and i am gonna be here to see it

you guys have once again absolutely overwhelmed me with support and kind words and just . being there in my life i love you all so much here is a picture of me hugging each of you individually for an extended period of time 

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Is the mun over 18? If not are they younger than 13? Just wanna make sure begore i do anything. Im new to this blog

I do appreciate you asking me first, since I know sometimes its difficult to see since I…heh…tend to act a bit younger than I am, due to my mentality. But me? I’m over 18, I’m actually gonna be 27 in about….12 days. Its my muse whos young.


Am I the only one who’s gonna miss their team up? I mean everyone else is freaking out because Steve and Tony were friends!! But really they never were THAT close, not as close as Steve and Natasha were, I mean really she got to see him in action in The Winter Soldier and they made a great team. (They also were very close in the first Avengers for meeting for the first time) And this scene really get’s me, I mean she get’s to wield the shield!! Like Bucky and Cap do here, 

So yeah…watching those two split up is a big deal to me…

It’s gonna hit me hard just like seeing my BROTP from the 1940′s come back for the 2016!! x’D I’m really gonna die in this movie…

You make me smile like the sun
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

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what do you think is gonna happen tomorrow?

Okay so. I will use this message to give a general warning just because I care. I really do. Here’s the thing, will I be dancing alongside all of you if a convenient fireworks display (mind the fic reference) happens to go off at Syco HQ in London at 12:01 AM or something to that effect.

However. If nothing happens tomorrow, I want to encourage patience in everyone. The fact is, quite a few things have already happened AND the Bears have been pointing to this date for awhile now, so even if we may not see it, I will suggest that it’s an important date for reasons more than just Harry’s birthday. But if it stays quiet tomorrow, that doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Every little thing is gonna be alright. :)

but just imagine established youtuber park jimin finally revealing his boyfriend…

“you’ve been curious for awhile, right? let me introduce you to him…”

“jungkook-ah, come here.”

“here, go ahead and introduce yourself.”

“they can’t even see your face!”

“everyone, he’s handsome, right?”

“he just flew in from the states, so we’re gonna spend some time together privately, but i wanted you to meet him first. anyway, this has been jimin and jungkook’s vlog, see you next time!”

more of this youtuber au


Let me just take a moment – once again – to appreciate Rap Monster’s growth as an artist in this industry.

Some of ya’ll probably haven’t seen that interview seen in this footage yet. I’m not too keen on showing you guys cause it made me so furious for days after watching it.  Seeing it again made all that anger creep back in too. But for retrospecting, if you want to, go ahead and watch that interview here. (Fair warning to those who haven’t seen it… it will make you grit your teeth)

As I’ve probably mentioned in one out of my countless posts about RM, this is something I greatly admire of him. He now has grown out of “I hate being idol”, “Don’t judge me, there’s more to it than what you think” mindset, to “I love what I do, who I am, regardless of labels and how people see me as… I’m gonna keep doing what I do.”

Having seen that maturity in him made me feel so proud. And this segment just proves who are the ones still caught up or not over this ridiculous what-should-be “hiphop” and what-should-be-not. Namjoon probably gave the wisest answer to this long controversial topic against him and other idol rappers. None of this matters to him anymore, as long as he’s doing what he loves to do. And that makes him a much bigger person than he was way back then.

I’m just really happy to witness this change of mindset in him. Sure, he isn’t perfect. He’s made a lot of mistakes and blunders in the past, and I’m sure he’s still gonna make a lot of mistakes that’s likely to be problematic however, you can’t deny how he grew and matured a lot ever since, and I’m proud to see it all. 

Calum’s Girl

What’s it like being Calum’s girlfriend? Well, here’s a little insight on that:

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“This one’s for you, (y/n). Ooh. Yeah.”

“That’s honestly pretty good. I’m impressed, babe.”

“Now’s your turn. Come ‘ere so I could teach ya.”

“I’m gonna suck at this.”

“That’s not the only thing you suck. Heh.”

