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Alright, it's time to come off anon. Feel free to ignore it, feel free to reply privately or publicly. I'm fine with everything. But the thing is - I am proud of my work. I love what I do, that gives me a lot of fun and good time! But... i can't stop comparing my work to the other's. I can see that their stuff is much better than mine. Obviously, that's totally fine, but that only gives me "why would I even try if there's always someone who's better than me." type of thoughts.

hey dude, i’m sorry you’re struggling with those thoughts, i really am. i’m the same way. i’ve had this blog for a little over a year now and at the beginning, the stuff i created got little to no notes. but that didn’t stop me. sure it discouraged me for a little while, i even had to abandon my blog for a bit because i got busy with irl things and just felt like it was a worthless effort. but eventually i came back to making stuff because i loved mark and jack and i loved making things of them.

i kept on going because i liked making things and the more tips and tricks i learned about making gifs and edits, the more confident i became in my creations.

and even if you have those thoughts, always try. it’s better to try than to do nothing at all.

look at jack and mark and ethan, for example. they made videos of them playing games that thousands of other youtubers were playing, and that didn’t stop them. they didn’t give up doing the stuff that they love, and neither should you. if you love making stuff, then that’s what you should do! the more stuff you make, the happier you’ll become, and the less of those thoughts you’ll have. concentrate on you dude, and keep making amazing things!! 💙

kids. - Yoonkook Week day 3

Bruh I am so late with this and I haven’t even participated as much as I wanted I am sosososo sorry. BUT! Here is a funny little thing I thought of and just HAD to include in the week. It’s been lit, sugakookie babies! “AS OR WITH KIDS”
fluff; 1.5k

(will upload onto a03 later)

- A trip to the zoo has got Yoongi melting at first, but leave it to him to get lost in an unexpected (possibly scary) new thought. -

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okay but i wanna talk about this, because, i have a lot of feelings about this:

this little moment they have is right before they’re kissing against the wall. this little moment. it’s so sweet? and so playful? there’s very clearly tongue action going on, but, even then, it’s SO SWEET? and … yes i’m gonna use THAT word, domestic? like, these 2 haven’t kissed in SO long, and this is literally like one of those kisses you see where you’re kissing SO much that you’re literally tilting your head all the way, like isak is doing here, because you just don’t wanna BREAK the kiss? because isak’s missed even SO MUCH, he doesn’t wanna stay away ANY longer. 

and to some, this may look like such an AWKWARD angle? like, super uncomfortable and just really … yeah, AWKWARD? but, i LOVE that it is so … because it’s so SO much more … realistic? i don’t really believe much in “perfect kissing” and “perfect kisses” where your nose is at a 48.763 degree angle to the other person’s and yada yada,, because, fuck man, when does that kinda stuff ever happen in real life? 

kissing is MEANT to be all awkward angles yet still kissing DESPITE being in those awkward angles because you don’t wanna break away, and kissing is, stumbling backwards, but CONTINUING to kiss anyway. and kissing is “i’m gonna bend my head all the way even if it means straining my neck as much as i can because i simply wanna KEEP ON KISSING you”, just like isak is here.

and ugh, i just have /A LOT OF FEELINGS/ about this part.

Promise Of Tomorrow

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x reader (ish)

Warnings: Very dirty thoughts, Drunken confessions, Language, Shameless objectification of Jensen Ackles (and I am not even a little bit sorry!)    

Word count: 1400ish (not a drabble! Dammit Jensen!)

A/N: I blame @blacktithe7 for this! When you send her gifs of Jensen you get comments like: “He went from damn he’s good looking to OH MY GOD TAKE ME NOW!” and “Now I picture Jensen’s lips on my most sensitive spots before riding him like a pogo stick!”

I took both as prompts to do a drabble, but Kari can’t drabble so welcome to this little one shot ;) Oh and I made (she begged) Erin beta this too :D

Also Kari can’t remember so this one shot is 3 months old but never before posted so enjoy y’all.


You groaned. You had no idea why you had agreed to come to this party in the first place. Well, Misha and you had stayed close friends after your recurring role as an angel on Supernatural, back when it was still in it’s fourth season.

You had had a thing for the green eyed actor that played Dean Winchester back then too. You just never had the courage to tell him that. Years had passed, and the moment you had walked through the front door you knew that hadn’t changed. Your eyes landed on him standing in the corner of the room chatting with his co-star and tv brother, Jared Padalecki. Your heart practically jumped into your throat when you saw him. He hadn’t aged a day, but he had gotten all the more sexy. His freckles still enhanced his perfect facial features. His shoulders were still broad and his bowed legs perfect for you to fit in between. Not that you ever had, but a girl could dream right.

