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외출하기 전 (Before I go out)
  • 외출하기 전 (Before I go out)
  • Black Nut // MC기형아
  • MC기형아 mixtape


[Black Nut: Verse 1]
I dance with my shoulders and shake my leg to this beat
But I don’t know if I’m moving to the beat or shaking in anxiety
I think I’m struggling rather than rapping in front of this mic
Anxiety is scarier than a ghost
The break of dawn is always the time of suffering
The way to get through it is going to sleep as fast as I can,
But the nightmares torture me more, I hesitate even when I wake up
Should I close my eyes again or wake up?
I open my mouth stained with a burning smell and lit a cigarette
I sit here spaced out and emit my smoke
Then I realize how much of a disappointing guy I am
I start hating rap and see my dark future
That’s when I start a fight with my laziness
I lost again, today. I’m going for a drink
The mic in my dark room keeps getting dusty

[Hook 1]
Look behind you
Everyone is laughing at you
Put the earbuds in your ear
Make the volume louder so you can’t hear their laughter
Yeah, don’t listen to anything
Don’t look at anything
You’re becoming stronger in that room
Forget about yesterday’s memories

[Black Nut: Verse 2]
Guys with skills keep showing up in this scene
What do these son of bitches eat to roll their tongue so nicely?
Inside me, there is more inferiority than my sperm, so I keep hiding
I lock myself in my room and face many emotions by myself for a very long time
And then I crash. No one made it like this
I’m the idiot who picked up a shovel and dug my grave deeper
Now I have nothing left to do, but go in the hole I dug
I’m a failure. God assembled me with some components left out
And Satan whispers in my ear, “I’ll fix you so you become better.
He came down to the hole I was in, throwing the shovel he had in hands for me, “Hey, start again.”
But Satan became friends with laziness and they held hands, yeah

[Hook 2]
Get up, from that bed
Snatch the things the other guys have
You’re not a loser
So don’t say that you’re lazy
Look behind you
Everyone is laughing at you
Put the earbuds in your ear
Make the volume louder so you can’t hear their laughter
Yeah, don’t listen to anything
Don’t look at anything
You’re becoming stronger in that room
Forget about yesterday’s memories

[Black Nut: Verse 3]
When you laugh, I laugh
But when you guys laugh, I cry
Loneliness starts like that and I hide
The only place for me to rest is inside my blankets
My mom sometimes acts like she is putting insecticide on my face
Saying that I’m a rice weevil,
Sometimes, I get mad
Looking at myself in the mirror, who became a loser that can’t do anything

Who made me like this?
A year ago, I thought they were the bad guys
But now I’ve realized, I’m the fool
I shouldn’t have hidden back then, I should’ve ran out to them
I can stand tall in front of them
Even when they tell me to cheer up with their hand on my shoulder
Every time you were in despair, you thought of me and thought to yourself,
“Well, he’s living too” and made yourself feel better
In your head, I was someone who never got himself together
And someone to make you feel better about yourself; I’m going to change
I’m going to be a different person from that guy in the graduation album
I ask failure, “Will you come to me again, tonight?”
Push me so I fall and lend me your hand so I can stand up again
Failure is the mother of success
So I have no denials about failing (“denial”/부정 also means “love for his/her father.” Since failure is the mother of success, there is no love for the father)
Even if I fall, I stand up smiling
A life towards success they always talk about on TV
I clean my ears, I think my friends are talking about me again
You guys laugh tonight, but I’m not giving tomorrow to you guys
You know what I’m saying?

[Black Nut & girl voice: Outro]
Look behind you
Everyone is laughing at you
Put the earbuds in your ear
Make the volume louder so you can’t hear their laughter
Yeah, don’t listen to anything
Don’t look at anything
You’re becoming stronger in that room
Forget about yesterday’s memories

Can we just talk about this? I mean, Ichigo has known he was going to lose his powers for ages now. He knew it from the moment Tensa Zangetsu told him about the final Getsuga Tenshou. He can feel his powers slipping away - he said as much at the end of his fight with Aizen, and when he steps outside the house now just before this scene, he says he can’t feel spirits anymore. So it’s not like him losing his powers is a surprise to him. But you know what really drives the fact that he’s going to lose his powers home? 

It’s the loss of Rukia. Her presence fading away is what does it for Ichigo. That’s when he truly realises what losing his powers mean. THAT’S when he thinks ‘oh, I really AM gonna lose my powers’. And it’s significant that the complete loss of his powers is represented by Rukia slipping away out of his sight. His powers began with Rukia gifting them to him, and his powers end with Rukia slipping away with it - as though she is taking it away with her. Rukia is so inextricably linked with his power and his will to protect and his fucking identity down to his core (because really, to ichigo, having that power to protect is a crucial part of his identity), and I honestly cannot fucking deal with these two. 

