and i am not really back on tumblr

Ello, I am back from the dead. well.. not really. Idk how many years its been since Ive been away… i am sorry. 

I have no reason of why I left except just… i wasnt feeling it. Just before my inactivity, I had started uni and i really had to pull my shit together. I stopped drawing altogether and just shut tumblr out of my life. But now that my life is beginning to steady itself, I decided to draw something for this blog again. It feels weird to use a tablet again, hahaha. And it seems that the no.6 fandom has dramatically decreased. (well at least the content and blogs)

In the meantime, I’ve just got to say that I wont be frequently using this blog anymore. I wont delete it, and may come back sometimes.

And also thank you for putting up with me, even though I may be a few years late haha.

This Is So Random

I haven’t been on here in so long.. so if you still remember me this post is for people who may have wondered if I’m okay, which I am!

I am just making this post to let you guys know I’m A-okay and healthy! I stopped using tumblr because I found it to be very distracting and it was taking over my life. I’ve turned 16 years old two months back on January 14th. At this age I have very important O Levels examinations called CSEC exams (they are equivalent to GCSE and SATs if you were wondering) and balancing my studies with tumblr.. I found was NOT happening.

But basically I’m really here to say I’m fine and I should be hopefully returning in summer 😂❤


Ugh I haven’t really drawn anything properly in a while but thank god I am back at it again so now I feel a little bit better (and no, I am still not over the Winter Soldier 😎❗👌✨)

I am not a people’s person
I live on my own accord
I don’t really care about anybody else most of the time
But I get hurt when they don’t care about me
Half the time I don’t even realise that I hurt someone
And many times I do it on purpose
Expecting them to be okay with it
I expect them to come back to me
To be with me the way they have always been
Even after hurting them
I know it is selfish and I know I am selfish
But that is how I have always been
There is no changing me
—  What I mean when I say that I am not a nice person // JustScribbledWords

I hope you appreciate him. Because there’s a whole village back in Wales who thinks he’s a hero.

Tell me what to do when my knees won’t stop shaking,
or how to piece my heart back together when I myself am the one who broke it,

because I don’t know anything anymore,
and lately I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror.

Tell me how to lift the weight off my chest,
or how to wipe away the tears before anyone see’s them,

because I’ve become so fucking fragile, that god, even my friends don’t want to be around me.

Tell me how to get back what I lost, even though I don’t know what I’m searching for,

because my heart can’t take the crushing feeling I get every night, and I’m running out of tears to cry.

—  little bit confused little bit crazy

I just want to breathe…
I want to really breathe
Not a regular breath,
I want to take in a breath that consumes the World, and then slowly exhale it all back
I know that it exists, I just have not felt it
That is what I live for
Until then,
Why do I feel like I am suffocating?
It feels like the World is breathing me in Instead,
And exhaling me in pieces, for me to put back together
Whenever I feel like I am almost done with the pieces,
The World takes in another breath.
It seems like me being in pieces keeps the World alive.


*rises from the void with an unearthly scream*



I also ship Dazai and Atsushi a hella lot. I am in constant shipping hell with these two.

I was going through tumblr and there was this otp meme where one of the questions was “who wraps the other up in a duvet just to annoy them and who struggles to get out of it?”

Dazai. It will always be Dazai who does this Atsushi. Multiple times.

God, I love these two dorks.

I have one last part of this comic I’m still working on but I’ll post it later. Sorry @lunaxxre, I’ll be done with the last page soon. Hopefully.

I hope you guys like thissssss

*slinks back into the void*

Update: I made the last page~!

10.1.17// Wow I have been gone for a while from Tumblr! Well guys I am coming back…i have been gone for a while because I really had to figure som stuff out about myself regarding if I even Wanted to be a medicine student. All my life I had been fighting for this goal of becoming a doctor however when I got the upportunity that little spark, that little vision of my self as a doctor every time I tried to envision the future suddenly disappeared. When I tried to Think about what I would be in 10 years it suddenly seemed a little “blank” I Saw nothing. And so a little journey started…I will get to it on another time…but I am still not sure if this is what I want or not, however a little spark have returned, and I am still studying ❤️


Yes, that’s the approach I’m taking when it comes to gaining more confidence, being outspoken, and believing I am more. These are all areas that I need to work on that are holding me back from growing as a person and trying new things.

