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Lucas Sinclair S2 Appreciation Post
  • Is the only one who actually works to get money for Dragon’s Lair
  • Fact: has the best poses when the boys are getting their pictures taken in their ghostbuster costumes
  • Calls out Mike for assuming he should be Winston because he’s black
  • “TooOOotALY toooobuuularrRRR”
  • When Dustin thinks he’s discovered a new species, Lucas’s first instinct is to show Mr. Clarke + when Will thinks it may be from the upside down Lucas suggests they take D’art to Hopper = the only sensible child in this show. Don’t be afraid to ask for help kids!!!
  • THE ICONIC DOOR KICK !!!!!!! !!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Somehow makes jumping out of a dumpster look cool
  • Oh man, Caleb McLaughlin’s acting when he asks Max “how do you know about El?”
  • In that one line he conveys how much Lucas: 1. misses El, 2. cares about El, 3. wants to protect El, 4. is sad that El’s gone, and 5. feels guilty for not saving El. (asdjskafsdfh am I reading too much into this?? I’m sorry his friendship with El is just A Lot™ for me.)
  • Goes to his dad for love advice (seriously the only one that has any faith in adults) and listens to him (thank god there’s at least one healthy biological father-son relationship on this show)
  • After he tells Max about Eleven, he says, it feels “like yesterday” that they lost her. (Seriously FIGHT ME if you think El disappearing didn’t affect Lucas (or Dustin!))
  • Is such a good listener when talking to Max on the roof of the bus. He lets her pause as long as she needs to when she’s thinking about what she wants to say and when she finishes speaking, he doesn’t say anything right away because he’s processing what she said and wants to give a thoughtful, comforting response instead of saying the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Binoculars
  • Bandana
  • Wrist rocket
  • Most characters are lucky to get one (1) iconic accessory. This boy has THREE.
  • He also puts the black paint gunk stuff (i dont fucking know what it’s called ok??) under his eyes because when he’s gearing up to fight upside down monsters he commits to the Look™.
  • Anyone who kicks Billy Hargrove in the balls is a hero to me
  • Doesn’t let anyone talk shit about his girlfriend’s driving skills. Mike: she’s only driven in a parking lot. Lucas: “That counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!11!!!”
  • Practices asking Max to dance. so. many. times.
  • Still manages to fuck it up. #RelatableAF.
  • His hesitation to put his hands on Max’s waist. Someone help this boy, he’s so nervous.
  • His face after Max kisses him is so precious. I can’t even describe it. Gifs don’t do it justice. Just go back and watch the whole snow ball scene again, you know you want to anyway.
  • In conclusion, Lucas Sinclair continued to be a icon in season 2 and idk how anyone couldn’t love him.

So I don’t want to be mean or anything, but seriously?  Blake Shelton was selected as the sexiest man alive?? ?

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Future Queen of Ivar

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Warning(s): None

Note: This is very short, because I didn’t have much of an idea. Check it out on my Ao3

Requested by Anon:” Can I send a request? Ivar and the reader are childhood friends. I’d really love to see ivar as a child with YN playing and them defending each other from bullies when they call ivar named and call her his wet nurse or something mean. And then Ivar making her promise to be with him always or promising her that he’ll marry her one day. 😚😊love your work btw “

Being the only person to be nice to the youngest Prince means you are also his best friend. Ever since meeting Ivar, you two have been attached at the hip. You are often the one to pull his little wagon around the village. You always promise Ivar you will be by his side no matter what. If he is ever upset you know what to say to him every time, you are his light. Since you two are so close, his brothers joke about you two growing to be husband and wife. This always embarrass you two, and you both barely talk till they apologizes. While they joke about it, it is clear to everyone that you two are bound to be husband and wife.

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Are you sure you don't have dysgraphia? Dyslexia doesn't affect fine motor skills so what you're saying makes no sense. (I've done extensive research on dyslexia. I wrote my capstone on learning disabilities and never saw anything about fine motor skills in my research.)

There’s so much to unpack here im ghfejklf okay

first off, I don’t care how much research you’ve done. I’ve lived with dyslexia for 20 years. I’ve known I was dyslexic since I was 8, and was in PT/OT throughout elementary school for that reason. Lived experience is always more valuable than research. 

second off, I have a sneaking suspicious you did poorly on your capstone because I literally googled the word dyslexia and this was in the first result:

Not even that, but literally ANYONE who works with dyslexic kids will tell you about it. Hell, anyone who works with kids will tell you that dyslexic kids have trouble with fine motor skills (in fact- my problem with fine motor skills was the first red flag my mom saw- she’s an elementary school teacher) 

Back Alley Knife Shop

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Note: This is very very short, I just had no idea what to do for this! I am so sorry you guys!

Requested by @readsalot73:” Request– Alfie goes to knife shop to replenish his blades. He’s admiring the quality and sharpness of the blades on display when a beautiful short, curvy, sleekly-toned black lady comes to the front of the shop. “I need to see the genius who made these beauties, Miss."says Alfie. "You’re lookin’ at her sweetheart.”, says lady. Alfie is way curious and intrigued. Please write a story from this idea, if your muse permits.😊😊 “

Being a gang leader means having a wide array of knives. Being a gang leader that actually gets his hands dirty means you need to get those knives replenished. The only issue is finding a person that does the job right, unlike some of the nitwits Alfie has gone to. He often gets shops recommended to him by his own minions, at this point he is losing hope of find a good shop. Ollie had recommended him the knife shop he is going to now, although it sounds shady. Ollie told him about a knife shop in an alleyway, a rather odd place for a ‘good’ shop. At this point though Alfie is desperate for a person that won’t fuck his favorite blades up, so he agreed to go to the shop.

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