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Here’s Galekh! First, I didn’t really cared about them (I don’t know if he’s a boy or a nb pal or whatever) but thinking again, I think they are going to be a very funny character. I am not used to paint a lot on digital (or in traditional, really) so there are probably a lot of mistakes here. 

I was tagged by @miss-bookworm and @heartneverliez! Sorry for being so slow to do this but here it goes

10 facts about me:

  • I’m what people refer to as a third culture kid, i.e I have lived most of my life so far in countries that weren’t the countries in which I have citizenship.
  • Which leads me to the next one! I’m a dual citizen (yay) of the UK and of Denmark. 
  • I am currently working through my MSc in Biochemistry. My deadline for my thesis is precisely 3 months away so be prepared to see a lot of posts about it
  • I love reading and have +300 books 
  • My favourite book is Pride and Prejudice, hands down
  • I have a pink stuffed elephant named Snuffles
  • I climbed Ben Nevis in September
  • I’m a tea drinker and usually have my tea either bought or sent to me from the UK
  • Emmerdale is the first soap I have ever watched
  • I love food and cooking, food is such an important part of my life and enjoyment

I’m not going to tag anyone before literally everyone has done this and I’m just slow :p


hi ny’all sooo @stargazershiro tagged me in this accent challenge and idk whether or not you’re actually supposed to record a video of yourself but…here ya go! @yahoo answers why am I like this

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And here, we see a wild Jackie in her natural habitat: sitting on the kitchen counter wondering when the pizza guy is going to show up.
Hey, guys! I’m Jacklynn, but most people call me Jackie, Jack, or Jax. Whichever you prefer is fine by me. You can catch me at the beach most of the time, because I am a total water bug. I spend the rest of my free time binge watching Stranger Things and slinging merch for All Time Low. Hit me up on gh @ godsend.jackie and we can talk about conspiracy theories or exchange dank memes.

ok but tater sticks by Bitty’s side at every falconers event after that family skate. he says it’s so he gets first pick of all the food bitty brings, but he sees the way a few of the guys eye little b and zimmboni. he makes sure THEY don’t get any pie until they politely introduce themselves to B like normal human beings. best pie on earth is reserved for good teammates only.

Honesty Hour

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot


Warnings: Language, some angst, and implications of sex. But really this is just pure hilarity in a fake world where all these adorable man!heroes are your best friends.

Word Count: 3K

Summary: It’s your turn to host Friendsgiving, and all your closest friends are attending – Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, and of course, Tom Hiddleston. After a whole lot of booze, the conversation steers into the boys asking your ‘FMK’ (Fuck, Marry, Kill) opinions - which leads to honesty hour with Tom.

A/N: OK so writing five people is hard af and that’s why this is so freaking long, but if you bear with me through this I think you’ll actually LOL at several parts of this little drabble. :) Anon, I hope this does you justice! Gif isn’t mine!

Originally posted by arianalilyblack

You’re not sure why, or how, really, but for the second year in a row you’d agreed to it. You’d be hosting “Friendsgiving”, and in only a few minutes everyone would be arriving.

“Fuck me.” You mumble to yourself, fighting to get butter and pepper all over the outside of the turkey.

“Oh come on now, Doll. You gotta play a little harder to get than that.”

Chris’s voice made you jump.

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I am often asked why i post pictures on here…because in the real world, i struggle with my body. Im not a size 6….Im a real woman, with real curves. I bust my ass at the gym and i love to eat real food! I dread standing on the scale and sometimes standing in the mirror. Tumblr is different…Tumblr allows us to be confident and share that goddess that is hiding in all of us. So i post for me…And i post for every woman who has been shamed for having curves, or stretch marks, or cellulite, or cant find your size at Victoria’s Secret..fuck ‘em…find your Goddess….
#me #goddess #beYOUtiful


Who wants a few thoughts about the pictures Jason dropped today, because I have them?

These are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Unfortunately for JRoth he unwittingly gave us an Episode number (S5 episode 5. Thanks to SpoilerTV we know that Episode 505 is supposed to be titled “Shifting Sands” (of course these are production titles and can change), but it does seem as if they are 1. in a sandy background (thanks @octanakin) and b, shifting sands is also used as a metaphor for something/one that is unpredictable and/or constantly changes (this could be very relevant to Octavia’s character/mindset this Season based on the little bit of BTS information we do have. 

