and i am finally freeee

I am finally FREEEE

Now that I blocked “assholes” who make my life miserable on here. I can now enjoy being a fan of Richard and Lee in peace and happiness, with no drama and people calling me names and calling my posts “creepy” and sending me crap , negative messages like their miserable beings. 

Now, I can enjoy the beautiful fan arts, the adorable stories and the occasional spotting and expressing how I feel without feeling patronized every time I decide to do so.

Phew, it is like a burden got off my chest! feelings so much happier already!

Cheers to our gorgeous men!
with all the love and respect in the world!

I had my last final yesterday and now I am FREEEE for the next two and a half months. Technically I still have to write a paper about the Angolan war but I’m pretending I don’t until this weekend 😬 Starting now every day is #SockSunday day and I couldn’t be more happy about it 🙌🏼 Yay to summer break!

Planning on reading this gigantic thing called A Breath of Snow and Ashes (or Outlander #6) while on break. Excited and also scared to see what Diana Gabaldon has planned for Jamie, Claire & Co next.

Still nothing from @outlander-starz on who will be playing Bree and Roger and it’s driving me crazyyyyy! I just want to know already! Tell me!