and i am not sorry for it


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

like what do monsta x not have????? they have the most breathtaking visuals, one of the best rap lines (who btw also self compose and write most of the songs on their albums), a better than great vocal line (in fact hyorin herself said that kihyun was one of the best vocals at starship and wonho and shownu are no less) and you don’t even have to ask about their dancing abilities they literally have no hole in any aspect i just don’t understand why people walk over them, they’re also the perfect bridge between second and third gen sounding music and they just.. they have it all i am so frustrated they deserve so much better

The Signs + Their Who They Want To Debut In NCT

Aries: Lee Sooman

Taurus: Lee Sooman

Gemini: Lee Sooman

Cancer: Lee Sooman

Leo: Lee Sooman

Virgo: Lee Sooman

Libra: Lee Sooman

Scorpio: Lee Sooman

Sagittarius: Lee Sooman

Capricorn: Lee Sooman

Aquarius: Lee Sooman

Pisces: Lee Sooman

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