You shook your head, annoyed with yourself for letting these thoughts re-enter your mind. He was way out of your league, there was no way he would ever look twice at someone like you. Daydreaming of him was only going to end one way. In heartbreak. Yours.    

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Demon Inside

A demon!Dean x Reader / smut


Originally posted by gurl

A/N: To my new, sweet, fellow demon!Dean loving friend, Rose - here is your Galentine’s Day fic! I hope you love it, because I wrote it just for you and I threw a little bit of angst in there. Enjoy babe! Big thanks, as always, to @balthazars-muse for being a kickass beta! xo

Word Count: 3,724

- language
- without ruining it for Rose, this is porn. utter filth. do not read any further if you don’t want to read about any types of sexual situations.
- always wear a condom kiddos, even with sexy demons.

Tags: @abaddonwithyall@kittenofdoomage @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @kayteonline @oriona75 @manawhaat @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog@fvckinpayno @latinenglishfandomblog @salvachester
* sorry if I missed anyone. I am terrible at tagging.

*gifs are not mine.

“Please just keep an eye on him, Y/N,” Sam said in a low whisper, the noise sounding so loud in the empty, dark hallway it startled you. He placed his hand on your shoulder and leaned down so he was perfectly eye level with you. “For me?”

You shifted your feet and looked up into Sam’s beautiful, tired eyes. You had both been through so much in such a short time, and you wondered when the last time was he slept.

“You know I can’t be around him like that, Sam.”

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Senior Initiate Kenobi

Hello There! I just wanted to thank everyone for their overwhelming response to my first little bit fun with Ahsoka and Tiny BB! Obi-Wan. (That is totally his name now and no one will convince me otherwise.) I am so, so humbled by all of the lovely comments and tags and reblogs you’ve given me and I cannot thank you all enough!

And now, we return to our previously scheduled Adventures of Ahsoka and Obi-Wan!

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about Part One is right here! And you can find Part Three here!

Was Ahsoka losing her mind?

“I’m sorry. What did you say your name was?” she sputtered in shock.

If it was possible, the boy in front of her looked even more crestfallen than before, his blue eyes darting off to the side as he hunched his shoulders defensively and bowed his head. “My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Yes. Ahsoka decided she was losing her mind.

Or maybe this a dream? Or a Force vision? Yes! Let’s go with Force vision. But what is the Force trying to tell me?

And why did this tiny version of Master Obi-Wan look so terribly depressed?

“It’s nice to meet you, Obi-Wan,” Ahsoka finally said, returning his bow with one of her own. “Where were you headed in such a rush?”

Obi-Wan seemed startled at her kind words and looked up at her, his wide blue-grey eyes doing that squinting thing Master Obi-Wan’s did whenever Anakin was trying to pull a fast one over him. It was almost comical coming from a child half her age.

Comical and heartbreakingly familiar.

“I was on my way to saber practice with Master Drallig,” Obi-Wan sighed, apparently deciding that Ahsoka was to be trusted. “I’m afraid I shall be late now. Master Drallig will be most displeased with me.”

Saber practice? With Master Drallig? Then that meant…

This is the Temple. I’m in the Temple. On Coruscant. This is a vision of the past. Of Obi-Wan’s past.

But why was the Force showing her this?

“Why don’t I go with you and explain it to him?” Ahsoka offered, a smile on her face. “If it hadn’t been for me, I’m sure you would have been right on time, right?”

Obi-Wan bit his lip and looked off to the side, his hands clasped behind his back as he rocked on his heels. “Ah… well, to be perfectly honest, Master Ahsoka, I am already tardy for my instructions.”

“How late are you?” Ahsoka asked, incapable of believing that Obi-Wan Kenobi could be late to anything, let alone to a class on lightsaber instruction. Anakin, yes, but Obi-Wan? Never!

Obi-Wan frowned. “Class started fifteen minutes ago.”

“Fifteen minutes ago?” Ahsoka echoed, shocked. That did not sound like the Master Obi-Wan she knew. “Why are you already so late?”

And why do you still look so sad?

Pursing his lips, Obi-Wan managed to get out a pained but polite answer. “I was talking with Master Sinube and he can be a bit… loquacious. It would have been terribly rude of me to interrupt him! He is a very wise master and I… eh-hem. And now I am even more late, Master Ahsoka.”