“Gotta blast!”

“Just a joke, babygirl! Come ‘ere!”

Originally posted by hoodbum

“The view is so pretty!”

“Aw, thanks, babe. I know how pretty I am.”

“Move, Calum. You’re blocking my view.”


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“Calum Hood? More like Calum ‘fuck me good’!

“As you can see, (Y/N) is in the crowd and drank a wee bit too much.”

Originally posted by lukesbuttholeismyhome

“Sorry, (Y/N), you just walked in on the truth. Calum’s mine now.”

“Yeah, babe. He’s got a better butt.”

“That’s nice. I’ll just go out with Ashton instead.”

“No! I love you, (y/n)! You’re mine! Sorry, Mikey.”


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“Hey babe. We’re just on our way to-”

“Hi, (y/n). Hi, (y/n). Hi, (y/n). Hi, (y/n). Hi-”

“Mate, get out of my shot. You’re annoying.”

“I’m not that annoying. Hi, (y/n). Hi (y/n). Hi-”

“Leave her alone. I only get to annoy her.”

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“Cal, say ‘cheese’.”


“Ooh, what if I made this our Christmas card..”

“Don’t you dare.”

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“If you keep quiet, I’ll give you what you want. Promise?”

“I promise.”

“That’s my pretty girl. Now come ‘ere.”

apparently after getting my widsom teeth out, I had:

  • sung the opening theme from lion king
  • sung “california girls”
  • sung two or three songs from vice quadrant
  • yeah, i sang a lot
  • tested my reading ability by reading aloud labels in the operating room, which confused two of the doctors because i had not explained where i was getting these words from
  • stopped breathing just to see what the monitor next to me would do in response (which was beeping loudly)
  • claimed “i feel like steven hawking” as i am wheeled out to the car while clutching an imaginary text-to-speech device
  • said “god damn stupid ass cat get over here i need you” while holding on the the downstairs toilet
  • watched night at the museum 2 complete with my dumbass commentary (“octavius and jedidiah are so gay for each other dont tell me they arent.” “omg im gonna cry over amelia earhart noooo not again.” “OH MY GOD FUCKING GET REKT KAMUHRAH OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS! FUCKING OBLITERATED”)

technically 10.1K now but sHH 

okAy so I hit 10K wh aT ??? literally thank you sososo much it mean’s so much to me that people find me somewhat interesting enough to follow yells. i appreciate you all so so much. thank you x 8724538751<33

anyway, since starting this blog back in 2014 i have met the most incredible people who i love for forever and i am very thankful for them all!

here are all the people who i enjoy being pals with, talking to and just seeing on my dash,, this is gonna be long wow; 

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Willa & Blair McKenzie Aesthetic meme ♥

I am proud of you.

You have overcome the things you feared last year.

You once thought you’re gonna die and yet here you are now.

You questioned yourself but still managed to do the things you were supposed to do.

You once didn’t love yourself but I see that you’re trying so hard.

You really made a big deal of what people say about you but now all you believe is that you are special.

You never thought you’d be alive today but here you are, making dreams out of pain.

I am proud of you. I really am.

Hoo boy! Sorry about the comic spam. I wanted it here since it’s pretty much the story numero uno and start for all the other stories that will come.

So yeah! Welcome! Welcome to my silly blog for splatoon. This is the place where you can see me throw all my splatoon art from now on. Ask me questions about these characters and I might answer, maybe even draw the answer (I really missed doing these). Or, ask me splatoon related questions too! But be sure to check About&FAQ before sending me any.

Anyway, as you can see things here are still a bit bare… I am still working on the bio pages but those should be up… Soonish.

And while I am planning to do stories in chronological order, I think our green and purple friends will be here from the start. Hehe… *cough* We all know em and love em.

But yeah! Speaking of stories… What are you gonna do next Tammy? WELL! I’m gonna take a well deserved vacation and do plan stuff for future. I hope to open patreon and commissions soon so gotta plan for those.