·         First, I’m not a confident person and shy away from any attention I receive. I’m really shy and awkward. I need just have more confidence in myself.

·         Second, I always doubt myself and hold back what I want to say or think. Either I say a little or don’t say anything at all. I need to express my voice more and stop this behavior.  

·         Third, all my life I was told I was just a pretty face and my brain abilities were not encouraged. Most people assume I’m really stupid which I find to be really offensive because I am smart and able to understand things. I need to believe in my brain and stop believing what people tell me about my brain.

Every day after I complete my yoga session and start meditating, at the end of my meditation I tell myself I’m confident, outgoing, and smart. I find this to be helping me. The more I lie to myself, the more I’m believing it. I’m actually seeing minor improvements. I’m not doubting myself as much, I’m voicing my opinions more, and when someone questions my intelligence it does not bother me as much because I’m smart.

So if you lack confidence, not outspoken, or if you told you are not anything more than a pretty face:



Sooooo in case you didn’t know I actually visited the PLL set today!

Story time!

It seriously was such an incredible day. I honestly did not plan this: yesterday I was just sitting in my bedroom back in Australia and here I am on the other side of the world having seen the PLL set (and Marlene)! My taxi driver from the airport to the hotel actually recommended the WB tour on a Friday as it’s quiet so we may see more stars (which I did!!!!!! But no pics!!!!!) So it all happened very fast, I didn’t really plan on doing this.

Side note: people may think I’m crazy if that’s ALL the pics I took! Hell no, I’ve got like a hundred! Hahaha
There’s a limit of 10 on Tumblr so I just chose the most distinct ones showing off various sets. (I may post the ones with myself in it after when the show ends, when I’m thinking about revealing who I am)
Most of you probably/definitely know this already, but from left to right, the pics are the Rosewood Town (IT’S TINY, 100 metres MAX from one side to the other), Rosewood City Hall (fun fact: on the other side of this exact building is Rosewood High! other side as in it’s a two in one building), The infamous church (which had nothing in it, damn!), the Rear Window Brew (and also where Spoby kissed in 312), Rosewood High School (TINY TINY TINY - it seemed so much bigger when it’s filled with heaps of extras), Alison’s house (which was empty), the new Radley which turned into a fancy hotel (the scene between Ashley and Hanna in the 5 years forward 611 premiere was taken in the space of that pic), the Lost Woods Resort (and actually, to the left of where I took the picture is Noel’s cabin too, which was also Ezra and Nate’s cabin), Spencer’s backyard where the fireworks lit off in 514 and the snow in 513, and then of course the barn which is directly opposite Spencer’s backyard. (That smaller house behind the tree that you see in Spencer’s backyard…. yeah that’s Emily’s house! They don’t show that in the show however)

Aside from these pics I of course saw heaps more, such as the Pennsylvania airport where Ezria kissed in 6B (which is actually a cafeteria for all Warner Bros staff!), the movie theatre from season 1, Hanna’s house, Emily’s house, the woods, the lake where Jenna drowned, Mona’s house, Aria’s house, the New York from 501, the park bench where the girls tried blocking A’s number in early season 1A, the train station where Haleb hooked up, etc. HEAPS! We were going through all these areas and I could instantly recall heaps of scenes that were shot right in front of me… my tour guide was impressed! Hahaha

It’s SO much smaller in real life. They make Rosewood seem like a huge town in the show but in reality it’s just this tiny block and another strip of houses, and The Radley, located elsewhere.