Then Initiate Obi-Wan did the same thing that Master Obi-Wan did when it was clear he was done explaining himself: he pulled his hands from behind his back, set his chin, and nodded solemnly. When she had been younger it had been intimidating at first, then amusing and now, to see the origins of that little head nod on such a small boy, it was positively endearing.

“Well then at least let me go with you to explain my part in this whole mess,” Ahsoka smiled, a soft and affectionate laugh following her statement. “Where is the class being held?”

“In the Northern Solar Room,” Obi-Wan explained, marching forward and his head held high. “And thank you, Master Ahsoka, but you need not impugn your honor on my account. I, alone, am responsible for my actions. I chose to offend Master Drallig’s sense of punctuality and I should pay the price for it.”

Ahsoka shook her head, a feeling of warmth and affection for this tiny version of her master’s master suffusing the Force. “I think my honor can take the hit, Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan looked back at her, one eyebrow arched in skepticism. He gave her a long look with those clear blue-grey eyes before he came a conclusion and shook his head. “As you wish, Master Ahsoka.”

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for your consideration, mike lawson as a dad:

  • talks a big game about staying cool in the operating room during the c-section, tells the nurse he doesn’t need to sit like all the other dads do.
    • spoiler alert: he definitely needs to sit 
  • some babies learn sign language. the baker-lawson baby learns catching signals. 
  • he is absolute shit when it comes to sleep training. she fusses for two minutes and that’s it, he’s done.
    • “you have to give her time to self soothe.”
    • “but she’s crying.”
    • “barely. we agreed to this, mike.”
    • “like hell i agreed to this.”
    • he’s sent over to blip and evelyn’s so ginny can do this right, goddammit mike
  • when she’s thirteen, he’s picking her up from hockey practice
    • “your dress is in the bag, so is your makeup.”
    • “this is dr. pepper lipsmacker. mom didn’t pack this bag, did she”
    • “i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    • “do you think i can get them to put a TV in the gym? i don’t like missing mom’s starts.”
    • “your mom just wants you to have fun at the dance. and so do i. just, you know, dance with your friends. who are girls. only girls.”
    • “dad–”
    • “alright dance with whoever you want, i don’t want to know.”
Thank You, I’m Sorry, & Other Lies You’re Constantly Being Told

Hello again,

It is me, I still exist. It surprises me, too. I wanted to say thanks again because this blog reached 10,000 followers a bit ago and ohhh heck. Whether I am real or not, it was cool. Whether YOU are real or not, it was cool. 

I also wanted to post an official APOLOGY because I used to be very good at updating everyday, but I am no longer even-a-little-bit great at that. So, I’m very sorry. If I miss a day, I update on that day the following week. (My next update will be Sunday, because I missed Sunday. You see?) I am going to try to do as well as I had been doing when I started. Alas, I have only a single head. So far. As a handful of you know life is, among other things, always plotting and constantly trying to undermine you. At least mine is- I was informed that it’s pretty standard. I’m not allowed to tell you who informed me. 

ALSO! I wanted to gently remind each of you that SUBMISSION is acceptable. Encouraged even. Give me what you have. All of it. Every single atom within your reach. It is now conveniently possible to do online. Technology, magic, probably just your imagination. If you get this far and want to know who I am or where I am the rest of time, you can find that here (x). I bid you leave now, or stay. To stare at dark, immaterial lines, to which you may or may not ascribe meaning. 

Omg guys I can’t thank you all enough for 2.3 THOUSAND followers! I love all of you so much and even though I was inactive for a little bit because of school and I am so sorry about that! This Easter long weekend I will post as much as possible for you guys because all of you deserve it and I love you💓
If you would like to you can follow my personal Instagram - @/oliviamarie.2001 ❤️ thank you guys again and I couldn’t ask for better xxx

I can find a little bit of you in everything. I can find you in the smell of freshly brewed coffee and I can find you in the warmth of a soft blanket on a cold day. I still remember the way you wrapped your arms around me so tightly and the way you smiled when you were exhausted. I can’t forget you. I don’t know if I even want to.
—  I wish it could just be us again. I need you now more than ever.


Idk, sort of continue (?) of this one:

Basic background was that Sanei moved her sweet little Vanilla Daddy on his own Ask Blog and idk but I felt like they all lived together in one house (lol).

I am sorry if I make Fell Sans a bit too jealous, I guess I will stop now with my little comics before I make these guys even more out of character. haha

Frisk, Sansy and Vanilla Daddy by Sanei/underfart-snas


Me: *considers cutting my hair* 

Crush: *tells me my hair looks “insanely beautiful

Me: *never cuts hair again*

Hey! You with the NaNo!