My first thought (and the one I like the most) is that this still shows the initial Blake siblings reunion after their 6 year separation. Unfortunately, not everyone looks very happy. My best guess is (based on this being a “5″ episode w/potential “5″ parallel potential is the following:

Octavia murders someone just as Bellamy and Clarke catch up with her. Octavia is happy to see her brother, but both Clarke and Bellamy are a bit unnerved by her actions. I did a quick rewatch of the Flarke reunion scene in 205, to compare and contrast and found some similarities in facial expressions here:

Clarke in 505 as compared to Bellamy in 205 when they enter the village just after Finn has killed everyone. Both have the narrowed eyed look of concern, mouths slightly open: 

Same for Finn in 205 and Octavia in 505, we only get a side profile of Octavia, but even here the expressions are similar. Mouth slightly agape, both looking a bit wonder/awestruck:

And again, same with Clarke in 205 and Bellamy in 505. This is only a side profile and he doesn’t look terrified like Clarke does, but this expression isn’t exactly what I’d imagine one would look like after seeing their sister for the first time in 6 years. He looks more worried/concerned, than happy/pleased. 

I do have a second possible theory, keeping in mind that my timeline for the Season thus far looks like this:

501: Mostly flashbacks so we know how our characters got to the places they’ll be in when the 6 years later really gets heavy (especially as we know JRoth doesn’t want to spend too much time in the past) with maybe 10-15 minutes of “current day” at the end of the episode. 

502: Clarke and SS7 could reunite this episode. 

503: Very Bunker focused. I also believe Jaha dies this episode (it’s the last episode Isaiah Washington filmed based on his tweets-he hasn’t been back in Vancouver since this episode wrapped). I suspect this is also when Clarke and/or SS7 get to the Bunker (either together or separately and meet there) and uncover it.

504: If Clarke and SS7 don’t reunite in 502, they would reunite here. If 505 is the Blake reunion episode this would be very focused on SS7 and Clarke reuniting, with minimal Bunker focus until the end. If not 504 is the Blake reunion. We did see Bellamy and Clarke standing with Miller and someone I assume to be an Eligius crew member in Polis and they looked like they were getting ready to travel somewhere (Note the backpacks):

This is when the possible second theory comes into play:

505 has SS7 (some or all) leaving with some of Bunker crew (Miller, Octavia, etc) and some of Eligius and Clarke to go find food (I’m focusing on JRoth’s “there’s nowhere good to eat in Polis” caption here). They wind up in/near a desert, Aaron Ginsburg did tweet about having to write about/for a group walking through a desert: 

So they’re walking through the desert and they are separated/attacked and Octavia winds up saving them in a particularly gruesome manner and then she comes to check on Bellamy, and both Clarke and Bellamy are confused/horrified/worried/concerned about what they see. I am convinced this scene is not a happy reunion that we are probably meant to believe it is because the background of the scene, and Octavia’s hair and makeup in the still released today, are the exact same as they are in the still JRoth released on Dec 18th:

with the following caption: “This was the expression I got from @iamAvgeropoulos when I told her no trailer before the winter break. It’s Octavia’s “someone’s gonna die” face. You’re gonna see a lot more of it soon. #The100 #The100season5″

It stands to reason then, that this two scenes are connected and someone dies in this scene. 

This is all I have for now, but…if you have any thoughts feel free to add!!!


you were trying to get comfortable in the back of the Impala but it was difficult without a pillow or anything other than your hand to cradle your head.

you sighed in frustration and sat up glaring outside, “guys, im really hungry.” you said, “can we stop somewhere soon so i can grab some food?”

“its going to be another while, we’re in the middle of knowhere.” Sam said.

“oh no. dont say that-” Dean began when there was a small sound and Lucifer appeared next to you holding a bag with your favourite take out, “damn it!”

“heard you needed a pillow and some food.” he said, looking down at you with a grin, “so here i am.”

you grinned, “thank you!” and took the food from him. the Winchesters took turns looking at you in the rearview mirror and watching you eat. when you were done you moved yourself around so you could curl up with your head on Lucifer’s lap.

he grinned at the Winchesters through the mirror, “guess im going to be here for a while boys.”

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drarry-with-a-side-of-harry  asked:

Hey, I love your writing so much and I was wondering if you would do the 'trapped under mistletoe' trope? So during their time at hogwarts (whatever year) and it's near Christmas and everything's decorated and everybody's joyful and BAM harry and draco get caught under the mistletoe that won't let you leave until the inevitable happens ;) Anyway I'm rambling but I'm a big fan of you (and the mistletoe trope) and I hope you're having a great day! :)

Errrr, so I started this as a drabble and it became… Much longer. Than a drabble. Like, uhhhh, 4,000 words? WHICH IS STILL SHORT MIND YOU but it is longer than a lot of the things I have written in a short period of time (I started this like two days ago lmao). ANYWAYS. I did kind of my own take on the mistletoe trope. I kind of took your request and ran with it, and I am so sorry if this is horrible but I just did whatever made me giggle as often as I possibly could! The last thing I wrote was a little on the sad side and I really just wanted something lighthearted and fun to kick off the Christmas season, so… yeah! Hope you like! <3<3<3 also, HUGE SHOUTS OUT TO @insufferable-git for reading this and giving the go ahead!!!! I LOVE U RACHEL UR THE BEST EVER EEK

(Also, I have been reading a lot of Hemingway, and Hemingway’s literature is like. All dialogue. So that’s what I had in my brain. Yikety yikes I hope this turned out okay)

Harry’s Predicament (Eighth Year)

“Look out!”

