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when cicero writes to atticus in 67 BC: “mind you don’t engage your library to anyone, however keen a lover you may find; for I am hoarding up my little savings expressly to secure that resource for my old age”

i’m crying like,, “don’t u dare give ur library to ur (new) lover bc i am far more important and it’s mine” ????????????????????? i love the m 

I bought ‘The Mist’ by Stephen King from a used bookstore in Ballard. I wanted something creepy, but small enough to fit in my luggage, and common enough that I won’t mourn its destruction if it gets beat up.

There’s something eerie about used bookstore clerks. I can’t put my finger on it - their casual, knowing confidence, their armchair wisdom, their desire to 'test’ you. I have been asked more riddles and put to more challenges of wit by used bookstore clerks than any other demographic. They deal in adventures - money and profit seem to work differently to them. The man who sold me this book told me it was 'happy hour’ and gave it to me for $3 - less than the coffee I am drinking.

They also seem to have exceptionally keen memories, but only for certain things. 'My’ bookstore clerk - a round, white-haired man with a lazy eye and the name of a vegetable - never seemed to remember my name in all the four years that I visited his store, but was able to pick up conversations dropped months before. He gave me a loaf of bread, once.

The denizens of used bookstores are some type of Fair Folk, I believe.

We are, aren’t we?

Jim Kirk x Reader. Also can anyone spot the lines I used from the Beyond gag reel? *thank you Karl Urban*

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Keenser  was watching you eat lunch, his eyes following every movement you made. You smirk ripping apart the sandwich and handing him half. He makes a noise that could only be described as a squeal, before turning his attention to the food in his hand. You lean back into the chair and try not to think of the Captain. The two of you had a nice romp, as they would say, a few nights ago after a long tiring day on the Enterprise. You try not to think of his lust filled eyes or the way his mouth felt on your skin. Especially not the feelings you were starting to have for Jim. Nope not that. Definitely not thinking of that.

“Aye, another break you two!” Scotty strolls into his office, scoffing at the sight of Keenser and you eating.

“Working hard makes us hungry, am I right Keen?”

Your friend nods, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“Lassie, you’re lucky you are the second best engineer down here,” Scotty picks up his PADD and starts scanning through it, trying to hide the smile on his face. “Anyways, you are free to go. I just had to go see the Captain, he’s in the Medbay.”

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can I just say that for the most part you guys are so good to each other. Every time someone sends me a message asking for advice, the replies/reblogs are always full of people contributing extra suggestions or correcting/elaborating on things I haven’t explained very well, all in a very polite and friendly manner. Everyone is so keen to help and educate each other and I am very proud of this community <3

Final mock-up of my machine embroidered patches that are currently in production, it’s so different to see more or less how they’re going to look when they’re ready. I’ll hopefully have them by the end of the month to ship out. 

I am taking pre-orders for anyone keen to snag one early! A listing is now live on my shop — ✨ 🐝✨

Mads about his family and plans for this Christmas:

- And what do people see [in your eyes]?
Mikkelsen: “A father for whom nothing is more important in life than his family. This is my most important role.”
- Are you a cool father for your children at the age of 51?
Mikkelsen: “I hope so! The role in Star Wars helps me a bit to be the cool dad. Although I am still more childish than my own kids in many ways. I’m lucky I never had to grow up.”
- How do you get the balance between your job and your family?
Mikkelsen: “I have the feeling that I am new every day to deal with this situation. I am very keen to be at home for a months and take care of the family. But it is certainly not easy.”
- Your family still lives in Denmark, why not in Hollywood?
Mikkelsen: “My films including large Hollywood productions are often filmed in countries like Germany, Romania or Poland. We used to live in Canada for a year because I did "Hannibal” there. But the kids wanted to go back to Denmark, and Copenhagen is a great base for us.“
- How will you spend the Christmas holiday?
Mikkelsen: "We celebrate it at home. And then we go to skiing in Austria.”


  • Wayne child: *enters room*
  • Bruce: Ah no, change.
  • Wayne child: Selina said it looked fine!
  • Bruce: Selina has no taste.
  • Selina: Is that what you really want to say about the woman who is dating you?
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: Selina has impeccable taste. I am often envious of her keen eye and flawless judgement.
  • Selina: Better.

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am i the only one who finds it disgusting that dan always uses racist fake accents, uses the term "brown people" and makes fun of trans ppl, like he really doesn't deserve all the love he gets bc honestly he's just as bad as jennifer lawrence

I debated answering this or not. It feels a bit like baiting to me, but maybe it isn’t. Dan is by no means a perfect person. I don’t think he’s a hateful person or does things from a malicious point of view. There are several things he could be more educated on and try-harder on. 

For example, you mentioned him making fun of trans people. That was something he was corrected on and has since been trying to learn more about and how he can be better about it. Granted he’s a little older so he isn’t as used to things as some of the younger grumps BUT I also don’t like to lean on that as an excuse because Brian is older and nowhere near as messy. 

My point is he has room for improvement (like everyone does) and he does try to get better on certain things. I do wish the vague racism would cool down, that’s a constant wish for me when it comes to them tbh. 

People do tend to put Dan on a pedestal where nothing he does is bad and he’s a perfect and innocent boy, but he isn’t. He fucks up too and has bad moments too and we can accept that and love him for the good moments and try to help him and educate him through the bad or we can turn away all together, it depends on the person and their point of view. 

(i wouldn’t say he’s as bad as Jlaw)