and at the end of the night the group chat changes to “THE AMAZING NEIL AND ANDREW”

Super crazy quick Sheik doodle! Even as a pre-anime kiddo, I was 500% into red eyed characters and also the hair covering one side of the face? What a cool thing!!?

spoiler alert: my tastes have not changed…. = w =;;;

Learning about WOY cancellation was so disappointing. I had just seen season one at that moment, but I had find it so charming and entertaining that I had just assumed there would be many seasons to come. 

Then I watched season two, I grew more attached to the characters and it was so much worse.

I really want season three to be a reality. WOY is such a great show, it deserves it.

Sometimes i think about how weird it must be for the skam actors, for example now Henrik and Tarjei, not to touch each other anymore. And no, i don’t mean this in a weird “i ship people in real life” way. Not at all. Hear me out.

I just mean that imagine how much time they have spent next to each other. During takes and between takes. How many times they laid next to each other in a scene and they called cut and they just stayed there because they’d go soon again anyway. Just imagine how comfortable you’d start being with a person. Yes, you are playing characters, but it’s still your body that’s laying there. Even when excluding all feelings and thoughts, It’s your body that can feel someone else’s body next to yours.

People always ask about the kissing. About how weird it is and all that. But for me small touches, hugs, hands on thighs and in someone’s hair, is way more personal and intimate than simply a kiss. Because you can kiss a stranger, but you need trust to let someone simply touch you. And these actors and these boys have gotten to the stage where they can in a scene stroke each others hair even if it’s not in the script, or out of the blue kiss each other on the cheek. These boys got so comfortable that they could kiss on live tv, without a warning or a reason. 

Or not without a reason. Skam was the reason. 

And now it’s in the past.

anonymous asked:

I'm proud of you for strangling the kid that came after you, i didn't fight back when i was Bullied so I whenever i hear about someone who fought back i feel happy and proud because i could never do something like that

I mean eh, I was kind of a feral child, which was good because I didn’t tolerate shit from anyone, but I was sort of…dangerous?

I mean the girl and her posse came over to tell the girl I was playing with to ‘stop playing with her ‘cause she’s weird.’

And I wasn’t so great with my words and was also pissed as hell so I got up, picked her up, and straight up strangled her, the bell rang so I’m not exactly sure what I would have done after that. I then spent all day shaking in me boots wondering when I would be called to the principles office for strangling someone

but she wasn’t a snitch and I wasn’t significantly bothered by any of the kids again, either because they had heard, or because again, I looked like a didn’t know what a hairbrush was and was raised like a free range chicken with the door open (I was)

I dunno, I’m not sure if I should condone violence, it worked for me but I had a lot of resolve and feral child instinct rather then like ‘a plan’ or ‘fear for my own safety,’ probably talking to an authority figure is better? I dunno, I don’t really know the proper ways to approach bullying

people are always going to be pretty terrible so I do recommend standing up for yourself on a regular basis, but be careful, you are important and ugly people will pass (however slowly) and your safety comes first