I did get to go through the actual stage of PLL, where the girls’ makeup rooms were (we practically lived there too, thanks to Ash and Shay’s Snapchats!) however there was nothing there. I got pics but it’s boring. Just wooden stages coming down, but most was gone. This is where the insides to all the houses were, so they’re gone now. Tours no longer go inside Spencer’s kitchen for example. But oh well, I was still SOOOO happy I got to walk through Rosewood, with the signs still saying Rosewood, before it’s totally totally gone as they’re finished filming obviously!

Tour guide: “so lots of different movies and TV shows have been filmed right here on the Warner Brothers lot, are there any movies or shows in particular you would like me to focus on a bit more throughout the tour?”

Me: “I came here for Pretty Little Liars. We can look at all the other movies and shows later.”

The other 7 people in my tour group were too shy to speak up so he literally followed my demands. It was practically a PLL tour despite being marketed as a “Warner Brothers Tour”! So cool. He was an awesome tour guide in that regard but also extremely shitty because as you all know I’ve been ranting at the fact that I saw Marlene walking ten metres from me (pic on my blog too) and he didn’t let me leave the tour group to go say hi, despite knowing my strong passion for the show. “I can loose my job if I let my group members start wandering off”. Pfffft I was only wanting to go ten metres and say hi to the woman who created this wonderful world!

Fun fact he told me - they had a tour group pass through Rosewood whilst they were filming 514… aka, the episode of Mona’s funeral. Normally visitors don’t watch them film episodes so the visitors generally never see spoilers, however, a massive picture of Mona was situated right outside the church and all the cast was wearing black - so the visitors put two and two together: Mona dies in an upcoming episode! Ever since then they’ve been really strict about letting people onto the set whilst the sets are decorated ready for filming. Mona “dying” was actually public knowledge WAAAAYYYY before 512 had even aired!

Hope you enjoyed mini story time with me ;) I highly recommend this tour if you are in LA. I of course LOVED seeing other stuff like the Friends set and the costumes used in the ACTUAL DC movies (they said don’t touch Superman’s suit, but I’ve always wondered what it felt like so I had to touch it! It’s rubber…) As this is a PLL blog I’ll keep it exactly that; PLL, but still, I recommend this for all shows that you know of that are filmed in the Warner Bros lot! The part of the tour where you walk through the props was sensational. So many “A"s in there and also Supergirl props too which was cool!

I could write a thesis but I’ll end it here. What a day!

Mystic Messenger New Years Update Greetings Translations

Hi everyone♡

I am feeling a little better from my recent tragedy of losing my original mysmess-seol account. I emailed tumblr and everything but no response really about what happened. It is crazy because I was able to get on just that morning but when I went back to check for messages, it was gone.

I will say that I am still really upset because the posts I made I put a lot of time into and it was a bit of a waste because a lot of them I had troubles with my English.

I deleted my previous post because it was very negative in my views. Just know that it was pretty much me being really pissy about the situation.

I want to be positive and just consider this a new slate and just start all over and make even better content than the old Seol.

I hope you guys can join me too and love my content as you guys once did.

I will start by reposting another refurbished version of the New Years translations. From there, I will start responding to any other translation or Korean concept/POV requests and so on. So for those who followed my old mysmess-seol account, please resend in your requests and I will get to them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope to be the Seol that everyone once loved.

On another note, I had to relisten to these again because my old tumblr blog disappeared. My life…^^

Kill me…^^


☆ 친척들이 언제 장가 가냐고 묻기 시작했어. 내년엔 확실히 대답할 수 있을것같은데. 그렇지?
My relatives have started to ask me when I will get married. Next year I think I can give a definite answer. Right?

☆ 새해가 밝았어…올 한해 좋은 일만 있길.
The New Year is bright…I hope only good things happen this year.

☆ 유성이와 루시엘이 내게 세벳돈을 뜯으러 올 것같군.
I think Yoosung and Luciel are going to come to me for New Years money.

Before I continue, I would like to explain that for New Years (which is this weekend by the way) is a very popular holiday for people like (in this case) Yoosung and Seven because what essentially happens is that you bow to typically your elders and they give you money!