But yes, I can confirm, there will be a new splatoon comic… SOONISH. A comic called “First Match! Splat Jam vs Vitamin-Ink” is on the making. First three pages are already done. The comic will be very different in style compared to HOI but I think you will like it. ;)c

Anyway, I’m rambling. Welcome and hope you enjoy. Next i’m gonna talk about Clementine and Whinter’s names. I got many questions about those. ;D 

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Could I request Kuroko+Kise+Kasamatsu+Takao+Izuki (separated) scenarios where they're sick and their s/o take care of them,pls?

IZUKI: “When I suffered a groin injury, I became quite testy.” Pause. You stared at him. “Really? Even when you’re sick?” “Because I make the sickest puns.” You shoved him onto the bed, shoved a thermometer into his mouth and draped a damp towel over his forehead. “Don’t open your mouth.” He huffed and just laid there. “What am I gonna do with you?”

KASAMATSU: You nearly screeched when you saw him out of bed looking like a zombie. “What are you doing?!” “Practice.” He coughed, holding onto his chest and wheezing. Seeing Kasamatsu like this was different. You shook your head and placed him back on the bed. “You’re sick and you will stay and rest.” “But—“ “No buts. You sleep right there or I’ll call Kise here.” That shut him up fast.

KISE: His eyes brightened from dim yellow to brilliant gold when he saw you at his door. “___-chi, what are you achoo!” He sniffled and pouted. “I’m sick.” “I can see that.” You said through the face mask. No way were you going to get any of his germs. “Can I get a kiss?” “No.” Then he started whining. You thought Kise hyper was annoying, you prayed to the heavens that he’d never get sick again.

KUROKO: The words “I’m perfectly fine.” left his lips before he crashed onto the floor, face first. You had to have Kagami drag his butt to bed to sleep. Then you buried him underneath layers and layers of blankets before feeding him some porridge. “I’m fine, ___. Don’t worry so much.” That he said before he was out cold, snoring away the exhaustion over the last few days. Oh, Kuroko.

TAKAO: Escaping his sudden hug attack, you stared at him plopped dead on the ground. “Takao, you need to stay in bed.” “I need to stay in bed and cuddle with you.” He grinned with faux innocence as his cheeks pinked again with the warmth. You sighed and dragged him back to bed. He was very needy and you shook your head disapprovingly way too many times. “No, I will not massage your feet.”

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Am I the only one worried after all these spoilers over the weekend? When EBR mentioned in an interview that she didn't see olicity break up unless there were secrets kept, I was 100% sure that oliver wasn't going to tell her about the son.i am one of those who want to see them kinda break up.i mean I wanted to see felicity give him back the ring, and walk away so oliver would go after her. I mean she has walk away from him a couple of times and I wanted oliver this time to go after her (1/2)

Okay I’m gonna take a detour here. Because everyone knows I’m 100% confident in Olicity and very much on the “watch and see what happens” train. So instead, I’m going to address something this ask made me think while I was reading it.  It’s something I’ve thought while reading so many other asks I’ve gotten just like this. This happened last year too. 

I think the reason you and other people have no faith in the writers is that you’re fixed on your own vision and uninterested in giving another vision a chance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I’m not saying this is wrong. So many people do it. But I think this is why you and others are bothered and I am not. 

(first I’m going to apologize for going off on your ask… this isn’t specifically geared towards you so please don’t take it that way.. I’m addressing a general fandom rationale I’ve noticed, using your ask. I am not calling YOU or anyone else specific out on anything, just giving my thoughts on this matter.)

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and here is a height-chart/icon set of the main players in my  thunderbirds are go high school AU ! under the cut are all of their character bio’s.

now. what am i gonna do with this AU? more art? fanfiction? a rock opera? absolutely nothing at all? who knows! we’ll see where the future takes us.

i kind of need to steady on with all the AUs, really.


brains. penny. kayo. marion. moffie. ned. john. scott. virgil. gordon. alan.

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