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i feel like everyone is taking Carmilla's side and refusing to see her flaws in her fight with Laura. Am I the only one that can understand and sympathise with Laura (despite that dumb thing she said to Carm) moreso than Carm?

Hmm I think in general you’re probably right, there’s been quite a lot of siding with Carmilla over Laura from what I’ve seen, although I do have to point out that I don’t go into the main tag much any more so I could be wrong.

Personally I don’t think I sympathize with either one more than the other. There are problems in both of their behaviours for sure, I talked about it a fair bit in asks between ep 14 & 16.

And right now they’re both acting like toddlers, so there’s that.

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I am with you Puffy I am just going to sit back and see what happens. I was thinking how lucky I am to live in a country that people can worry about all this first world problems as opposed to all the millions of people in this world with really hard lives just trying to survive day to day whether they are trying to find food for their kids or surviving war like conditions or fighting for their lives through horribly illness. Reality check time.

I love you!

In all honesty I was ready to let this go, but if they wanna make this a fight, I’m not backing down.

Following is her in fact “not” ordering a commission:

My mistake on her last message. I thought she was referring to how I should colour it. My previous commissioners can confirm that this is the way I have been doign this for the last year. I have been combing the basic colours and sketch into one picture to make it easier for the client, instead of sending 2 different images. Multiple clients (By multiple I mean 15+) can back me up on this. So I am confused as to what she thought this was.

Keyword: If you’re happy. I did not get any feedback so I assumed they are content with the product. I had other customers that wanted me to make certain changes, so that’s when I did em. However this person failed to message me at all. They later claim (2 days after the preview. After I contact them again) that they decided to work with another commissioner. 

You know what you do when someone has a different ship then you? Respect it. Don’t go around spreading hate on ships because you don’t like them. You do realize all of us are allowed to have different opinions and likes right? Don’t force your ships onto people, tag them properly so people who have the tag blacklisted don’t have to see them. Don’t tag all the other ships you don’t like with it so it shows up in the others tag, that’s not the respectful thing to do.

I repeat respect others ships,don’t force ships because I’ve heard and seen some people just getting so sick of seeing that ship everywhere that they can’t like it at all. Just please PLEASE be respectful towards everyone.

A little about me..

So I work at a Law Firm. We focus on mostly immigration. First off, I got this job by the grace of God. He knew this is the career path I wanted and he gave it to me without finishing college (unfortunately I couldn’t afford to keep paying for tuition so I dropped out). I had 0 experience in law but I told the lawyers that I was passionate about serving the Immigrant community because I am one. Anyways, my job consists of translating at citizenship interviews, helping families obtain work permits, filling out documents and such. But tomorrow is a BIG day. There have been underage kids coming from Guatemala and other countries here to the United States to escape the danger of their countries. We have about 20 clients that have court tomorrow and our job at our Law Firm is to try to fight for them to be here. These kids are 12-16 years old being alone in court. The local news is going to be there because they want to share these kids stories. Their lives are going to change drastically tomorrow. They could either have their asylum granted or be sent back to their countries. Please keep my clients in prayer. It’s going to be a very long day.

P.S. This isn’t meant to start a debate in anyway. I apologize if this offended you, however this is my job and I care about my clients so much.


I mean, it’s definitely the beautiful human shaped oni. I think. All the plot indicators seem to be that this is the case. 

So are we getting the to culmination of the Outo plotline? Is this the final boss fight? 

I don’t want it to be over yet.

so I work in retail....

and I often see people of all types but every time I see a little black girl I always to make sure I smile and say something like “Hi, Beautiful.” or “You are so beautiful.” “Your skin is so lovely.” to them because I remember so clearly how it was to grow up always feeling like the ugly one out of my group of friends because I was the black one.

I know that it’s not much but I feel like a have to say something bc of how we’ve seen the world tear down children of color (Blue Ivy) without caring about how those words are going to affect them later down the road.
I remember those feelings of inadequacy, and I look back now and those feelings did not go away on they’re own, I had to unlearn them slowly and am still fighting everyday to find the beauty in my brown skin.
I just can’t help but think that if someone had taken the time out when we were young girls to point out our beauty and worth maybe we wouldn’t have to deal with so many issues today. Maybe it wouldn’t be so revolutionary for us to love ourselves, because it would be already known and natural to us.

