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My friend Aden Watters was just recently diagnosed with cancer and he said that the only thing keeping his head above water is you, Mark,Seán, and Felix. So I would like to thank you. Thank you for being there for my best friend whether you knew it or not. Thank you.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend Aden. Please tell them that I appreciate their support so so much and that I’m super happy that my videos can help them in any way at all. I wish them nothing but good health and well wishes <3

also i’m so happy that she really didn’t give a fuck about the secret. she just accepted it because she loves him for all he is, past and all. it was the keeping secrets from her that stung. and you know this is all going to end BEAUTIFULLY so i’m actually here for it. i am in love with their love.

Can I go back and talk about that Snow/Killian scene for a minute though?

I have been dying for a scene like that for so long that I just can’t even contain myself. I will overlook the fact that Killian was fucking devastated throughout, but I am silently shaking my fist. (see my fist, it’s shaking) Snow being genuinely happy for Killian to join her family is just…it makes my heart sing. 

Now Killian, get the fuck back home to Emma so we can end all this angst and have a wedding. 

I’m 15 followers away from 100😭. I know that doesn’t seem like much but I’ve only had this blog a month and I didn’t think I’d even get 5 followers. Thank you too all you beautiful people who decided to click that follow button. Please don’t be afraid to talk to me sometime ❤

Scorpius: Congrats, dad. You will be…..

Draco: Oh gawd. You got a girl pregnant.

Scorpius: That’s not what I-

Draco: Haven’t we talked about this already?

Scorpius: Yes but….wait a min I am only? Dad.

Draco: I can’t believe you would be interested in girls let alone impregnate one.

Scorpius: If you would just-

Draco: I don’t want to hear this.

Scorpius: Listen to me.

Draco: Let me grab some booze.


Draco: Why didn’t you lead with that? You had me shook.

Scorpius: Oops. Sorry.

I’m just so fucking worthless
Don’t you see?
I can barely keep up
I’m falling behind
I can’t even stop myself from eating because
I am a fuucking cow
And my grades were good
But now I can’t even bring myself to do work
Crap I feel like everything is slipping through my hands
And im fucking trying to be happy so
That other people have hope
But I just want to hurt myself because
I don’t even know what day it is sometimes
And I’m so fucking scared
And I’m surrounded by all these people
Who tell me they care
But the way they talk about others makes me feel scared
Because every time I talk they cut me off
I’m not good at anything
I can’t bring myself to change even though thats all I
Want to do right now.
I tell myself all these things and
I just can’t do them and I’m so
Fucking tired.
I hate this shit
I really hate me.
I hate me…
Why do I have to be me

Hey guys

I didn’t want this to happen and I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was afraid something like this would happen if I started sharing anything personal.. So I’m not going to answer any more asks about this topic nor am I going to answer any more personal asks just to avoid conflict all together

Sorry, I am also trying to not be dramatic but I really want this blog to be a happy place :) Including myself as well. Cause man if I feel shitty about myself, I become a complete shut in and I can’t do that with this blog ahahah.

Once again, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend! I am going to log off now so have a good day <33

As people always say with these things I recently hit a follower milestone and wanted to celebrate by making you all follow a bunch of amazing people. Except I kind of want to do it a little bit differently.

As some of you know I am a huge color theory/psychology nerd and I have synesthesia where I kind of attach colors, words and feelings to people (like I will actually see these colors when thinking about certain people). So I thought that would be fun to play around with and that’s how this post was born. I hope you like and if you have a question on why those colors feel free to ask me. 

 Jorey | @alterloveevakskam | Creative • Passionate • Loyal 

Megan | @betchnaesheim | Interesting • Busy • Calm (yes both those things)

Ila | @cuddlyaki​ | energetic • funny • cute

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Rabbit | @evenickey​ | nice • kind • friendly

Ally | @evenvalterson​ | unicorn • sunshine • happiness 

Eliza | @happily-found-strong | Lovely • Important • Caring 

Ashley | @hemrikholm | Bright • Sunshine • Kind 

Vivi  | @heroesfromdustandclay | Worldly • Thoughtful  • Smart 

Elsa | @honeyhighlands | Calm • Funny • badass 

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So are those of us just beginning to stalk Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan allowed to, mm, maybe write a short about that time he apparently impersonated the Emperor?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

All are welcome here in the happy land of Accidental Space Pirates! I suggest tagging some of the repeat offenders talented folks ( @forcearama, @jerseytigermoth, @lurkingcrow, @albaparthenicevelut, @jahaliel  @bodirooks @resistancepilot and I feel like I’m missing someone. WHO AM I MISSING???)  who have helped bring our favorite Pancake Arsonist into being when you’re finished so that we can all share the ABSOLUTE JOY of Obi-Wan impersonating the Emperor. I can almost see it now…

Obi-Wan: Are you sure there are enough wrinkles Ahsoka? I getting more of a Hondo vibe than an Emperor Palpatine vibe.

Ahsoka: Stop complaining about my work and work on your evil laugh.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! Best of luck on the fic!

Gotham Memes

Send me a number + character + male or female reader (for reader insert blogs) + sfw or nsfw (if you want me to decide don’t mention it in your ask)

  1. “You’re drunk.”
  2. “I don’t need your gifts! I need you!”
  3. “Happiness doesn’t exist in Gotham.”
  4. “Are you stalking me?!”
  5. “You scare me.”
  6. “Working at Mooney’s is really exhausting, but I need the money.”
  7. ”Is this your first time?”
  8. “Teach me how to use a gun!”
  9. ”I’m not your damn maid/servant!”
  10. “I love you, but I know you will never love me.”
  11. ”Why did you do this?! You could have been killed!”
  12. “How about a movie night?”
  13. ”You should go now.”
  14. ”I am not your property!”
  15. ”You are cute when you are jealous.”
  16. ”Why are you blushing?”
  17. ”Why did you kill him?!”
  18. ”I didn’t know you can cook so well!”
  19. “You will pay for this!”
  20. ”You are an arrogant bastard!”
  21. ”Want some beer?”
  22. ”Please stay with me overnight…”
  23. “I don’t need you…”
  24. “I hate you!”
  25. “Don’t look at me like this. You’re scaring me.”
  26. “I’m not good enough for you.”
  27. “If you go through that door now then you never have to come back again!”
  28. “You’re hurting me without even recognizing it.”
  29. “I’d die for you, okay?!”
  30. “You’ll die alone if you continue being that asshole you are.”