This is how the bow goes for both male and female.

Welp, sorry Juju bby, but you gotta pay up ><;;;


Zen’s last one took the longest again fml. Zen why.

☆ 올 한해 새해복 많이 받아.
I hope you have a Happy New Year this year.
Essentially, while this sounds repetitive in English, while 새해복 많이 받아 means Happy New Year, it is literally translated to “I hope much luck comes to you this year.”

☆ 올해에도 작품 많이 들어와서 무대에 많이 섰으면 좋겠어.
I wish that a lot of work comes in this year so that I can stand on many stages.

☆ 새해네. 내년엔 같이 해돋이 보러가자~!
It’s the New Year. Next year, let’s go and watch the sunrise~!


☆ 새해 복 많이 받으세요.
Happy New Year.

☆ 까치까치 설날은 어저께고요. 우리우리 설날은 오늘이래요~
I am sure you guys all heard this one because our cutie Yoosung is singing! He is singing a New Years nursery rhyme of sorts! It is literally translated to, “Magpie Magpie’s New Year was yesterday. Our our New Years is today~”
A Korean magpie is our bird, and it symbolizes good news!

☆ 저도 롤롤 캐시탬 사게 주민이형한테 세배할래요.
I want to bow to Jumin hyung so that I can buy LOLOL cash items.

The bowing custom I mentioned above for money haha. Oh, Yoosung~^^


☆ 707의 새해 목표 우리 베이비 타고 세계 일주!
My New Year’s goal is to go on a trip around the world on my babies!

☆ Happy New Year.
He says it in English ^^

☆ 스포츠카를 하나 더 사고싶은데…주민이형 한테 절해야겠다.
I want to buy another sports car…I should go bow to Jumin hyung.

Seven too ^^;;;;;


☆ 새해 복 많아 받으시길.
I hope you have a Happy New Year.

☆ 올 한해 잘 부탁 드립니다.
This year I hope for your kind cooperation.

☆ 나이를 먹었으니 피부관리에 더 신경써야겠어요.
Since I am getting older, I should probably concentrate/pay attention to skin care more.

I feel you, Jaehee…><;;


☆ 새해 복 많이 받아…라고 할줄알았어?!
Happy New Year…is that what you think I’d say?!

☆ 오늘은 이렇게 마음껏먹고 놀다가 어떻게 될지 모른다..?
If you relax and play like that today, you never know what’s going to happen..?

☆ 신년이라는게 의미가 있나?
Is there even a meaning to a New Year?


☆ Happy New Year
He says it in English ^^

☆ 단순히 나이만 먹는게 아니라 사람의 인성이 쌓인다고 전 생각해요. 올해엔 더 성숙한 자신이 되야겠죠.
It is not just about getting older but I think a person’s character builds up. This year we should be a more mature person.

☆ 새해엔 부디 사고가 일어나지 않길 바래요.
I hope there are no accidents this New Year.

V always makes me cry. I wish I had a big brother like V.

Oldest in family.


I am still not a fan of Rika and I still heard her voice the most the second time around orz.

☆ 새해 복 많이 받으세요.
Happy New Year.

☆ 올해는 다치는 사람없이 모두가 원하는 걸 이룰수 있길.
I hope this year that no one gets hurt and that everyone gets what they wish for.

☆ 우리 신년에도 파티를 열까? 다 같이 모이는거야!
Should we have a party for the New Year? Everyone can get together!

And there we have it! This took a lot shorter than the first trial but still. I am very sad when I think about how my old blog is just gone. I can’t believe that it had only been so short of a time I had that blog and already it is gone.

But I am generally a positive person, and I want to take this as some message to myself that I just need to make better content. So yes. It is a shitty way to start over, but I am going to make the best of it.

All the people that have sent me requests in my old account, please resend them if I have not answered them yet so far ^^

Also, thank you for the kind messages everyone.