I know this post is a little bit late, and I’m really, truly sorry. But I wanted to say something.

If you tried NaNoWriMo this year–if you won, if you lost, even considered NaNo in 2016–I just wanted to tell you something.

You’re my goddamn hero. Deal with it.

Originally posted by obligatedtolaziness

Seriously. I watched over a thousand of you work so, so hard this year. I answered asks with a fever pace, knowing that a little advice could make the difference between a scene moving forward and a story stagnating. I am in absolute awe of each and every one of you.

For me, this year, this blog was my NaNo. I didn’t exactly keep count–I tried, but I couldn’t–of how many words I wrote for this blog. I don’t know if I succeeded or if I failed to write 50,000 words of blog for you all this year.

But I do know this: in November we helped build something together. We took a journey together. And for each and every one of you I was able to help, for all the effort and time you all put into your novels and your stories and your poems and your posts, know this:

You rock. You are awesome. You have made the world a better place just with your words.

And I absolutely love you all.

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xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Your Prince

Notes: I am so sorry it took me three days to complete this! I got home at 7 this morning, it is now 1:40 (Don’t ever work as a waitress during the holidays, especially New Year’s), and I wanted to finish this ASAP. I started over so many times and I still kinda don’t like this one. But I hope you like it, even if just a little bit. <3 Now, off to bed I go. c: I hope you all had an amazing and safe New Year’s! 

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I have spent days trying to figure out what I want to say. I have crumpled up dozens of pieces of paper and disregarded even more ideas. I have thought about what I could say that might make people feel just a little bit better. But I have come to the realization that it really doesn’t matter what I say. Because there is nothing I can do to take away any of the pain and destruction I have caused. I absolutely loved my parents and had no reason to kill them. I had no reason to dislike, kill or try to kill anyone at Thurston. I am truly sorry that this has happened. I have gone back in my mind hundreds of times and changed one detail, one small event so this never would have happened. I wish I could. I take full responsibility for my actions. These events have pulled me down into a state of deterioration and self-loathing that I didn’t know existed. I am very sorry for everything I have done, and for what I have become.

-Kip’s Statement to the victim’s


FINALLY Made the FAQ Video for BittyBones

Yes, I am very drunk, and there is mild swearing, im sorry


What is bitty bones?
How do I adopt?
What do I do with my bitties?
Can I make my own bitties?
Where do I direct my questions?
How can I become a bittybones admin?
How many bitties can I own?

I hope this helps you even a little bit.
I love you, you look gorgeous today, drink some water
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

((Ps, sorry I thought the audio was broken, and then Im sorry it wasnt lmao oops))

“You can’t date her.”

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t date Susan.”


“No, you just can’t.”

“I don’t think it’s up…”

“I don’t want you to.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little bit too late?”

“Is it?”

“You are dating and you are happy, I have every right to try and find happiness as well.”

“But with her? She is like Isobell.”

“You don’t know her. Honestly I don’t think we should be even talking about this.”


“Because you broke up with me.”

“I used to be your happiness.”

“But then you left.”


“I am sorry Felicity I will always have deep feelings for you, I…I will always love you but we are not together anymore and that was your choice.”

“You are right…I have to go.”


“No, no its okay sorry I said anything. I will see you tomorrow.”


“Why Felicity looked so sad?”

“We had a conversation.”


“Me and Susan.”

“So she finally told you.”



“John what you know?”

“What she told you?”

“She doesn’t want me to be with Susan.”


“But I told her it wasn’t up to her. She had moved on, she is dating.”

“She broke up with Billy.”


“Look you should talk to her not me. But I will tell you one thing. She broke up with him because of you. She still loves you and for saying how much you love her you are an idiot for not fighting for her because all she ever wanted is for you to fight for her.”

“It wasn’t one thing.”

“The ball is in your hands and its your turn to make a move.”

“I think I should go…”

“Yeah I just hope you end up where you were supposed to be long time ago.”





“Thank you.”

So..heh…hello. It’s my first time on Tumblr so I’m a little bit scared sometimes I am really shy + my English can be weird cause I’m not native, but you only live once right? Heh (⁄ ⁄◕⁄ω⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿) soooo……about this art…yas. This freaking “masterpiece” took me like 4 hours + 3 hours of editing this cause I have shitty program for recording my screen and I can even explain how painful it was  ಥ益ಥ Okey…but, seriously… I just hope u like my art because I was working really hard on it.

Once again, sorry for my English. I’m still learning