and i am almost not sorry

The Voiceless ~ pt. 5

[A/N: I am sorry this took so long to do. I’ve been focusing on school and life in general to be honest. But hey! Here’s an update!]

AO3 to parts 1-4 

Part V

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sorry, i’m lil confused…

and it’s almost 4 am i have work today…so have to sleep rn.

i'mma back here again after work finishes.

Finally :D

Okay, I’m going to wear my cosplay in two days, so this is going to be my final entry regarding this topic.

So, I decided to put the other 8 zodiacs on the skirt, even though I know that a large part of the skirt will be covered by the cloak. Regardeless, I wanted to do this.

I kind of messed up the Aquarius, which kind of sucks, bcs I’m an Aquarius, but I love how the Taurus turned out. I even placed the Pleiades next to it to be a little bit accurate. I know that Orion is missing, but I wanted to stick with the zodiacs. Soooo not sorry Orion. XD

This is what it looks like almost finished.

Aaaaaaand after a few more attachments

I am so proud of this. I know that this sounds so vain, but I put so much time and love in this. So yes I am very happy with the result and I can’t wait to wear it.

So this the end of a journey and to be honest I’m going to miss working on this cosplay.

But I’m also very exited to wear it with my lovely Viktor and Yurio. ❤

Over and out,

NorNorCos 😚

Brotherly Benefits


(Goddammit this already sounds cancerous.)
A/N: A request from an anon, I believe. They just wanted some soft blue belly rubs so why the heck not? Also, I am fully aware that I almost always end these things with the characters falling asleep but like…
What else can ya do when you’re in that kind of a state?
Anyways, sorry if this is poorly written. I had a rough few days which involved a good old-fashioned sickness bug.
Ho boy, haven’t eaten in two days.

Story under the cut to save those pure souls who may read this out of context. Also I tagged this fontcest because I know it offends some people, and it’s only intended to be platonic but I’m just being safe here.

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[Rules] tag 20 Followers you would like to get to know better

I was tagged by the lovlies @hazzabooween and @thesexyasswoman. I’m pretty boring, but here you go lol

Name: Jacqueline

Nickname: Jacky

Gender: Female

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5'6″

Sexuality: um that’s a good question. because I used to think I was straight, but I don’t think I am anymore…but beyond that i idk

Hogwarts House: no entiendo…

Favorite Animal : dogs

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours depending

Dog or Cats: dogs

blankets you sleep with: sometimes one, sometimes none like last night.

Dream Trip: Anywhere in Europe 

Dream Job: I still wanna be a rockstar tbh

When I made My blog: almost 5 years ago, but it wasn’t a 1d blog lol

Followers: almost at 3k

Why tumblr: it’s where i can get the most content on the stuff i love

Reasons for my URL: i think it’s pretty self explanatory

I’m sorry if you have already been tagged @haloeverlasting @smittenkittenlouis @youngandmadeoflightning @taketheroses


from now on to the end of my life, you are mine and I am yours
while the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you are my sun, my moon, and my stars

Happy birthday ZEN! (*’∀’人)♥

Happy Birthday, blue paladin ! 

So, Lance enjoys taking selfies ? What if he used to take one with his family each years for his birthday ? … And, this one isn’t an exception !

continuing the lazy chibi theme from last year! but this time with my aged up designs =D/

there have been rough spots in this fandom, but despite that, i am not sorry i joined :D i’ve met a lot of great people and made some very good friends, and tbh i’d go thru hell for you ppl :’D so i’m glad to spend another year enjoying and celebrating miraculous with everyone ;0;/