새해 복 많이 받으세요~

- 류설♡


🦄 About Me 🦄

I’m a witch, a daughter, and a new mother. I am married and in love with a wonderful woman.
By day, I change diapers and clean up spit up. By night I research and practice witchcraft while my baby sleeps in the next room.
I dabble in all areas of witchcraft. I am always open to hearing what others believe in and what their traditions are.

It’s been pointed out to me that it’s hard to tell which of my photos are original so I went through and added (original post) to each one.
I love posting original pictures on Tumblr and getting feedback. I really like being apart of a Cyber community of witches.

I love my life and who I am but life can be hard. Witchcraft has always brought me through my toughest times. Thanks for being there Tumblr.

Happy posting. 😘

!!soppy post alert!!

appreciation post for my boyfriend tho he is not on tumblr (lol) 

2016 has been nothing short of wonderful. from graduating college, earning my BA in psychology & human development, and getting a job right out of college, to meeting you. 

babe. i am beyond thankful to have met you back in march of 2016. you really bring the best in me and make me realize the capabilities i have. you have really turned me into a better person and taught me to be even more ambitious and to be more professional in the workplace now that i am out of college. you really are a blessing to me and everybody around you. thank you for being in my life and tolerating my whiny and annoying ass… i know i can sometimes be a difficult person to be around. but i try to be better! hehehe. thank you for closing the year with me and raging and vibing to dillon francis with me at our last rave of the year!! 

here’s to a more wonderful 2017. cheers! 


Hi, guys. This is @jypnior. Precious has kindly offered to post on my behalf and I’m really grateful for her. My account was terminated last night and I am currently waiting for a response from Tumblr support. In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter at the same username (@jypnior) if you would like to keep in touch. For those who are worried, I am fine. Thanks for all your concern. I know my giveaway is supposed to end in less than 48 hours but there will be a delay. I will message the winners in a few days, probably on another account if I don’t get my account back by then.

Thank you everyone for following my tumblr and commenting/liking my art! (1000+ followers! I can’t believe it! I am so Happy!!! Thank you so much everyone!!!) 


I am so happy that I got into making comics! I was really struggling with my art for the longest time and hit a depressing wall. I felt like I wasn’t making anything that I can be proud of. I couldn’t figure what to do, so I decided to go back to my roots. As a child I remember drawing storyboards/comic strips of my favorite TV and movie characters and show them to my sisters. So I decided to make my first fan comic about Miraculous Ladybug and post it online. (I’m a huge fan fyi!) Making that comic brought back the love of making art that I had lost over the years as I grew up. “A city of Lies” also helped me develop my original comic story further ( and I learned so much from making it! Please stick around for more comics to come! I’m a fan of many stories and plan to make more comics to share!

I am curious as to why you are saying the NDP is “similar to Bernie Sanders”.  The NDP is more similar to the UK Labour Party, and has a long and rich history going back to Tommy Douglas (Keifer Sutherland’s grandfather) during the great depression.

I’m sorry but as someone who was raised in a BCGEU family home, I really think it is insulting to those CANADIANS who worked to make this country great, only to be brushed aside to have our politics become Americanized.

AlltheCanadianPolitics: Tumblr is an incredibly us-centric website. I knew this post would be widely shared. So as a nod to Americans on this website I made a general comparison. This general comparison allowed Americans on this website to get a basic idea of what the NDP is and represents. It is a comparison that I stand behind. I never said that the NDP and Bernie Sanders was identical (that’s why I said ‘similar’).

Yes, the NDP may be more similar to the UK labour party, but very few people who don’t live in the UK are familiar with that party.

The NDP shares a lot with Bernie Sanders, and he and his policies are widely known to Canadians AND Americans. The NDP like Bernie advocates for $15/hour minimum wage, an expansion to healthcare, lowering the price of drugs, election finance reform (in the NDP’s case limiting donations and banning corporate & unions from donating), fighting against income inequality, taxing the rich, making post secondary education more affordable or free, action on climate change, etc.

Its not a perfect comparison, and there are definitely areas where the comparison breaks down, but by and large it is true.