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Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

the carnivorous pitcher plant family nepenthes has a lot of traits that make them intriguing to botanists, but one of the most unique things about them is that they’re one of the only plant families in the world that are completely diecious; individuals are either entirely male or entirely female, something that occurs to some degree in about 6% of the plant kingdom. we don’t know a whole lot about how this works or what triggers it. nepenthes breeders find that sometimes, their plants will open for a bloom and will have changed genders entirely, with no apparent cause (this exclusive dioecy can be a great challenge in conservation settings, when there are only so many male and female plants in a remaining native environment, but this is a discussion for another time). where plants physiologically determine their sex is funky and weird and sometimes varies by species.

in these kinds of studies, there are also plant families, species, and populations that are found to be in a weird state of mixed dioecy. for example: some recent studies have been done on strawberry populations in various parts of the US. these populations have portions that are male, female, both, or neither. the sex ratios shift and are generally weird based on a lot of different factors, and even factors we dont know yet, as well as some we do. we know little about what triggers this, and what triggers a possible sex change in an individual plant. questions have been raised, in recent years, about where sex in a plant is determined, how its determined, and even- on a larger scale- if all plants are headed down this evolutionary path to the advantages provided by not always being hemaphrodites. sex and gender are strange, and so is nature. 

so i guess what im saying is that the plants say ur gender is valid 

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party


The living room wasn’t meant to sleep nine bodies but somehow they made a workable nest out of it.

I am so emotional over these kids and I couldn’t get this scene out of my head.

I know everyone is busy screaming about history, but I would like to casually remind everyone of the gift that no one has talked about enough. this is magical and amazing and none of you have appreciated it enough so HERE now you can watch/listen on repeat like me


“Well he wrote the songs for Moana as well - Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played Hamilton and wrote the musical, wrote the songs, is now in the Mary Poppins movie…”

In which David Tennant is all of us.

once upon a time...

there was an abomination called…

the bananato

and it had a bananato family

and as every family they had some struggles about whether they are a potato or a banana but every thing solved by love and trust between them and they learned something important…..”we are a bananato”

then they all died

the end.

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