People call it a “trend” this natural hair, #blackgirlsrock, melanin poppin’ persona but in reality it’s an awakening; a truly beautiful thing to see black girls opening their eyes and seeing their worth for the first time, and let me tell you, I AM HERE FOR IT. You apply that coconut oil, baby girl! You rock that glistening melanin! And lay them edges!

And PROTECT our beautiful babies at all costs. You see they tryin’ but they can’t stop us.

We have arrived.

We’ve made it.

And we aren’t going anywhere but up.

i’ve lived in this house for nine months, anxiety scratching up my neck every time i walk in the door. scared to even eat food until my housemates go to bed. i’ve dealt with meat being left open to go mouldy, dried animal blood on the bench. i’ve dealt with my housemates friends breaking in, sleeping in my bed and using my personals/shower. i’ve dealt with parties that have lasted all weekend or started on a monday night. i’ve dealt with rape jokes, misogyny, men disrespecting me by yelling/calling everything ‘GAY!’ and then telling me that i can’t have 'real’ sex without a dick. i’ve dealt with five am screaming/crying fights after the third time my housemates boyfriend moved back in. i’ve lived with all of this stupid stuff for nine months and next weekend, my dreams are finally coming true and i will be moving in with my love into our own little place. i will have to pay rent at two places until november and i’ve had to pick up extra shifts but i have never been happier. i feel free ❤️

40. pillow fights (blurb)

ashton and you would be having a lazy day at home when he came back from tour. knowing that you just wanted to spend time with him was enough for him to just sit down all day and enjoy his time with you. you’d be laying in bed, ashton going on and on about his experiences on tour and you’d start to doze off from staying up all day yesterday and all day today. you’d be almost completely asleep when you felt the light fabric of a pillow hit your head. “hey!” you’d exclaim. and ashton would initiate a pillow fight at one am, saying that “you should never fall asleep on me because i’m more important.”

calum liked to wake you up in the morning usually by an unconventional way that usually left you angry or annoyed the entire morning. calum would wake up hours before you due to his regularly early schedule and would refuse to spend the morning by himself. he’d get up out of the king sized bed and admired your sleeping figure for seconds before pulling a pillow out from under your head. he’d climb onto the bed and stand over you before hitting you in the side of the head. you’d shoot up and yell, him jumping down from the bed, and you’d whip a pillow across the room at him, hitting him in the stomach. he’d then jump on you, announcing, “it’s on now!” and rapidly hitting you with the fluffy pillow.

when luke was feeling rebellious enough to make you angry, he would go all out. knowing that sometimes you got irritated by the littlest thing fueled the fire even more. you had set out the couch pillows just how you wanted them, and then luke came by and turned them all upside down. you walked back into the living room to purse your lips and just fix them. luke walked back out and flipped them backward, right in front of you. you told him to fix it which he just turned them upside down and giggled at you. your response was taking a pillow and throwing it at his head, making luke duck and look at you with wide eyes and his head cocked. he’s slowly pick up a pillow and hit you with it, you picking up another pillow and hitting him back, resulting in pillows everywhere and bruises on you both.

you would buy a couple of nice feather pillows to put on your bed for you and michael. you’d set them up nicely and then lie down in bed to see how they felt. you’d lie in bed all day, reading or playing on your phone in the comfort of your new and improved sleeping space. michael would come home after a long day at the studio and would just want a ton of attention, which you wouldn’t give to him because you were too engrossed in your novel or phone. he’d sit on the bed and pout, then pick up your nice pillow and hit you, making your book/phone fall out of your hand and a couple feathers fall out of the pillow. “michael!” you’d shout, taking the pillow away and then he’d grab the other one and hit you again. feathers would be all over the bed and floor after an hour of just beating each other up with the soft pillows.

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•thank you for reading

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How do you feel about the people blaming Chloe Lukasiak for the video of Maddie being leaked and saying that Chloe's nominations for TCA&IDA should be taken away because of the video of Maddie being leaked? Or the people that are saying Maddie did nothing wrong and Chloe is the one "spreading her legs" for Ricky to get ahead(which is a huge lie)&someone should find pics/video of them f*ing & release them like the videos of Maddie were released? Are you prepared to fight them?

Personally I feel that as long as Maddie knows Chloe wouldn’t do that that’s all that matters. Haters will look for anything these days to pit these girls against eachother and as of recent we’ve gotten them both being caring and respectful toward eachother and at the end of the day that is all that matters. I am 100% sure Maddie knows the Lukasiaks would never do that to her. Despite the rivalry they were like family and a stupid award isn’t going to change that.