Harry dodged suddenly to the side as he, Ron, and Hermione made their way down the corridor to the great hall for dinner. Another one. Goddamn it. Ron and Hermione jerked to a stop behind him, caught once again underneath one of the creatively placed sprigs of mistletoe the professors had all hidden around the castle. If you found yourself underneath one with another person, neither of you could move until you kissed each other. Those were the rules (and Harry didn’t have any option not to follow them, which pissed him off to no end. Harry had grown rather wary of rules.). The students found it humiliating, but it made the professors laugh, and Ron and Hermione didn’t look too mad as they practically ate each other’s faces off.

For Harry, however, it had been a nightmare. The students in younger years, who still idolized him for whatever reason, would not stop falling into step alongside him every moment they could, attempting to coax him underneath doorways or lure him into corridors to trap themselves with him. He’d managed to avoid them thus far but he knew he probably wouldn’t make it much longer as they changed locations nearly every day. Those godforsaken plants were something worse than Devil’s Snare.

Harry groaned, covering his eyes in mock horror. “Honestly, fuck each and every one of the professors at this school,” he said once Ron and Hermione finally separated, cheeks pink, lips swollen.

“Mate,” Ron replied, sidling over to Harry and draping an arm over his shoulder, “we know you’re bisexual and all, but the last thing I want to think about right now is you fucking every one of our professors. Though you and McGonagall is quite the interesting image…”

“Fuck off, Ron!” Harry laughed, elbowing him off of his shoulder as the trio approached the entrance to the great hall.

Harry could feel the festivity radiating out of the hall before they even got to the doorway. The whole room was bursting with light. In each corner stood a magnificent Christmas tree adorned with lace, animated ornaments and what Harry could only assume were diamonds. Overhead there was a convincing display of the first soft snowfall of the year. Ambient Christmas carols could be heard above the din of the students getting ready for their meals. Harry started making his way over to the eighth year table.

At least, he thought he was making his way to the eighth year table.

Why wasn’t he moving?

What the fuck?

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The Signs as Things a Scorpio has said to me:

Aries: “We’ve been here for an hour and there are only 2 minutes left oh, and it looks like your ADHD is striking again”

Taurus: “But I do have food… At my place” *flirty smirk

Gemini: “You don’t know how it’s like to be friends with someone with a huge head. When I talked to people, they’d only stare at his big creepy pumpkin head”

Cancer: “I have trust issues because once I saw you crying while laughing at my reactions!”

Leo: “It’s not that I’m arrogant, but you’ve gotta admit that I am the best you ever had”

Virgo: “Do you seriously think I didn’t come with a plan? I have the plan of the plan of the plan in case you don’t fall for me”

Libra: “I wanna get laid, but first I’ll take you to the dance. I am not a savage”

Scorpio: “People call me evil, I prefer deceptive with a cause”

Sagittarius: “How does she know so many thinks about condoms? I mean is there a class that offers counseling because I’m in”

Capricorn: “I don’t care if she jumps off of a roof, stupidity got her hanged anyway.”

Aquarius: “You know that damaged friend you like to drink with, only because when they are sober they are just so depressive that you can’t breathe around ‘em? That’s you, bitch!”

Pisces: “I just wanna go on a killing spree with you and then argue with your two personalities at the police station”

aopositn  asked:

ummm would you do an angst fic with 21. "You knocked on the door and 1 in the morning, to cuddle?" after either richie or eddie has a Really Bad Day

i hope this is ok!!! its not that angsty tho??? so if u really want an angsty fic tell me and i will write u some serious mcr emo era 2008 shit ok