Feel free to add more :)

New Chapter 13 Update makes plot even messier than before. Tabata tried to fix story and explain characters’ motivations, but instead he created new plot holes. 

The only good thing is bro-comradery between Gladiolus and Ignis (gladnis fans should be happy). Some Ardyn’s comments were pretty funny too (and some definitely not). Iedolas content (5 seconds of normal screentime and one really tasteless moment with Foras) is pure joke. Ravus death was so fucking brutal, I am glad that it wasn’t his last death… But now everything about Ravus is more convoluted (and 300% more tragic).

- Ravus, why da fuck you are in Zegnautus? There is no convoy behind him. Nothing that can prevent him from escape. Why didn’t kill Iedolas immediately? Why didn’t deliver sword in Altissia?

- Nothing about his change of heart. He started to respect Noctis, but why? Okay, Noctis killed Leviathan, but only with Luna’s help and blessing. From Ravus’ perspective it should be another “my sister sacrifised her life for this weakling” moment. Everything in this scene looks like developers tried too hard show that “Ravus is good guy now”.

- Where is other Nifflheim folks?

- The way how Gladio’s acted means that no Ravus in Episode Ignis. My only hope is episode Prompto.

Mercifully, it wasn’t awkward Kingsglaive montage (I don’t know which is worse - Ravus lack of screentime in game or his screentime in movie) or new 3 notes around his body, but it stll didn’t enough. And let’s face it - this game based on interactions between party members. You can add 2 minutes or 2 hours cutscenes for characters, it doesn’t change a lot if you can’t contact with them directly. Lunafreya has movie, small Brotherhood cameo, Omen trailer, but people still complain about her being underdeveloped, because she is foreigner. Iris, who is absolutely pointless character, is more interesting for a big part of fanbase, because she is party member. 

Tabata’s team dropped balls on proper character’s arcs, but I can’t deny how good they handle small details like Noctis patting Iris’ head, Prompto helping Iggy to walk, etc. That’s how it works. 

Sorry for rambling and mess, typos, I`m very emotional and it’s 5 AM.

P.S. I dare say his arm wasn’t the reason why he become daemon? Good thing, at least my fears that Luna was aware about MT’s hand and his possible infection, but didn’t tell him, are gone. Now let me back to that promotional image with Fleuret siblings and big chocolate cake.

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Man I really thought Sasha was suicidal. I started crying but then I realized she just wanted a weapon from Eugene and I started smiling cause she's an actress, a queen. It was like that gif of that model crying and then being happy and walking away lol

I know, I was about to be mad (well, I still am) like are you really gonna do her that way???

I really don’t want her to die. She’s not expendable. People would care. Her life isn’t less worthy than Rosita’s. 

I hate it


Levi: Look, I’m really happy for you, Viv. I really am, but just hear me out for a second.

Vivian: Okay, shoot.

Levi: I don’t know any other way to ask this without coming across like a huge jerk but, what the hell are you doing with him?

Vivian: What’s that supposed to mean? I’m not his type or something? Cause someone like him couldn’t possibly want to be with me?

Levi: No, that’s not it. I don’t think that he’s your type. I mean, there’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way, which is why I prefer to stay as far away from him as possible when we’re all at the cafe.

Vivian: What bothers you about him? He’s a really great guy! He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s … cute

Levi: And he’s friends with Caleb. That alone should be a red flag.

Vivian: You’re friends with Caleb.

Levi: No, I tolerate him because we’re in the same club. Don’t think I’ve forgotten the time in grade school when he pushed me off the swings and I got a mouthful of sand when I landed.

Vivian: But Dante isn’t Caleb. He’s better than him. He shut him down just the other day when he was being his usual douche-y self.

Levi: If you say so. Just … for me, please look out for yourself.

Vivian: Levi, you act like he’s gonna kill me or something. (chuckles) Everything’s fine! I’m fine, our relationship is fine. I’ve never been happier.

Levi: …Okay. I’ll trust you.



AND THEY ALL MADE ME VERY VERY HAPPY I don’t even know how to thank you all for sending me them~;/////; I always read EVERYTHING, and I read all of them the moment I got. I am really sorry for taking so long to do something about this and maybe all of you forgot about it *COUGHS* but I didn’t!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH >////////<♥ AAAaa

Sorry for not responding each individually, it wouldn’t really be work for me but I didn’t want to spam too much~ ////// but I am really happy and glad I reblogged that colors game~ I want to hug each of you and drown in kisses ~ //////♥

And to be honest, I am actually surprised that I didn’t got any hate of this– :’’D yay– 

Any of you can feel free to IM me and I’ll do my best to answer~ /////// I’m just not too good at having conversations because– I get too embarrassed and I don’t have much time… aaa… I am really sorry- I try my best to keep it up! I promise

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Hello, I just wanted to say that as someone who is in a happy, healthy, poly relationship I adore your AU! I love my partner very much, and care for their second significant other very much as well, so I appreciate your content about this! Thank you!

That makes me so happy to hear <3 If I ever misrepresent something too let me know for sure, I am doing my best but I am only human!!