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happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

re-reading the X-Wing books, my main takeaway from Solo Command is that someone really needs to make Wedge/Han like… a thing.

After all, you get such gems as the following:

“Well, you’re not the only member of the crew who could benefit from some blissful irresponsibility right now. So I’m going to stage an insurrection and seize control of Mon Remonda.”

Solo gave a curt laugh. “Wedge Antilles, mutineer. That I have to see.”

which follows a long, emotionally charged conversation of Han admitting his insecurities about his and Leia’s relationship,

Rogue One was among the pilots returning. Solo breathed a sigh of relief. He had few enough friends. Win or lose, he didn’t want to lose any more in this engagement.

… Han I can’t believe you care this much? and then there’s this whole scene:

Han Solo and Wedge Antilles sat in the cockpit of the Millennium Falsehood, their feet up on the control boards.

“Stand by, Communications.” Solo shut off the cockpit microphone and gave Wedge an accusing look. “You said, when you overflew her X-wing, that you saw no sign she ejected.”

“That’s right.” Wedge stretched lazily. “There was no automated comm signal indicating an ejection.”

“Commander Square Corners himself, showing a streak of duplicity. Lying by omission. I can’t believe it.”

As they walked down the Falsehood’s loading ramp, Solo threw an arm over Wedge’s shoulders. “Corellian to Corellian, you know what the great thing about being a general is?”

“No, what?”

“In lots of circumstances, you can pretty much do whatever you want.” With his free hand, Solo reached over and gave Wedge’s hair a thorough mussing.

Wedge batted his hand away. “Hey, stop it.”

and who can forget the scene in Wedge’s Gamble, in which Wedge attempts to counsel Leia about her relationship with Han:

“That’s his nature, though–he’s chaos incarnate.” Wedge smiled. “Han Solo, you have to love him…”

“… or freeze him in carbonite, I know.” Leia stared wistfully off into the distance. “He’s a good man. Even with his quirks and rough edges, I don’t think I can find better in this galaxy. And I’m not really interesting in looking, either, but there are times when I wonder ‘Why him?’”

“If you ever have doubts, serious doubts, come see me. I can give you a dozen reasons to answer that question.”

in which I know what Wedge means, where he could give Leia a dozen reasons why Han is the right guy for her, but honestly it kind of sounds like Wedge has a dozen reasons why one would be in love with Han Solo, at least six of which apply to him personally.

Do you just loathe a family member?

Like, “If I wasn’t related to you, I’d probably have already knocked out your teeth.”

Skype with B.A.P

Bang Yongguk: The moment B.A.P arrived at the hotel he immediately went to his room, which he luckily didn’t had to share, threw himself on the bed and grabbed his phone. He checked the time difference to make sure he wouldn’t wake you up. He missed your voice and your face, but he wouldn’t disturb you if it was in the middle of the night in your country. But it wasn’t. So he hastily logged in into Skype and called you. “Gukkie! I missed you!” Your voice sounded a little bit different, coming out of his phone, but it didn’t fail to make him smile his lovable gummy smile. “I missed you too, Jagiya.” He hid his face behind a pillow, but continued to stare at you. Yongguk was wondering how it was possible for you to still look so beautiful, even though you just came home from work, exhausted and tired. He was so lucky to have you.

Kim Himchan: It hurts. Seeing you so close, but knowing that you were so far away. He bit his lower lip and looked down. A poor attempt to stop the tears from falling. But Himchan couldn’t fool you. “Look at me, Channie.” You whispered and placed your fingertips on your laptop screen, right where his cheek was. He inhaled deeply and looked up to your pixelated face. “Jagiya, I…”, his voice cracked and a single tear rolled down his face. “Don’t cry, Himchan. Just two more weeks and then we will see each other in person. You know what they say? The greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation!” Himchan closed his eyes for a second and sighed. “I want a kiss for every day I don’t get to spend with you.” He murmured and you giggled softly. “You even get ten kisses.” Finally a smile appeared on the visuals face. “Is that a promise?” He looked directly into your eyes and placed his thumb on the screen of his phone, right on your lips. “Of course it is.”