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Anakin: [rushing into the box seats, wearing a nice space tuxedo] Chancellor! I’m sorry I’m late. I was on my way out the door when someone ran into me, and I told them where I was going, and they insisted that I go back to my quarters and get dressed “appropriately” for the opera. [catches his breath] My apologies. 
Palpatine: Oh, don’t worry about it, my dear boy, I’m just happy you – [looking behind Anakin, lowering his voice] You brought a guest?
Anakin: Huh? Oh! Heh, yeah, I brought Obi-Wan with me. He loves the opera and he pointed out that there’s nothing you can say to me that you can’t say to him, and what with us both having rescued you the other day I figured you wouldn’t mind treating him to a night out, too. 
Obi-Wan: [also formally attired, smiling at Palpatine] Hello Chancellor. It’s so kind of you to host us. 
Palpatine: [locking eyes with him] Yes. I am beside myself to see you. 
Obi-Wan: I thought you might be. 
Anakin: [sitting down in between them with a huge popcorn and 17 boxes of candy] 
Palpatine: [uneasily] You brought…refreshments?
Anakin: [mouth full of food, spilling popcorn all over the seats] Yeah, Obi-Wan said that they don’t have a concession stand here so I brought all this from home. You can totally have some if you want, sir! [holds out a giant container of Raisinets]
Palpatine: [trying to smile] Er, no thank you, son.
Obi-Wan: Are you sure, sir? Anakin surely brought enough to last the whole show. 
Anakin: [loudly drinking a soda] 
Palpatine: No thank you. I ate before the show began. 
Obi-Wan: Oh. What a shame. 
Anakin: [still chewing] So what did you wanna talk to me about, Chancellor?
Palpatine: [distracted] Hmmm?
Anakin: That’s why you sent for me, right? You said you had some big thing about the war you wanted to talk about. Obi-Wan was super curious, too. 
Obi-Wan: Yes, Chancellor. My interest was quite piqued about what sort of information you were planning to share with Anakin. 
Palpatine: [waving a hand] No matter. We can discuss this another time. Let’s just…[grimacing as Anakin wolfs down more popcorn] enjoy the show. 
Anakin: OK yeah, that sounds – 
Obi-Wan: When?
Palpatine: Excuse me?
Obi-Wan: When would you like to discuss it? Because Anakin is going to be very busy. For a long time. Possibly forever. 
Anakin: [clueless] I am?
Obi-Wan: [pointedly] Yes, Anakin.
Palpatine: [increasingly annoyed] With what?
Obi-Wan: Oh, Jedi things. You know. We might have to go on a meditation retreat to an undisclosed system for several years. 
Palpatine: [leaning over Anakin to get to Obi-Wan] In the middle of the war?!
Obi-Wan: [firmly, staring him down] If that’s what it takes.
Anakin: [to Obi-Wan, confused] Master, I don’t know if I wanna leave when – 
Obi-Wan: [insistently] Anakin, I heard that Senator Amidala is going to accompany us. And that we’ll all have to share a room. 
Anakin: [settling back into his seat, clearly trying to hide his delight] Oh! Well.
Palpatine: [narrowing his eyes at Obi-Wan, whispering harshly] This isn’t over, Kenobi.

Here is the honest body update. I’ll be real with you, December has sucked for me. Last weekend was pretty much a 4 day free for all when it came to food. I went through some emotional stuff which led me to not take care of my body. And as a result there obviously has not been progress. I’ve done this before with previous weight loss journeys. This time will be different because this time I am continuing to push forward despite my setback. This is a little embarrassing to post because of the lack of progress. But this is just me being truthful. This is a hard journey and I have to keep myself in check through the remainder of this month.

(Side note: I do not weigh myself)

🇰🇷 한국어 🇰🇷 - Basic Introduction and 자기 소개

Hey guys, due to popular demand I’ve finally gotten around to creating a post to help you guys delve into learning 한국어 (the Korean language) once you’ve mastered 한글 (the Korean alphabet)! Today, let’s focus on a basic introduction to 한국어 and learn some basic phrases in Korean!

[Brief Historical Background]
-한글 created in 1446년 by 세종 대왕
-originally called 훈민정음; proper sounds to educate the people
-letters combined to form block syllables
-24 letters; 14 consonants (자음) & 10 vowels (모음)

[Basic Greetings and Phrases]

1. Hello, how are you?

2. My name is (insert name here).
저는 (insert name here) 이에요/예요.
제 이름은 (insert name here) 이에요.

3. I am a (year number) student in college.
저는 (insert uni name here) (yr 1-4)학년 학생 이에요.
Ex: I am a freshman at Great University.
저는 Great University 1학년 학생 이에요.

4. My major is (insert major here).
제 전공은 (insert major here) 이에요.
저는 (insert major here) 공부를 해요.

5. My hobbies are (insert hobbies here).
제 취미는 (insert hobbies here) 이에요.

6. I like (whatever you like!)
Ex: I like Korean food!
저는 한국 음식을 좋아해요!

7. Farewell!

Goodbye (to someone who’s leaving)

Goodbye (if you’re leaving)