I’ve said before Maddie does take some of the blame for filiming the video. I feel she should’ve known better than that however to her it was a harmless video filimed with friends but some perv took advantage of that and leaked it. Maddie takes 10% of the fault because although it was stupid to film it. However she wasn’t the one who posted it. If she did that would be a different story.

As for what’s being said about Chloe. I haven’t heard any of that but it doesn’t suprise me. These girls are constantly being attacked for no reason. Chloe is 14. She’s starting High School I’ve known plenty of girls who have had boyfriends before that age so her dating Ricky shouldn’t be oh so shocking. She isn’t 9 anymore she is 14. A Teenager and if HER PARENTS (The only people that matter in this situation) okay’d her dating Ricky then what she does with him is none of our busniess. We aren’t her friends or family we are her fans and as much as she loves and respects her fans we don’t have any right to clue into her relationship unless its to show support. Same goes for her haters. They have no right to comment on something they know nothing about.

Now I’m gonna say this and I aplogize ahead of time because I did not wanna bring it up but anon you asked…..14 year olds have sex I’ve known plenty of Girls and Boys who have done so before the age of 14. It happens that’s the reality. However people making false rumors of something they know nothing about need to learn to mind their own. Chloe’s relationship is none of our business. Chloe dating Ricky has nothing to do with her trying to get ahead and everything to do with enjoying her life as a ‘normal’ teenager. She’s having fun. Reunited with friends, making new ones and a seemingly great boyfriend.

So yes I’m willing to fight (no not literally. I mean defend to the fullest.) Maddie and Chloe are children and neither deserve any of the sh*t they’ve gone through. No one does. A lot of fans are obsessed pr filled with hate and its disgusting that you can spend your life hating on a child who has done nothing but do what makes them happy. It pisses me off people are upset with their happiness.

does anyone else who wears makeup determine whether they’re going to give a sh*t today by whether or not they have the energy to contour when getting ready in the morning? my brain is telling me not to contour but i think i am going to try to fight back and put the energy in.

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So, I've only seen a few episodes of Lost Canvas and I've only seen the Pisces Saint fighting, but I wondered why Deathmask has smoke around his index finger in your apprentice doodle. Is he fighting with lazer beams? Because Aphro and roses are familiar, but lazer beams?

imagining cancer “i am so evil” deathmask fighting with lazer beams like a magical girl made my morning better, thank you

Actually, the Cancer Saint speciality is related to the dead. His main technique is basically separating the souls from their bodies and it looks like this as portrayed by Cancer Manigoldo

The almighty finger of DEATH

But you’ll soon discover it if you go on with Lost Canvas

So my schedule at work has completely changed.  I go in late into the afternoon and usually get out of there just before 4:00 AM.  It’s been hell on my body and spirit to try to adjust, which is why I haven’t been on here much.  Sorry.  Now I’ve got loads of messages to get to again 😡 😡 😡

But also, I only get a bit of spare time and I’ve chosen to spend that writing.  Let’s face it: writing makes me happy.  No arguing or fighting or nasty words being thrown around.  Just my imagination and me 😄

I’m headed to see my nephew this weekend (it’s his first birthday) so maybe I can get some messages answered then! 👍

‘til then – stay beautiful you lovely people!! xx


This is Benjamine! She’s the sweetest giant woman and she will make you questionable brownies and loves to give hugs and is very Strong, do not fight (but why would you I mean look at her she is a teddy bear)

I hope I included the correct details, others can be worked out as we go… I can’t wait to see who her partner is OwO

As of today, I am officially sox months clean of self harm. I’ve never made it this far before and I am so incredibly proud of myself for this accomplishment. I’ve managed to change a lot in the past six months and all of it has been for the better. I still take this struggle one day at a time but I know that if I keep fighting I will be able to add another six months to this. Everyday I will fight to keep myself going; even on those hard days, I will keep fighting.

the wierd thing about being avoidant is that…i am actually so ready to fight, i am SO FUCKING READY TO FIGHT I WANT TO FIGHT SO BAD I WANNA SCREAM FIGHT ME FIGHT ME YOU USELESS GARBAGE I CAN BEAT YOU i imagine scenarios were people say dreadfull things to me and i fight back all the time and i WIN!!! and yeah even tho i am so ready to fight all the time when it comes tot he actual scenario my avoidant brain is like “yeee those countless dress rehearsals were for nothing enjoy your lack of dignity ads you forget your lines in front of your audience!” and you’re just left there like’ ….ok -dies on the inside a little more-’