Jung DaehyunOne hour before the concert started, the singer decided to call you. Normally he would have done the V-app, but he forced the maknae line to do it for today. Daehyun searched for his phone on the make-up table, looked in the mirror to fix his hair and after that, he called you. You answered instantly and wanted to greet him, when his picture froze. “Oh no, really?!” He sighed in annoyance and started wandering through the corridors of the backstage area. Every ten seconds he tried to call you again, only to lose the wifi signal whenever you answered. When the signal got stronger, he followed the path and clicked the green video-chat button once more. Your face appeared and the internet remained stable. “Ah Jagiya, finally. I was wandering around like an idiot who was trying to find the place with the best internet connection.” A laugh escaped his mouth. Someone cleared his throat. Only then he realised he went straight into Jongup and Zelo’s V-app filming.

Yoo Youngjae:  Everyone was asleep, when he decided to video chat with you. He sat in the back of the van, Jongup and Daehyun in front of ,- Zelo next to him. According to their loud and relaxed snores they wouldn’t be bothered by his quiet voice. He pulled out his phone, plugged his headphones in and called you. You answered a second later. And the moment he saw your face, stressed and tired from the lack of sleep because you had to study for an exam, his face lit up with the biggest possible smile. “How are you?”, he asked and happily listened to everything you had to tell. Even if it was just the smallest thing that has happened to you.

Moon Jongup: “Can I call you?” Jongup sent the message on Skype and awaited your answer in anticipation. “Don’t… I am wearing a face mask right now…” Of course he called you immediately. You greeted him with a sigh and hid your face behind your hands. “Let me see your beautiful face.” Jongup serenaded. You grunted and looked into your cam. “Happy now?” You asked and your beloved boyfriend couldn’t hold back his laughter. “I’m glad to see you too.” If you would be honest with yourself, you were happy that he had a reason to smile. Well, laugh, in this case. Jongup suffered from the distance between both of you a little bit more than you did. “I’m sorry Jagiya, but you look so cute. Just like a snowman.” Now you couldn’t hold back your smile. “I’m Olaf and I love warm hugs.” You imitated the character from Frozen.  Jongup grinned and kissed the webcam. “And I’m Jongup and I love you.”

Choi Junhong:  “Okay, let’s have a break from coordinating the choreography, Zelo.” Jongup stretched his arms and legs. “I’m gonna get myself something to eat, you want to join?” Zelo shook his head. “I’d like to.. you know.” He held up his phone. “Oh, of course. Greet her from me, will you?” Zelo nodded and sat down on the floor. The maknae opened the Skype app and clicked on your name and then on the green button with the video function on it. His lips curled into a smile when you accepted his call. “First of all: I shall greet you from Jongup. Second: I love you and why are you crying jagiya?” Zelo furrowed his brows. “Ah, you shouldn’t see me like that.” You blew your nose and tried to smile. “I just… I just… I saw my best friend and her boyfriend today and it made me realise how much I miss you and how much I want to be with you right now and-”. Your voice cracked and you started to sob again. “No, don’t cry! We will see each other soon, I promise! Jagiya please… I can’t stand to see you crying like that…” He chewed on his lip as you still didn’t stop to sob. “Do you know what happened yesterday? Daehyun stepped out of the shower and slipped. He shouted for help, but nobody bothered to look because we all thought he was practising singing again. That’s funny, isn’t it?” Zelo raised his eyebrows and a comforting smile formed on his lips. You stopped crying and looked into the camera. “He is such an adorable Idiot. And so are you, for not checking if he’s okay.” Zelo pouted. “But you still love me, right?” You nodded and wiped your tears away, a shy smile appeared on your face. “Of course I do.”

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What is gemini passion? (I'm sorry I'm just really curious) also is passion defined by the moon sign and Venus sign? For example I'm a Gemini Venus and Pisces moon. Again I am sorry if I sound absolutely stupid. I am new to astrology

mars and pluto are where we exhibit energy for our passions and desires. like mars in gemini or the archetype in gemini has a great hunger for learning, intellectual stimulation, mental challenge and debate, and academic conquering 


Video Games

Authors Note: This Jared Leto one shot was requested by an anon to the song “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey. I have to admit that I listened to this song on repeat the entire time I wrote this and I’m still not over it. I hope you enjoy lovely. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Angst, Fluff, Lite Smut

“ Can you do a Jared Leto thing based on Video Games by Lana Del Rey?” -Anon           

Four weeks. Six days. I missed him more than I cared to admit but I dove into something new. I needed something new. I walked in the backyard, breeze flowing through my sundress as I climbed on to the swing. My fingers ran down the twine as I leaned my head against it. I could feel myself sinking into my memories when I hear the engine of the car pulling up in the driveway.

