and i am done!!!

me: i should do some work tonight so i don’t die tomorrow when I have to get it all finished

*hours pass and nothing gets done*


Luke x Mara || “An Open Book” AU

When Cassian and Jyn get engaged to be married, poet Mara Jade offers up her family’s castle in Inverness, Scotland, as a venue. Amongst the guests, though, is one Luke Skywalker, fellow writer and sometimes burr in Mara’s side. But it’s not her wedding, so she can’t exactly disinvite him.

The wedding goes off beautifully. The skies are sunny, the bride and groom beautiful and in love. But no sooner are the newly married couple off to their honeymoon in Santorini than a storm rolls in, cancelling Luke Skywalker’s flight back to London. With the roads flooded, Luke can’t even get into a hotel in town, so Mara, reluctantly, offers him a bed in her castle with fifteen bedrooms. But after a bottle or three of wine and some poetry reading in front of the fireplace, the two of them really get to talking and maybe more, but the next morning, Mara’s head is just a little fuzzy, though what’s not fuzzy is the reality of her and Luke, tangled up (fully dressed, though) on the fur rug, empty glasses on the floor and poetry books scattered around them like a library exploded.

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That's a nice icon you got there

Anonymous said: mom is the dancc

I suppose I could explain lol. Yesterday my follower count reached a level of dankness and my eggplant mafia, aka “the metafam”, aka @guyinlovewitheremika suggested I used the icon @leapingtitan made for me a few weeks ago. 

@kuchenackerman made one as well

They love me.

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you think isak will find out about sana and even knowing each other tomorrow?

hiya anon! i don’t know honestly… look, right at this moment what we’re expecting, based on the conversation and this clip, is that sana is going over to isak’s to get some dirt on sara. which, i do think we’ll get. but i don’t think that will be the end of the clip, we need to be surprised. and here the fact that isak and even live together now finally comes to fruition: it’s not that hard to presume even will be there as well (isak could have stayed at kollektivet, it’s not as if we’ve seen kollektivet that often for noora to need her old room back). it’s been two (?) weeks since the fight, two weeks since even saw his old friends again, and we basically know shit about how or why it happened. if it’s going to be discussed – which the text from isak saying that he wasn’t punched indicates – i’m pretty sure we’ll get to know some information. finally. it’s a dramatic moment, waiting to happen. but if it’s gonna be about this connection between sana and even? i don’t know..

  • Granby: All right, Captains-only getaway! Big shout-out to Tharkay for hosting us this year. As always, there will be no spouses, no admirals, no work-
  • Laurence: No bedtimes!
  • Laurence: Within reason.

lilly-tan replied to your post: oh man a 15 year old wanting attention what a…

wanting attention is one thing, behaving like shit is another completely different. he being 15 doesn’t excuse being a piece of crap. not at all.

yeaaah, i fail to see how being 15 excuses kicking other people hard, calling a woman he doesn’t even know an uglyass bitch, constantly calling yuuri a pig and just basically lack empathy for others most of the time.

more than a few taz moments have been drawing me in to draw or animate them. for some reason i chose an early season moment i didn’t even remember happened until the second time i listened to the series.