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You guys.

They are talking about love and he bandaged her hand, which is the moment I absolutely lost my shit for this couple, and the first CS theme just played and they were so close and in each other’s spaces and her face gets all vulnerable and his face is all vulnerable and they just met but they can already read each other so well they don’t even have to say anything, and so much is going to happen to them and this is their first adventure together and it’s so stupid but I am crying.

I feel absolutely ridiculous but I just love them so much. Like, I may be disenchanted with the show itself but they are beautiful and perfect and this is really really getting to me this morning.

I am a mess.

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Hello Weird, i just want to take a moment to say thank you, for all the people you've inspired, encouraged, and supported over the years. I love your artstyle and am a huge fan of the Kuros, which has helped inspire me in my own works and continues to do so. So once again, thank you for being awesome. I hope you and your husband figure all this medical bull$h*t out soon. < 3

You honestly couldn’t have picked a better time to send this to me. Thank you, so much. I’ll admit this made me cry lil a wee binch, I had a pretty rough night. Thank you, will all me hearts. Apologies for the rant below, but it’s what made my night so tough.

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i wasnt actually mad but after 11,000 people telling me that its reasonable to expect me to make multiple switch accounts to play one stupid game i am absolutely fucking mad about botw’s dumb idiot stupid lack of save slots eat my ass nintendo 

Prompt List

Hey Guys! I have a some things queued since I’ll be on a cruise with no wifi next week! But send me a number and a person and I’ll do it when I get back from my cruise!! 

  1. “Tell me what you want.”
  2. “Why didn’t you try harder?”
  3. “You just left”.
  4. “I thought you were different.”
  5. “Of all the people, I deserved better.”
  6. “That sounded way better in my head.”
  7. “Did I say that out loud?”
  8. “It’s you and me against the world.” “Always.”
  9. “Being with you physically hurts me.”
  10. “You’re/I’m the best thing that’s ever going to happen to me/you!”
  11. “I just want you to be happy.”
  12. “You’d do that for me?” “I’d do anything for you.”
  13. “I really don’t need your criticism right now.”
  14. “You’ll fall in love again.”
  15. “I swear, you guys should just fuck.”
  16. “If anyone asks, I was here the whole time.”
  17. “I’m not a good person.”
  18. “Please tell me this isn’t true.”
  19. “It’s not that burnt.”
  20. “Put some clothes on!”
  21. “Why am I your emergency contact?”
  22. “Just stop with all the lies!”
  23. “I should’ve never told you that.”
  24. “Please don’t leave me.”
  25. “I’ll be here.”
  26. “I actually feel something with you.”
  27. “Maybe we should just marry each other.”
  28. “Why does that sound like you’re saying good bye?”
  29. “I’m really sorry you had to see that.”
  30. “I don’t know whether to slap you over the head or give you a hug.”
  31. “I was gone for 5 minutes!”
  32. “I hate most people… but I don’t hate you.”
  33. “I think I’m in love with you. Nope, I am absolutely positive.”
  34. “Were you following me?”
  35. “I was stupid to think I could change/help you.”
  36. “Prepare to get your ass kicked.”
  37. “What are you doing here?”
  38. “Do you even know what time it is right now?”
  39. “How did you know?”
  40. “Is this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”
  41. “I’ve never done this before.”
  42. “It’s called apologizing. It isn’t that hard.”
  43. “What would you do without me?”
  44. “Just for now.”
  45. “I want you to fight for me!”
  46. “It will never be the same.”
  47. “Hey, that’s mine!”
  48. “That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.”
  49. “Are you even listening to me?”
  50. “Are you coming on to me right now?”
  51. “I/She/He deserve/s an apology.” “A what?”
  52. “Why do you even like me?”
  53. “Why didn’t I realize it before?”
  54. “I’m happy for you.”
  55. “He/She made me do it.”
  56. “Get out of my way before I punch you in the face.”
  57. “7 billion people on the planet and I just had to fall in love with you!”
  58. “It wasn’t exactly… legal.”
  59. “I really don’t think you want to know that.”
  60. “You don’t have to be so strong all the time.”

To say that I died while reading Empire of Storms would be a huge underselling. And I feel like we overuse the word anyway. So to be more accurate, I have been completely and thoroughly decimated, consumed, and ruined by this book in all the best–and worst–ways possible.